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today Lord wants to tell you something


Heaven my lovely child I am preserving a

document of everything that need to been

yours I know what you didn’t noticed you

running tough elevating your youngsters

and making

sacrifices I saw the treatment

preserving an excellent mindset praising

me whilst it wasn’t improving Don’t Fear

the answers are coming L going to

restore you’ve got misplaced an

incredible and unexplainable blessing is

coming your manner I am settling the

rating I am giving you back the whole

lot the enemy as stolen remember I have

the final say don’t

surrender in the Bible verses Matthew

always says this become to satisfy

what became spoken through the prophet

Isaiah he took our esses and bore our

diseases like this graceful video few

follow through in

God my little child as a God I am privy

to the pain and suffering that exist

inside the world I understand that you

may experience overwhelmed by the

injustices that you see around you but I

need you to recognize that I am with you

and I am running to bring about an

international where peace and Justice

Reign my country isn’t simply a place

however a state of being it is a place

in which love joy and peace abound it is

an area wherein humans are dealt with

with dignity and appreciate regardless

of their historical past or situation

my Justice is not just about punishment

however approximately recuperation it is

ready making things right and bringing

healing to those who’ve been harm it is

set growing International wherein every

person has the possibility to thrive and

flourish so my child do now not lose

wish keep praying for my Kingdom to come

and my Justice to Prevail keep operating

to make the arena a better vicinity and

recognize that I am with you every step

of the

way God says right yes if you accept my

grace and

knowledge affirm I have the energy to

perform everything that I set my mind to

I am imaginative trouble solver I I am

resilient inside the face of

adversity I am smart enough to chart my

personal root I am geared up to Dam out

all distractions recognition on the

present second and rise to the

occasion Lord heaven is both present and

Destiny as you stroll alongside your

life root maintaining my hand you are

already in touch with the ass

of Heaven nearness you can also find

many hints of Heaven alongside your

pathway due to the fact the Earth is

radiantly alive with my

presence shimmering Sunshine awakens

your heart lightly reminding you of my

excellent light birds and Flora trees

and skies evoke praises to my Holy Name

keep your eyes and ears comp completely

open as you jure Nay with me me at the

cease of your life root as an entrance


Heaven only I understand while you’ll

attain that Dusty country but I am

getting ready you for it every step of

the manner the absolute actuality of

your heavenly domestic gives you peace

and joy that will help you along your

journey you know that you will reach

your home in my ideal timing no longer

one moment to quickly or too late let

the wish of Heaven inspire you as you

stroll along the direction of life with

me lasting Joy can be found Best in Me

there are many sources of Happiness on

this International and from time to time

they spill over into Joe particularly

are you proport portion your pleasures


me I bathe benefits into your life and I

have a good time whilst you respond to

them with a happy thankful heart so come

frequently to me with Thanksgiving and

the joy of my presence will multiply the

pleasures of my

benefits on days all joy appears in

memory you need to a searching for my

face extra than ever don’t let

circumstances or emotions weigh you down

instead inform yourself the closing

truth I am continually with maintaining

You by way of your right

hand I guide you with my counsel and in

a while I will acquire you into Glory as

you’re making your way through the

particles of this damaged World preserve

unto those truths with all of your May

remember that I myself F am the truth

cling to me follow me for I am

Additionally the way the light of my

presence is shining on you illumining

the path before

you thank me throughout this day for me

presence and my peace these are presence

of brilliant natural proportions ever

for the reason that Resurrection I have

comforted my f

with these messages peace be with you

and I am with you

continually listen as I provide you my

peace and presence in complete measure

the nice manner to acquire those superb

presence is to thank me for them it is

impossible to spend an excessive amount

of time thanking and praising

me I created you first and important to

glorify me Thanksgiving and reward put

you in right relationship with me

starting the way for my riches to

circulate you as you thank me for my

presence and peace you suitable my


presence God is saying you’ve cried so

regularly in in public I visible each

one of you tears fear no longer for I’m

with you continue you to wait on me my

hand is upon you be still and realize

that I am

God don’t give up I am devoted I am

going to restore the entirety you have

lost I am going to heal you L am going

to make a way for you I did it earlier

than and I will do it again your month

will result in Victory no longer

defeat taip I love you father

listen carefully never underestimate the

power of consistency it has the ability

to yield more fruit than you can ever

realize it’s clean to be ignored

underestimated devalued to low preferred

or flat out forgotten while you’re

regular especially if you don’t exhibit

what is deemed to be astonishing or

vital upfront gift or skill

but right here is the truth God sees dot

God knows God cares God rewards God

promotes God gives the growth sowing

Faithfully diligently and constantly in

season or out with tears or with

pleasure with religion or barely

striking on will sooner or later attain

a harvest God will no longer be mocked

in any way someone SWS they will

attain I encourage you to hold Goen

don’t forestall don’t cease Jesus is

Worthy Jesus is with you Jesus is for

you harvest time is

coming type yes to

affirm praise the Lord my soul and

forget no longer all his advantages who

forgives all of your sins and heals all

of your sicknesses Psalm

– attention listener join this

prayer with me and say it with me loudly

deliver me from my enemies oh my God

defend me from folks that upward thrust

up against me deliver me from the

employees of iniquity and save me from

bloodthirsty guys for appearance they

lie and look forward to my my existence

the potent collect against me not for my

transgression nor for my sin oh Lord

they run and prepare themselves through

no fault of

mine awake to assist me and behold you

consequently oh Lord God of hosts fed of

Israel await to punish all the nations

do not be merciful to any wicked trans

pressors at nighttime they return they

growl like a canine and move all over

the town indeed they belch with their

mouth swords are in their lips for they

say who hears but you oh Lord shall trle

at them you shall have all the

international locations and derision I

will watch for you oh you is strength

for God is my

defense my God God of Mercy shall come

to meet me God shall permit me see my

desire on my enemies do not slay them

lest my humans forget about scatter them

by your energy and sayab wve them down

oh Lord our

protect for the sin in their mouth and

the phrases in their lips let them even

be taken of their satisfaction and for

the cursing hand l

consume them in Wrath devour them that

they’ll not be and let them recognize

that God rules and Jacob to the ends of

the Earth which they speak and at

nighttime they go back they growl like a

dog and move everywhere in the

Metropolis they wander up and down for

meals and how if they may be no longer

glad it is foremost that you continue to

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