?11:11⚠️God Says, You Will Receive Lot Of Unexpected Money…. ✝️God’s message

my beloved child lend me your ears for

in your listening my words appear be

patient and I’ll provide my dear have

faith and my promises will

clear before your eyes my words hold

life Guided by Angels void of

strife each day my holy spirit’s rif

uncover them dispelling any strife

extraordinary Miracles are nigh amidst

unfolding times don’t shy a special plan

a purpose I Supply to bring forth Joy

reaching the

sky despite challenges that may ensue

dream big for I’m with you true fear not

my child for I renew your strength your

courage in all you pursue

Express gratitude let your faith shine

witness miracles in the

Divine others drawn to your Joy’s design

acknowledging the power as you

align proceed gently step by step my

Dove timing perfect with guidance from

above express your faith with thanks and

love for in your journey bravery shall

prove reject sorrow doubt and despair

for my love for you endlessly there fear

not The Valleys I’ll always care in

every moment my presence

declare Embrace mistakes their lessons

in Disguise in my love and grace your

spirit flies do quench your thirst where

my Mercy lies negative feelings their


defies rise above with strength renewed

amidst harsh words you’ll find

fortitude no need for approval from

multitude in my love find Solace

certitude give thanks for these words

bestowed today signs of assurance

lighting your

way in this journey I’ll guide come what

may with promises fulfilled without

delay I am your God every ever present

true lifting you from sadness making you


new lean on me for I’ll guide you

through in every moment my love for you

bruis in the unique and Powerful realm

resides my might your spiritual Helm

confront evil resist overwhelm enemies

flee as you take the

helm listen attentively believe in me my

word on veil’s promises you’ll see

beyond natural sight Mysteries be deep

love for you eternally free I sacrificed

rose again for thee empowered by my

spirit set you

free share my love with words decree

even non-believers my honor decree your

moment to shine now arise trust in

promise as age defies

Focus Straight Ahead reach the skies

journey and Destiny God

surprise Embrace blessings gifts I

bestow gratitude despite doubts that so

do purified from sin you now know

prayers heard in faith let them

flow hold back no more in asking true

joy and answering my love pursue Witness

promises as they acre wonders unfold for

Faith renewed call on me day or night

don’t wait Vigilant always never

Abate reveal wonders your doubts Abate

prioritize our bond seal your fate May

Faith ignite Flames pure and bright

consume impurity dispel all

fright accusations asash in the wind’s

flight grateful Hearts my Guiding

Light in my arms find Solace release

from fear from Strife find your

peace despair’s Whispers to cease and

cease hold on to faith in love’s

increase days passing burdens May weigh

I see your struggles Day by

Day In My Embrace fears allay healing

saving guiding your way believe in

potential happiness in sight dream

achieve in love’s pure light empowered

problems take flight peace invades


night Beyond sight surprises await I

prepare blessings for your gate strength

renewed as foes Abate Triumph near no

longer wait empower Lord raised my

spirit true living not in fear but love


new bright future beckons for Chosen Few

trust in promise see it

through rise Valiant sore high and bold

with faith unyielding as stories told

embrace the day with joy Untold

prosperity’s Dawn unfolds your purpose

never lost from view I intervene your


renew trust in me I’ll guide you true

future secure in love pursue and for the

well-being of your loved ones whatever

you ask in my name it

comes prioritize me in all your runs

dive into teachings where hope

Burns step by step I’ll walk with thee

progress steady confident you’ll see

challenges mere chances for Faith to be

turn to teachings in moments free my

holy spirit wisdom’s guide in tough

times right by your

side no fear solution for each ride

captain of your vessel in the tide waves

crashing winds may blow fear not Fate’s

light let it

glow believe in happiness pieces flow

hold firm blessings to

bestow the heavens May fade the Earth

May rust but my word endures in faith

trust speak it loud when fears unjust

promises fulfilled in love robust you’re

my child held In My Embrace never let go

in love’s endless grace. noos separation

in any space under my shadow find

Solace trust be still amidst the storm

and Trust to me any form no rash

decisions let calm reform transforming

adversity life’s Norm stay the course in

patience Thrive blessings abound as you

strive doors open wide blessings arrive

in tough times see blessings

revive vent not in Anger hold peace dear

and struggles My Serenity

near embrace my love banish fear I

advocate for you draw you

near seek me in prayer wait for my sign

in peace your heart let it

align strategies revealed timing divine

with my word Victory Shrine no need for

distress No More Tears shed In My

Embrace find rest

instead Weep For Joy Love’s tender

thread feel it receive it be led no time

to waste in begging’s plea no return to

Mud where pain is free for this love

meant only for thee embrace it now and


free my beloved child I have engraved

your name upon the very fabric of my

hands this marks an eternal Covenant

impervious to any force in the world

nothing can scrape off or corrode this

sacred inscription for you are my

cherished possession bought with

blood engraving upon precious metal

symbolizes permanence but even they can

be lost stolen or melted

down while gold and silver hold worldly

value they pale in comparison to knowing


eternally your name on my Palms

signifies your Perpetual presence in my

thoughts just as people jot reminders on

their hands I have engraved your name

upon mine because you are eternally

precious to me

rejoice in this wonder and treasure our

bond above all else trust in me and let

not fear dwell within you regardless of

the world’s turmoil or news reports that

often Overlook my presence and

work when the world feels daunting turn

to me for Solace like David found

strength in the Lord amidst

adversity contemplate my glory and power

finding joy and my love you are on an

adventure with me your ultimate

destination being

Heaven as you embrace our relationship

fear will fade and joy will fill you do

not despise your tears for they are

precious to me they nourish your growth

into a resilient follower of Christ

deepening your compassion and capacity


Joy sing praises even in sadness

elevating your soul to me each blessing

you possess is a gift from me including

the very Breath You

Take gratitude for these blessings

sharpens your vision of my

goodness set aside moments to seek my

face redirecting your thoughts from


distractions within the scriptures

you’ll find my vibrant presence when you

encounter Beauty

offer thanks delighting my heart and

yours amid adversity continue seeking me

in both Grand and mundane moments

finding hope in knowing that all your

days are held within My Loving

Hands rest assured I am unequivocally on

your side whether in Triumph or

defeat when you grasp this truth fear

dissipates and you stand stand firm in


love facing adversity with unwavering

composure knowing I’ll never turn

against you grants you courage to

persevere through

trials remember I approve of you because

you belong to

me my assessment of you prevails

throughout eternity nothing can separate

you from my boundless

love refuse worry and replace anxious

Thoughts with trust and

gratitude declare your faith in me and

offer praise for all I am and have done

this blend dispels anxiety and deepens


connection while concerns May persist

I’ll assist you guiding you as you


peace gratitude should permeate your

prayers conversations and thoughts even

for things you wish were different in

everything give thanks this is my will

for you I am renewing your mind making

you new so Embrace change and

newness remember your true citizenship

lies in heaven your Earthly body will be

transformed into one reflecting my

glory don’t obsess over your physical

condition instead care for it as a

sanctuary of the Holy

Spirit anticipate the return of Joy when

sorrow grips your heart knowing it is

temporary your journey through this

world is marked by Peaks and valleys

each serving to transform and strengthen

you keep your eyes fixed on the promised

reward of boundless joy in heaven grow

more aware of my presence within you

where there is fullness of

joy invite me to live in love through

you radiating my light and Grace to

others you are completing me find rest

in my finished work upon the cross and

rejoice in your security in

me do not fret over the prosperity of

the wicked or their evil

schemes in an age of overwhelming News

Guard your mind against a steady diet of

Darkness that breathes

anxiety in the face of fear I urge you

to pray about Global events and seek

peace where you

can however it’s crucial to discern what

you can change and what is beyond your

control worrying about matters outside

your sphere of influence will deplete

your energy and discourage

you instead of dwelling on distressing

matters fix your thoughts on me I am

with you and for you find your Delight

in me remember I am a god of Justice and

I see all in due time I will Rectify all

wrongs be still in my presence and place

your trust in me with a steadfast heart

while patiently awaiting my

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