? “YOUR TIME IS OVER OF…” – JESUS | God’s Message Today

my beloved child pause for a moment and listen to The Whispers of your soul for

this is no ordinary encounter the longing that Echoes within you has drawn me near and I come to you

now with a message that will forever alter the course of your existence heed my words and never let

them fade from your heart for in every breath every heartbeat I am speaking to you with a

love that surpasses all understanding my desire is to see you thrive to

experience the fullness of my grace and to feel the warmth of my anointing upon

your life you are no longer the same person you once were Shackled by the

weight of your past and the doubts that others have cast upon you rise up my

child for the chains that once held you captive have been shattered step out of

the prison of your mind and embrace the freedom that I have granted you today every spiritual bond that has kept you

bound is now broken no longer will you be enslaved by the habits that have

hindered your growth or the intentions of those who seek to harm

you you are my precious one my beloved and my love for you is a force that

cannot be contained or comprehended by the human mind it is a love that will renew your

faith and give you the strength to stand tall in the face of adversity today you will rise with

unwavering determination embracing the blessings that I have prepared for you

in your dreams you will hear my voice and upon waking you will feel my presence surrounding you wherever you go

a newfound courage will fill your heart enabling you to walk through the fires of Life unscathed and to navigate the

stormy seas without fear of being consumed take action now my child walk

upon the waters of Faith one step at a time never losing sight of the Glorious

destination that awaits you behind you my blessings flow like a mighty River

reshaping the landscape of your life they will carve Through The Valleys of Despair level the mountains of

obstacles uproot the Thorns of past hurts and unlock the doors of

opportunity nothing can hinder the flow of my blessings in your life wherever

your journey takes you my love will be your constant companion reaching into the deepest recesses of your being

filling you with a peace and Grace that surpasses all understanding the depth of my love for you is unfathomable and in

the days to come you will witness its manifestation in extraordinary ways

trust in my provision for I am your unwavering source of sustenance I am

intimately aware of your every need in the challenges you face do not allow the trials of the present to consume your

thoughts instead close your eyes and recall the truths that I have imparted to you as you do so a profound peace

will settle over your mind and heart and you will begin to see the countless opportunities that surround

you approach these doors with boldness and determination knowing that I will guide

your words and direct your steps embrace the journey that lies ahead and refuse

to be par paralyzed by fear As you move forward in faith the very Windows of heaven will be opened

and an abundance of blessings will rain down upon you you will experience a level of provision that exceeds your

wildest dreams freeing you from the burdens of debt and financial

strain with Open Hands you will receive more than you could ever imagine enabling you to give generously to bless

others and to invest in the Kingdom this is just the beginning of a life marked

by continuous Harvest and sewing from this day forward every day every month

every year you will reap the rewards of your faith and obedience meditate on these words until

they become etched upon the tablets of your heart immerse yourself in my teachings and walk with purpose knowing

that I am with you every step of the way it is time for you to awaken my

child let your faith be ignited growing stronger with each passing

moment the plans I have for you require you to leave behind the defeats and guilt of

yesterday choose to persevere to fight the good fight and to silence the voices

that seek to diminish your worth forgive those who have wronged you and press on

towards the future I have ordained for you my words will be your shield and

your faith will be the weapon that defeats every enemy no matter what challenges you face I will guide you

through them giving you the strength to endure and overcome remember I am your Good

Shepherd your provider and your everpresent help in times of need I know the desires of your heart

and the needs that you have yet to express trust in my ability to supply

all that you lack and more declare with unwavering conviction that you will continue to live to believe and to

pursue the path that I have set before you do not be shaken by the news that

seeks to instill fear for I am in control of all things my power knows no

bounds and with a single word I can calm the storms part the seas and enable you

to walk on water when sickness tries to claim your body I will be your

healer when sorrow seeks to overwhelm your soul I will be your comforter

I see every tear that falls from your eyes when the world causes you pain and suffering find refuge in your faith for

it is there that you will experience my love and my presence in ways you have never known

before in your darkest moments I will be the light that guides you back to

peace time alone cannot mend the wounds inflicted by life’s trials but I can

heal them completely leaving no trace of the hurt that once consumed you the

challenges you have faced have not been in vain for they have shaped you into the person you are today stronger wiser

and more resilient I will liberate you from the weight of painful memories for

my hands bore the nails of the Cross and my suffering became the balm that soothes your deepest sorrows Through My

Sacrifice your sins have been washed clean and my Grace has become the anchor

that steadies your Soul take comfort in knowing that my presence will never abandon you in times

of joy and Times of sorrow in sickness and in health this is my eternal promise to you

my beloved child I will work miracles in your life that will defy

explanation revealing the power that is Unleashed when my word is embraced by a humble and obedient

heart the circumstances that once seemed insurmountable will be transformed

formed for your good and the trials that have tested your faith will lead you to a place of Greater

blessing each conflict will become a catalyst for growth and every situation

will be an opportunity to gain wisdom and understanding trust that when I

allow certain events to unfold it is for your benefit and when I promise to be

with you and protect you it is because I will never fail to keep my word you will

prosper in ways that you cannot even imagine and every good thing that comes into your life will be multiplied and

blessed beyond measure believe without reservation without allowing the failures of the past to dictate your

future if you trust in me with all your heart then trust also in the Forgiveness

that I freely offer to experience the fullness of my blessings pay no heed to

the accusations and criticisms that seek to derail your faith do not allow them

to occupy your thoughts or to distract you from the path that I have set before you my beloved child this is my message

to you today a message of Love of Hope and of unshakable Faith Embrace these

words and allow them to take root in your heart for they are the very essence of who I am and the depth of my love for

you as you navigate the Journey of Life remember that you are never alone I am

am with you always guiding your steps and directing your path trust in my plan even when it differs from your own for I

know the end from the beginning and I will lead you to a future filled with purpose and divine

Destiny let your faith be the compass that guides you and let my love be the

fuel that propels you forward embrace the challenges that come your way knowing that they are

opportunities for growth and transformation each trial you face is is

a chance to deepen your trust in me and to experience my faithfulness in ways you have never known

before when the world seeks to discourage you remember that my opinion of you is the only one that matters you

are created in my image and destined for greatness do not allow the voices of

doubt and fear to drown out the truth of who you are in me as you walk in

obedience to my word you will see doors open that were once closed Ed and you

will experience breakthroughs that you never thought possible my favor will surround you like

a shield and my blessings will chase you down and overtake you in The Quiet

Moments of your day take time to listen for my still Small Voice I’m always

speaking always guiding always directing your steps trust in the promptings of

your heart for they are often The Whispers of my spirit leading you towards my perfect will when when you

stumble or fall do not be discouraged for my grace is sufficient for you I

will pick you up dust you off and set your feet upon the solid rock of my love

my mercies are new every morning and my forgiveness knows no bounds as you continue on this journey

of Faith know that I am preparing you for something greater than you could ever imagine every experience every

trial every Victory is shaping you into the person I have called you to be

trust in the process even when it is painful for it is in the refining fire

that your faith is purified and strengthened my child my love for you is

unchanging unending and unconditional there is nothing you can

do to earn it and nothing you can do to lose it it is a gift freely given and

forever yours so walk in the confidence of knowing that you are loved beyond

measure and that your life has a purpose that is greater than

yourself embrace the adventures that lie ahead knowing that I am with you every

step of the way and when the day comes when we meet face to face I will look upon you with

eyes of love and say Well done my good and faithful child enter into the joy of

your father until then keep walking keep believing and keep trusting in the one

who holds your future in in the palm of my hand my precious child let not the

words of Envy cast Shadows upon the radiant canvas of your

destiny disregard their Hollow Echoes for they hold no sway over what I am

crafting within you instead feel the gentle caress of my hand upon your heart

infusing it with the soothing balm of peace and the unshakable fortitude of

Faith as you walk through the corridors of this life know that my blessings are

Not Mere ornaments to Adorn your path but a sacred trust bestowed upon you

embrace them with gratitude and watch as they multiply like stars in the night

sky Illuminating even the darkest of moments your home shall become a

sanctuary of heavenly favor where the chains of debt and the weight of past mistakes are Shattered by the liberating

power of my grace in time of scarcity when the world

Whispers doubts and fears stand firm upon the Bedrock of my promises for I am

the god of abundance and I Delight in providing for my children keep your eyes

open to the opportunities I plac before you for they are like Hidden Treasures waiting to be discovered and as you

navigate the pathways of provision let kindness and respect be the currency

with which you treat all whom you encounter for in so doing you become a conduit of

my love and I will bring forth individuals who will walk alongside you

lending their strength and wisdom to your journey the adversities you face are not

obstacles to be feared but rather Stepping Stones to a higher purpose for

it is in The Crucible of trials that the full spectrum of my plans for you will be unveiled you will emerge as a beacon

of light amidst the darkness a testament to the transformative power of my love

as you immerse yourself in the secret wisdom I impart know that it is a precious gift offered to all who seek me

yet not all will receive it with Open Hearts some may reject the treasures I

long to bestow upon them choosing instead to cling to The Familiar chains of misery and pain but you my beloved

are different I have seen the sincerity of your faith and I am drawn to the

purity of your devotion you are not content to settle for a life of

mediocrity but rather you hunger for the extraordinary blessings I have in store for you so take heart for you are

forever sheltered in The Refuge of My Embrace no weapon formed against you shall prosper for I am your shield and

your Defender though a multitude may rise up against you they will stumble and fall for they contend not with flesh

and blood but with the the almighty God who fights on your behalf even now as they encircle you

like wolves I am dispatching my angels to intervene and you will soon look

around in Wonder as their schemes are scattered like chaff in the wind your

adversaries May rage and plot but their Fury is born of frustration for they cannot comprehend

the depth of the love and favor I have bestowed upon you they are blind to the

reality that I the Lord of hosts am your greatest Ally and your constant

companion so stand firm in your faith for with me nothing is impossible trust

in my guidance and step out with boldness knowing that I have fortified your spirit and given you the authority

to walk upon the very Waters of adversity in the face of every battle

remember that fear has no place in the heart of my anointed the anxieties and

fears of the past are mere Echoes Fading Into the distance as you press forward

with unwavering resolve take up the sword of my word and wield it with

confidence for it is sharper than any two-edged blade able to pierce through

the darkest of strongholds prepare yourself for the blessings that are about to overtake you for they will come

like a flood sweeping away every hindrance and obstacle in their path as

you claim the the land of promise that stretches out before you know that I am your everpresent guide and counselor I

will impart to you wisdom and Revelation for every situation equipping you to navigate even the most challenging of

terrains my spirit has anointed you to be a bearer of healing and hope a

conduit of my love to the Brokenhearted and the weary as you minister to others my power

will flow through you mending Shattered Dreams and igniting the Flames of purpose

within their souls in your own family I am bringing a Divine shift a restoration

that will cause even the most stubborn of strongholds to crumble my presence will permeate every room every

conversation every heart the Discord and strife that once held sway will

dissipate like Mist in the morning sun replaced by a Harmony that can only be birthed from

above as you seek my face and dwell in the secret place of my presence you will

find rest for your soul and strength for the journey ahead I am your rock your

Fortress and your deliverer in me you will find healing for every wound provision for every need

and wisdom for every decision declare your faith with boldness for your words

have the power to shape realities and unlock Destinies as you intercede for your

loved ones know that your prayers are Not Mere Whispers lost in the Wind wind

But Mighty weapons that have the power to transform lives and alter the course of history when you come before my

Throne on bended knee Heaven takes notice and angels are dispatched on your

behalf I will surround your family with a hedge of protection shielding them from the schemes of the enemy and the

snares of the Fowler no illness or accident will befall them for I am their healer and

their Refuge I I will open doors of opportunity that have long been sealed

and I will cause favor to chase them down like a Relentless pursuer wisdom will be their portion and

they will navigate the complexities of life with Grace and discernment as you speak words of life

and love over them my anointing will flow through your lips breaking the

chains of negativity and despair your home will become a sanctuary of Peace a place where my name

is honored and my presence is welcomed in the days ahead you will

witness a metamorphosis in the lives of those you hold dear those who once seem

lost will find their way back to the path of purpose discovering the unique Destiny I have crafted for them rejoice

in these moments for they are a testament to my faithfulness and the power of your unwavering belief yet even

as you celebrate the victories remember that the journey journey is not without its challenges there will be moments

when the Horizon seem shrouded in darkness and the path ahead appears

uncertain in those times fix your gaze upon me for I Am The Anchor that holds

you steady in the storm do not be swayed by the temporary setbacks or The Whispers of Doubt for my

plans are unfolding with perfect Precision unhindered by the obstacles

that may arise as my chosen vessel you have been called to stand in the gap for your family to

be the one who believes with an unshakable faith and prays with the fervor of a Lion

Heart your prayers have the power to move mountains to break through the barriers that have held back the

floodgates of blessing so continue to intercede continue to declare my promises over

their lives for as you do the very foundations of the enemy’s strong holds

will crumble beneath the weight of my glory remember my child that my love for

you and your family knows no bounds it is a love that reaches to the

heavens and Dives to the depths a love that pursues you with an unrelenting passion rest in the assurance that I

hold your present and your future in the palm of my hand and every blessing that

is to come is a testament to my favor upon your life as you face the days

ahead walk with your head held high knowing that those who sought to see you humiliated will be astonished by the

miraculous works I will perform on your behalf I will be your Vindication your

refuge and your strength your tears will be transformed into shouts of joy and

your mourning will be turned into dancing for I Am The God Who restores The God Who redeems and the God who

makes all things new so come my beloved and feast upon the banquet of my word

Let its truth saturate your soul and ignite a fire within your

spirit in The Quiet Moments When the world Fades away and it is just you and

me allow my presence to envelop you like a warm embrace for it is in these

intimate encounters that you will find the strength to rise above the challenges and walk in the fullness of

the destiny I have ordained for you and as you go forth carry my love as a

banner over your life and let it be the driving force behind every step you take

for when you are rooted and grounded in my love nothing can separate you from the plans I have for you you are my

chosen vessel and my beloved child so take heart for The Best Is Yet To Come

the story of your life is still being written and each chapter holds New Revelations of my goodness and Grace

Trust in me with an unwavering faith for I am the author and the finisher of your faith and I will lead you into a future

filled with hope and purpose remember always that you are forever engraved

upon the palms of my hands and nothing can snatch you from my loving

grasp so walk boldly live courageously and love

extravagantly for this is the Abundant Life I have called you to live beloved child I am instilling within you an

immense unshakable strength that flows from the very Heart Of Heaven when the storms of life rage and

the path ahead seem shrouded in Shadow resist the temptation to search the skies for a distant

sign instead set your eyes resolutely forward for I am already at work in your

life the deepest yearnings of your spirit those precious prayers whispered

in the Stillness of the night I have collected them all like glimmer ing jewels and now in my perfect timing I am

bringing them to fruition aligning the desires of your heart with the greater purposes of

Eternity as your soul stretches and expands to receive the abundance I long to Lavish upon you know that my

blessings carry no sting of sorrow or regret they are untainted by the shadows

of this world immune to the schemes of those who would seek to steal kill and

destroy child in the eyes of Heaven you are infinitely worthy a cherished

reflection of my own heart when thoughts of inadequacy or

unworthiness assail your mind remember that it is my great Delight to pour out

extravagant goodness into your life these blessings are your Birthright

a testament to the immeasurable love I have for you you yet even as I lead you

beside Still Waters and Drench your days in light remain vigilant for the enemy

of your soul prowls about seeking to ensnare you with subtle deceptions and whispered lies be wise as serpents and

gentle as doves Discerning between the Voice of Truth and the seductive call of

falsehood some may approach with honeyed words and a facade of concern only to

rejoice when you stumble into their carefully laid traps but I am your everpresent guardian your shelter in the

time of storm as you commune with me daily immersing yourself in the sacred

rhythm of prayer I will envelop you in the atmosphere of Heaven my presence

will become your habitation an impenetrable Fortress against every scheme of the wicked one stand firm then

your faith rooted deep in the soil of my unwavering word as you place your trust

fully in me I will dispatch my angelss to surround your Dwelling Place establishing a perimeter of divine

protection around all that you hold dear let no Shadow of Doubt or flicker of

fear find lodging within your heart for I have carved your name upon the palm of

my hand your very life is cradled in my eternal Embrace in your times of trial

and heach I am your everpresent help when discouragement Rises like a

tide within your soul threatening to extinguish the flame of Hope lean into my sustaining Grace lift

your eyes to the horizons of faith and watch as I paint the Skies of your

future with the radiant Hues of Promise fulfilled I am your anchor in the storms

your unshakable foundation when all else gives way

beloved I invite you to commune with me in the Sacred Space of vulnerability here in this place of

intimacy you needn’t cling to carefully crafted prayers or polished words

instead pour out your heart with raw authenticity entrusting me with the

depths of your being speak to me of your dreams and your fears your triumphs and your

Sorrows for I am not a distant deity perched on a lofty throne but a faithful

friend who Delights in the sound of your voice as you give expression ression to the longings of your soul you open the

floodgates of Heaven making room for my Supernatural intervention in your life

your words infused with the power of faith become a catalyst for

miracles a conduit through which I release my transformative power on your behalf so never hesitate to approach me

with boldness casting every care upon my strong shoulders when you stumble or fall short

resist the urge to hide your face in shame for I am not a harsh Taskmaster

standing ready to condemn or chastise my heart toward you is filled with compassion and Tender

Mercies each morning as the first light of dawn paints The Horizon my spirit

Whispers words of affirmation over you reminding you of the depths of my

unfailing love your words of adoration and Thanksgiving rise like fragrant

incense before my Throne more precious to me than the most costly

offerings as you lift your voice in worship my presence descends like a

mantle upon your life dispelling every shadow and flooding your being with the radiance of my

glory in your moments of need I am your everpresent provider every good and perfect gift

each blessing designed to prosper and enrich your life flows from my hand as

you align your desires with the heartbeat of Heaven I will move swiftly on your behalf releasing a deluge of

favor and abundance that will leave you in awe of my goodness but I long for

more than just your prayers of petition precious one I yearn for your

wholehearted trust for the surrender of every fear and anxiety into my capable

hands you needn’t weather the tempests of life alone batter by Winds of Despair

and pelted by the lies of the enemy whose voice will you attune your heart

to the clamor of doubt and defeat or the still small Whisper of my loving

reassurance remember my child that your identity is not rooted in your struggles

or defined by your past mistakes you are a cherished heir of the

king of kings destined for victory and crowned with Glory when the shadows of

enouragement seek to envelop your soul cling to the truth of who you are in me

for my spirit is ever present a constant source of comfort and strength in the midst of life’s valleys the words etched

upon these pages are Not Mere happen stance but a Divine invitation a Lifeline extended From The

Heart Of Heaven I see the scars that Mar your soul the wounds inflicted by those

who sought your harm I am intimately acquainted with the depths of your pain

the ache that throbs beneath the surface of your carefully constructed facade but today I come to you with Arms

Wide Open offering refuge and restoration will you allow me to gather

you close to shelter you beneath the shadow of my wings as you linger in my

presence soaking in the truth of my word I will bind up your broken places and breathe new life into your weary spirit

the trials you face are not a reflection of my displeasure or a punishment for your shortcomings they are a testament

to my unyielding Love A Love That refuses to leave you mired in mediocrity

or content with a half-hearted existence I am using these very challenges to shape you to refine you

like gold in The Crucible of adversity so rise up my beloved even in the midst

of your weariness and pain take hold of the hand I extend to you you and step

forward in faith each Act of trust each decision to believe in the face of

impossibility will Infuse your spirit with renewed strength and Usher in a profound season of healing for today

marks the dawning of a new chapter in your life a turning of the page in the grand Narrative of your

destiny as you fix your eyes on me the author and perfector of your faith you

will witness the unfolding of Miracles Beyond Your Wildest imaginings why because my love for you

knows no bounds no limitations it is a love that reaches into the depths of your being a love

that casts out every fear and fills you with an unshakable peace as you navigate the twists and

turns of this journey called life cling tightly to the awareness of my constant

presence in moments of sorrow and struggle let the knowledge of my steadfast love

be your anchor and in seasons of joy and Triumph may your heart overflow with gratitude

for the one who walks beside you every step of the way but do not allow the wounds of

yesterday to define the trajectory of your tomorrow for I am ushering you into a

new era a time of restoration and unprecedented favor the blessings that once seemed

lost will be restored to you multiplied beyond measure doors that were firmly shut will

swing wide open revealing New Opportunities and divine appointments from the storehouses of Heaven I will

pour out a deluge of provision and prosperity upon your life as you align

your heart with my purposes and walk in obedience to my commands you will experience a depth of intimacy with me

that surpasses all understanding so step forward with both boldness my child

unashamed to Proclaim your faith in the one who holds the universe in his hands let your life be a living testimony of

my goodness and Grace a Beacon of Hope in a world desperate for the light of

Truth as you fix your eyes on the Wonders I have in store your heart will overflow with joy

unspeakable for I am not finished with you yet beloved The Best Is Yet To Come

and the plans I have for you are plans to prosper you and not to harm you you plans to give you a hope in a

future in the midst of the ups and downs the highs and lows of this Earthly

existence find rest in the Assurance of my unwavering presence I will never

leave you nor forsake you no matter how dark the night or how Fierce the storm I

am your constant companion your shield and your exceedingly great

reward so come to me my precious one pour out your heart before me holding

nothing back but in the midst of your petitions and prayers take time to

listen for it is in the Stillness of my presence that you will hear the whisper of my spirit guiding you into all truth

immerse yourself in the living word for it is a lamp unto your feet and a light

unto your path as you meditate upon the scriptures I will illuminate the eyes of your

understanding revealing mystery and imparting wisdom from on high and as you draw near to me I will

draw near to you fortifying your spirit with a strength that can only come from the throne room of Grace make it your

daily practice to seek my face to bask in the warmth of my love and to drink

deeply from the wells of my goodness for I am here beloved waiting

to commune with you in the secret place my heart is ever inclined toward

you my arms always open wide no matter how far you may have wandered or how

many times you have stumbled my love for you remains steadfast and true in your

darkest moments when the weight of the world threatens to crush your spirit remember that I am your everpresent help

in times of trouble as you cry out to me I will answer with the tenderness of a

devoted father wrapping you in the mantle of my grace and mercy though the

path ahead may be strewn with thorns and fraught with danger my presence will illuminate the way dispelling every

shadow and guiding you into the fullness of your destiny for I have known you from the

very foundations of the earth intricately crafting every detail of your being with Divine Purpose and

intentionality every challenge every trial every setback they are all part of my greater plan for your ultimate good

though the threads may seem Tangled and the pattern unclear trust that my hand is at work behind the scenes

orchestrating every detail for your benefit and my glory you are not a mistake my child you

were not created by chance or as an insignificant detail in the vast timeline of History you are unique with

a purpose thoughtfully brought into existence with care and intention embrace the truth of your

identity for it is the key that unlocks the doors of Destiny as you step into the fullness of

who you are in me I will place a sword of authority in your hand your words

inspired by a deeper understanding and compassion have the potential to bring about positive change and Inspire those

around you the words you speak grounded in belief and hope can influence

perspectives and offer support in ways that are not immediately visible do not

shrink back in the face of opposition or cower in the presence of adversity for

you are more than a conqueror so rise up my beloved Warrior take your place on

the front lines of Faith armed with the armor of righteousness and the sword of the spirit for the victory is already

yours secured by the finished work of the Cross and the empty tomb as you fix your eyes on the prize

set before you run the race with endurance and perseverance lay aside every weight and

every sin that so easily ens snares pressing forward toward my upward call

and when the final chapter of your Earthly story draws to a close you will stand before me radiant and resplendant

a Living testament to the transformative power of my love well done my good and faithful

servant enter into the joy of your lord until then beloved cling to the

promise of my presence rest in the Assurance of my unfailing love and walk

in the confidence that comes from knowing you are a child of the most high God destined for greatness and called to

leave an indelible mark on the pages of Eternity I Am With You Always even to

the end of the age and my love for you Fierce and unrelenting will carry you through every

storm every trial every dark night of the soul lean into me my precious one

trust in my goodness my faith faithfulness my boundless Grace So Let Your Heart Take courage my

child let your faith rise like the dawn dispelling every Shadow of Doubt and

fear for you are mine and I am yours now and forever more and that beloved is all

you need to understand today

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