?11:11? God Is Coming To Your House For Give You Surprise… ✝️ God’s Message

listen closely for the angels are

whispering to you everything is aligning

perfectly in your life even those things

that cause you apprehension and

anxiety trust in the divine plan for you

are exactly where you need to be say

Amen to claim this

truth you’ve embarked on a journey of

self-improvement for a reason don’t look

back to old habits and stagnant

situations that hinder your growth

remind yourself of your purpose and keep

moving forward even when the final steps


daunting have faith dear

one often our prayers seem unanswered

until one day we find ourselves at the

heart of what once felt

impossible the waiting period isn’t

punishment it’s preparation for the

abundance that

awaits but be where for amidst the

blessings there are

Temptations Satan may offer enticing

opportunities that lead us astray from

our path with God remember his

intentions are to steal our joy and

destroy our

Spirits so fix your gaze Upon Jesus the

true source of

fulfillment let your heart be anchored

in his love knowing that apart from him

we can do nothing surrender your worries

and burdens to him for he offers rest to

the weary and strength to the

weary as you Journey remember that

gentle words hold more power than

forceful arguments approach challenges

with patience and kindness knowing that

love and understanding can soften even

the hardest

Hearts you are a masterpiece created for


purpose embrace the momentum building in

your life and stay focused on your goals

set your mind on things of the spirit

for there in Lies True fulfillment and

joy but above all remember to examine

your heart are your actions aligned with

your professed

beliefs true faith is evidenced not just

in words but in a life transformed by

love and obedience to God’s will

may you walk in the footsteps of Jesus

radiating his light and love to all you

encounter trust in his guidance for he

will lead you to the Abundant Life you

were meant to

live with the wisdom that flows from you

we will acquire all that we need in our

lives father I pray that we seek

knowledge and wisdom from you basking in

your holy presence day in and day out

out let us rever you for it is the

Genesis of wisdom to shun evil deeds and

idolatry always embodying meekness and

humility May our words bring Comfort

healing and

salvation thank you for the counsel and

profound wisdom we find in you enabling

us to overcome our

adversaries grant us strength to endure

and persevere in serving loving and

reaching others for your cause your love

for us as we diligently seek you

promises riches honor and enduring

wealth help us oh God to walk in

righteousness and pursue Justice knowing

that in you we find NeverEnding

Treasures gratitude fills our hearts oh

God for your intimate knowledge of each

one of us even before our

birth thank you for calling us from

Darkness into your Marvelous Light we

appreciate the beauty of your creation

the sun Stars universe and This

Magnificent World knowing that you have

prepared a place for us with you when

our time on Earth concludes fills us

with hope and

joy May each one of us heed your

instructions seeking your presence daily

and being Guided by you in you we find

blessings favor life and joy Joy your

provision meets every need we encounter

in our everyday

lives Titus three emphasizes the

importance of older women being reverent

in Behavior setting an example for

younger women they are called to teach

what is good inspiring younger women to

love their families exercise

self-control and demonstrate kindness


submission the reality of Redemption is

Paramount our primary calling is to

proclaim the gospel of God being

Sanctified completely by him as we

surrender ourselves holy to God’s work

we become one with Christ reflecting his

likeness may we be willing vessels fully

abandoned to God’s purposes in Matthew

Jesus is both our teacher and Lord

as we enter into a relationship where he

easily becomes our Master obedience

flows naturally from

love let us not refuse the call of God

but joyfully testify to his Saving Grace

look to him and be saved for in him we

find true transformation and eternal

life Isaiah

reminds us that while our Lord

demands our unwavering commitment to

Salvation through the Cross of Christ

the conditions for discipleship differ

discipleship presents an option a call

to become Servants of us of Jesus Christ

surrendering our will to

his Paul’s teachings emphasize our

submission to God’s plan where our

desires and Ambitions are overshadowed

by our dedication to him as broken bread

and poured out wine we exist to please

God Alone to be separated from the

gospel is to miss the Divine

call Romans one highlights the

importance of heeding this call which

inevitably leads to a suffering akin to

Christ’s this calling eradicates all

other Pursuits leaving only one Focus to

follow Christ

wholeheartedly those who hear this call

must not stray from its path the Bible

training College serves as a Discerning

ground determining if God has chosen

individuals who are truly dedicated to

proclaiming his

gospel it’s crucial to heed this calling

and avoid distractions that may lead us

astray join our Channel as we strive to

reach Divine

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