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stop if your hand is not busy skipping

this video my child this year something

big is going to happen in your life just

have hope in me I will soon remove all

the difficulties from your

life this year is not finished for you

there is more you’re never supposed to

end up where I wanted you to my

intentions for you and your future are

very amazing this is only the

start I require your trust I have

supported you through every challenge

You’ faced I’ve been taking care of you

always I’ll keep you and your family

safe despite the fact it may be

difficult today keep belief in my

timetable I am changing the current

situation for you even if if a night of

crying may pass pleasure always emerges

in the morning enjoy today and have

faith in

me I’m bigger and stronger than anything

you are facing is what God is saying to

you today I have more strength than you

do give your troubles to me when you’re

feeling overburdened in the middle of

the storm I can provide you with space

and manage any

circumstance spread the word to one o

persons and see how these benefits

increase let’s pray lovely father I am

not aware of every difficulty my

friend’s face but you are aware of

everything you hear there are petitions

and I hear their silence you see their

tears and I see their

Joy you see what’s and stolen from them

when they give as I can see while you

see the wounds in their soul I see their

stunning looks I share their

faith you are aware of their

uncertainties God I ask that you hear

every one of my prayers and meet them

where they are in need in the name of


indeed type yes to

affirm to love child child your solitary

battles against life’s hardships caught

my attention despite your Relentless

efforts to entangle Mysteries beyond

your grasp exhaustion and despair became

your unintended

companions the moment of true Solace

arrived only when you ceased your

struggles allow my guidance to

illuminate your path have you ventured

in too conflicts unated stepping into

Tempest without my protection

unnecessary battles drain your

Vigor Surrender Your Existence to my

care and trust me with your essence and

witness my defense on your behalf as I

assured King Joseph as recorded in


this Strife is mine not

yours hence I beseech you to relinquish

your anxieties to find refuge in the

sanctity of my presence where

Tranquility Reigns

Supreme shouldering life’s burdens with

mere human strength can

overwhelm yet under my leadership

transformation ensues and trust your

aspiration and desires to me and Marvel

at the unparallel

alterations I can orchestrate in your

existence human Endeavors and

connections might falter but my

intervention ushers in joy and serenity

let me guide you if these words resonate

Embrace their veracity for they Harbor

the potential to profoundly transform

lives amidst turmoil and burdens fear

not for I am am your steadfast companion

shielded by my presence harm eludes you

ensure your resilience even as


falter by subscribing to our Channel you

may demonstrate your confidence in God’s


plan teas as my son Christ declared in


is my gift to you not as the World

gives do I bestow it upon you that not

your heart be troubled nor fear take

hold this day Embrace these liberating

truths resist the snares of fear and

turmoil Jesus yearns to alleviate your

Soul’s afflictions bearing your burdens

infusing you with a peace that

transcends all chaos of peace that

defies comprehension

emanating from The Sovereign Lord

alone this pieace exclusive to our

divine realm governs your endeavors your

household your loved ones guiding you

through life’s tempests rendering fear

obsolete with the Prince of Peace by

your side even amidst Global Discord

your plea for peace shall not go unheard

I pledge protection to those who

earnestly seek it fear not place your

trust in

me my peace a sanctuary for your heart

extends its Tranquility to you and your

surroundings comment on men if you

believe affirm my money is doing very

well my bank account is doing very well

that my connections are doing very well

that my well being is thriving my career

is taking off my house is doing well

that my neighborhood is

thriving my nation and town are thriving

growing and getting more every single

day what a wonderful existence we have

how much Serenity and prosperity I can

feel is Limitless happy I’m

grateful Lord wants to talk to you today

and or whatever you do put your all into

it because you are working for me not

for other people I don’t find

half-heartedness Pleasant and it’s not

healthy for you

either it’s tempting to sloly and

hurriedly do regular duties in order to

get them done however this pessimistic

Outlook will make you feel less valuable

and drag you down you may enjoy enjoy

the same duties and do much better as

you approach them with

gratitude it is vital to keep in mind

that I am The Giver of every moment of

life I told them to work it and take

care of it rather than feeling entitled

to better conditions I also told even

the Garden of Eden to make the most of

whatever I

Supply it was not not a place of

idleness or complete

relaxation even if the surroundings were

ideal for your job when I placed a damn

loved one you are an employee of mine in

whatever you do so put your all into

serving me and I’ll reward you with

joy I appreciate you being still under


circumstances do not waste these

peaceful Moments by wishing them away

are eagerly anticipating returning to

activity from hospital beds and jail

cells some of the greatest achievements

in My Kingdom have been

created seek my method in the middle of

these same circumstances rather than

complaining about the limits of a weaker

body restrictions may be freeing and

your deepest goal is to be near

me your perception of my presence with

you is enhanced by silence and Trust do

not hate these easy methods that I am


you despite your sense of isolation from

the outside world your silent faith is a

powerful declaration in the spiritual

world my power and strength are most

evident when I am

weak Lord claims type why he has if you

want my

blessings dear kids I am with you and

for you your hant companion and provider

the question is whether or not you are

with me and for me though I by no means

leave you you can essentially depart Me

by means of ignoring

me thinking or appearing as if I am no

longer with you when you experience

distance in our courting

wherein the problem lies my love for you

is steady I am the same the day gone by

noways and

forever it is you who change like moving

sand letting circumstances toss you this

way and that when you feel a long way

from me whisper my

name this easy act performed in

childlike religion op your heart to my

presence presence speak to me in love

tones free bear to receive my love which

flows ceaselessly from the cross I am

through whilst you open yourself to my


presence let me Infuse my Pace into Vu

innermost being as you sit down quietly

inside the light of my presence you may

feel peace developing within

you this isn’t something thing which you

accomplish through strength of Will and

strength of will it’s first arting

yourself to our receive my

blessing this age of

Independence humans Discover it tough to

well known their neediness however I

have taken you long a route that has

highlighted your need for

me putting you in conditions where your

strengths air inappro apprpriate and

your weaknesses had been glaringly

obtrusive through the idity of these

Wasteland marches I actually have drawn

you closer and towards

myself you have discovered vegetation of

Peace blossoming within the most

desolate locations you have learned to

thank me for hard times and difficult

trips trusting that via them I

accomplish my Pleasant

work you have realized that Desiring me

is the key to knowing me in detail which

is the gift above all

items if you’re convinced enter

the scripture says God is happy when

we live in harmony and peace we glorify

God when we love and serve others

prioritizing their needs above of our

own we are obeying Christ’s law to love

others when we shoulder one other’s

burdens how does bearing one another’s

hardships translate reaching out to

others and offering to shoulder their

burden is possible in a number of ways

it might ease someone’s burden only to

smile or say something

positive you are sharing the weight of

others when you pray

and offer up your intercession on their

behalf at a difficult time perhaps you

can assist others in your immediate

vicinity in various

ways perhaps you could offer someone

cash at the petrol PP or pay for their

food scripture claims that whenever you

provide assistance to someone in Need

You are directly supporting

God seek for opportunity unities to ease

the burdens of others in your vicinity

today take on a lighter load in God’s

kingdom keep in mind that you will

receive what you sow it is God’s promise

to reward you when you serve

others he will shower you with his

blessings and Triumph for the rest of


days God desires for you to have

profound peace not just TR quility

nothing can cause you to stumble when

you love his rules and you will live in


Serenity when it doesn’t make sense for

you to be happy you are joyful when

there is great Tranquility the key to

understanding is peace no matter what

may come your way you remain solid and

Powerful when you are at

peace you will be hungry for more of God

as you train yourself in the scriptures

and concentrate on his word that respect

for his law will come organically your

course will be guided by his word you

will be protected by his

word his word is always a source of

security decide to prioritize his word

today to receive the abundance of

blessings and serenity at God has in

store for you

type I trust the scripture plan to

agree listen carefully there is hope for

everyone who is suffering hurting

unhappy lost or barely making it through

tener Serenity and happiness are

achievable every personality and set of

circumstances may lead to a happy and


life But continuing is the only way to

get there some people wallow in their

misery believing that things will never

get better however we can overcome

adversity in order to reach the light

it’s a procedure God does not make

everything Flawless with the magic

wand he does however walk with us hold

our hand and provide us encouragement we

go step by step through advancing

treasuring the procedure and discovering

value don’t assume that a bad day or

period of time you’re experiencing will

last forever nothing remains constant I

can see the light just around the band

proceed typs if you think God is my

savior dear listener join this prayer

with me and repeat after me Heavenly

Lord please be my heavenly guide and

bring me to the person who will improve

my life I ask for wisdom and

guidance someone who will take care of

me and bring us closer together please

help me to follow your heavenly guidance

instead of giving into my physical

desire so that I may discover the ideal

person for me

don’t let me miss the signals because I

was focusing on the wrong things instead

teach me to recognize the correct ones

when I see the one you have in store for

me I’m grateful for all you do for me

Lord I beseech you kind Lord to cool my

fiery anger I’ve lost a lot of

relationships as a result because of


my friends and relatives don’t want to

be near me I’ve missed out on chances as

a result my romantic life is now

affected and I’m worried that I’ll be


alone I want to break free from this

because I know I wasn’t made this way

please impart to me the values of

listening and respecting others

sentiments please help me to control my

temper when when I hear anything

unpleasant in jesus’ name I pray help me

to breathe before I disgrace myself and

grant me a calm kind heart thank

you we want to bring pleasure and

Devotion to God into your life therefore

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