God Says, Your Angels Will Surprise You With Large Amount Of Money… ✝️ God’s Message

approach my cherished child with a heart

overflowing with trust for today is

divinely ordained for your Abundant

Blessings imagine this day as a sacred

appointment with joy where the light of

divine love washes away the shadows of

Sorrow that burden your soul feel the

gentle strength of my hand upon your

head offering comfort and guidance

Envision my boundless love as a pure

stream flowing directly into your heart

bringing profound relief as you

surrender your fears and burdens into my


hands let me fortify your spirit in the

quiet chambers of your heart guiding you

towards healing freedom and a Revival of

your spiritual

senses together let us embody mark on a

tranquil path of peace and serenity

where the seeds of deep lasting Joy

germinate and

flourish cast aside the worries that

once seemed

insurmountable for you have never been

forsaken by your heavenly father I have

come to rekindle your destiny to guide

you through the trials of this world

with patience and Grace and Trust in my

divine plan for I am ever present ready

to illuminate your path and Lead You

towards a life filled with happiness and

fulfillment in this journey haste has no

place it is a matter of steadfast faith

and unwavering belief in my love for you

seek solace in my scriptures nourish

yourself with my word and let the wisdom

therein be your guide

do not be ens snared by the fleeting

dreams of this world or the enticements

of those who seek to lead you astray

your wisdom Prudence courage and

intelligence Shield you from deception

remember my arms are always open ready

to forgive and guide you back to the

right path stand secure in my love

knowing that nothing can separate you

from it Proclaim your faith boldly for

you are surrounded by Legions of warrior

Angels battling on your behalf as you

Journey forth hold fast to the promise

of my unwavering love and the Assurance

of victory over every

trial Embrace each day with faith

knowing that I am with you always

guiding protecting and loving you beyond


I uplift those I cherish often their joy

and unwavering Faith draw the eye of

adversaries do not fear no harm shall

touch you as you walk in my path I seek

not Perfection for I understand your

humanity and its faltering

nature what I desire is your heart your

gaze fixed on my holy word I yearn for

your steadfast loyalty seeking and

loving me in both good times and

trials this journey is unending continue

to walk and pray even through

tears whether in the rain or storms

March forward for I will still the

tempests and quiet the tumultuous

Seas I will command peace in your

conflicts and provide in your times of


yet I long to see your unwavering

devotion your Relentless Pursuit Of Me

placing me above all else in your

life witness how your faith transforms

into a sword dispelling evil conquering

weaknesses and bestowing upon you

spiritual and Supernatural might to


Temptations fears and life’s

hurdles each time you leave your home

pause to Bow your head entrust your

plans and Endeavors to me pray for your

family and utter words of faith and

serenity Rejoice for I am your Shepherd

and in my care you shall want for

nothing you are my beloved children and

also my cherished little lambs I will

lead you to Lush Meadows and guide you

beside Still

Waters in your home there will be an end

to tears and

confusion the conflicts that once

brought you deep sorrow will vanish I

will remove those who disrupt your peace

eradicating sin and Malice that hide in


dark I will banish sorrow from your life

and poverty will no longer be a guest at

your table

the heavens will open showering you with

Abundant Blessings employment and

opportunities will flourish nurturing

growth and

wisdom I will cleanse your home of

harmful habits and vices that challenge

your integrity and belief together we

will Journey with my hand firmly in

yours focusing on The Good the pure the

wonderful things I long to bring into

your life avoid those with harmful

intentions and do not align with those

who dwell in

negativity I am your provider The Giver

of true

happiness you need not seek the approval

of others I do not require permission to


you so do not ask others whether you

should love and serve me the answer is

clear in me alone you find a love that

is pure unbreakable comforting and

healing I alone in the universe have

died and risen for you granting you

salvation and eternal Happiness by my

side Divine God grant me this love

forever spare a moment to hear my plea

do not be distracted by

trivialities give your full attention

and cherish each word I speak I must

speak again of this incredible love I

have for you it goes beyond words or

feelings it is an Everlasting Covenant

declared with my own lips written sealed

and irrevocably Bound in my blood my

promises are steadfast you will always

have a place in my heart every star in

the night sky is there to light your way

in darkness reminding you of your


status the light shining from above

bathing you in its warmth exists so you

may feel an affection invisible yet so

vast it dispels all inner Darkness each

night before sleep let this love fill

you every morning as you awake wake to a

new day feeling deeply

cherished Embrace this love with

unwavering faith and belief for it is

undeniably real not an illusion or a

fantasy love is your deepest desire and

it is what I freely give to your

soul I am bestowing something beautiful

and magnificent upon you transforming

how you see life I love you and it

matters greatly to me that you flourish

that you have the strength to endure any

storm big or small

I love you and will provide the

fortitude you need my promises are

enough to keep you steadfast on your

journey once again I declare my desire

for you to live cherish the future I

want to give

you believe it embrace

it I gift you life and encouragement

which you must receive with faith to

Triumph you will be well all will be

made right I hear your words and they

bring me great joy your expressions of

gratitude each morning fill me with

delight it is good that you yearn for my

presence that your heart seeks

me before you leave your home ask for my

blessing persist in this unwavering

Faith you stood strong even as

adversaries surr rounded you during a

Fierce and unrelenting battle that

seemed to Herald

defeat yet defeat never came I arrive

just in time reaching out my hand to you

now you remain firmly rooted in my

promises safely held In My Embrace as it

should be you have many dreams but it is

wises to walk this path

together always come to me

daily seek my guidance confide in me

share your plans with me I long to hear

your voice your words are precious

reflecting your steadfast faith when you

least expect it I will surprise

you I want you to witness the Miracles

that occurred in communion with me

nothing will stand in our way and I will

always be here to listen the only

barrier are doubt and despair tools of

the adversary to Cloud your

mind yet as long as you continue

speaking with me do not allow these to

take hold wait silently for my response

listen to what I have to say open your

Bible and read for within its Pages lies


word there are so many wonders you have

yet to see or understand and I am eager

to reveal them to you on a higher level

I wish to guide you to make your spirit

open to my Supernatural blessings to

disclose my plan for you talk about my

purpose and I will give you a map and

signs for a safe journey to your

destination I will warn you of dangers

ahead and assure you of my constant help

I look forward to meeting you here again

tomorrow and I ask that before you sleep

tonight you take a moment for

me throughout the day my voice will

whisper my love to you and at night we

will talk like close friends as you

sleep you will dream of me this I

promise you no challenge is too great no

barrier too strong that with trust in me

you cannot

overcome nothing and no one can prevent

you from fulfilling my will and

Commandments from realizing my plans and

adhering to my teachings nothing can

stop you from achieving all your dreams

everything I have planned for you will

come to

pass the adversary may try to instill

fear and weaken you but with me you will

always Divine strength I will fortify

you infuse you with energy and courage

and you will rise as a brave and

triumphant warrior in the face of

trials in the Symphony of life every

living promise within these words will

blossom into reality for you

today this day marks a significant

Milestone a celebration of life and

Triumph that will forever be etched in

your memory stand tall and brace

yourself for the battles ahead for in

placing your trust in me you will

witness the unfolding of my purpose for

you today prepare to step into a new

Supernatural phase of Life empowered by


Faith amidst the journey always remember

I am ever present attentively listening

to your every cry and responding to your

every need you are never alone for I am

with you through every trial every fight

guiding you towards your Divine

Purpose even in moments of Doubt

remember this truth as you walk through

the thickest fog you walk securely with

me your journey is under my protection

and in in every battle I am your


Safeguard your transformation though

born from pain has made you stronger

than ever before your faith Vision

purpose and love for me have deepened


fortified you have risen flourished and

been abundantly

blessed know this I love you just as you

are what others say about you holds no

weight in my eyes I have cradled you in

your moments of deepest despair lifting

you up and guiding you towards

victory in our conversation today know

that I am attentively listening to every

word you

speak and when you finish close your

eyes and feel my presence enveloping

your heart I offer you Serenity and

peace that surpasses is all

understanding trust in my unbreakable

promises for they are never without

purpose allow yourself to be embraced by

my love and find happiness once again I

have never left your side and I will

never forget

you as you face life’s challenges come

to me for guidance I Will Never Let You

Down hold fast to my word reflect on my

past deeds in your life and Trust in my

continued provision for you your destiny

lies securely in my hands maintain your

faithfulness loyalty and sincerity and

watch as I fulfill all that I have

promised to you Embrace each new day

with Thanksgiving and praise refusing to

let negativity dim the light I shine

upon your path

remember you are a child of the almighty

God already Victorious over every

challenge embrace your victory for it is

yours to

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all things he did for you thanks for


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