you are going to become very rich in the next hours according to God my beloved child you will soon be able to

put your financial woes behind you and live the life you want to get it you

have to watch the whole video the profound significance of this remark extends far beyond the superficial

concept of riches despite its abundance of Hope and possibility over the

following two days you will set out on a path toward Enlightenment and true riches are not limited to monetary

possessions but also include a wealth of information love spirit and life

experiences take into account the many ways that riches might appear in your life get this genuine wealth is built on

a Bedrock of spiritual abundance as this video shows an attitude of thankfulness

opens the door to Greater plenty so it’s important to cultivate one look about

you and count the blessings of your relationships your health and your relationship with the Divine if you love

Jesus click the join button and become a member of our spiritual family if you

are ready to go on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth right now these are the Priceless

possessions that unlike money provide happiness and contentment for the rest

of time in the field of knowledge strive to broaden your horizons increase your

comprehension of the world and develop your intellect by immersing yourself in fresh information gaining insight into

the world around you and the possibilities it holds is only one of the many benefits of embarking on a

quest for knowledge what you get from this adventure is priceless surpassing

even the most monetary riches there is no substitute for education and

self-improvement when it comes to improving one’s quality of life the love in your life should be your focus as you

get ready for this promised abundance because of its transformative uplifting and healing power love is a

more valuable commodity than gold whether it’s with loved ones acquaintances or a greater force it’s

important to cultivate the connections that bring you love put your money into these bonds because love has an infinite

return the abundance of Love fills your heart and spirit strengthening and

comforting you jump at the chance to make a difference in other people’s

lives ride the wave of life’s highs and lows go for chances to make other people’s lives better whether it’s your

time money or skills investing in others with generosity and compassion pays off

handsomely your generosity feeds a self-fulfilling prophecy that reaps the rewards of your good deeds get ready for

a plethora of Adventures as well the most meaningful parts of life aren’t always about material possessions but

rather about the experiences we have get out of your comfort zone meet new people and experience exciting new

activities you add depth color and vitality to your life’s tapestry through these events it is crucial to approach

riches with knowledge and responsibility they educate you about the world and about yourself and they provide memories

and lessons that are helpful in predicting monetary success you have the

power to improve your life and the lives of others around you through the accumulation of money money think about

how you can help others in need achieve your objectives and make a difference

with whatever extra money you have for causes that are important to you my

child keep in mind that the real riches are not in how much money you have but

in the difference you make in the world remember that genuine wealth stems from

an inner state of calm and satisfaction while you Teeter on the edge of being

wealthy strength an inner abundance that does not waver no matter what the world

throws at you having this inner calm is priceless because it enables you to

gracefully face life’s difficulties and joyfully enjoy its rewards in the following days be

receptive to the many opportunities for financial success that will present themselves to you approach this process

with an attitude of thankfulness wisdom and generosity and trust that I will be

by your side every step of the way belief in the way ahead will provide you with a deeper longer-lasting and

immensely satisfying existence affluence is about more than Simply Having My

Darling kid it’s about being all it’s about is making the most of each day with love purpose and

thankfulness remember that the kindness and Grace of those around you are the greatest riches as you set out on your

path of self-improvement may this wisdom be your compass at all times and may the

abundance you experience over the next two days and Beyond lead you closer to

your destiny my precious child I want to express my deepest thanks to you for

giving me life as we approach the start of a new week love compassion and Joy

are like paintbrushes each day is a fresh start like all Fresh Starts the

week ahead is full of possibilities and it begs us to seize them with optimism and resolve I take stock of the path

that led us to this peaceful expectancy the past with all its challenges and hardships has prepared us

for the future thanks to these challenges and the lessons we’ve learned from them we’re better off now stronger

more resilient and more compassionate than before as we anticipate next week I

am really appreciative gratitude opens our eyes to the holy in the mundane and

the ordinary to the are beautiful therefore let us not forget its significance it instills in us a sense

of gratitude for the things we have a delight in the little things in life and

the present moment every morning we greet the Aral of a new day with gratitude and awe eager to seize the

opportunities it presents along with faith let us put our faith in hope hope

is like an anchor it keeps us stable amid storms and lights the way when everything else fails it gives us hope

for a better future as we start a new week by encouraging us to dream big work

hard and have faith in this season of renewal May hope serve as our North Star

guiding us boldly and securely toward our dreams and Ambitions a promise to be

nice is a good thing to make being kind is like speaking a universal language it

can mend broken hearts and mend Broken Bon B no matter how large or small it is

through acts of kindness that we discover our authentic selves and have the greatest influence on the world

sending positive energy encouraging words and comforting Deeds your way this

week as we go through the days ahead let us seek chances for development through

the love we give and receive every interaction and experience provide an

opportunity to gain knowledge broaden our perspec perspectives and enhance our

comprehension we should welcome each new challenge with an attitude of openness

and curiosity ready to learn and develop we get closer to realizing our full

potential when we discover our life’s calling and pursue our passions let us

rely on faith when we Face challenges or uncertainty our faith provides us with

strength in times of weakness solace in times of grief and Tranquility in times

of stress it is the rock around which we construct Our Lives listen to the voice of

religion which reassures US of our infinite love the Persistence of Hope and our never-ending presence in this

world we are not supposed to endure this journey alone therefore let us not

forget the value of community the love support and Company of others make the

trip better through good and bad times let us treasure the bonds we share help

those less fortunate and Surround ourselves with positive people to keep our moods up with an attitude of

appreciation optimism generosity faith community and a hunger for personal

development let us greet the arrival of a new week all of us have these riches

in our hearts and they are the gifts that give our lives purpose I want you to know my darling child that I always

here for you having me by your side brings you unending Solace and direction

and my love for you has no bounds let us greet the new week with enthusiasm

prepare to seize the opportunities conquer the obstacles and rejoice in the

gifts that it brings this week may you and your loved ones find love and grow

closer to God and one another Every Day brings new opportunities to make a

positive impact appreciate the little things and be grateful for what you have

may you go forward confident in my love and fidelity knowing that I am with you every step of

the way may this new week bring you Rejuvenation development and joy as we

begin it together my child may it be a testimony to the beauty of life and the

Power of Love I praise you for your Everlasting faithfulness and I pray that

you will repeat after me oh God that your mercies are fresh every morning your unending Grace and the gift of Life

fill my heart to overflow as I greet each new day every morning the break of dawn serves

as a poignant reminder of your steadfast love and a promise that despite the

challenges of the past there is hope for a better tomorrow a chance to bask in your Radiance and Trust in your

constancy God is the foundation upon which my whole being rests he is a rock

in a world that is always shifting an anchor when I feel like giving up and a beacon when I need help finding my way

to Lake claim to it it astounds me that your love is unwavering leading me back

to you whenever I wander or mess up every morning as I wake up to the light

of a new day I am forever thankful for your continuous loyalty which is a tribute to your boundless love and mercy

a new day is breaking upon me your word of regeneration is fresh in my thoughts

the past is gone and a new day awaits me blank and waiting for me to fill it with

acts of Faith generosity and love your mercies are a great gift that refresh me

every day enabling me to mature gain wisdom and better embody your love your

intricate design the exquisite beauty of your creation and the careful attention you give to each of our lives are all

things I am acutely aware of when I dwell on this the intricate interaction of natural forces the variety of life on

earth and the a inspiring scenery all testify to your Grandeur and Ingenuity

it amazes me and motivates me to respect the environment that you have given us

your loyalty enduring from one generation to the next provides a sense of continuity and purpose it links me to

the faithful who have come before me who have taken heart from your word who have

walked boldly in your presence and who have found Rest In Your Love This unwavering Fidelity which is more more

than just a source of personal Solace binds us together in a common Narrative of redemption and a journey of faith I

want to live a life that is commensurate with the kindness you have shown me as I

think about the day that is ahead I am entrusted with the responsibility of

becoming a lightbearer who brings hope to the Hopeless peace to the Waring and

love to the hateful serving others is a way for me to serve you and loving

others is a way for me to show my love for you thus this vocation is where my

purpose and pleasure lie your unwavering loyalty has been a compass for me in

times of trouble and perplexity I get comfort in knowing that you are always by my side that you have a purpose for

my life and that your love is unbreakable I am filled with confidence to confront obstacles I’m open to change

and patiently trust in your time because of this this certainty I establish my

life upon the two pillars of your mercies which are fresh every morning and your faithfulness which endures

forever your love your presence and your leadership are with me in every breath

and these things serve as a constant reminder of that as I go on in my spiritual path they encourage me to be

thankful for every day to treasure every moment and to have hope for what the

future holds I’m very grateful and do it with all my heart I am grateful for your

love which carries me through every season of life as well as for the gift of today and the promise of tomorrow I

greatly appreciate your role as my stronghold Safe Haven and savior I am

really thankful for your kindness and loyalty these are the most precious things in my life I pray that my life

will be an expression of Your Love a demonstration of your grace and a hym of

praise for the boundless mercy and unending faithfulness that you freely

bestow upon me daily your love renews my heart with each New Dawn and your

Tranquility renews my soul with each new sunset from now to the end of time God

we praise you because your kindness is ever changing and your Fidelity is unending this contemplation sums up well

what it feels like to be a recipient of God’s Everlasting kindness and Fidelity it’s a way of recognizing ing the

everpresent Grace from on high which motivates us to live each day with thankfulness purpose and optimism in a

world where it’s easy to feel invisible and your calls for Aid go unheard God assures his beloved child that they are

cherished seen and will succeed please know that you are not alone I am

watching over you and loving you with an unending devotion you have come a long way baby through many trials that have

tested your Faith strength and determination but now you stand here

loved more than words can express as an inspiration to others who have wandered aimlessly and as a symbol of Hope for

those who have felt abandoned you have my undying unfaltering and unconditional

love this has nothing to do with your successes failures or the road you’ve traveled if you are ever in need of a

safe haven from The Tempest of life my love is here for you this is the kind of

of Love That rejoices with you when you succeed Mourns with you when you fail and encourages you to get back up and

try again the next day we see you in the present moment in every breath and in

every step you take your hardships your loads and your tears are all visible to

me your generosity compassion and selflessness are visible to me in the

Stillness of the night you are my cherished child and I focus my loving Gaze on you constantly nothing go

unnoticed by me even when you feel ignored underappreciated or misunderstood know that my gaze remains

fixed on you appreciating your value and enjoying your company trust me you’re

going to succeed You are not alone in this journey no matter how scary the road ahead seems since there are many

unknowns and obstacles yet to overcome I am the one who will hold your hand who will give you strength and who will show

you the way to a hopeful future rather than being insurmountable the challenges

you encounter will mold you into the person God intends you to be you become

more aware of my presence in your life at times of uncertainty when the world

seems too heavy to carry and you get stronger and more resilient with every obstacle you conquer Count on Me accept

my love as a rock my promises as Solace and my fidelity as a

foundation reflect on all the moments I’ve provided for you when my grace sufficed and my strength manifested in

your vulnerability rather than being empty Recollections they serve as constant

reminders of my love and support for you I have wonderful plans for you full of

Hope and a future so don’t worry your heart’s deepest longings are the fantasies I’ve placed in it these are

not random thoughts they are examples of the possibilities that arise when you put your faith in me my darling don’t

let yourself be disheartened by setbacks they are all part of my plan to bring about your Redemption your purpose in

life and the happiness you seek during this time of contemplation please let me

know how much you mean to me and how much of a hole you can fill in my heart allow this truth to be your rock your

compass and your inspiration as you fearlessly pursue your life’s purpose

love deeply and confidently enter your destiny find solace in my affection

Rejuvenation in my company and Power in my might no matter how difficult things

become remember that you are more than just a conqueror in my eyes you are

Priceless treasured and my kid we shall continue this trip side by side until

you see the Fulfillment of my promise therefore take heart my beloved kid you

will succeed with me by your side because I love and see you there is no obstacle to too big or too deep for you

to overcome your narrative is just starting it is about to unfold into a tale of Grace’s Triumph and an unending

love that will Outlast any obstacle God says my beloved child I have inscribed

your name on the palms of my hands you have immense value in my heart the depth of my affection and the importance I

place on you please know how much my love and devotion mean to each of you

you are all very important to me my love for you is Limitless Everlasting and

unshakable this message is only a little token of my devotion to you praise and

exalt me oh Lord Jesus Christ I knew you the second you were born I was familiar

with you your personality and the path that your life would follow you are never left behind never forgotten and

always treasured the fact that your name is engraved on my hands is proof of that

what it means is that my love for you will always be the same regardless of your whereabouts or actions the thought

of having your name permanently imprinted on my hands is a testament to the Everlasting Love We Share no matter

what happens to you no matter how many mistakes you make or how much suffering you endure my love for you will remain

as permanent and unfading as an inscription on Stone you may always rely

on my unwavering affection to serve as a rock around which to construct your life

also suggest by this Motif are safeguarding and directing everything that matters to you your life your

aspirations and your happiness is in my prayers just as much as your name at all

times I will be watching over you no matter how lost terrified or alone you

feel know that I am with you every step of the way loving you with an unfathomable love moreover in a society

that often evaluates value by outward accomplishments Mater aterial Goods or social standing to be valuable in my

perspective is to be of tremendous worth you are Priceless to me not because of

your actions but because of who you are I realize that beyond that your worth is

derived from the fact that you are when you feel worthless or doubtful having

your name engraved on anything might help you remember who you belong to your whole being is based on the love I have

for you so keep that in mind you are more more than the sum of your mistakes

your shortcomings and the views of those around you my love for you defines you

since it recognizes your value this symbolism encourages you to pursue a life that showcases your inherent worth

knowing that you are cherished we command you to cherish and honor both yourself and those around you in times

of difficulty it is a reminder to be gentle with yourself to bravely follow your goals and to love and support

people around you I pray that knowing my name is written on my hands will provide

you with strength and Solace when life storms seem insurmountable it serves as a gentle

reminder that you have support in times of need you have my support my Solace

and my Tranquility the engraving of your name my darling child is a representation of a close and personal

connection it means that I am familiar with you on a deep level that I care about you and your life and that I want

to have a close bond with you through prayer reading my word and quiet periods

you may always access this connection which is the greatest gift you can own

in a cruel and unforgiving World your value to me is incalculable and I hope

that comes through when you open your heart to me please always know how much I treasure adore and love you having

your name imprinted on my hands is a continual reminder of this fact so live

out the depths of my love for you I welcome you use this information to get a deeper sense of who you are and how

you fit into the world may it bring you much love happiness and the strength to

confront each day with confidence no matter how difficult the road ahead of you seems know that you are never really

alone in your struggles at every turn I am here to lead console and love you my

beautiful child I want you to know how much I love and cherish you I also want

you to know that my love for you will last forever so go forth with confidence

knowing that I adore you you are never far from my thoughts or concerns and I

have your name in my hands forever may this knowledge bring you courage optimism and Tranquility obtaining

financial success is not always an easy task you must keep in mind that the

trials you endure are not meant to break you but to shape you into the person who can endure the rewards that are yet to

come even if they may seem to be loaded with doubts and difficulties that test your faith and resolve to begin realize

that being financially prosperous means more than just amassing cash it also means attaining a level of well-being

where one can fulfill one’s own wants and have enough to share with others patience self-control and knowledge are

Necessities on this path make a list of all your objectives to begin keep

yourself motivated by having a clear goal in mind whether that’s eliminating debt saving for a down payment on a

house or creating an emergency fund a sense of purpose and Direction may be

yours with a well- defined goal in mind indeed I believe in God it’s the same as

bringing a map on a trip if you know where you’re going you can plot the most direct route handle your money with care

and self-control for better financial management make a budget keep your spending under control this may require

some short-term compromises but keep in mind that these are just temporary setbacks on the road to a more stable

financial future while savings are a safety net investment is a way to build

wealth so be cautious and get some guidance before you make any big moves

with time and research you can navigate the complex investing landscape and make smart decisions that help you reach your

financial objectives an effective strategy is to educate oneself on financial literacy the ability to make

choices that lead to success is directly proportional to one’s level of financial literacy books online courses and

seminars geared toward financial advisors are just a few of the numerous tools accessible to you prioritize

learning more about this field and be prepared to encounter obstacles there will be setbacks and frustrations along

the way to financial success never give up hope rather see adversity

as a chance to learn and develop your path will be defined by your response to

obstacles not by the problems themselves believe in the timing no matter how hard

you work there will be days when financial success still eludes you faith

and confidence in the timing are of the utmost importance at this point keep in

mind that the absence of an event does not always imply that it will not occur

when you’re trying to build your wealth patience is a virtue be really generous

be generous even while you work to improve your financial situation donate to those who are less fortunate not only

does it benefit other people but it also feeds your spirit a life well- lived is

about more than simply amassing money it’s about making a difference in the world as you go hold on to your religion

when the road ahead gets murky finding us in prayer and meditation might help

embrace the profound Insight that is within I am available for you at all times willing to listen and provide

guidance no matter how good or bad things are for you know that you are never really alone as you strive for

financial success remember to be grateful always remember to be grateful for what you have when you practice

thankfulness your attention moves from your lack to the Plenty that already exists in your your life Financial

rewards are only the beginning of what a positive outlook may bring and lastly

treat yourself kindly the road to financial success is long and winding

there will be instances when you’re not as successful as you had hoped remember to be patient and kind to yourself

during this time just as you would be with a close friend keep in mind that

even the smallest of advances is progress trust patience and assistance

can help you achieve financial success my darling do not lose sight of your objectives embrace the path with

knowledge and Faith as you Journey towards a future brimming with prosperity and Tranquility please know

that I am by your side the whole time dear child you are God’s special creation he made you in his likeness and

gave you life and purpose he says you were crafted with purpose tenderness and

unfathomable love from the time of your conception we have crafted your individuality with

care and love as evidenced by your smile thoughts and dreams to the world you are

a beacon of light a representation of my love and an expression of my creativity

to be my masterpiece you must accept your design as it is flaws and all and

revel in its Singularity not strive for perfection in the eyes of the outside world just as your skills talents and

abilities are gifts meant for sharing ing your flaws are an integral part of your identity they provide room for

development education and Reliance on me which in turn makes my strength perfect

in your weakness you contain the whole essence of who I am since you were made in my image you have the capacity for

kindness understanding creativity and wisdom you are a reflection of my likeness in the world since these traits

are in your very essence reflected in every aspect of your life is your capacity to love and be loved to create

Beauty to seek Justice and to offer compassion the soul I have placed inside

you invigorates you it is a glimmer of divinity it binds you and me together

this Spirit provides courage Solace and direction to all of creation because of

this you may find yourself yearning for connection and significance in life searching for a purpose Beyond yourself

pay attention to this spirit following it will bring you happiness success and righteousness your life’s

work is intrinsic to who you are and finding it is among life’s most transformative Adventures it is a

one-of-a-kind Journey that will guide you to make the most of your skills and abilities in ways that both satisfy you

and help others around you what matters most is not only your actions but also

your identity and the difference you create in the world it’s about showing my love and bringing honor to my name

through daily living have the knowledge that you have companions on your path

whenever you need direction encouragement or love I am with you is there no matter how difficult things

become keep in mind that they are shaping you into the person God intended you to be rather than shattering you

these difficulties will shape you into the exceptional person that you already are being in the company of people

people who value you who support your personal development and who push you to reach your full potential is

crucial as we go through life we need our communities to be there for us offering love support and chances to

serve your mission will shine more brightly and your influence will grow as you Journey with others your journey is

distinct from everyone else’s therefore there’s no need to measure yourself against others contrast has the power to

deprive you of enjoyment and divert your attention from Logic on the other hand

give your whole heart to the task I’ve assigned you keep in mind that your cost

and root are typically oneof a kind but celebrate the accomplishments of others

and let their Journeys motivate you acknowledge that learning is an iterative process and be kind to

yourself when you make mistakes as you fall get back up think about what

happened and keep going the grace that I freely give you will grow grow feel

humble and grateful as you see your identity as my artwork help others around you who are Seeking Justice

compassion and a humble walk by letting your life be a reflection of my love and

beauty doing so will lead you to your deepest Joy your most authentic purpose

and your greatest achievement keep in mind generally that you are essential to me my pricey kid

you have a unique purpose and were created for Extraordinary things have faith in me rely on my knowledge

and allow your way of life to reflect my love carry on with the certainty that you are my beloved my arrival and my

creation my beloved God repeat after me you keep a close eye on me no matter

what I do or decide and for that I am almost grateful this is a rehash of

previous statements but I feel your presence directing me and calming me in

times of confusion or loss your observant gaze brings Solace to my spirit I am filled with appreciation in

my coronary heart knowing that you are always there quietly supporting me fills

my coronary heart with gratitude in the Stillness of the night when my thoughts get too noisy Your Serenity envelops me

assuring me that I am never really alone it brings me endless Comfort to know

that your eyes are always on me now not to judge but to love and protect your

watchfulness has been my my strength when I am weak my shield when I am in danger and my light when it is dark

whenever I felt completely lost you were always there to guide me back to safety for all the changes and blessings in my

life your continual presence has been the one constant you have been guiding

my life’s events even when I haven’t noticed and it was through my mistakes that I have learned and grown when I was

happy I felt your warmth amplify my joy as if you were celebrating with me when

I was sad I felt your consolation a gentle reminder that pain is temporary

and that you are always there to heal my wounds I knew you were still watching over me making sure that my mistakes

could lead to expertise and stronger Faith your constant watchfulness has

shown me the true essence of Love A Love that has no bounds is unfaltering and

encompasses everything I now know that my worth is based not on my achievement

ments or my possessions but on the fact that I am your toddler this knowledge

has inspired me to show others the same kind of compassionate Vigilant care that you show me and to conduct my life in a

way that reflects your love you remind me to be there for the people in my life to love and support them and to be a

source of peace and gentleness to be watched over by you is no longer to be governed but to be empowered to be

watched over is no longer to be restricted but to have my horizons expanded and your presence has changed

my understanding of what it is to be watched over knowing that you are watching over me at all times gives me a

great sense of Serenity and for that I am very thankful when life presents

unexpected challenges this Serenity can serve as a pillar of support a Beacon of

Hope during difficult times and a source of Joy during prosperous times

I know that you are watching over me the whole time so I can confidently go on my Expedition I am filled with courage to

confront what lies ahead strength to overcome obstacles and knowledge to make decisions that reflect my gratitude to

you God for your constant watchfulness the serenity it provides and the

indications that it is irresistible may I always be able to bask in the gentle glow of your presence

appreciative of the Vigilant care that guides Shields and returns me to my

rightful place this contemplation reflects a profound sense of appreciation for the

Divine guidance that provides Direction protection and Solace along life’s path

the afterlife could be terrifying and intimidating my little kid this is a

compilation of Recollections some of which offer delight and mirth and others of which bring sorrow and remorse these

experiences might drag you down emotionally and mentally impacting your talent and possibly affecting your

destiny in ways that aren’t always helpful while your experiences shape your identity it is essential to

remember that your history does not define you instead of being a lifeless body unable to grow change or rebuild

you are free to trade expand and reinvent yourself in response to new opportunities as they arise every day is

a fresh start my darling use it to write your own unique Tale and make decisions that reflect the person you want to

become rather than the person you were sign up for our channel to get daily

blessings from God it’s normal to feel anxious or unhappy while thinking back

on the good times in your past but you shouldn’t let it stop you from moving on with a hopeful and promising future you

have a lot on your shoulders a lot of remorse and a lot of painful memories

but I also see your strength your ability to bounce back and the kindness

that nothing can take away from you you are better than the things you make a fool of yourself over the things you

mess up and the things you wish you could just erase from your memory you’re my arrival capable of First Rate things

and I’ve given you the spirit to conquer the difficult circumstances of your afterlife you have the power to make a

new decision so stop worrying that the same things will happen again reflect on

your life’s events but don’t let them hold you back in any longer use them as building blocks to become a more

resilient intelligent and kind person you need to forgive yourself more deeply

for the errors you’ve made in forgiving those who have harmed you you will find release and Tranquility enabling you to

go on free from the weight of the past no matter how big or small your trip has been I encourage you to see it through

the prism of Grace and expertise to enjoy the high points and the lessons learned and to take pride in the

successes it is a story of triumph over adversity that has led you to your

current position I have been by your side during this whole trip and it is a

tribute to your strength and determination despite the challenges you’ve experienced you remain a symbol

of Hope and brightness rest assured it is precisely the reason for the birthday bash you

possess the strength to confront the challenges behind you and the courage to to face the unknown ahead as you

Traverse the intricacies of your past you should know that you have company my

love guidance and assistance are here with you depend on me when the load becomes too much and let my love shine a

light into the darkness of your lives we can overcome every challenge that comes our way as a group Transforming Our

worst times into opportunities for growth and change breathe deeply and confidently take a leap ahead my little

baby your be Beyond may play a role in your tale but it won’t be the last chapter a beautiful future full of

potential happiness and the promise of Fresh Starts lies ahead join me have

faith in yourself and embrace the journey ahead you have the power to shape your life according to your own

principles aspirations and the love I have for you with each passing day make

full use of this opportunity release your worries and anguish and go on Grace

F and powerfully though the afterlife could seem scary and unsettling your

fate is sunny and wonderful brimming with possibilities my darling I believe

in you so you may be true to yourself then as we embark on this life

Journey We Can Shed the darkness of the past and embrace the brightness of the

future my darling God says that many of you have turned your lives around and

should not continue to live in a sinful way in some cases this shift is

significantly more substantial and far-reaching than in others this is a turning point in your journey your

changing paths from ones that took you away from me to ones that bring you back into my arms your strength convictions

and courage to confront the hidden parts of yourself are evident in this change

your decision to turn away from sin and toward righteousness is a strong Declaration of your willingness to to be

with me it’s a recognition that the ways of the Arena can’t provide the

contentment and prosperity that result from being in my grace and love this

change in your way of life reveals a heart that longs for righteousness Purity and Justice keep in mind that

making this change in your life is more of a process than a destination there

may be times of difficulty times when temptation is very present and Times of

uncertainty those aren’t failure indicators rather they are the stuff

that people love they are opportunities for growth for strengthening your faith

and for learning to rely on me completely I am here to hold your hand and help you stand up when you fall even

when you trip my love will be there to help you get back on track your metamorphosis might offer hope to those

still lost in the shadows every person’s heart has the capacity for trade and

your narrative is a solemn Testament to that be kind and stylish as you tell

your story helping others who are still suffering and sharing your skills your

deeds and Words May guide others showing them that peace and reason are within

reach when they come to me making the decision to live a sinless life does not guarantee that you will not encounter

difficulties on the contrary you may find that you encounter more tribulations since living in accordance

with my will will sometimes conflicts with my worldly wants but these

difficult times will not defeat you instead they will strengthen you deepen your faith and draw you closer to me you

will find benefits and delights that were previously concealed from you in this new lifestyle enjoy the serenity

that comes from having a clear moral compass the Fulfillment that comes from helping others and the profound Delight

that comes from progressing in your relationship with me as a result of my love my mercy and the power of my energy

to change you your life becomes a reflection of these things beloved ones

when you follow the path of Justice do so with a heart full of compassion and love recognize that development is a

process and allow yourself to be influenced by your own progress raise the level of Tolerance and understanding

in the people around you and remind them that they are all on their own Journey

love without reservation forgive without reservation and Savor each day with

thankfulness for the gift of regeneration pray study my word and

associate with other Christians to stay connected to me those routines will provide sustenance for your spirit

fortify your will and anchor you to the truth of your identity and your ancestry

as you adapt to these new ways of living my precious baby they may be your rock

your your source of strength and your guide it’s clear that you’ve made me proud I am Overjoyed that you have

decided to repent and live a decent life I want you to know that no matter what I

am here for you supporting you and loving you with an unending love your

journey of self-discovery is an incredible one and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it in the

Life you’ve chosen which is full of love tranquility and purpose Revel in it Your

brave decision to switch has led you right back to me that is the first step on a breathtaking path that leads to

boundless joy and elegance my little one you are walking on sunshine and your

future is bright with hope God says I like you and my darling even though you

look like yourself again it bothers you because you want to get rid of the old you it is normal to feel this way

particularly if your past self and your present self are completely at odds with one another every experience every joy

every setback and every success has enhance the intensity of your spirit and

the Vitality of your character your ability to persevere and find Solutions lies in the past flaws and a these

feelings of hurt towards your Beyond self are a sign of your growth and a desire to live a life more in harmony

with your principles and beliefs therefore it’s important to acknowledge them

however allowing Fai feelings to consume you could trap you in a NeverEnding cycle of regret making it difficult to

recognize your progress even though you can’t buy or sell the Hereafter you may

learn about it and use that knowledge to improve your decisions in the here and now my darling understand that I no

longer see you as a sum of your accomplishments and failures I view you as my Advent in all your glory in my

view I love without I conditions your journey has been valuable in every way

even the parts you’d rather forget have helped you grow closer to me it deepened your awareness of Grace and demonstrated

to you the Vitality of redemption I encourage you to embrace those chapters as evidence of your

development rather than seeking to delete them since the urge to erase them

is a common human tendency that arises from guilt or regret you are more than

the sum of your your experiences they shape you rather than being a barrier it

may be a springboard to Greater empathy insight and comprehension look back on

your journey and compare it to where you are today let your past serve as a source of energy embrace it it serves as

a constant reminder of your trading prowess by changing your Viewpoint you

have the power to turn your Beyond into a symbol of hope not just for yourself

but also for those who who are also fighting to find their way out of similar struggles on this path

forgiveness is Paramount being able to forgive oneself first and foremost as

well as other people aside from stunting your development and happiness there’s little use in holding on to guilt and

self- condemnation put your worries to rest allow my forgiveness to mend your

broken heart and set you free from the shackles of your history by fully accepting it appreciate the grace of

fresh beginnings seek chances to do what is right spread love and tell the story of your

transformation each day is a chance to write a new chapter and live in a way that demonstrates your growth and the

lessons you’ve learned you will discover that the parts of your history that you once wanted to forget May really become

your strongest memories motivating others to see the value in what you have to offer connect with me in prayer via

times of reflection and through The Fellowship of Believers in me along your

journey you will find boundless affection and assistance my strength is greatest when

I am weak and my Mercy is sufficient for you may this fact provide you Solace and

strength as you go on free from the burdens of the past your character is defined not by your past but by your

future self as my precious baby knows although your Beyond with all its ups

and downs is a piece of your narrative it does not constitute your whole self

you my cherished infant are destined for great things that are loving caring and

enormous remember that although reflecting on your past self-discovery may bring you pain it can also serve as

a catalyst for personal growth let it inspire you to keep going to live

purposefully and to welcome the change that comes with discovering your true identity I feel my unending love as I

Stand By Your Side embracing you no matter what it is hard God says to my

precious kid but know that there are times in everything that changed your life’s experience that examine your

power purpose and faith and test your limits of what you believed was possible

as painful as those times will be they will not be purposeless rather they will

serve as the catalysts for personal growth the purifying Waters and The Guiding winds that will lead you to your

destiny every task presents an opportunity to grow as a person learn

something new and develop one’s skills you learn the fortitude of your faith

and the resiliency of your spirit in the face of adversity the strength you possess to endure and Triumph over

adversity is beyond your wildest dreams bear in mind my dearest that booms are

not always enjoyable a seed after all must rupture in order order to develop

and VI for sunlight similarly the difficulties you’ve been experiencing

May really be opportunities for you to develop and expand Beyond Your Wildest Dreams you acquire knowledge compassion

and an appreciation for the real nature of electricity by overcoming these very obstacles while it is reasonable to want

a life devoid of pain and conflict reading these Tales can help you develop

the resilience to overcome challenges stand firm in your beliefs and provide

compassion to those suffering realize that you are not going through this alone you may count on my support as I

lead you console you and give you the will to keep going your moments of

weakness are the times when my strength is at its strongest and my love for you has never wavered trust in me and I will

help you find the strength to keep going no matter how difficult the road ahead seems a beautiful Testament to your

perseverance is the change you undergo as a result of your hardships the

difficult circumstances you Face Reveal Your genuine Brilliance like a diamond cut Under Pressure you become more

beautiful on the inside as each test Smooths out your imperfections be a part of the process of change my baby

although there may be challenging times there are also many moments of great joy

meaningful connection and exciting discovery in times of uncertainty or depression

the real and difficult studies that you have undertaken create a beautiful tapestry of your lives think about all

the progress you’ve made the obstacles you’ve overcome and the energy you’ve felt within are motivational lights that

show you that you can keep going even when things get tough change isn’t

always about you it affects those around you as well for others who are struggling your tale of Faith tenacity

and endurance might be an inspiration be a light to people going through Dark Times share your path and

provide your support always remember to carry the wisdom experience and lessons

you’ve gained with you as you go forward let these principles serve as your compass so that you may lead a life that

is Meaningful compassionate and honest always keep in mind my little toddler

that you are the extraordinary person you are now because because of all the good and bad things that have happened to you you have more strength than you

know more love than you can fathom and the ability to triumph over any obstacle

these things are shaping you into a fantastic person so keep that in mind depend on my strength throughout the

voyage and know that you may come out the other side not just unharmed but

converted fragile and more radiant than when you started dear kid God says that

your narrative is the story of everything your life is interesting with all its ups and downs the mistakes and

the joys every chapter every page and every word that makes up your life’s

narrative is precious to me your story is unique and inspiring because of The Bravery you showed in the face of

adversity your openness to growth and self-reflection your ability to love and

receive love the difficult experiences you’ve had the errors you’ve committed and the obstacles you’ve overcome have

shaped you into the person you are today you have learned Faith perseverance

compassion and patience from these experiences no matter how difficult they may have been keep in mind that I was

there for you in the darkest hours of each storm my darling sharing in your sorrow beside you I was once the lullabi

that soothed your broken heart I am happy for you whenever you are happy neither your history nor your future

should fill you with shame the chapters of difficulty don’t Define your story

but how you respond to them does finding light in the darkest of places

persevering through adversity and ultimately succeeding are all themes that run throughout the story it’s a

story about finding strength in vulnerability Beauty in flaws and hope in hopelessness share your story with

others since it has the power to inspire them to those who listen your path has

the power to heal inspire and encourage your feedback will serve as a mirror

reflecting their own challenges helping them to know that they are not alone as

you continue to create the chapters of your life your narrative has the power to dismantle barriers build Bridges and

cultivate a feeling of connection and understanding please know that my love and support are with you at all times

let my love be your rock and Solace as you rely on me during the tough times embrace the ups and downs of your

narrative my darling because it’s more than just a gift it’s a tale of redemption you are an enduring Testament

to my grace Illuminating a world in dire need of Hope and a spiritual journey

that exemplifies The Power of Love Marvel at the wonderful unfolding of your narrative it is far from over step

by step into an epic tale of heavenly love and human perseverance I adore you my darling more

than you can imagine your tale is priceless to me and I am content with both your current self and

your future self-discovery your whole being reflects my love and carries my light into the

world you are my masterpiece hold on to your beliefs and never forget that you

are cherished appreciated and never alone in your story you undergo a

metamorphosis into the person I envisioned for you as we go keep in mind

that my love for you is the constant that remains constant despite all the changes the thread that binds your tail

together take courage my darling baby because it is my love that defines you

sustains you and in the end takes your tale to its magnificent conclusion your

tale is a powerful account of Triumph that I wrote by hand with my wisdom guiding you and my love shining a light

stand firm in your love and may your story serve as an Ode to the Everlasting

strength of faith and the miraculous beauty of grace through thick and thin

your narrative and Beyond I will be by your side loving you no matter what your

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my beloved toddler your guardian angels are giving you a large serious warning

to protect you from massive economic losses watch this video until you give

up trying to claim God’s protection I know how you feel about this vast world

and all the problems you’re facing my darling it’s normal to feel vulnerable and uncertain but remember that I am

here for you at times you might question the reasons behind events the reality of

suffering or the lack of response to to your prayers it is acceptable to seek answers to such reasonable inquiries

your journey is more about growing and learning than it is about reaching a certain goal every challenge you

encounter and every self-doubt you overcome is an opportunity for growth

for those seeking a spiritual community that can guide them to Enlightenment and inner peace we invite you to join our

transformation by clicking the join button on your journey my kid always

remember that you have people who care about you at your lowest point when you feel the most defeated and lost I will

be by your side you may always count on my unwavering love guidance and comfort

to be a part of your daily life the softness of the sun’s Rays caressing

your skin the coolness of the ocean on your hair and the Stillness of your mind

as you find inner calm I am aware of your worries allow me to reassure you

but I know the burden they place on your heart your fate is not defined by those

worries at most they are little threads in the enormous fabric of your

existence put your trust in me let go of the weight your carrying and surrender

them to me and I will help you we also acknowledge your skepticism it’s normal to have questions

when you don’t understand anything nevertheless your question should not disturb your your religion but rather

serve as fertile ground for your faith to grow stronger with each inquiry your

pursuit of me is becoming more sincere with each uncertainty and I promise that

you will find me in ways you can’t yet fathom the ups and downs of Life are part of its lovely Journey every moment

is a gift and every experience happy or sad teaches us something find me if you

will and Marvel at the beautiful world I have made keep your eyes appealed for the daily wonders I adore you more every

time I hear an infant’s giggle or see the beauty of nature A Plan full of passion and Destiny is what I have in

store for you I understand that it can’t be crystal clear all the time and that the path may seem Rocky at times with my

leadership you will be able to weather the storms Traverse the valleys and

reach the peak of Triumph together you are the unique artwork that I am introducing to the world I I have

bestowed upon you a unique set of skills and abilities make an impression and

provide compassion and love to a world that needs them so much by using them by

doing so you will discover your life’s true calling and see the difference you make in the world keep in mind the

promises I made to you in times of uncertainty their integrity honesty and

steadfastness may not waver you have my word that I will love you lead you and

never leave leave your side I never abandon you or disregard you my darling

little one I want you to know that I am here with you every step of the way so you have nothing to fear about your

future although you are not defined by your challenges and uncertainties they are a natural component of the trip my

love for you has no bounds and is completely unconditional allow this

reality to saturate your soul and illuminate your path keep your faith

hold on to your desires and love yourself always remember that love

appreciation and adoration are yours regardless of the circumstances this message serves as a

constant reminder that there is a steady stream of love and support available even when life is full of

unknowns the phrases aim to soothe and uplift our Spirits implying an unknown

yet often effective plan I am here to guide you in all that you do and in all that you decide

God assures my pricey sweetheart I get that life is full of choices and might be daunting at times

but remember that you’re never really alone on this journey my guidance is like a constant companion a gentle

murmur for your soul leading you along the road of Love growth and

prosperity each morning I am here to greet you with a fresh slate and all the

opportunities it holds just in case you need it when you open your eyes the

beauty of the Dawn serves as a constant reminder of my boundless love for you and the new beginnings that I bring no

matter where the vacation is taking you I want you to welcome each day with an open heart and a Readiness to follow my

guidance know that I am here to support you regardless of the size of the decision you face today before making a

life-altering decision carefully consider all of your options allow me to lead the way it is my knowledge that you

seek and you will find it you will hear my voice if you listen the words of a

friend an intuition an unanticipated recommendation or even a task that

requires you to trust and rely on me more heavily are all ways that I guide you there may be times when you feel

unsure and the future seems cloudy when it happens take a moment to pray for me

in this space you may share your dreams worries and inquiries during this time

you may focus on me find calm in my presence and know that no matter what I

will be there to help you think about it my child I’m not guiding you along the

easy way all the time anymore rather I am guiding you toward growth vitality

and comprehension on any path challenges and obstacles are inevitable but they don’t

mean to derail you rather they provide chances to grow in faith mature Purity

and compassion which are qualities that will serve you well in times of Triumph and

happiness understand the impact I’ve had on your successes Express gratitude for the blessings you’ve brought into this

world and don’t forget to spread the pleasure you found in addition to benefiting you your accomplishments will

now encourage motivate and Reveal Your Love and generosity to those in your

immediate vicinity although you may encounter disappointments and failures

know that these are integral components of my strategy for your success these moments test your faith and shape you

into who you are if you put your trust in me I will provide you with power and

comfort when we Face adversity as a group we can overcome it and you can too

as you go through life follow the tenets of honesty kindness and compassion let

these principles serve as a map for your decisions and actions be admiring and nice to other other people even when

it’s hard shine as an example of kindness in the world knowing that your actions

might have an impact can be disheartening at times never forget my darling that you have many companions on

this journey with you in your face I am always directing assisting and loving

you I have entrusted you with your existence which is a precious gift for a

purpose something is driving you and you have a task to do even if you if you

can’t always see the big picture know that I can and that with each choice you make and each step you take I’m moving

you closer to your destiny let your heart be receptive to my wisdom my

advice is always with you so sit quietly and pay attention I may guide you along

the roads of righteousness into a life full of pleasure Serenity and accomplishment by Whispering

instructions and encouraging acceptance as truth with me as you embark on your

journey keep in mind these things my little baby I love you unconditionally I

will guide you every step of the way and I am not alone I love you and am devoted

to you since your life is a voyage of Discovery take it on with bravy and receptivity prepared to follow my lead

since it is in my guidance that you will discover your rightful purpose your unique happiness and the Tranquility

that exceeds all knowledge as you face each new day with the knowledge that I

am by your side directing your every move may this guarantee fill your heart

with joy you are my favorite toddler so I will encourage you to be strong love

genuinely and walk optimistically as we negotiate the adventure of life together

starting in everyone who loves Jesus will find encouragement in this message which

reminds us that he’s always with us and will lead us even when the path ahead seems Rocky

we are loved supported and never alone it tells us we need to be Fearless

loving and religious in our daily lives as you go forward remember that every

Endeavor presents a chance for personal and professional development in the Stillness of your uncertainties and the

D of your anxieties I am here just as I am in the moments of Victory be very

careful you can hear my voice reassuring and guiding you you will will find your

power in those challenges and not only your power but also my soul inside you

people shouldn’t go through life stages in solitude you might expect to meet other passengers on your journey while

some will be around for a little while others will be there forever these bonds are important to my plan for you so hold

on to them through your interactions you discover the beauty of human connection

the meaning of love and the importance of forgiveness in your times of decision

be there as a friend an inspiration and a mirror of my love for everyone around you place yourself at the intersection

and observe me for a brief moment I am the beacon that shows you the way and the north star that guides you to the

straight and narrow even if it isn’t the path you were hoping for all the time it

will always bring you the right kind of success and serenity time is everything and I

couldn’t be happier with my timing what may seem to be a delay or rot is really my method of preparing you for what’s to

come also keep in mind that your journey is exact though it’s tempting to look at

other people’s lives and wonder where you stand doing so will only bring you misery and

uncertainty together we create a journey that fits your personality your narrative and your stage of development

enjoy the journeys of others but trust in God and your own path as you face the

challenges and triumphs of of Life hold on to your dreams your Soul’s anchor is desire and it is both steady and

optimistic this is a promise that my promises to you will remain true and

unwavering no matter what challenges you encounter even in the depths of Despair

the light of your desires will guide you to the breaking of dawn I hope that I can motivate you my little one to follow

your heart and do what you love put your god-given abilities to good use and

change the world there is purpose to your existence and you are an integral part of my bigger narrative get out of

your religious rut be willing to take chances for my benefit and know that I am rooting for you supporting you and

using you to bring glory to me lastly never forget the immense love I have for

you unconditional unending and everlasting is my love for you nothing

you do or how well you do it will matter more than the fact that you are you are mine give this truth the space it needs

to fill your soul and Define you your love is boundless and your cherished is

immeasurable therefore go forward with confidence every day my kid bravely

tackles life with the knowledge that I am leading the way incorporate your

journey with delight because it is an invaluable gift be mindful that I am

with you at all times loving guiding and supporting you may my love love power

you my promises Grant your desires and my very presence bring you Tranquility

we will explore these ways of living together and I will show you the way to Eternal happiness keep in mind that I am

by your side every step of the way guiding you in the decisions you make

this continuation highlights the significance of thoughtfulness optimism and love along life’s path while

reiterating God’s everpresent presence and guidance in everything it urges us to maintain our rationality

cherish our relationships and find strength and confidence in the divine’s love and guidance my little baby God

advises you to think back on the times you triumphed against adversity those times were no longer coincidental

occurrences they were turning points in your trip proof of your strength and determination and proof of my loyalty

remember that first project you were thinking of taking on it may have seemed impossible back then at one point in

your college career you may have been particularly annoying about something or you may have had a period of profound

loneliness and isolation think back on how you felt at that time anxious unsure

and maybe even ready to quit but you persisted your drive was evident you put

a lot of time and effort into that test and while you got an excellent score it became more than just a number it became

a reflection of your ability and determination when the weight of the sector becomes too much to bear there

will inevitably be periods of emotional conflict in such gloomy moments you may

have lost a loved one or experienced the brink of rejection or failure when you were hurting I would hug you tight and

try to ease your pain despite the fact that you may not have sensed my presence I was there by your side sobbing with

you and lending you my shoulder as you started to recover thanks to your perseverance and my

unwavering Grace the agony didn’t go away immediately but each day you gain

strength in both your personal and professional lives reflect on the obstacles you’ve overcome demanding

conditions at work challenges in relationships or private objectives that looked beyond grasp every time you put

yourself through a test like this you grow learn something new strengthen your

connections or find strength strengths you didn’t know you possessed these have been more than

simply accomplishments they have served as markers of your progress think back

on the times you decided something was right and stuck up for it no matter how

difficult it became maybe you stood up for a friend denounced wrongdoing or

took a stand that wasn’t really noteworthy but it was appropriate for

the circumstances your courageous and honest actions reflect my presence in your life

and Define who you are consider the moments when you could feel my Guidance

the strongest maybe you prayed to seek my will because you were struggling to decide on a course of action in life the

solution became a visible manifestation of my guiding hand even whether it arrived via a peaceful experience an

unexpected chance or the counsel of someone you relied on the days of steerage were no longer just

coincidences they were the manifestations of my love that set you on the Magnificent path of your lives

reflect on the times you were happy and celebratory the times you accomplished something no matter how big or small the

times you laughed and loved and the times you felt fulfilled material and

grateful all of those things are gifts from me meant to show how much I care about your happiness and how terrific I

am my darling each of these memories serves as a Cornerstone of your faith as

I was with you before they serve as reminders of how far you’ve gone proof of my loyalty and an assurance that you

are not alone I am here with you now and I may be here with you later on so

remember these past triumphs even as you confront new difficult challenges you

are confident in your ability to succeed since you have done it before so let them be a source of inspiration and

energy you are still living the the lives of strength resilience and beauty

that have gotten you through the past you can become more reliant on me and experience more growth with each problem

I have faith that I am cognizant of every task and Circumstance rest easy in

my Everlasting Love as you lean into my presence seeking my direction for your

exact and my glory instead of carrying those memories with you as weights hold

them up as sources of inspiration as you go on people also need reminders of my

constancy and their own resiliency so share your stories of Triumph with them

hold on to those memories my Priceless newborn for your journey characterized

by triumphs over previous challenges is a powerful Testament to my love and energy at work in your life let them

Inspire and motivate you and always remember that you have support no matter

what challenges you face I am alone with you consistently reliable kind and a

good guide if we stand together we can confront Our Fate and Triumph against it

the power of remembering Beyond successes and the presence of spiritual guidance and assistance through every

task are gently reminded in this message as a source of Hope and encouragement

for the future it promotes a reflection of One’s Own development resiliency and

confidence in God encouraging a blessing entails Direction openness and change my little baby

prepare your coronary heart for this gift the path to accepting it and truly

receiving it you are being guided down the right Road when it says to get your soul and heart ready for the Plenty that

is about to be yours you must follow my advice even if it isn’t always clean or

honest if you want to receive and treasure the gifts I’m planning to give you prior to anything else get your

coronary heart ready by making room for thanks inside there is no way for you to fully

appreciate everything that you have until you first learn to be grateful

first things first every morning before you even dream of your dreams coming true give thanks for the simple things

the air you breathe the Sun that comes up and the love that is all around you

gratitude prepares the way for blessings to grow and flourish in your heart for

this reason forgiving yourself and others is vital holding on to wounds

grudges or regrets might block the flow of benefits into your life forgiveness

is like opening the windows of a stifling room allowing fresh air to enter and creating room for New

Beginnings letting go is a powerful step in opening your heart to Blessings even

if it’s not always easy to forgive especially when the wounds Run Deep also

in this day and age of instant satisfaction the ability to persevere is more important than ever patience and

perseverance are virtues that help you grow and change which in turn prepares you to receive a blessing with open arms

when the time comes the time is all in the divine plan so don’t take it

personally if you have to wait for anything yet the coaching phase is essential to your success if you want to

strengthen your heart you also need to learn to enjoy the journey believe that what I’m saying about my

plan for your life and how it fits into the bigger picture is accurate rest

certain that I am directing you toward your blessing even when the path ahead seems unclear or the end point seems far

away think about requests for giving up manipulation which may be terrifying but

it is in giving up that you find Serenity and guarantee that all will turn out as it should to further prepare

your coronary heart for the benefits that come your way humility is key

acknowledge that benefits are gifts not rights they are given out of generosity and Grace not because they are old hats

a spirit of humility allows one to be receptive to the wisdom that every right

solution originates from a source outside one’s own self as benefits flow

into your life being humble keeps you rooted so that you may remember their source and share them with others

contrarily it is essential to embrace Alternatives trades often bring benefits and those

trades could Propel you into new chapters of your life embracing this shift no matter how scary or unpleasant

it is is preparing your heart for what’s to come it implies being receptive to

Fresh chances fresh difficulties and New Heights never forget that change is the

one constant in life and that it is through change that we develop into our full potential you must also cultivate a

romance with me if you want to mend your heart get out into nature meditate or

spend time in prayer the most important and crucial education you can get is whatever helps you feel connected to the

Divine it will increase your faith fill your heart with love and link your soul

with the source of all benefits in this holy area my darling you will discover

the Serenity and certainty necessary to eagerly await your blessing with a heart

heart that is open and ready neither were you while I was alone with you and neither are you now from the time you

took your first breath until this very second I have been by your side throughout your whole existence in the

face of your ups and downs your Joys and your Sorrows my love has been a rock

that you can always count on do you recall times when you felt alone and the

weight of the world’s silence was too much to bear you would have thought you were totally alone as at that time yet I

was by your side I used to be the one who would sit quietly by your side who

would gently prod you in the right direction as you desired and who would provide you with reassuring thoughts

even when you couldn’t physically see or feel me I was present safeguarding you

think back on the times when you questioned your value and motivation when you doubted yourself those were the

moments when you felt the voice inside you subtly implying that you were no

longer highly valued yet even back then I would communicate with you via the

wonders of nature the generosity of friends or an unexpected feeling of

Tranquility you are loved you are appreciated and you are here for a reason even if everything has been

confusing think about the difficult conditions you faced in mountains you thought you couldn’t climb you can see

how each step and fight LED you to the Pinnacle when you look back back every

success every triumph over an obstacle was a testimonial not just to your

tenacity but also to my presence and power inside you what you may not have

realized is that I was your energy when you felt weak and your courage when you were fearful I shared in your excitement

at all of the festivities and Milestones I take great joy in seeing you happy

your accomplishments in which you take great Delight are are valuable not just to you but also to me since they may

represent the luxurious lives I hope you have in the future being there

constantly reminds you that every good thing is a gift from me something to cherish and share in the present the

majority of your life consists of mundane ordinary moments so try to focus

on them the ordinary and the routine are brimming with my presence whether it’s a

conversation or walk or just a peaceful night in I’m there transforming the

mundane into something precious the chances of us crossing paths are high at

such times you may be amazed at how readily you might discern my presence if

in fact you have eyes to see and ears to hear a child’s laughter is a gift from

the heart in the Stillness of your day while you are focused on me I am there

communicating with you via the space I made in this hushed voice I am speaking

words of wisdom Solace and love to you I love you sweetheart oh my if you

want to chat with me or just want to share your problems with me prayer is a great method to do both it’s also our

direct route of connection I am always here to listen and sometimes answer your aspirations and queries I typically have

a solution my precious kid but my Solutions sometimes come in sentences based on my emotions or the people and

events around me under the best of times and the worst of circumstances I will

never leave you or abandon you that is my vow to you you may take a leisurely

walk into the Hearth without fear of fire and you can skip over Rivers without fear of being swept away since I

am by your side I love you more than anything in the world and this is my vow to you to keep going keep in mind that

you are not alone you can’t help but notice my presence seek me out I am here

in every moment and Circumstance if you would just pay attention to me love

guidance and assistance are all available to you because I am by your side give yourself permission to be calm

and confident while you absorb this knowledge no matter what the future brings you May face it fearlessly

knowing that I am here to support you every part of our Lives is Touched By God’s constant presence and love and

this message serves as a reassuring reminder of that no matter the difficulties we encounter or the

happiness we experience it reminds us that we are never really alone and invites us to seek and embrace that

presence in all of life’s moments whether they’re extraordinary or mundane

as you continue on your path keep in mind the wisdom gained from your experiences thus far as you continue on

your path every experience every Challenge and every Triumph transformed

into more than just fleeting moments they served as pillars that anchored your faith at these times I want you to

remember that I’ve always been a lighthouse leading you through life storms in the Stillness of the night

when everyone else is asleep and you are awake with your thoughts when your concerns seem insurmountable and your

feelings of isolation are at their worst know that I am by your side bring all

your worries inquiries and heartfelt longings to me in prayer as the sun

rises and sets my ears are always open to hear your voice and my heart is always ready to bring you

Serenity let the gentleness serve as a reminder of my unwavering love and the

power of regeneration you may experience the abundance of life I have for you and

rejoice in my grace every day because I have given you each day as a gift you may confront whatever the day ahead

brings even if it seems insurmountable since you are not alone when you let

your guard down in social situations my strength shines through be a conduit for

my love and compassion in the world just as I see them as unique creations with

their own stories of hardship and Triumph doing so not only makes you a beacon of light in their lives but it

also verifies that I am really present in yours the way you show love and

compassion is Like a Prayer in action Reflections of My Love for everyone

bring me your difficult decisions when You Face a Crossroads allow my Consciousness to direct your decisions

peace and Justice are the sure paths I have for you it isn’t always the greatest but it’s the only one that

leads to rightful success and happiness you may be thinking about my timing and my plans all the time so have faith in

them keep in mind that no matter what being grateful may make a difference

gratitude allows you to feel my presence and see my hand in all aspects of your

lives even the most minute ones this is something to be grateful for it Alters

your perspective transforming perceived obstacles into chances for indepth

contemplation of yourself remember to Express gratitude and share your Delight with others when you have moments of Joy

those seeking the gentle will find Hope in your Delight which is a testimony to my kindness in times of grief when your

heart is heavy and you feel like you can’t go on rely on me may your life be

a rewarding song that Echoes the glory of my love and loyalty in times of need

I am here to soothe mend and revive your spirit I am not alone God is with me I

will be the one to lead you out of the shadows and into the brightness of a new day the darkness won’t last forever the

dawn will bring you Delight always remember me my little baby while you navigate this world let the light of my

words guide you and illuminate your path in it you will discover wisdom comfort

and direction for every situation my word is a rock upon which you may stand it is true and unwavering

You are not alone at this moment and you will not be alone at any point in the future if you are not alone you are

never alone my love surrounds you and my grace will carry you through any trial

go forth with confidence and wisdom knowing that I am with you always even until the end of the age I will lead and

assist you every step of the way I am here for you loving you directing you

and rooting for you all the time nothing is too difficult for us to handle you

mean the world to me and I’m proud to be your father through your support this

continuance always reminds us of the strong tie between God and his children reminding us of his constant presence

guidance and love throughout our lives as you go forth know that my eyes are

always on you my little child says God I don’t intend for this to constantly

cause anxiety but if it does know that I will always love you and closely monitor

you when you feel alone and mired in self-doubt and anxiety I am here to

guide defend and encourage you remember that I will never let my eyes leave you

you are still visible to me no matter how thick the fog becomes around you I am the beacon that shines through the

thickest Shadows showing you the way and leading you to safety reflect on the times when You Face difficult challenges

that seemed impossible to overcome you are no longer alone with those towering mountains that seem so lonely when you

first arrived your triumphs and moments of healing were Testament to my presence

and power as I walked by your side held your hand and guided you know that I

share in your joy when whenever it brightens up your days and brings Joy To

Your Heart when you’re happy I’m happy every beautiful thing in the world every

kind person and every significant Milestone you reach are gifts from me

they are evidence of my goodness and my desire to see you succeed in the ways that are right for you when faced with a

decision or an uncertain future pause and seek my guidance I’m not here to

watch I am here to to serve as a guide ready to lead you onto the path of everlasting life at any moment via

prayer my word and the advice of others who follow my methods you may access my

knowledge also keep in mind that the way the world perceives things is different

from how my eyes see them journeying under the surface all the way to the

Beating Heart everything about you your hopes concerns aspirations and

challenges is is visible to me as you travel with others keep in mind that I’m

also watching over them with that sight I provide My First Rate strength and

encouragement which will help you develop into all that I have made you to be I treasure each and every one of the

people you meet since they all have unique stories show them the same

compassion consideration and love that I feel for my own broken heart you will

shine as an examp example of my love to a world that longs for it when you accomplish this in case you forgot I am

also watching them every single individual you meet has a special place

in my heart because of the story they bring to the world be as kind

appreciative and loving toward others as I am toward myself as a result you

become an icon of my love in a society that desperately needs it when the

weight of your past errors and failures is too much to bear you may trip and fall keep in mind that my gaze is not

one of condemnation but of love and compassion when such times come forgiveness healing and restoration are

always within my reach because my hands are wide and open no blunder is too great or a setback too profound for my

love to penetrate please God take this guarantee with you as you go forward my

vigilance will never waver love knows no bound and my eyes capable of seeing in both

Darkness and Light remain fixed on you throughout walk fearlessly into the

future knowing that I am never really alone with you you are precious to me

and worth more than you can fathom with every difficulty every Victory and every

moment of relaxation my love is with you and my presence is ahead of you as you

go about your day May the knowledge that I Am with You Lead the Way calm your fears and give you strength to face

whatever comes your way whoever keeps tabs on you knows everything even if the

road ahead is a mystery you may feel even more threatened by the circumstances you’re in but know that

the almighty Is Watching Over You therefore my darling go forth with bravery and determination and face each

day knowing that the one who made you provides for you and calls you by name loves you let this reality fill your

heart with serenity direct your activities and influence your choices keep in mind that I’m always

watching over you not to limit you but to free you from burdens to guide you

instead of condemning you and to accompany you on your trip rather than condemning you my greatest option is for

you to live completely inside the freedom joy and purpose that I have for you because you are my beloved child you

can move forward with the confidence of someone who loves you and always keeps you safe in every direction you go I

will always keep an eye on you and my heart will always be with you there is

always someone who has your back no matter how bad things go right now and

most of the time forever I’ll be by your side this message serves as a constant

reminder of God’s love concern and omnipresence knowing that we are under

the careful eye of a loving God who dreams great things for us gives us the confidence to go on in our lives

remember that God sees recognizes and values us no matter what according to

God my precious darling no task you encounter is too great for my might in the vast expanse of the cosmos in this

vast world where stars form and galaxies move in a quiet ballet across the sky I

have the control and power to resolve your problems no matter how daunting they may seem with all all your concerns

and future uncertainties weighing you down keep this in mind as you go about your daily life every challenge you face

is a chance to experience my strength my kindness and my constant support for you

in the face of adversity whether it takes the form of a mountain of Despair a river of uncertainty or a storm of

Terror know that I am by your side ready to lead you through it all and bring you

Triumph get over your fears these OB obstacles aren’t here to stay but rather

challenge you to grow and succeed with my strength by your side you will be

able to overcome these obstacles see beyond them and understand the immense potential I have for you even as you

face the moment when the path ahead of you seems to be heading in the opposite direction of your hopes and dreams

remember those moments when my light Shone through the Shadows just like the first rays of the day cast out the night

the love and power of my heart May guide you out of the shadows and into the brightness of a fresh start even if the

clouds of your current situation obscure my promises they are like the stars in the sky harsh brilliant and true like

the tiniest seeds that fall to the ground seemingly unimportant and forgotten yet within them lies the

potential for growth and change so too does within you the ability to rise

above your difficulties and become stronger and more resilient as a result no challenge no matter how

great or complicated is too great for my power to work through you and bring about your growth and my glory take a

moment to be still in the midst of your uncertainties and concerns and you will discover my voice I am softly reassuring

you of your strength health and capacity to overcome for my power is perfect in

your weakness and when you feel most inadequate that is when my strength May radiate through you remember my darling

that I am the deity responsible for the wonders of separated Waters and walls

that crumble at the sound of trumpets I am also the source of life for the worthless the tempestuous Waters and the

universe’s creation from nothing there is no activity in your life my strength

may change the course of every trip you encounter no matter how difficult the task or how bad the situation there will

be many trials some will test your faith others will test your patience but all

of them are part of my sovereign plan for your benefit these difficulties are

refining you not hurting you they will filter out the meaningless and reveal

the karat gold of your faith which is more valuable than anything this world

has to offer in order to conquer any task arm yourself with information you

wouldn’t have otherwise all three of these aspects of my s are at work around

you my love my energy and my presence Count on Me depending on my power and

take courage in your heart because I have overcome the world and when you stand Victorious having completed the

task share your story with others for it is a solemn Declaration of my fidelity

and strength only then will you let your heart overflow with thanks and praise

permit or no permit it is a lighthouse for those still walking in the dark a sign that all is possible when you are

with me my darling no matter what you’re going through always keep in mind that I

am with you that my love has no bounds that my power knows no bounds and that

my grace is more than enough for you with confidence and the knowledge that

no task is too big for my energy you may find the resources you need to conquer any challenge this sermon powerfully

emphasizes the omnipotence and unfaltering Leadership of God in the face of adversity it tells us to

put our faith in God and ourselves first knowing that we are never really alone and that with him anything is possible

my promises are true my love is unending and my presence is a guarantee keep this

in mind my darling baby in this very second as in every minute since you were

born I have loved you with an eternal love guided your steps and stood by your

side through your joy and Sorrows your faith and the foundation upon which you may build your life rest

on my promises these principles are no longer ephemeral or conditional rather

they are Eternal and accompany us through all of life’s stages despite the

fact that life storms threaten to overwhelm you hold on to my promises I can never leave you or abandon you in

your hour of need as I have already promised you can always count on me to

have a kind and loving presence no matter what or who makes you feel unlovable my love for you will remain

constant my affection remains unwavering it’s the kind of Love That Never Ends

the kind that saw you before you were born and loves you no matter what even so remember that you are really valuable

and when you doubt yourself remember that you are worth dying for you have become an established part of my life

and that is a reflection of how much I care about you being a part of your lives is more than

just a pledge it’s a guarantee that I will be there for you through every moment every Challenge and every

celebration no matter where you go I will always be there just as the oceans

depths and mountains Heights are within my grasp so are you when it comes to your feelings of isolation anxiety and

doubt you should single me out but I’m there in those times of introspection

when the world around you becom come silent waiting for you to call out to me hear what I say I speak to you in the

soft murmurs of your soul in the grace of our first meeting and in the Stillness that washes over you you

always have access to my guidance and anyone who desires it can freely receive

my Consciousness when faced with a difficult decision seek my guidance I

will guide you illuminate your path and make your path clear when you reflect on

your life you will see my work woven into the fabric of grace mercy and love

each thread symbolizes a time when my mere presence became a source of Hope strength or love even when you felt

abandoned I was gently guiding you through the Seas and the Flames holding you close sure I have faith in God

remember that my promises are both a defense mechanism and an offensive weapon as you go on they will help you

overcome discouragement and protect you from self-doubt my love is like a stronghold

a safe place where you may find refuge and Rejuvenation my presence is like a

Guiding Light a home stay in the now and let go of concerns about the future

right now I am supreme each and every second has an alpha and an Omega by your

side we’re resolving issues in the manner that you see fit reflect on me rely Less on your own expertise and give

me credit for whatever you do in the morning I may turn your roads into a dance clear the rough parts and guide

you so hold on to those facts close to your heart my little child while you

explore other Lifestyles your presence is a guarantee my love is unwavering and

my promises are sincere you may approach each day with optimism Savor each moment

with delight and incorporate your destiny with these guarantees believe in yourself you are not alone you are not

forgotten and you are not far from the completion of my love with you through every challenge every Triumph every

uncertain moment and every joyous occasion my promises will support you my

love will envelop you and my presence will guide you you may go on living your life knowing that I am by your side

today tomorrow and forever more my precious baby no matter what challenges

you encounter or the path life takes you my words my love and my presence will

always be by your side we may rest easy knowing that we are not alone because God has assured us of his constant

presence unfaltering love and the reality of his promises as you extend

Grace forgive and show love you reflect my heart to the world as God says to my

precious baby Every Act of forgiveness kindness and Grace reflects my love

showcasing my compassion and mercy you have chosen to rise rise above the

injury and the sorrow when you forgive it is more than simply a willpower act

it is a reflection of your strength forgiveness frees your heart from the bonds of resentment and anger created by

others who have harmed you forgiveness is the key to Liberation and not just

for the offender but also for yourself always keep in mind that I have given

you the power to forgive others because I have forgiven you with an everlasting Grace a little act of kindness May

transform the course of a life an afternoon or perhaps a person’s whole existence it is a language that goes

beyond words your smile to a stranger your helping hand to someone in need or

your encouraging remark to a friend is an act of kindness that Echoes my passion for mankind no matter how little

your generosity shines a light on a world that may seem so Bleak and lifeless thus I implore you to extend

passion to one another just as you have shown me your boundless generosity Grace best represents my

deepest feelings Grace entails loving and forgiving without conditions seeing Beyond shortcomings and Imperfections

and liking nonetheless I loved you when you were down embraced you when you were weak and gave you my might that is what

I’ve done for you let five members of your family know about this video you

are a conduit for my love a way for my passionate heart heart to touch the lives of those around you even as you

create more grace for other people walking with love mercy and forgiveness

makes you a beacon of light in the night and a warm fire in the winter of life

you end up becoming my hands and feet on Earth spreading my love and desire to those who need it the most this path of

Love requires selflessness modesty and a vulnerable heart willing to suffer for

the sake of others although that is not always the case just so you know my little one no matter

how far away the arena may seem you’re never really alone as you carry my heart with you by my side you will find

strength Direction and an abundance of my affection in a society that often

prioritizes revenge over Mercy selfishness over generosity and criticism over Grace you my darling have

the honor and responsibility to reveal my heart to the world this lesson

encourages us to incorporate the core of God’s character into our daily relationships in the face of adversity

it is a reminder that by forgiving being kind and dressing well we aren’t only

striving for righteous principles we are actively participating in Divine love

revealing God’s loving heart to those around us remember the power of a peaceful solution resist anger when

others resort to it reply gently when you fear reprisal and be amazed by them

when you forgive them you will face obstacles on your journey to represent my heart but that is how you will disarm

the forces of evil declares the Lord not with will or might but with my spirit

sometimes it seems like no one is paying attention while you’re being generous forgiving seems like too much work and

Grace seems like too much sacrifice lean into my energy when those times come

remember that my weaknesses are where my strengths are most concentrated my love can flow through

you most fiercely when you feel like you can’t love the impact of modeling your

life after my coronary heart is significant the whole number of ways your forgiveness May free a burdened

spirit is something you might never fully comprehend Every Act of love has a

limitless cost and everlasting relevance in Heaven’s Financial system whether it’s rescuing a lifestyle or restoring

desire via your compassion expect a transformation when you resolve to live this way when you

let go of resentment and forgive you free yourself as well as the one who harmed you if you are kind your own

heart will warm up and if you are gracious you will understand the depth of my grace toward you more fully a

countercultural lifestyle is one that stands in opposition to societal conventions while also bringing people

together in a spirit of love and optimism I promise you even if it’s not

always easy it will be well worth it by doing so you will experience the joy of

living in close proximity to my Beating Heart and show the world a little bit of Heaven’s Kingdom stay connected with us

on YouTube for daily God benefits no longer as subjects but as beloved children I summon you to this lofty and

sacred Mission every corner of the earth including your homes schools clubs and

workplaces will feel my presence because I have selected and given you the authority to

do so the fragrance of Christ should permeate your whole being remember that

you are no longer walking this path alone my little baby as you near the conclusion a great cloud of witnesses

those who have gone before you on this path and left a legacy of faith hope and love is around you and I am with you at

all times leading supplying and consoling raise yourself up my darling

with a fresh sense of purpose and determination we guarantee that I’m always with you working in you and

through you so that you may do more than you could ever ask or think as a group

therefore Embrace this calling with enthusiasm Let Us carry my love and light to every part of the world as you

go on May your daily Liv serve as a testament to my love my promises and my

everpresent hand in all things things you are my precious baby my embodiment

of my love for the world and as you practice forgiveness kindness and Grace

the very essence of my heart you will develop into a beautiful symbol of my love for you there will be times when

the path to financial success is everything but smooth when you’re on the path to financial fulfillment you may

encounter difficult situations and seemingly insurmountable obstacles however keep in mind mind that

these things aren’t the end of your story rather they are Stepping Stones on the path to your success hard work

devotion and Faith are the usual ingredients on the route to financial success maintaining focus on your

Ambitions is essential especially when the path ahead seems unclear if you want

to grow from your mistakes and go on no matter how tough Things become you have to be prepared to put in the work there

will be obstacles and catastrophes that you must overcome although these times may be disheartening they also provide

chances for personal development you may become stronger and more resilient through the valuable lessons you learn

from each setback remember that the number of times you fall does not determine your success what matters is

the number of times you are willing to get back up and keep working toward your financial

objectives this requires tenacity success is not instantaneous

but rather the product of consistent effort in the long run there may be times when you feel like you’re not

making much of a dent in your goals but you must have faith and go on toward

your aspirations nonetheless knowing that your hard work will be rewarded more importantly you don’t necessarily

have to do it alone on the path to financial success people will be there to help you along the path and provide

words of encouragement advice and direction ction a mentor is a trusted

friend or family member who has faith in your abilities and is committed to your

success as you face the obstacles ahead of you their expertise and perspective

could be useful tools being receptive to learning new skills and expanding one’s

knowledge is also crucial the world is always evolving so it’s a good idea to

keep up with the latest developments in your field and the economy in your your

pursuit of financial success it is crucial to maintain an attitude of appreciation and generosity and never

stop learning doing so may lead to Chances and avenues you had previously

ignored even in the face of adversity it is possible to have a positive mindset

by counting your blessings and being grateful for what you have nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment you get

from helping other people whether it’s via formal mentoring programs charitable contributions or simple acts of kindness

look to your religion for strength and direction when you’re feeling down or uncertain remember that you are not

alone and that there may be higher forces observing your situation ready to provide Solace assisting your faith may

be a source of strength and optimism as it can serve as a constant reminder that

your hardships are not in vain and that you possess the inner resources necessary to triumph over them keep in

mind that eventually different people will have different ideas about what constitutes economic success while for

some it may mean achieving Financial Security and contentment for others it may mean achieving riches and

plenty figure out what you mean by economic prosperity and use it as a road

map for your future actions and choices getting ahead financially isn’t always

going to be a picnic my dear kid but I promise you that if you put in the time effort and Faith you can do it a life

tailored to your every desire examine your narratives and persist with determination and courage as you go

forward have faith in your abilities and capacity to overcome the obstacles life

throws at you keep in mind that you have the capacity to achieve great things and

that your path to financial success is evidence of your determination and

perseverance I appreciate you you tuning in please press the Bell button to be

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helpful we also appreciate it when you enjoy our other videos and want to see more of them be well till our paths

cross again we’ll see you in the next


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