?11:11? God Says, Your Poverty Will End…. ✝️ God’s Message

beloved Child open the door of your

heart to the Divine Embrace awaiting you

in your Sacred Space here let the

world’s Whispers grow silent as my

presence becomes your Guiding Light I am

not merely a fleeting visitor but an

eternal companion the offering a

blessing to heal your soul and calm the


within know that in every sunrise and

sunset in Every Breath You Take I am

Stead fastly with you an unyielding

Force no power in this world can

overcome should you falter my arms are

your Sanctuary set ready to lift you up

you are bound to me by an everlasting

promise I have purified your innermost

Sanctuary feel my spirit rejuvenating

every corner of your being with each

breath you draw my words resonate within

you dispelling past sorrows and guilt

leaving you cleansed forgiven love and

reborn Embrace this truth with open arms

your journey ahead is one of continuous

striving a dance of resilience and Grace

with me as your unwavering partner

accept the calling to seek me each day

to love me with every fiber of your

being and to surrender yourself wholly

to my will in doing so you will find me

ever present a constant force uplifting

and guiding you forward even amidst

stumbles and

Falls your essence is not defined by

transgression in your battles against

adversities when life’s Waters muddy

your path raise your eyes to me it is I

who called you to this fight and I who

will cleanse Empower and absolve you

time and again stand firm my child for

no dire new

no medical verdict no threat of Discord

within your family shall break your

spirit your adversaries May seek to

strip you of Peace but they cannot steal

the joy I have bestowed upon you fear

not their perceived power you possess a

greater strength instilled by my hand

rise and step forward with the courage

and fortitude I grant you you will

overcome formidable forces and leap over

hurdles in

Jubilation refresh your mind nourish

your soul and fortify your spirit with

my words and

Commandments be strong and courageous

the enemy confronts you but under my

protective embrace you are sheltered and

imbued with my Holy Spirit today affirm

your unwavering belief in me and let my

love fill F you with Vigor to press on

to battle and to strive towards your

dreams without

wavering your faith remains vibrant and

Alive open your eyes to the Warm Glow of

my presence dispelling the shadows of

Despair do not dwell in anger or

isolation for your true Abode is by my

side enveloped in my peace

Rejoice for your past errors are

absolved and you stand

forgiven recognize the blessings

destined for you granted through Grace

and love and embrace each opportunity

with determination and

bravery Venture forth beloved child for

I seek to refine you until you shine

brilliantly like a diamond fear no one

for I am am with you

always embrace the journey ahead for

together we shall overcome dear beloved

in the journey towards your dreams there

exists a realm where Miracles unfold a

realm of abundance prosperity and


potential open your heart and mind to

the possibility of a money Miracle a

where your financial landscape

transforms be Beyond

imagination just as you’ve embraced

faith in the Unseen dare to believe in

the miraculous power of abundance your

prayers for financial Freedom have been

heard and the universe is ready to

respond with blessings beyond

measure you are not defined by past

struggles or financial

setbacks today marks A New Beginning a

turning point to towards prosperity and

abundance your financial past does not

dictate your future you hold the pen to

rewrite your story of

abundance as you Traverse the path ahead

Envision yourself as a courageous

Warrior armed not just with faith but

with the unwavering belief in the money

miracle that awaits you see beyond the

limitations of scarcity and vision in a

life where Financial worries dissipate

like Morning Mist before the Rising Sun

each step you take towards your

financial goals is a declaration of your

faith in the money

Miracle with every action you align

yourself with the abundance that

awaits believe in the power of

manifestation visualize your dreams

affirm them with unwavering faith and

watch as the universe conspires to bring

them to

fruition or release any lingering doubts

or fears about money you are deserving

of abundance in all its forms wealth

prosperity and Financial

Security embrace the truth that

abundance is your Birthright and the

money Miracle is simply the universe’s

way of affirming this

truth just as you’ve weathered storms in

the past know that you possess the

resilience and strength to overcome any

Financial challenge the money Miracle is

not just a one-time event but a

continuous flow of abundance that

sustains and uplifts you on your journey

today declare with conviction I am a

magnet for financial

Miracles abundance flows to me

effortlessly and

abundantly I am open to receiving the

blessings of the money miracle in every

aspect of my

life remember the universe operates on

the principle of abundance and there is

more than enough wealth to go around

your financial breakthrough is not just

for your benefit but for the greater

good of

all as you prosper so too does the the

world around you in the tapestry of your

life let the money Miracle weave threads

of prosperity joy and

fulfillment embrace the abundance that

surrounds you and watches your financial

dreams manifest with Divine timing and

Grace with love and

abundance e be mindful of your words

avoiding harm and falsehoods

refrain from negativity towards those

who Faithfully serve and support you

never deceive those who trust you with

their employment if you falter seek

forgiveness and purification in

prayer I sacrificed for your Liberation

from anguish seek me each

morning as humans we endure fatigue in

Body Soul and mind even The Devout face

we weariness confess and return to

forgiveness stand fight

Triumph never

Retreat reproach me if weary if youve if

you struggle with harmful

habits embrace my love rise as a Victor

leave guilt and despair behind remember

joyous moments past triumphs have faith

overcome challenge is a new take my hand


peace ignore negative Whispers accept my

love’s power speak affirmations find

happiness trust in my guidance for

victory is assured don’t worry

needlessly you are loved and

protected accept my strength peace

wisdom hold on to my words blessings

Will Rain be kind forgive walk

illuminated trust in my plan dismiss

fear and

doubt amid crisis pray focus on what

matters show Mercy endure trust in me

for I will never forsake you witness

Miracles trust in my word express your

love find healing and comfort in my

presence look your struggles are behind

I offer strength and chase away Gloom

remember my promises You Are Not Alone

find rest and provision in me seek true

love and refuge in my unconditional

Embrace Embrace Faith patience and

surrender await the abundance of

blessings I am ready to bestow upon


amen thanks for watching

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