today God wants to say something to you

from the

heart my beloved kids close your eyes do

you see anything no you are not seeing

anything right when you open your eyes

can you see anything you can but there’s

a limit you cannot see your future until

I give you a vision or speak with you


it you think that your support comes

from me an that I will supply the finest

strategy for you at the appropriate time

why worrying about your life in the face

of uncertainty maintain your courageous

faith in me as it leads to enormous

rewards to fully appreciate what is

Promised it’s important to be patient

and persevere and adver wor

conditions if you believe in God then

you should like this


video the supreme god claims we must

discover the burning Hearts secret we

have amazing sights fires breaking out

and the

unexpected appearance of Jesus however

after this we must learn to preserve the

secret of the Blazing heart a heart

heart that can endure

anything until we have discovered the

key to abiding in Jesus the ordinary

dull day with its routine tasks and

people Smothers The Burning Heart the

majority of the suffering that

Christians go through is not caused by

sin but rather by our ignorance of the

rules that govern our own nature

for example the only yard stick by which

we should judge whether or not to let a

given feeling run its course in our

lives is to look at the emotions out

come in the end consider it through to

the logical conclusion and if the result

is something that God would disapprove

of end it right

away however if the emotion is one that

the Holy Spirit has sparked and you give

it no control over your life it will

have a different effect than God had

intended that’s how people get to

sentimental and

unrealistic and if feeling is not used

to its proper extent the deeper the

corruption the higher the motion if you

feel moved by the spirit of God make as

many decisions as you can’t undo and

accept whatever comes with

them we cannot Linger on the Mount of

transfiguration relishing in the glory

of our experience from the summit C Mark

to to

forever however we have to act upon the

light we were given their hand noey it

at that time no matter the cost we must

do business with God when he offers us a

vision the natural man or atheist has no

knowledge of carnality carnality and the

awareness of it are the result of the

F’s Cravings against the spirit and the

spirit’s battle against the Hesh which

started at rebirth

however according to Paul walk in the

spirit and you shall not fulfill the

lust of the flesh Galatians

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people otherwise carnality will vanish

are you quickly agitated and prone to

arguments over trivial matters do you

really believe that a Christian is never

like that Paul asserted that they are

and linked these mindsets to

carnality is there a verse in the Bible

that makes you feel resentful or

malicious right away if so you are still

carnal as evidenced by that there won’t

be any traces of that kind of spirit

left in your life if the process of

sanctification is

ongoing should the Holy Spirit identify


imperfection within you he does not need

you to rectify it rather he nearly

requests that you embrace the truth’s

illumination after which he will take

care of the rest a Child of the Light

will instantly confess their sins and be

totally honest with

God on the other hand a kid in the dark

will respond oh I can explain that be a

Child of the Light When It Shines and

the spirit convicts you of your sins

admit your sins and God will take care

of the

rest but if you make an effort to defend

yourself you will just show the that you

are a follower of the dark how can one

prove that carnality no longer exists

never fool yourself you will know when

carnality is gone sense it is the most

genuine thing you can

conceive and God will make sure you get

plenty of chances to verify for yourself

the wonders of his grace a really useful

test provides the evidence if this had

happened before I would have had the

spirit of resentment you find yourself

saying and the things that God has done

for you on the inside will always leave

you as the most astounded person on the

planet it is not in God’s will for you

too become an indispensable part of

someone else’s

existence being a friend of the

bridegroom is your main duty as a

servant on

knowing that someone is on the verge

of understanding Jesus Christ’s claims

signifies that your influence has been

applied correctly and when you see that

person in the midst of a painful and

trying battle

pray that his struggles will become even

more intense until nothing on Earth or

in hell and separate him from Jesus

Christ instead of trying to stop them we

repeatedly attempt to play the role of

amateur Providence in someone else’s

life we truly are amateures when we

intervene to stop God’s plan and declare

this person shouldn’t have to go through

this hardship our sympathies obstruct

the bridegroom rather than making us

buddies you are a thief you stole my

desire to follow Jesus and because of

you I lost sight of

him that individual will say to us one

day always look to celebrate over the

proper thing and be cautious not to

Rejoice with someone over the incorrect

thing the bridegroom’s companion is

ecstatic due to the bridegroom’s voice

this brings me joy so it’s fulfilled he

needs to grow but I need to shrink three

to this was said with happiness

rather than sorrow as they will finally

be seeing the bridegroom John said that

this brought him

Delight it symbolizes a stepping aside

and the complete departure of the

servant who will never be considered

again keep listening with all of your

might until you hear the bridegroom’s

voice in someone else’s

life and never worrying about the

destruction hardships or illness it may

may bring but celebrate with the Holy

joy that his voice has been heeded

before Jesus Christ save your life you

could frequently have to witness it see


type Al if you believe in

Christianity my dear Child Life can

often seem overwhelming with storms

swirling around you as the wines Roar

and Rain pounds you might feel as though

you’re losing your footing dark clouds

Loom leaving you wandering in what feels

like Perpetual night yearning for the

dawn’s first

light in these times of turmoil Remember

You are not alone I am here with you

amidst the storm Always by your sigh do

not surrender to despair or fear look to

me your steadfast and loving father in

me find your calm and the promises I

have made which remain

unbroken I am the Lord to calm the sea

with cha word your solid foundation that

will not falter I am your tiller of

strength when everything else seems

uncertain anchor your heart in my love

and trust that I will guide you through

even the most violent storms to the safe

shores of my

presence while the world may shift and

disappoint my constancy is your Refuge I

see how tired you become fighting

through these challenges but remember

these tests of your faith are building

your endrance shaping you into a fuller


person I am in the process of healing

and redeeming every struggle you face

there is an end to every storm a purpose

to every challenge Joy will arrive with

the morning and victory is on the

horizon keep your hope in

me as you face these Fierce wines know

that I orchestrate them for a greater

plan what might seem like destructive

forces are opportunities for growth and

refinement shaping you to reflect Christ


clearly when you feel to weak to go on

remember my grace covers you and my

strength is perfected in your weakness

lay your worries at my feet I am here to

sustain you to carry you through

call out to me when you feel overwhelmed

I will respond when you seek me

wholeheartedly you will find me draw

near with trust and I will come closer

to you worship even in hard times and I

will raise your spirits giving you

hope pray with conviction believe

without doubt that I will not let you


my timing is impeccable my ways surpass

your understanding I have plans for your

good so stay the course patiently and

witness my

faithfulness Storms Come so that new

life can spring forth in Barren places

deep Darkness sets the stage for the

Brilliance of my love and power to shine

in your weakness my strength becomes

visible reaching your limits reveals the

boundless scope of my

provision so do not fear the storm my

beloved in the heart of the Tempest find

my peace as the storms rage find Refuge

under my protection hide in my shadow

and I will shield you the storm cannot

reach you as you rest

and my care hand over each worrying as

it arises trust your burdens to

me write Jesus’s Supreme

King I know your needs before you voice

then just ask believe and patiently wait

for my perfect timing anticipate my

actions in your life and you will see my

unwavering loyalty I provide the

strength you need for each day the

wisdom for every

challenge Solace for every grief and

support through each trial if I have

brought the storm trust that I also know

how to bring you through it simply trust

me take life Moment by moment follow my

lead and soon you’ll see the storm pass

I am cultivating a glory in you that

would never have been possible if the

storm hadn’t come cling to this

unshakable promise I will turn the

enemy’s plans for harm into occasions

for joy and blessings for you no weapon

turned against you will thwart My

ultimate plan for your

life when the wines finally come and the

clouds disperse you will see the light

of my Redemption hold on to hope in the

midst of the storm dear child in the

center of the storm there is profound

peace because I am there the waves are

still and the storm’s Fury quiets in my

presence keep your focus on me and you

will stay steady root yourself deeply in

my love let my peace govern your heart

and no matter the storms that come I

will lead you through the darkest times


Deliverance lift up your head find

strength and new each day take shelter

in me trust in the Flawless plan I have

for you rest in the boundless love I

offer and hold on to hope in my might

and my promise promises the challenges

to your faith are here to bring endrance


maturity preparing you for the day of

Christ’s return continue to move forward

with assured hope ignore the Tempest

Focus instead on me the one who begins

and completes your faith I am familiar

with the path to Blessings breakthroughs

and New

Beginnings the storm will subside my

Triumph will soon be visible until that

time be still and recognize my presence

as God I am battling for you my dear

child true peace and hope exist only in

my presence come to me and find your

soul refreshed those storms are Trent my

love is

Eternal I will never abandon you to be

overwhelmed by the waves I will uphold

you the wines and cease still respond to

my command I am powerful to save and

mighty in

Deliverance believe in my power and

purpose and you will witness my glory as

I transform this storm into your your

benefit all in Divine timing so keep

your hope alive lift your gaze to me

your shelter and

strength take life one moment at a time

trusting in my Supreme control over

everything rest in the knowledge that I

would not allow any challenge unless I

knew the good it would yield what lies

ahead is worth enduring any storm stand

firm for the dawn will definitely

arrive and remember while you navigate

through life storms your true

destination is eternal glory your true

home is in heaven permanent pristine and

enduring Earthly trials are fleeting but

the promise of Heaven is forever keep at

advancing in faith

beloved fight the good fight complete

your race maintain your belief trust and

hope in my words a vast assembly of

witnesses as cheering you on to endure

to the end to receive the Crown of Life

met for all who cherish

me storms will eventually lead to

Peaceful Shores where you will bask in

the eternal Calm of my presence for now

stay close as you journey through

tempests and shadows listen to my voice

follow my guidance step by step I will

lead you to Blessings no storm can

disrupt my

plan place your hope in me dear child

Joy arrives with the morning sorrow May

last through the night

but your greets with the Morning Light I

command the storms I bring peace amid

turmoil I transform trials into

victories Focus solely on me as you

Traverse stormy

waters I am your support your Solace and

your strength soon you’ll celebrate my

loyalty Marvel at my benevolence and

sing Praises for generations to come it

was my hand that guided you so

rejuvenate your hope in me beloved

child I am aware of the storms you face

I hear every plea from your heart I am

with you through the darkest nights my

grace suffices my love never ceases my

purpose stands firm I will come the

tumultuous seas and quite the fierce

wines at the right

moment until then trust in me wait on me

the dawn is sure to break if you believe

in my Aid please subscribe to our

Channel and you will emerge stronger

having weathered the storm with me by

your sigh be still and know that I am


I declare Promises of life and hope over

you I am dedicated to your welfare

performing wonders in your life the

storm will pass but my love endures

forever rest in this unshakable

truth I will never abandon you I cherish

you with an everlasting love the

challenges of life are no match for my

immense love and supreme power working

within and around you so raise your eyes

child of God refresh your hope in me

trust in my guidance lean on my strength


presence write alond if you accept God

blessings we are typically drawn to

Things based on there outer appearance

such as physical Beauty favors and power

and reputation the passage highlights

how exterior appearances can be

deceptive and conceal the true character

of a person or

institution the verse Wars against being

influenced by superficial charms as they

cannot provide longlasting

satisfaction that meretricious dacking

dressings and ornaments of Jezebel the

of Rome are revealed to bearish

facades concealing the evil

beneath instead the Versa emphasizes the

source of worth and value those who fear

the lord the one who recognizes the

fleeting nature of Earthly Beauty and

favor and instead cultivates the grace

and wisdom that comes from fearing the

Lord is genuinely worthy of Praise

regardless of


gender the passage emphasizes the

importance of examining a person’s

character ideals and dedication to the

Divine rather than just their appearance

these characteristics are essential and

will last beyond the world’s ephemeral

charms in Romans

Paul explains that Love Is

Anchored In Jesus Christ Our Lord God’s

love is fully shown in Jesus sacrificial

death and Resurrection John informs

us that for God so loved the world that

he gave his only son

that whoever believes in him should not

perish but have eternal life Jesus love

for us exemplifies God’s unconditional

and sacrificial love he asks who shall

separate from the love of Christ will

there be trouble suffering persecution

starvation nakedness danger or

sword according to the Bible for your

sake we are being killed all the day

long we regarded as sheep to be

slaughtered we are more than conquerors

because of Jesus love for us there is

nothing that can separate us from God’s

love in Christ Jesus our lord not even

death life

Angels rulers Powers height or depth

Romans to

ESV Jesus declaration I and the father

are one demonstrates his absolute

Divinity and equality with that Father

the Son is co-eternal

equal and essential to the father

sharing Divine characteristics and

properties this truth has significant

ramifications for our lives the tri God

consisting of the Father Son and Holy

Spirit Works in Perfect Harmony the

bring Redemption via

Christ putting our confidence in Christ

implies trusting in God’s power and

Promises to save us completely the unity

of the Father and Son reminds us that

our Ultimate Security and hope are

rooted and the unbreakable tie between

the godhead rather than our own power or

virtue the father Son and Holy Spirit

work together to redeem and sanctify his

people they are always present powerful

and loving comment the Lord is beside me

dear listener join this prayer with me

and repeat after me greetings Lord we

appreciate you sticking with us this

week we are grateful for your grace

which keeps you as going there are

harder days weeks and Seasons than

others when confronted with intimidating

situations we question our ability to

endure but then we wake up to discover

that we have made it through we did

though we’re not sure how we understand

that we are where we are right now

because of your grace you are the one

who keeps all of your promises to

support and sustain us you are

self-sufficient we frequently forget

that Jesus Lives within of us and

provides you ask with all the strength

energy endurance Insight power and

resources we require

although we may feel unworthy Jesus is

always when we are weak he is strong

within us and his strength is made

perfect in our weakness we don’t

understand certain things we won’t fully

comprehend certain things on this side

of Heaven assist us in living with the

expectation that you will operate in our

lives to carry out your promise

please give us the courage to trust you

completely to have faith in your ability

and to know that you have everything we

lack please give us the confidence to

know that you can take what little we

have to give and use it to more than

suffice for whatever needs to be met

when we reflect on our lives we may

realize how much time we have

squandered worrying feeling scared and


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