listen carefully my beloved because my words haven’t happened by chance they’re

here for a reason listen closely to the rhythm of my voice as you absorb the

modern message of love and understanding this isn’t just any old random

conversation it’s an authentic expression of my Limitless love that I hope will strike aord with you and make

you think deeply about the world around you too many people carelessly ignore my please giving into the constant flow of

worldly distractions and temptations that lead to ruin and a loss of connection to my love which is why I

cherish it so much I beg you from the depths of my heart to take my words to

heart and avoid the easy and shallow ways that are popular right now in this

Modern Age when countless people are captivated by the Allure of worldly desires and The Echoes of its Trends and

practices often cause a sense of emptiness and sadness it’s important to remember that the world can also offer a

life full of Dreams pleasures and temptations that are meant to pull you away from me this materialistic world or

manifold seductive Allure lures its prisoners in the search of fleeting pleasure down a road that seems

promising at first glance unbeknownst to them many are consciously following a

path that takes them far from their true selves and often ends in their religious

demise but my darling even as the world around you swirls with distractions we

call you to stand steadfast at the base of those energies never fall for the fleeting Illusions and empty promises

that this world spreads listen not to the reassuring murmurs that want to take

you away from the straight road I’ve laid out for you and distort the truth that I hold the Eternal longing I have

for you exceeds the fleeting Temptations of this world you you will lead a life

filled with unending joy and profound satisfaction this can only be yours if

you not only fully accept my lessons but also hold them dear to your heart and

let them influence your life in every way a teacher teachings are more than just Dogma they are beacons that light

the way and give you strength when times are tough you must weather it storms without succumbing to its destructive

norms and beliefs not flee the area exude and an enchanting energy in the

depths of Despair I hope to be a Beacon of Hope for all those who seek true love

for in following my teachings and following my example you will find the Serenity and true riches that come from

living in harmony with my divine presence my infant no longer makes a fussy face when difficult or scary

things happen being a reliable companion on your path is an ongoing blessing the

hardships I’ve endured have served as Stepping Stones not to despair but to Triumph prosperity and success put your

whole faith in me and I will lead you out of this Maze of Life by letting my spirit guide your choices you will come

out on top stronger smarter and More in sync with the Divine Purpose swn into

your life’s Fabric in the infinite fabric of existence my beloved child I

beseech you to walk hand in hand with me as we ride the turbulent waves of this Earth in embrace the beauty of transient

Temptations but beware of their Allure it leads to a pit of despair instead

bury yourself in the wisdom that is in my teachings they hold the secret to a life full of success and happiness

although the path may be challenging keep in mind that the reward for your unwavering commitment might be abundant

when you follow my heavenly guidance a Haven of advantages awaits you it is my deepest hope that you

thrive in every area of your life revealing the true nature of the joy

contentment and success that I will bestow upon you let the tender Embrace

of my love envelop you even while the world around you spins in disarray if you dangle from me you will also

discover Comfort even in the darkest hours my baby you will see the stars align in perfect harmony for your

ultimate goal thanks to my heavenly Direction please know that my devot otion to you and affection for you will

never change the challenges you face today are simply a little thread in the vast fabric of your path so you should

not let them discourage you in times of difficulty put your trust in my grace

which is more than enough to sustain you even in the worst of times attuned to the Cadence of your prayers and acting

in line with my perfect blueprint for your life I am by your side every breath

as a constant reminder of how important it is to follow my words and live a compassionate life let my voice

reverberate in your heart take this gift with both hands my darling send my heavenly light into the world and it

will drive out all Darkness are you also able to find solace in the rhythm of my

speech in the middle of life’s ups and downs this message isn’t just a passing

reflection it’s a vibrant manifestation of my Everlasting Love and my passionate

wish for your full blossoming where these sentences like a necklace of wisdom hold them in high

regard as precious jewels that Adorn your spirit and let the calming Bal that heals your spirit and the brilliant

light that guides your path be with you with every utterance make them more than

just sounds let them reverberate throughout your whole existence this letter contains a fundamental truth that

will change your lives so don’t ignore it I address you from the very core of

your exhausted beating heart take these words as a blanket for my infinite love

don’t allow the challenges you’re encountering now to discourage you remember that everything is happening

precisely according to my best laid plans in accordance with my Divine will

let the challenging aspects of your lives elegantly fall into place in the spirit of the prodigal son’s loving

father he eagerly awaits the return of his wandering toddler in the same way I

will always love and protect you my Creations often defy human understanding

due to their intricate details even if you can’t see me doing anything in your modern cases you can be confident that I

am planning everything according to your precise instructions I feel the same way

and I hope that one day you find that your soul is brimming with Limitless Joy

tears shed will reveal their deep significance pay close attention as my

words aim to illuminate your path in times of uncertainty I give you the fortitude to withstand challenges and I

urge you to obey my Divine commands with unfaltering accuracy I get it I’m not

going anywhere without you my guardian angels will surround you and keep you safe do not be afraid of the Hidden

enemies who want your destruction I will surround you and your family with my protective shield are you aware of the

Regal figure who follows you from on high it is I the most high Who Am watch

watching over your lives as king Lord and heavenly father just being here will

put your fears to rest and allow you to charge head first into Triumph I am the

one who will lead you guide you provide you with strength and ensure your success when difficulties Loom over you

be at peace consider these words during your moments of Despair today my

spirit’s light will guide you through the valley of Shadows revealing the answers you’ve been seeking in

empowering you to overcome obstacles and put your problems in the past take it as a fact that because of it I am no longer

oblivious to your requests I know every inch of your being from your thoughts and wishes to your most profound

yearnings in order to meet your desires I will not conceal anything from you

carry out the pre-arranged actions I will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to carry out my holy will

carefully executing my int itions in the intricate fabric of life I have handwoven a brilliant Destiny for you

resist the temptation of hurried persuits and The Traps of ambon by exercising caution and wisdom

carelessness may lead to the ruin of poverty while rigorous planning leads to plenty free choice and Destiny dance in

a beautiful Waltz proving that nothing is truly unchangeable even if you have sailed without me in the past I the

orchestrator of time and circum circumstance will provide you with the ability to change the winds in your

favor I have tried to gauge the Merit of my recommendation in my role as an impacted person witness but right now

you’re on the edge of a paradigm shift if you want to you can still change the course of your trip pay attention

because the time I’m speaking is just right not too soon nor too late at the

right time set your sights on wonderful and advantageous possibilities

and seiz them with Assurance knowing that no matter how difficult the circumstances you will have nothing to

worry about if you place your unfaltering trust in me every hardship

is just a stepping stone to an incredible reward a proof of how powerful faith is in changing

lives in order to transform you into a tool of my heavenly lightning I will

restructure your mind by working inside the chambers of your thoughts I will use

you to teach the world about my Limitless love and knowledge like a lighthouse guiding others on the right

path your enemies will see the foolishness of their schemes to destroy you when your lives are so in harmony

with my love and peace I possess absolute authority to control situations

my darling I am not alone with you let go of what has happened I will no longer

let you miss out on the Magnificent future I have planned for you with such care focus on what’s really important

and don’t allow uncertainties to obstruct your vision of what’s to come

in a single instant I have changed you in every way leave the area where I

saved you as soon as possible the past is only an ethereal reverberation you’ve been washed and

preserved grief is an artifact of a bygone era I’m standing very close to

where you can see feel my soul’s Presence by your side you are resilient and capable of overcoming any obstacle

because you have the strength to confront problems directly and master your emotions in the midst of the storm

keep your composure by holding on to the unshakable faith I have instilled in you

raise your voice in unison to Proclaim my Divine words declare to the world

that I am your God and let your testimony reverberate telling of the many Marvels I have mercifully

interwoven into your lives bring light into the lives of those around you by

sharing the truth that I am a god of infinite love slow to wroth but abundant

in compassion stress the permanence of my forgiveness and Fidelity because I will

not abandon my children even when they are going through tough times you are

the Center of My Universe and my love for you is like a flame that becomes brighter with the passage of time its

immensity is incomprehensible to humans it’s miles of immeasurable Heavenly

pressure take a job giant leap forward now my beloved child my kids have not become in mesed in the past from now

until the end of time you have my unwavering support put your trust in me

and let the truth of my words provide the foundation for your idea fear no more your unwavering confidence may

receive a flood of Bountiful rewards in due time my heart goes out to you my darling as I sense the burdens you bear

there are problems all around you that may seem impossible to solve dark clouds of exhaustion anxiety and stress are

approaching you feelings of loneliness sadness and despair threaten to overwhelm you but you understand my

little child that I control everything that happens to you I am with you so you

need not be frightened rest assured I will go ahead of you blocking harm on

your behalf and ensuring that no one or thing can harm you my hands omnipotence

in creating you is well known a tale of grace and favor finds comfort in the

promise that even though you see your current trial as a huge unclimbable mountain I will not leave you rather I

will fortify you giving you the strength and knowledge to conquer any difficulty whether it’s material emotional or

otherwise May the knowledge that I am here and that you are secure reverberate

deep inside you my darling know that you are not going through this ordeal alone

alone I am shaping you into a strong and resilient being ready to face and

overcome any challenge that life throws at you you must know that my love envelops you my strength keeps you alive

and My Vow lasts forever put your unfaltering faith in me and accept me

alone I am greater than any problem or difficulty that may be limiting your

lives your boundless desire to live in Serenity confidence and safety banishes

all anguish Frailty and Terror from your soul breathe in the assurance that my all powerful hand is touching every part

of your life and hold fast to your trust as I guide you through this life-altering process I will Empower you

to achieve all your goals and live a life filled with success and prosperity

is it my wish for the future that you always keep in mind the promises I have made to you they are more than just

words they are proof of my unwavering dedication to you keep them close as you navigate this

world because they will guide you in these promises you will discover the

steadfastness of my faithfulness they will not fade into Oblivion or become

lost in the shuffle of daily life instead they will shine brightly as lights in the darkness appearing at the

perfect time to reveal my cause a motive that knows no bounds in space or time

thus do not let the passing of time depress you you or cause you to lose hope if answers to your prayers do not

come quickly enough have faith in me for if you are steadfast and confident all

of my promises will come true those times will always remind you of how

strong my love and loyalty are if you truly believe in me I will be by your side every step of the way if you really

put your faith in me no regardless of the conflict I will be by your side

every step of the way fighting for the victory you s so well deserve stay steadfast in my love and I will make

your enemies stumble and fall I will give you glory when I am with you you

are more than just a conqueror you are that and more always remember that no

matter what I am your Eternal source of energy your quick resource and your

Everlasting Aid you can rely on me as a loyal and powerfully I am the

Unstoppable God who has many mercies and boundless kindness to offer you in the

Maze of life’s twisting and turning roads my love for you remains unfathomable and not even the vastness

of space can lessen or alter its depths calm down my darling for I am your

unfaltering Lighthouse of love and power I am at your side always there and

unwavering with each stride you take May the Assurance in your heart be a constant reminder of this imagine my

loving arms around you filling you with Limitless energy to confidently pursue

your dreams and the deepest desires of your heart in every challenge Endeavor and test that life throws at you

remember that my divine presence is your source of strength an endless well of energy a constant companion and a

compass that will lead you to the Abundant Blessings I have planned for you my unfaltering support is here to

help you in any situation so believe in me no matter how bad things get in my

role as your Unstoppable God I enel you in a banner of favor bestowing upon you

an abundance of benefits and mercies that will bring you Joy contentment and

serenity you are the Center of My Universe and my love for you is Limitless and

unending embrace the certainty that everything is fine because I’m right

here with you holding your hand and leading you to a prosperous life in

Times of assignment peace and prosperity are unwavering never giving way to despair or ret treat through thick and

thin with unfaltering resolve steadfast trust and dogged persistence you will

see the Shadows recede and the light of my Everlasting Mercy illuminate your way

to the joy and prosperity I have prepared for you with each stride you take my darling you are proclaiming your

journey see your dreams come true and reap the Bountiful rewards of your labors in no time everything I say will

come true while you’re alive so listen to carefully these days my darling if

you establish your life’s Ambitions and objectives on Christ the unmovable Rock You Will undoubtedly achieve everything

that you set out to do the vastness of this world is filled with inevitable

difficulties overcoming them will test your faith and character to their very core hence I really urge you today to

build your lives upon the unmovable Foundation that is Christ Jesus stay

away from building building your lives on things that are transitory and shallow like the anxieties and pleasures

of this world let the Eternal Concepts contained in my magnificent sentence

serve as the foundation for your life standing firm against the Allure of bygone eras which would sweep you away

and the Allure of the modern world which seeks to entice and Harden your heart are two sides of the same coin they’re

like dangerous quicksand they ens snare your growth in spirit causing you to feel ashamed of your failures and in the

end to experience both Grace and shatter my beloved child you must realize that

the roads in this world are crooked and Lead You Down Paths of uncertainty and

Terror you must be alert and ready to face any difficulties life throws at you

prepare yourself spiritually arm yourself with resilience and draw power from my unwavering strength keep an eye

out for the alluring words that that want to deceive you into giving up on the divine plan I have carefully

orchestrated for your life Faithfully resist the lies that try to divert you from your path believe in me never

forget my cherished creation that you embody more than mere Advent you are a

Masterwork crafted by my hands adorned with truth and the radiant light of my

word this is how you should approach the path I have chosen for You observe the

insightful guidance I provide today and embody the unwavering love I offer you I

will always put your well-being first working diligently to meet your needs

and standing firmly by your side to protect you from the deceitful voices that try to lure you in but we must

remain Resolute in our rejection of their Sinister words drive them away and now they’re running to my word for

safety in the safety of my presence you will find the steadfast energy you need

and the protective shelter inside yourself as you come near to those spiritual anchors via prayer you will

once again find yourself in a place of Eternal Serenity contentment and the

Limitless Joy you want my beloved child please build your life on a rock solid basis I beg you this Fortress May

subject you to storms and hardships but nothing can sway you Christ Alone can provide unfaltering unity and strength

ensuring your life remains unshaken you are now impervious to the most destructive winds and seas there will be

many difficulties and tribulations as you shape your life around the unmovable rock that is Christ remember however

that he is the doorway to everlasting life and the Everlasting source of redemption no matter how much you

disagree with me my love for you will clear your mind in every way I identify with your hopes dreams and concerns

following my example will Empower you to confront and overcome the challenges life presents the looming darkness of

UNC certainty however is ever present and ready to swallow you whole those

words will last forever so hold on to them and build your life upon Christ

this way you will be well prepared for every good deed able to stand firm against the enemy’s attacks and fight

the good fight of religion with the spirit sword that’s my word then you

will achieve success and fully enjoy the enormous and miraculous advantages I

have interwoven into your life’s fabric I can communicate with your soul and

show you how a beautiful arrangement has already come to fruition don’t allow the

unfolding events to discourage or perplex you my feelings for you have become clear I want you to know that I

am not upset or resentful of you in any way I refuse to subject you to any more

pain allow this desire to cause you pain give this idea your full attention at

dawn I will reveal my Splendor to you and and we will have a conversation about my Essence inside your soul my

presence will permeate your own being and as a result you will feel an Exquisite warmth spreading throughout

your entire body you are mine and I shall keep an eye on my extraordinary

Supernatural everlasting love for you you are the object of my undying devotion watched after with gentle care

no longer Harbor uncertainties consider what do I gain by making you go through

pain I’m no longer leading you to your demise yet you are at an age when mistakes have consequences and a slip up

might lead to failure instead I will wait for you to arrive so that we can discuss your wrongdoings do you think I

am your friend your father or your God I am both a judge and a Devourer of fire

however remember that I am also the one who will defend you while you are in my arms this document will serve as proof

of your innocence therefore I will keep it my efficacious blood paid for your

sins I will save you from that pain and you must stay with the results even in

this world I really hope you take this lesson to heart and never do it again

you should also never insult someone and if you haven’t already I encourage you to push even harder and be braver so

that it never happens to you my little child in these days I your heavenly

father am sending you words of divine promise and benefits in plenty to help

you achieve your greatest Ambitions I bestow upon you not only physical well-being mental fortitude and

miraculous abilities but also an abundance of wealth at this holy moment

I am bringing you one step closer to a future full of success and prosperity as you set out on your journey each step

you take reflects my will for you you may be certain that I am involved in all parts of your life my Limitless Elegance

will enhance all of your endeavors including art and studies I swear that

good fortune and wealth will follow you wherever you go and that I will bless all your endeavors opportunities that

support your development and take you to new heights in the domains of prosperity health love and joy May shine a light on

your path success will be yours in Spades you have the potential to shine brightly in the darkness embodying Faith

resolve and courage I bestow on you my dearest not just monetary and spiritual offerings but

also a wealth of pleasure Serenity and eternal fulfillment that is beyond all human knowledge today God bestows

strength and Dominion upon you empowering you to overcome any obstacle that may arise on your journey rejoice

in the fruits of your labor by standing steadfast my dear if you reach out into the sky and embrace all the benefits

your father gives you it will be because you have an open heart heart may you

receive these benefits with unfaltering trust and may you never forget that my deepest darkest wish is for you to

succeed in all that you do I humbly beseech you to persevere fearlessly and

find a solution Never Letting uncertainty obscure your path no matter

where your path takes you know that I am always by your side as you bravely face

the pain let me take on your form and protect you permanent ly mark this in your heart I am capable of restoring

everything that your enemy has stolen from you plus more keep your cool stop

worrying and reject the death mindset the enemy can no longer deceive you stay

close to me I like the two of you together I am able to go on with this journey the enemy has already been

defeated something you recognize as true give up hope now I’m about to lend a

hand you know how much I appreciate you you feel my love in your heart and I am a part of your soul in order to

alleviate anxiety and sadness I affirm this in spite of all we’ve been through together my love for you has grown

stronger your unwavering faith in my statement is clear to me your heart is

filled with expectation as you pray yearning for miraculous manifestations rest assured I will not

let you down in the slightest when you hear your wisdom it calms you down and

when you accept it as real in me it provides you with deep peace pause in

quiet contemplation of the Glorious future I desire to give you please

nevertheless pay more attention to how important you are and accept the love and good fortune that I am bringing your

way never ignore them because you feel unworthy or that the moment isn’t right

put an end to the thought that my love for you is insufficient to provide you with countless blessings this mindset

will end today I am here to reshape your thoughts and heart there will be changes

for you a fresh Light will shine on me and you will feel a fire inside you to seek me out and meditate on my words

every day my speech will instantly resonate with your thoughts and my presence May heighten your senses the

losses of the past May begin to disappear as you experience an overwhelming sense of love from this

point on and you may choose to deepen your religious life if you give me your

undivided attention I will release the real and extraordinary joy that only I

your writer can give you when the world weighs you down and your strength fails

let prayers shelter be your Refuge give into my Limitless compassion and let me

take the load off your shoulders so you can find Relief by relying on me as a trustworthy companion you no longer have

to bear the burden alone my darling I will help you embrace your faith in me

and my promises and you will find Comfort even in the face of life’s most devastating trials let this reminder

Spirit reverberate throughout you you are the object of my Limitless unconditional love and my admiration has

no boundaries regardless of the unexpected turns life may take my love

for you will remain unwavering with each New Dawn I am prepared to forgive and I give you a

fresh start I I am here to support you and help you move forward gracefully no

matter how often you fall may my love’s Assurance reverberate in your heart your

company is Pleasant keep my message planted in your heart and memory and remember that I’m with you a watchful

presence watching over you carefully preparing a future full of many gifts keep going on the path I’ve laid for you

and may your trust never falter build upon what I’ve taught you and work it into your routine

as I mold your circumstances and lead you to places decorated with plenty and magnificent benefits you will see the

power of transformation firsthand with me you can relax about your future

there’s no need to worry about tomorrow or the present you will succeed not fail

for I have decreed it with my guidance you simply need to accept it as it is and I will guide you along the path keep

in mind that material goods are not the only me measure of true riches and

satisfaction you must seek my state and righteousness accept my phrase and

cherish it entirely so that I can provide everything else for you when I

bestow my blessings upon you I will satisfy your deepest desires and bring your wildest dreams to life my deepest

hope is that you will take what God has given you and use it to help others in need so darling come to me and find

Solace and Power in my arms let my love’s abundance flow through you and into the lives of those around you only

you have the designated second today marked by the cries of your heart a well-designed Heavenly interlude your

unwavering faith is about to receive immense praise your life will unfold among a tapestry of benefits enriching

the lives of those fortunate enough to encounter you I pray that you my beloved

child May flourish and Triumph pay no attention to the lies spoken by your enemies Focus Fus instead on the

wonderful future that lies ahead you and your loved ones will reap many benefits

and I will be able to restore and double all that I was before you embody my love

affirm its acceptance and possess an immense affection for me my love for you

is so immense that it keeps you up at night worrying about things that will never happen I know how difficult things

are for you right now but I promise that my assurances will help you overcome your fears

put an end to your concerns they are unwarranted giving up on your worries

and problems will get you nowhere so please I beg you stop wasting time and energy on a deadend road your

overwhelming problems are dragging you down and I don’t know whether you’re conscious of it or not no bad things

should happen to you I wish to break the bonds of fear and anxiety and heal your

broken Spirit if you’re sinking under the waves of uncertainty and fear I’m

reaching out to you to save you you understand that my ultimate goal in whatever I do is to bring you near to my

love and salvation it was no longer pointless for me to give up my life in order to

relocate I am with you most days becoming Stronger by the . day

nothing can separate us not even your faults which I have forgiven because my

blood is so potent unleash the hidden truth from inside I have thrown it into

the ocean’s depths stay away from the bottomless pit you won’t find it there

you are no longer bound by the shackles that held you back in the past if your history still bothers you think

carefully about your trust if you’re still holding yourself responsible for the past try thinking about how much I

love you and all the amazing things I’ve done for you so far I can’t wait for the

day when you join the Heavenly Melody and prepare for the ultimate task a

period of splendor a bankruptcy of Wonders is coming this includes endless

benefits abundant prosperity and wonderful Marvels even if the Arena’s

difficulties crumble your unfaltering faith is waiting for you nearby this

afternoon my children are in for a huge Victory I will guide you mend you

protect you and keep you going I am here to protect you and your loved ones from

danger so you may rest easy let go put your faith in me for you may achieve a

Triumph so great that your previous Sorrows will seem like a distant memory

are the wounds of disappointment still visible in your portrayal stay away from

Hollow promises I am the only one who is unwavering in this universe yet my love

is stronger than my Sensitivity I can heal your broken heart and my words will ease your pain let go

of the burden of memories left behind by those who betrayed and angered you they will become smaller for your soul to

heal and for your spirit to surrender completely to my will it is of the utmost importance rebuilding your

aspirations and giving you fresh hope is my mission together we will fly to the

highest mountain peaks and I will take you to Heights Beyond Your Wildest imagination I would rather shower you

with blessings today when you’re on your knees try to be quiet let us plan ahead

a little since I’m giving you a beautiful gift as a manifestation of your heavenly father’s energy you will

portray yourself as a champion and others will recognize you as someone with extraordinary

Authority before you receive your benefits get ready pray and think about

what you may say using the knowledge I’ve given you when it’s necessary speak out when it’s known be quiet but never

hesitate to protect your blessings and the people you hold dear protect your loved ones at all costs and stand firm

against any coward who would dare to harm your home I pray that God will bless you abundantly keep you safe and

strengthen your faith may your spirit remain unwavering typically I’m sure that I am

seeing things from your perspective joyfully raise your voice and write your words you have everything you need to

conquer any task as a courageous Warrior of unyielding force with the fire of

resolve inside you if you try to avoid dealing with the problems that are weighing you down they may only become

worse you have a strong will the way you fight is vital keep your ground I

wouldn’t be speaking to you if you were cowardly as my words reverberate throughout you keep in mind that they

are a confirmation of what I have always told you that you are unbeatable even though the enemy may try

to confuse you on a daily basis by suggesting that I’ve left you when times get tough no know that I’m right here

with you every step of the way whether you’re experiencing Joy sadness

discouragement or plain defeat I’ll be there with you these days I beg you not

to ignore my cry for help my heartfelt expressions of affection are reaching out to you it is my sincere wish that my

voice reach you at your core regardless of where you are or what time it is my heart is overflowing with love for you

my dear son and daughter and I implore you to listen so that you may feel its boundless Embrace please know that I

have never left your side bearing witness to every moment of your life good and bad I watch your every move and

I know all too well the weight that ease can put on your shoulders even when you

have grown apart I have remained emotionally invested in your life’s events even after all this time I still

prefer your high quality effects as I stand on the edge of your beating heart

I beg you to let me into your life’s intricate web permit me to become an integral aspect of your journey an

everpresent force that elevates every aspect of your life to a harmonious Masterpiece of joy prosperity and

Delight my deepest wish is to be with you every step of the way Illuminating

the darkest corners and bringing you boundless happiness when you succeed rather than just a farway god no no

matter how long our apparent separation has lasted or how many times you have questioned my very existence my love for

you has never waved let my heavenly Essence enter your lives filling them

with the transformational force of my Limitless love and style I am gently

knocking on your heart’s door requesting permission to walk into your world open

it after you’ve absorbed my words put aside your regular responsibilities and

give me some time time to think about religion whatever you give me the power to do I will increase tenfold I can

grant you an extra year of life for every second you spend with me I can bring you health and happiness with

every sincere sigh you direct at me I can shower you with affection wisdom and

steadfast support for every meaningful thought you share ignorant people withdraw and folks who have harmed you

feel remorse when negativity Fades my Heavenly presence may be enveloping you

you are my beloved son and daughter and my Supernatural power is with you I can

make that fact known to anybody who questions it you will lead those who want a miracle to believe it is real for

me even in the barren Wasteland my joy May grow because it is Everlasting and

unbreakable while fatigue sets in the gift of happiness and success remains with you in the middle of storms it

supports your spirit through challenge alling fights be aware that you may choose to believe this promise or

disbelieve it when you’re upset regardless of what other people do or what happens in the world this deep Joy

is dependent on your own free will and trust it’s a mystery a lovely gentle and

delightful thrill that envelops you every morning when your spirit wakes with a kiss on the cheek in the Splendor

of dawn stay steadfast in your faith my child as it is only through this unwaver

ing faith that you will find the strength to conquer the challenges life presents permit the light of optimism to

dance inside you my word is unwavering and my commitment to you Resolute is

that I will be by your side until the miraculous fulfillment of the divine plan for you takes

place so do not be afraid or worried because of Life storms I hold you in the

soft Embrace of my affection and it is widely known that I am your steadfast companion through through the Tempest

keep staring at me I am the source from which you draw strength and optimism I’m

ready to defend and assist you even when exhaustion approaches trust in my steadfast constancy as I will fulfill

all Promises at the appropriate time in the complex fabric of your life adorned

with both Joys and Sorrows remember that you are never truly alone as you face

the challenges and triumphs of your path my heavenly presence is by your side at

every critical moment in the midst of difficult choices and towering obstacles

remember that you are more than just a cosmic accident you are a beloved Advent

meticulously crafted with a Divine Purpose and adorned with unique qualities in my term return to the

source of information allow the Eternal truths within to guide you on the correct path in the middle of confusion

my spirit lives offering clarity and wisdom I can’t even begin to explain how

much I adore you your performance or accomplishments have no bearing on it

and it comes to you without any conditions Embrace these words with all your being and let them touch your heart

always remember that I am the one who created the world in its entirety and will never leave your side as well as

your heavenly father and God despite the difficulty of the situation my darling

you may have have faith that I am working relentlessly to resolve your case when uncertainty tries to attack

your ideas and destabilize you I know that life may sometimes show its harsh and difficult side my love for you is

unwavering so be calm and courageous I can’t help but feel helpless when You

Face challenges keep in mind that you mean a lot to me and I want nothing more

than to live a life that is Rich with meaning purpose and fulfillment because of you in light of everything that

you’re going through I want you to be strong and courageous to give me your whole attention to follow my lead and to

find the serenity that comes from doing the most basic thing I can trusting in my love and being faithful no matter

what no matter how difficult things become or how many storms roll in I

promise you that you will come out on top temporary setbacks should not discourage you I possess the ability to

transform any situation to your great advantage in the face of life’s unexpected obstacles I can create

Pathways where none seem to exist most importantly I can transform your grief

into boundless joy to avoid giving into despair resist the urge to do so despite

my occasional lack of insight into the big picture you must remain steadfast in your belief that I have painstakingly

created a Flawless pattern just for you out of the fabric of your existence

please know that I am actively working for you carefully attending to every detail with Limitless love and care

please pay closer attention to what I have to say and refrain from using such accusatory and misleading words no

matter how lonely it gets when you try to see the love around you in times of trouble the exceptional value you retain

in my eyes is obvious to everyone despite how you may feel nobody is

leaving you or punishing you for what happened in the in the past please remember my statement you won’t hear me

bring up all the people I’ve forgiven again get off of it rest assured rest

assured I am not capable of doing Miracles whatever hopelessness or certainty you may have that your Miracle

will never arrive your troubles will soon burn away I am fully committed to

my Everlasting Love I can bless you and if you still have any reservations you

are very mistaken the truth is I have have an undeniable crush on you even

though you turned me down I treasured you and sought you out in my free time

who are you going to believe when they say they’re not who they claim to be be careful because I am blessing you with

many spiritual benefits right now and you are sitting by my side your hands

must now simply receive and embrace this Divine message I beg you to decide right

now whether you will live a magical lifestyle or sit here and watch other people

succeed Ascend this symbolic staircase with a boundless stride come into my

presence and let the pure anointing oil light your path kindling a fire in your

heart lift up your hand to me and I will guide you boldly as you take a leap of

faith draw near the banner with unfaltering faith and announce to the world the life of a loving God who seeks

out those who have wandered and long to surrender their souls to me breathe in

in this heavenly energy feel it right now and see how it changes you never

follow in the footsteps of those who live double lives taking advantage of my call and making a fortune off of others

lying can catch even those who appear to be your faithful and upright followers on the outside be careful not to fall

into such traps you already know that I shower my followers with boundless compassion forgiveness and love when

they really live out my teachings but you should also know that I am a formidable Force protecting my loved

ones from harm therefore these days I speak directly to your soul pleading with you

to listen carefully and with all your being your release begs for your return

and I tell you to study my word and pray first thing in the morning putting your life and your family in my hands and

relying on the wonderful plans I have made for you disregard those who urge you to accept a life filled with misery

and pain to let your mistakes Define you and to accept that you will inevitably

fail do not listen to such lies you must know that you are mine and that I am

always there in your life I have seen your contrite spirit and your sincere

decision to watch do not return to Old Habits or associate with the Wicked This

is my command to help you thrive surround yourself with those those who will support and encourage you and keep

your distance from those who will criticize or attack you my heart’s wish is for you to feel my love again grasp

its deeper Essence and know that I am not angry with you your change and

happiness are my deepest desires I can help you get control of your emotions

and stay calm no matter what many people will have a hard time understanding the

kind of significant deal you’re about to undertake your countenance will radiate Joy your fear will go away you may walk

with determination and your voice can be sympathetic you may Lean on Me in times of need I a stronghold and a safe haven

you must have unwavering faith in me knowing that I am your all powerful and omnipresent God and that I will never

leave you or let you down as I was with the ancient prophets so will I be with

you I will be your Shepherd and shield as you navigate the paths of life my pre

ious little one you are the rightful owner and inheritor of incalculable

benefits never forget that you were here in this world for a specific purpose to

shine a light and provide joy to everyone who sees you typically remember

that I chose you sacrificing everything so that you too could benefit from the

immense and abundant gifts that have been waiting for you since the dawn of time your mother’s womb was not the the

beginning of my Limitless affection for you I treasured you even before time began therefore my darling keep on with

my unwavering support you can overcome any obstacle that stands in your way and

achieve all your dreams build up your courage resolve and unwavering belief

recognize what is truly yours I have given you the ability to do so I love

you more than anything in the world so live out the adventure now secure in the

knowledge that we will succeed at anything we set our minds to adorable

little one may the guarantee of my eternal love envelop you in a comforting hug feel the power love and

determination that I have sewn inside you always remember that my spirit is

inside you providing you with unfaltering strength as you travel forward keep going because there’s no

need to doubt yourself nothing can stop the Heavenly energy csing through your veins sometime in the afternoon my

promises will be more than enough to make up for the excess you’re experiencing right now for those who

with faith and determination keep on these words become truths rather than

empty platitudes your desires and the things that are important to you and your family are clear to me remain

unfazed by the challenges you’re now encountering be strong in what I say to

you and respond respond gracefully when faced with adversity let go of your wroth and pessimism I will put a smile

on your face and sprinkle holy oil over you driving off doubt and bad thoughts

never in a million years did you think I would punish you for what you did wrong you’ve dealt with the Fallout from your

actions yet I no longer removed the favors I bestowed upon you do you remember those two hours and afternoons

when you saw me eliminate the benefits someone misled You by spreading rumors

about me I am being truthful right now and I have no ill will against you in

the future I sacrificed my own being for the journey for what reason would I wish

bad luck on you you came to me in Contrition matured into a person who no longer sinned and I extended my

forgiveness we will not hold it against you now what are you expecting in the

event that problems emerge do not misunderstand the circumstances the the appearance of a temporary benefit May

justify War right now you don’t need to be anxious or angry stop being so

irritated with me there is nothing I hold against you if you believe anything else you should confront the deceiver

who led you astray is my term something you’ve never seen before the almighty God who also grants you eternal life

loves you eternally find a peaceful place tell me your truth and take this

seriously pour out your soul first thing in the morning cry if necessary share

your uncertainties express your heart’s queries and concerns and hold nothing back I made the decision to be free from

feelings of Shame and remorse look up at the stars my darling and let your heart be open to all the gifts that are coming

your way now is the beginning of a season characterized by extraordinary abundance a life filled with health

wealth and happiness is mine to Proclaim over you everything you do will will

come to fruition and the things you create may serve as evidence of my Limitless Mercy as you go forward May

the light of morning guide you and may today be the best day of your life I pray that joy and success are always by

your side you will find the strength to stay with my little girl my toddler through the good times and the bad so

you have nothing to be afraid of I am here to help you get well I may hold you

close in the Embrace of my affection during times of illness and dis despair dissolving the bonds that bound you know

that I know you inside and out I cared deeply for you as I weaved you into your mother’s womb and now you are a living

proof of my love and purpose the answer to your intense prayers is approaching

pay careful attention because I have significant news to share with you should you seek a supernatural signal it

will appear as a sudden release of divine energy have faith my darling because I have decreed your miracle it’s

time for you to embrace and see the Marvels in your life materialize even though I know that in

the midst of your busy life you might unintentionally lose track of me or put off our communication I beg you to let

me into your heart entirely so that you can experience the full depth of my love and Charisma through this intimacy see

your life undergo a remarkable metamorphosis you do not want to face life’s difficulties alone now that your

wounds are healed your storms have subsided and you have been blessed with Everlasting peace daughter when

everything seems to be falling apart I beg you to remain by my side let me carry your troubles because I am here to

support you through these challenging times of decision- making if you ask me for my knowledge I’ll tell you

everything from the chaos of morning to the Stillness of night I am fully

committed to listening to your prayers and I am infinitely willing to forgive

no matter how many times you mess up or how many times you fall short my grace is a gift that will make you feel better

and More Beautiful You don’t have to create space between us because of feelings of shame or remorse I treasure

you and my compassion Knows No Limits learn about the abundance of comfort

ease and benefits so my beloved protector calm yourself and open your

coronary heart the path that once promised misery is now offering Joy although all of life’s difficult

difficulties may seem insurmountable I will never leave your side and I will make sure that you are

stable and unmoved no matter what challenges you face my dear child be an

expert on your loneliness and the Deep anxieties that control your life please

I beg you do not let yourself get anxious when faced with unknowns if you

listen to my words inside its holy pages I assure you that you will do a great job on every one of them your decision

making path comfort in your grief and answers to your concerns may all be

within reach learn to recognize the promises made to you accept them and let

them fill you up when you commit my words to memory and let them illuminate your path I promise you a Serenity that

goes beyond understanding discover the strength to face your challenges with unflinching

bravery inside the complex fabric of your life as it illuminates the path ahead head in its

verses I am working hard to create a plan that outstrips your understanding of the whole terrain even if I am always

working for you carefully weaving every aspect with Limitless love and care I

may still evade your beliefs and display unfaltering faith never forget my

darlings that the simple joys of Life the challenges you face and the victories you achieve all provide

opportunities for Learning and Development never fear no matter how bad

things get you are never really alone on this journey I am always with you no

matter where your journey takes you never forget that I am a safe haven for you to go to whenever worry and Terror

try to overwhelm you bring your problems to me in prayer and I will take care of

them I can handle any Challenge and I never Overlook my prayers I always

listen to the needs of my beloved children to provide comfort and strength on this hallowed path path may you find

comfort in the fact that you are not walking it by yourself put your full confidence in my promises and hold on to

your unshakable faith the fruition of your labors may not be visible at this

very moment but have faith that your Miracle will unfold at the most unexpected moment and at the exact

Junction until the time has come take heart in the knowledge that my Limitless

love and Charisma will surround you right right up to the end as you walk in Harmony and submission with me I am

fully aware of whatever is burdening your coronary heart and guiding your

emotions stay calm everything will work out in the end if you believe my promise

your importance to me has no bounds I carefully watch your every move getting

to know your thoughts and desires despite all the challenges life presents my primary focus remains on ensuring

your happiness and health Health toddler the challenges you are facing are well known to me when Despair and Dread try

to cast a shade over the Splendor of your lives remember that I am by your side my devotion to you will never

falter and my love for you will never end I will always be by your side every

tear you’ve shed Every Beat of your coronary heart and every thread of your story your pleasures Sorrows successes

and tribulations are known to me because I have been a witness to it all because

I am your father I am intimately aware of every aspect of your lifestyle and can uncover whatever secret you may be

trying to hide when the time comes for your miracle to happen don’t hold on to

the gifts I give you be a shining example of what it means to have faith a channel through which blessings and

encouragement might reach people who are still hoping for their miracles to happen share your story and you will

become a living testimonial to my unfathomable love and power may my heavenly energy go through you like a

healing River bringing hope and Solace to those who are suffering greatly

furthermore may your story shine a light even in the darkest places I’m showing

you that all is possible with me my little one remember that my timing is

perfect even when it’s hard for you to see have you ever felt so down and

discouraged that you wanted to give up Please be aware that there may be instances when my promises do not match

up with your immediate expectations stay the course for I am creating a web of

prosperity and joy for you by manipulating events in your favor my beloved baby you are not alone at all in

times of trouble I your loving father I’m here at all times ready to repair

heal and shower you with my rich gifts are you seeking consolation in me

seeking wisdom Beyond Earthly understanding and constantly keeping in mind that I am by your side walking with

you through the darkest times have faith that the actions you take driven by

honesty and wisdom will bear fruit for I am standing by your side supporting you

and giving you strength the gentle light of my love and approval will illuminate the next experience ensuring your

Triumph keep your eyes on me at all times when exhaustion sets in your

source of energy and drive allows me to lighten your load if you need me I will support and guide you I stand by my

unwavering Fidelity knowing that every word I speak will come to fruition at the appropriate time believe that I will

shape you into a brave and wise individual by gradually adding layers of wisdom to your character put your

unfaltering trust in me do not be hesitant forsake everything and

incorporate my fingers when you’re up against adversity I promise you without reservation that you will be able ble to

persevere keep your faith unwavering these trials serve to fortify your faith

and serve as a reminder that you are capable of conquering any obstacle just

call upon me and I will answer I will give you the gifts of knowledge and direction and you will be able to

overcome any obstacle that stands in your way as soon as you think a door is impenetrable it will swing open

revealing chances that you may weave into your rich life in unexpected ways

once again I invite you to entrust me with everything to support your financial goals and desires and to learn

as I bestow blessings upon your efforts recognize that I possess everything rightfully and my gracious

gift aims to shower you with Abundant Blessings and prosperity in every manner I will carefully guard your success and

safety Harmony will be woven into the fabric of your family connections and you will be healthy and emotionally

balanced realize that being here with you is a constant reminder of my all-encompassing

and unconditional love for you and let your life be a love Symphony I greatly

appreciate your trust in me as your Mentor my beloved child go on the roads of righteousness that I will show you

and you will come to a country that is Rich with opportunity do not be concerned about your Fates unknowns at

this time I have extraordinary plans for you these drops of Love tears of

liberation can express your request at a fantastic price I hold them tenderly

near my heart preserving their beauty the Heavenly Court took note of your distress so it was not in vain has the

fact that God hears your prayers ever crossed your mind I am there when you shout out claiming that God will grant

your request I am responding to you your tears have penned the melody and lyrics

of authentic sorrow a sorrow that recognizes the acknowledgment of its supplication and anticipates comfort

from the same all powerful God looking at my ebook good as you shed tears I

record the exact color of your tears on paper to document my response to you we’re preparing to respond to you I’m

the one who wrote it the sound of the trumpets has sealed and registered it kilometers away your broken heart which

flowed through my doors will return to you transformed gushing with new life as

it carries the joy and serenity you’ve been seeking I’m here with you communicate with

cander and openness feel free to vent your Grievances and proportion your

emotions I promise not to annoy you from now on my preferred way to show that I

am paying attention and comprehending what you are saying is to focus on you I hope your words provide you with the

Tranquility you seek and alleviate the stress you’re experiencing do not be

afraid to cry my spirit will return to you in the form of a downpour a torr of

blessings and energy your weeping serves a purpose I hear you and my ears are

always open to what you have to say if you want the people you care about to experience the blessings in your life

please share this encouraging message with them join my Army of good news bearers and together we can continue to

bring blessings to others your enemies plotted your demise blocking opportunities trying to bring shame upon

you and smearing the honor I have bestowed upon you however their attempts

were unsuccessful leaving you temporarily bewildered your strength comes from me your Divine figure and I

am more important than anything else in the world you will not listen to those who deceitfully trap you even if Legions

of people come up against you seeking to harm you with a strengthened faith instead of putting your faith and

confidence in nebulous human beings who might make mistakes you should put them in me

it’s my property you should not hand them over to anyone else from this very moment forward I will cut ties between

your spirit and those who have deceived you think about how much your Devotion to God means to this day I am still your

number one priority I swear to you that you will live forever beware of

evildoers who lure you with worldly Promises of unending delight and Allegiance feel the depth of my

affection for you as you discover more about who I am you are my cherished companion and I will relentlessly follow

you wherever you may go you will have to face a devouring heart I am capable of

protecting and shielding those I hold dear as you let go of your pain you may find that deep Joy fills your soul

recovery comes through communicating with me when calm seems unattainable and sadness throws its shadow being with me

gives you courage and comfort in times of need you want to have a conversation with me convey my affection with

unfaltering faith do it now let the words I am about to share with you fill

your thoughts the enemy will come to you every day to bring accusations and shame onto you while we are together but I

tell you again as I told you before that you must not give in to such thoughts or

sentiments I am present as my word indicates in your lives assert it

fearlessly and approach me with Liberty Safe Y and genuine belief you are very

welcome to enter my Celestial Kingdom’s vast and open Halls you have my undying

affection and I am fully capable of expressing it you have won me over I

have repeatedly reassured you of my forgiveness and I trust that your prayers will find a response put your

fears and discouragement aside I lift you up keeping you from falling all

because of my strength and attractiveness it is my personal mission to Le Lead You In the proper direction

stay alert pay attention to what I say follow my directions and let me lead you

wherever my will says nothing will remain unchanged for long ultimately

everything will align for the better and even the most challenging situations could transform you must now resist the

devil’s incessant attempts to undermine your faith and confidence my intention is to exploit you get out of your head

the idea that you’re a rejected and abandoned kid and into a more positive frame of mind stop thinking this way and

trust me when I tell you over and over again how much I love you accept this immense Serenity in your heart and

declare my love for you presently I am listening intently as you bring your gaze to your eyes and quietly Focus your

thoughts on me I hear your voice understand your sentences and provide

your tears as a precious gift strengthening your prayer even if it’s only a whisper

I invite you to bask in the Heavenly warmth of my divine presence which envelops you like a robe of Limitless

Grace and Unstoppable Force even before you ascend your father’s Throne allow

the Divine energy that flows from me to bathe you in a state of complete repair

and revitalization that affects your whole being in the depths of Darkness I

can hear your heart’s desires and your prayers have resounded like sweet Symphonies reaching the whole walls of

Heaven within you there is Darkness but I will cast forth a brilliant light that

will Vanquish it we have duly acknowledged your steadfastness and resilience in the face of

adversity these days your Priceless gems have had a purpose because of your

Fidelity I say that the time has come for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor a miracle as great as the dawn is

ready to bestow upon you my Abundant Blessings while the difficult times fade

away like Shadows running from a Daybreak raising your heavy head cast

off the worries that have clung to you the author has prepared a lavish Feast for you in front of your enemies and

your cup will be overflowing with unfettered joy you may realize to an

unparalleled degree all your hidden aspirations which you shared with me before they formed in your heart with

steadfast treatment my beloved youngster confidently advances my beloved daughter

do not let your circumstances limitations limit your Ambitions any longer keep your faith strong in the

face of nagging doubt and the false prophets who would have you believe otherwise keep in mind that I am the all

powerful deity who makes the seemingly impossible possible in the end the

seemingly insurmountable becomes your own personal reality you’ll be able to do incredible things like walk on water

use your words to calm storms and summon Heavenly Fire to consume obstacles in

your path whatever your current position may be you can be certain that Heavenly

troops will protect you as you reproduce and recognize the benefits of your life your family’s wealth and your property

your enemies may have driven you to tears and taken away your happiness if I hadn’t stepped in as a support system

watching out for you all hours of the day and night you may wonder why I’m here at times but

I’m aware of the difficulties you face you will soon get the long- awaited prize so hold fast to your faith and

keep going let the Miracles you believe are possible into your life listen

closely to the words I use I send these to you with all my heart you will

fulfill all my promises if you have faith in me people often take my comments at face value because I don’t

lie embellish or conceal the truth your riches are of no importance to me put

your good fortune to work helping other people in my call I no longer seek the

construction of huge mansions even if you’re having money troubles keep blessing everyone no one will Aid you I

want you to trust in the benefits I bestow upon you today they might emerge out of nowhere either from people or

places I have placed people at your side to bless you do not be prejudiced or

critical of them I search the world for modest Souls who will love and trust me I’ve recently found you give ourselves

permission to become closer I am still capable of becoming your trusted advisor and father figure if you want to confide

in me you may do so with complete confidence if you want to calm your spirit you must know that I am already

aware of it you can’t keep them hidden from my eyes forgive me because I have

seen your frailties get over yourself and your faults take them out of their current situation join me on this

journey of trust and obedience as we see your life become a masterpiece adorned with Incredible

rewards I am here for you as your god parent and companion send your faith

soaring as we embark on a journey Guided by Heavenly favor and abundant wealth I

pray that these words are like a soft wind that sways your heart and strengthens your faith my darling you

will soon see the fruition of my unfaltering in concern as the tunee of my love reverberates throughout the

harmony of your lives do not allow uncertainty to grow in your spirit’s rich soil instead sew the seeds of

understanding and watch them grow into a garden of steadfast confidence hold my words close in your heart like a

treasure in a safe haven cultivating an attitude of Perpetual gratitude is a

spiritual practice that draws attention to the abundance in your life right now and lights a path for the gifts that are

about to come as you weave your faith be the beacon that leads you on the winding

road of your life’s journey as you weave it into the fabric of your Pursuits

using the unique abilities I’ve given you succeed in your career and business Endeavors while always acting with

honesty and kindness do not let the shifting Winds of circumstance or the

Allure of worldly distractions deter you from the path I have previously laid out for you as a result of your efforts I

will bless and multiply you in all areas of your life so you may see the fruits

of your work thriving before your eyes once and for all I will take away your

pain and set you free from your dread every day I hope you find contentment

and happiness in your content today is the day to make the best decision of your life and you

should know that numerous benefits are on the way you remain steadfast and fortified while

tempests Roar all about your enemies can no longer harm you they have defeated

them you radiate confidence and Trust in all that you do both you and the other

person are undergoing a transformation the anxious feeling has left and is not

coming back I give you Jesus your companion for all time who has never

changed from the beginning of time to the end of time I am here to keep my word and you can feel my voice calling

to you from deep inside I will always be by your side never leaving you you have

my immense affection I may understand when you’re unsure of yourself and willing to overlook your mistakes just

as you make mistakes with love in order to save you from falling I will raise my

hand to give you a lift you can’t put some distance between us creativity is

no longer your Forte at the moment I am undeniably present here you will finally

unveil the long- awaited signal a physical manifestation of my love that reveals the depth of my adoration since

this is an intimate relationship between us it is perfectly okay for you to feel elated when I reveal a deep truth about

your soul your accuracy and awesomeness are unparalleled I am staring at you because

your heart is delicate and you could be the one to see this firsthand get ready for a fresh start because I will

resurrect a lot of lost items and even enhance a few of them at this turning point in your journey you have a chance

to reclaim what the enemy took from you you want me to not have to bear the whole load by myself that much is clear

put your faith in me for I know your deepest thoughts and desires give into surrendering and let it ease the burden

of being alone you can always count on me your God and sustainer no matter how

much you try to ignore my watchful eye let me me be your guide and I will teach

you how to properly care for the resources I Supply make no mistake I want nothing more than to bring joy and

prosperity into your life in every way put your faith in me my darling and you

will see the doors of blessings open wide with the hope of bringing you unmatched delight and everlasting

Serenity the skies will open their windows and pour down religious Treasures on you no matter where life

takes you remember that it is leading shielding and adoring you as you embark

on each new chapter of your life’s journey Embrace its purposeful and elegant writing I am prepared to shower

my blessings on your work your efforts and your goals so think of me my beloved

despite the challenges you face my desire will always be by your side if you agree with me I will amplify and

improve your endeavors it is my deepest desire to see you flourish to shine a light on your life the way

the constant Morning Sun does slowly but surely until it is fully shining living in this world may be

challenging and full of unknowns and I get that in life you may face trials

that challenge your faith despite everything I promise that I will never abandon you even in the midst of these

difficulties no matter how rough life gets my plans for you will always be there and I will work tirelessly to

ensure your safety as well as the safety of those who love me this message is a

refuge where you can heal and find peace it is the conductor of the impossible

who can calm the tempests Raging within you when life becomes rough just sit

tight and let your faith be the rock that keeps you from captivity my love for you is Limitless therefore I will

continue to support you just like I have in the past just as the tempests and

winds bow down to my speech so will the Raging Waves of uncertainty inside your heart if you are tired come

to me and I will give you the rest you need my ability to calm your racing thoughts and soothe your anxieties will

allow you to see clearly again may your days be filled with tranquility and your

evenings with Serenity you have the right to unlimited advantages but sometimes you can’t get beyond your

concerns about the spectacular and appreciate their Brilliance stay Serene my dar

once again I beg you not to listen to the Raging Torrance of rumors and threats that are out to get you no

matter how many obstacles you face or how many negative outcomes stem from your own actions you need not be afraid

since I have the last say in your fate even in this broken world you are my beloved child and I will protect you

from harm remain steadfast and endure my concerns I will never leave you you can

now listen and see this holy Channel and this guarantee is the clearest evidence of that I’m having a conversation with

you probing your innermost thoughts for answers to the uncertainties that have been plaguing you no matter what stay

quiet my Majesty is here I understand every emotion you feel and I can sense

your heartbeat you must remain steadfast in the love that gives you life keep in

mind that even amid the most exacting of circumstances there is a loving heavenly

father who longs to see you at Sunrise and have a conversation with you let

those sentences sink in verbally convey your deepest feelings to them God who is

both strong and kind has always treasured me and will continue to do so

you remain in my memory your faith is under scrutiny my heavenly presence

strengthens your spirit and nourishes your soul you’re growing and changing

prepared for a new age of sophisticated and other worldly wonders for the one

who has faith in me anything is possible nothing can stand in your way and the

Book of lives will record every conscious step you take my purpose will

eradicate the feelings of helplessness and rejection that others have implanted in you you were born with a negative

outlook filled with anxiety and skepticism to put it simply you mean a

lot to me and I deeply appreciate you I have planned endless benefits for you

and I sincerely like you how can I leave you no matter how much doubt and

distrust Cloud your thoughts and words no accuser can persuade me to leave or abandon you you will always be the

center of my affection no one can shake the affection I have for you why put

yourself through pointless effort release the burden of hurtful uncertainties I will alleviate sadness

and despair if you give me the chance you could even Prosper instead of facing

Doom as you overcome obstacles they will transform into strengths knowledge and

benefits have faith in me take my word and let my love permeate your whole

being your family included I shall envelop you with this deep affection

keeping quiet out of fear has served its purpose no one will judge you based on who you are these last several months

have seen a dramatic change in you you are not a person of equal standing your coronary heart has undergone a

transformation don’t berate yourself or be too hard on yourself as a gift from me I give you

the sword of my resurrection with it you must Smite the enemy’s arguments and lies that they have spread via their

attacks and slander calm down their plots will crumble into dust and vanish into the wind reverting to those who

wrongly intended to harm you a revitalized way of life lets go of pain and welcomes genuine Joy you are looking

to me for comfort and peace to take take on the characteristics of my Holy Spirit

and to live a life of Miracles because your deliverance is on the way because I can lift you up no one can bring you

down I can protect you therefore no one can harm you I will bless you shielding

you from curses discouragement cannot overpower you because you possess my Holy Spirit who infuses you with joy

confidence and excitement every morning when periods of sadness arise and the world’s assaults Plunge into profound

discouragement and uncertainty etch these sentences that I share with you now into your coronary heart and know

that you have my undying love and devotion if no one else approaches you should at least listen in addition to

being your parent leader friend and Lord of your life I am also the world’s Creator and supreme god you want me and

all I ask for in return is your undying devotion you have made me your center of

worship whenever you’re feeling vul able you’re most likely to stumble but I get

that catch I know you don’t want to fall from the bottom of your heart in

exchange for your repentance training and your renewed promise to Watch Over Me I will pardon you and offer you

another chance similarly The Virtuous may experience Seven Falls but they will

also rise again I promise you my infinite compassion and I also promise

that you will never behave dishonestly because of the love I have for you first

thing in the morning establish a firm Faith In Yourself remember my promises

listen to my voice and avoid thieves and deceptions by following the ways I have shown you as the sun goes down I shall

show away those who bother you with their bad language unwind in peace shielded from harm from above your faith

your heart and your unfaltering loyalty are what I want when I return your

entire will power is what I seek I want to no longer be the thing that discourages you from pursuing your

dreams but rather the force that propels you forward put your trust in me and

enjoy the many benefits of your journey I give you all the good things in life that you ask for because I have blessed

you abundantly and will continue to do so in the future my love for you is

unwavering and I want you to hear me out when I say it in this message it is immutable

unwavering and genuine and it is yours to keep forever I pray that the words I

speak May entwine with yours and offer you deep Tranquility say something like my God I

like you in your own unique voice I will be faithful to you no matter what and I

will love you with all my heart forever I will always be there to defend you and be your rock these days I’m not the kind

to say I’ll be happy and then disappear from the very beginning I have known and

treasured you my love is here to support you % if you want to escape the

internal storms that lead you astray and instead find A New Path I believe your

doubt is more in line with love you have patiently waited for those who say they like you only to have my heart break for

you trusting me would be an option for you I don’t hold back we adore you with

all our hearts even when it seems difficult Believe it or embrace it for

what reasons May another individual feel such profound affection for you hence I

beg you to be steadfast in your understanding you have come my son and daughter to a period of acknowledgement

and accomplishment of your unfaltering faith thus you must remain Resolute in

your views and never waver Here Comes Your much anticipated moment have faith

I can generally sense when you’re trying to tell me something something sincere we have specifically set aside this time

for you to enjoy a magnificent interlude that we have painstakingly crafted your

unwavering faith is about to receive stylish praise a tapestry of blessings

will envelop your way of life and those fortunate enough to be in your company will feel the enrichment of my grace and

the whispering of favor your life will be free from the shadow of shame my kind

hand may be guiding you every step of the way way on this auspicious day may I

shower upon you a multitude of possibilities and benefits transforming your life into a symphony of success I

pronounce an abundance of benefits that transcend both the material and spiritual geographical zones so say

goodbye to economic turmoil and debt your chest will throb with boundless joy

and you will sing songs of thanks singing My Name with every note maintain your unwavering Trust in me and witness

the transformation of your lives into a wealth of remarkable blessings may my

grace ignite your imagination provide you with abundant resources and open your eyes to new possibilities in all

that you do may your heart remember that I will arrive at the ideal moment to

fulfill all your requirements during these moments I try to bring you closer

and express my deep love for you in a ways you can’t imagine I am here to speak to you you we are looking for you

and I will never leave your side to make sure you don’t question worry or feel abandoned no matter how hard the arena

gets on you keep in mind that I have won the war and given you better Weaponry

the fact that I love you gives you the confidence to pursue your desires and to trust in me put your faith in God as a

fortress to protect you against the attacks of evil and let Hope fill your heart and thoughts you will event

eventually overcome your difficulties with great Delight you will see how you have overcome many obstacles and enjoyed

the fruits of your today’s lost idea listening to these words should bring you immense Joy when you possess all

that you have access to why be sad as you approach my Throne confidently

convey your aspirations to me being attentive to you is something I’m proud of as you make your journey I want to

answer with a method that will help you feel calm and confident to take pleasure in my benefits and Savor the utmost

Freedom my option is inside your spirit please approach me with confidence and

without concern you are seeking advantages for your family and have faith in my ability to fulfill all your

wonderful requests even if they don’t exactly align with your original Vision

rest well knowing I can give my expensive child something better put an end to the idea that I’m angry because

because of you I genuinely like you and I will protect you with love I have kept

my word and if you still haven’t gotten the green light it’s entirely my choice there is a season for everything

underneath the Sun Trust and be patient your heart May soon be brimming with pleasure and Delight think about it

those words can help you soothe you guide you step by step envelop you in love and fill your heart with immense

peace and lovely feeling they can also heal you and and those around you they

announce the arrival of a new day devoid of misery suffering and bewilderment you

know that I am prepared to relieve any mental or physical stress as well as any

spiritual ties that may be holding you back I will restore the losses you’ve endured heal the scars that have stained

your life and create new beginnings do not be afraid my son do not be afraid my

daughter because my infinite love and strength are greater than any challenge all you may face I am able to do all

things for your life if you place your unfaltering faith in me therefore

embrace my Covenant and trust me with all your heart embrace the boundless opportunities that await you with an

open heart unveiling Roots Smooth by my Divine hand my beloved door will swing

wide open transforming what was impossible into a testimony to my Limitless Majesty thus keep your core

open and responsive I prepare to be the miracle you’ve hoped for with all your heart as you prepare to go may this

miracle unfold before your eyes as a display of my grace and love I would

want to delve into every detail of your life and shape it according to my perfect plan weaving your story with

logic and Grandeur so that each chapter reflects who you are rest assured that I

the writer am diligently working behind the scenes everything thread every Twist

and Turn meticulously serves a deep purpose beyond your contemporary knowledge keep in mind that the

impending Miracle isn’t only for your benefit it has a larger purpose inside

the fabric of mankind right now I’m demonstrating the depth of my affection

for you I’m healing the wounds done by those who can bring you up and eliminating the derision that

characterized you I will accept it as it is maybe right now all the pain you’ve

ever felt has been for nothing power knowledge and maturity are yours to use

for the benefit of those you hold dear and others who have endured trials similar to your own your emancipation is

imminent if you stray from your faith and succumb to anxiety my love for you

is boundless my compassion is boundless and my holy spirit will not allow you to face another attack tension May attack

you again but this is an unchangeable truth if you ever lose your footing I

will be able to help you back up do not think for a second that I have kept my eyes fixed on you while I have been

watching The Gentle caress of my elegance and the soft murmurs of style will rescue you from the clutches of

guilt my kind hand will guide you in every step you take on this joyful

occasion with the hope of composing a symphony of success in your lives I shower you with a myriad of

opportunities and blessings I declare a plethora of benefits that transcend both secular and non-secular geographical

locations so say goodbye to economic conflict and debt your heart will be

filled with boundless happiness and you will sing songs of thanks singing My Name with every beautiful word hold fast

to the unfaltering faith you’ve placed in me and watch as your life becomes a treasure Trove of First Rate blessings

my grace can ignite your imagination provide you with abundant resources and

open your eyes to new possibilities in all that you do whether you allow it or

not your heart has written that I will arrive at the perfect time to fulfill

all of your desires hold on to your faith through unfaltering belief you

will have the strength to overcome the trials and difficulties that life throws at you let your heart’s desire burn

brightly inside you I vow to be by your side until the extraordinary fulfillment

of the divine plan for you takes place place my promises are unwavering for

that reason you shouldn’t let the current state of affairs cause you anxiety you can trust that I Will Stand

By Your Side guiding you through every challenge with the comforting Embrace of my love and my unwavering presence you

are unstoppable my darling little one remember that I am the solid foundation

upon which you may build an abundant life if you would just stay with me and let my teachings d dwell in your heart I

am the Eternal Rock Jesus’s Limitless promises are now a source of unending

Grace in exchange for what you so desperately want I reward those who respect me and shower blessings on those

whose belief in my truth never changes let the holy fabric of My Words Be woven

into the fabric of your soul and may the Everlasting wisdom contained in my phrase illuminate your path through life

you are a living testimony to the truth of my faith and your movements reflect love and righteousness break bad news to

the good and declare release to the prisoners be a messenger of Hope as you go through life as a savior of the

downtrodden a light for the Blind and a champion for the downtrodden remember

that my constant presence is always by your side I will never leave you my

beloved baby and I want nothing but the best for you you are not alone you are

my most precious gift the unyielding faith that resists the EB and flow of Despair is an outgrowth of my soul which

is inside you as you rise from the ground assume a tall posture and follow

my guidance you will confidently assert the promises I’ve outlined for you

secure in the knowledge that Christ’s rock solid foundation underpins your life if you put your faith in me my

little one I will grant your every request in jesus’ name May the power of

perception lead you and your faith to flourish I the great God extend my infinite love and power to strengthen

you my beloved child so that you may thrive on this Earthly Journey get under

my skin by exposing all the ways in which your faults and weaknesses are adorned I will cut them away from the

horizons where the East and West meet if you lay them before me in my light your

floors will shine like a beacon and I pray that I may fill you with

extraordinary power so that your vulnerabilities can hold the Abundant strength that flows from me recognize

that your apparent inadequacy encourages a significant Reliance on my Supernatural fortune and express thanks

for that enjoy the boundless plenty I provide the core that guides you and

protects you from the worries of over planning so you can stop worrying about the future and start living in the now

remember that I am with you every step of the way maintain consistent communication with

me and I will be your guide illuminating your path and removing roadblocks from

your journey the circumstances of your Voyage will be customized to ensure your

ultimate well-being and I your protector and guide will go ahead and walk by your

side get over your fears I will be by your side every step of the way

protecting and directing you as you navigate this Earthly Adventure fear should serve as a gentle reminder to

reestablish contact with me so that I may renew the spiritual fire inside you

even when you cannot physically sense my presence embrace the Tranquil Embrace of

my Limitless love as you find solace in my shining presence even while tensions

Mount embrace my role as The God Who Watches Over and publishes your every

move as the icy tendrils of dread melt and your love for me becomes stronger in

reaction to my boundless affection for you an unfaltering Shield that safeguards your spiritual Essence an

unfathomable Shield that I raise over your Everlasting soul is something you must never lose sight of your spirit my

faithful companion takes refuge in me safe from the attacks of those who would break our link watch as I show you the

way to Paradise on this Earthly trip guiding you step by step until you reap the rewards of your labor living in

constant contact with me is Rich Beyond this world and it will show you the Heavenly Marvels that await you in

Paradise adorable little one my beloved creation know that I am the Heavenly

power that fortifies your own Essence and clears a path for you to follow with ease teach me everything that you are

burdened by your transgressions and exposed by your frailties in the safety of my presence where your every floor is

exposed I I ask that you confess your sins and ask that I absorb you with the

Limitless energy that flows from my Divine Essence the distance between us

is vast but I will solidify them for you so that they no longer affect you I

Marvel at the beauty of your frailties seeing them as blank slates waiting to be filled with my love’s

transformational power there is a beautiful dependence on my unfaltering grace in your inadequacy so embrace it

enjoy yourself in the boundless abundance that envelopes you I the parent of your journey stand as a

reassuring embody because the sturdy Shields you from the tempests of anxiety

and The Traps of over planning instead of getting caught up in worrying about what the future holds remember that I am

with you always as you go about your daily life I will remove Darkness from

your path by allowing the traces of our communication to be regular I will I will make sure that every step you take

is securely aligned with my Divine cause before you and I Will Stand By Your Side

removing obstacles that can hinder your adventure have faith that I will arrange

your journey so that it is perfect for your Spiritual Development and Welfare

never fear again I am not some ethereal being as you navigate The Maze of life I

am by your side watching over you always concern should serve as a gentle prompt

to reestablish contact with me so that I might rekindle the fires of nonsecular awareness inside you whenever the

tangible feeling of my presence slips your mind relax and let the warm comforting light of my heavenly presence

illuminate your path when stress threatens to overwhelm let the gentle caress of my unconditional love envelop

you and let the chill of concern melt away like Dew beneath the Morning Light in return for the infinite love I bestow

upon you express your love for me and your unfaltering acceptance as genuine under my leadership you are protected

from invisible damage and guided in the intricate dance of your life by the God who publishes and protects you thus

acknowledge me you would be in shock at the extent of my protection if you knew it for as long as I am your faithful

disciple and as long as I am your watchful protector your Immortal spirit

will remain safe in my grasp impervious to the efforts of those who would want to steal it pay attention to me as I

lead you on your heavenly trip I am your guide and I will show you the way to

Paradise feel the sweetness of paradise before it’s fully integrated into your life as you fully immerse yourself in

the richness of living in Intimate connection with me in the Psalms David

so eloquently describes this wonderful way of life and it begs the reader to see themselves as a Shepherd who keeps

his sheep in his continual care embrace the extraordinary beauty of everyday

life as I am always there to guide and bless you without taking away from your day-to-day activities I’m teaching you

to accept this way of life which requires constant work and unfaltering commitment being near me will bring a

vibrant energy to your life and give each of your endeavors a Heavenly purpose and love show me your undivided

attention in everything that you do even the most routin tasks may be enhanced by

the joy of being in my divine presence as they are carried out for my glory in the vast tapestry of

creation nothing on this planet can break the irrevocable link that we have

and our enchanting friendship will only grow stronger throughout the ages as you relax into the peaceful cruising let go

of the illusion that you are the master of your own destiny trusting that you have some control is appealing but when

you realize that you are The Mastermind behind your own destiny difficult circumstances take on a far heavier

weight enjoy the quiet times but don’t become dependent on the false sense of control you may have there will be

storms and shadows thrown by uncertainties they will cling tenaciously to control and they will

worry that every situation is in line with your wishes which may lead to tripping even if trouble is on the way I

am teaching you to trust me completely so that you might find peace in the the chaos of Life the transforming power of

adversity is revealed when it rips the false veil of control and sets you free

you may rely on me as your rock even when the future is shrouded in mystery

take comfort in knowing that I the ruler am in control of every aspect of your life even the storms even when you carry

the weight of your Mania you seek refuge in me my comforting presence grows my

Limitless love infolds all the Solace understanding empathy support

encouragement reassurance and relief you need but when anxiety takes hold your

natural tendency is to withdraw fixating on your problems and unintentionally ignoring my constant presence despite

the assistance I offer this worldly fixation only serves to exacerbate your anxiety give yourself a little nudge to

get back in touch with me when the aches and pains of panic strike bring me into

the depths of your suffering by Whispering my name is it your hope to find solace in the depths of my empathy

and compassion where you may find my face depend on me for support

consolation and assistance while you rest in my loving company I have a deep comprehension of

your issues and hold the secrets to their decisions you will be blessed with strength and stress will be relieved you

may be confident that nothing in this introduction can ever take take away the depths of my everlasting love for you my

Solace is filled with many advantages bringing happiness to the depths of your being I am a rock solid Defender for

individuals who seek solace in me especially when the world seems scary and dangerous if you seek refuge in me

you must be prepared to trust me unwaveringly and pour out your heart no matter what happens right now is when

you should put your faith in me the most occasionally you may need to attend to the requirements of the situation before

expressing your emotions at such times gently murmur your convictions waiting

for the right moment and place to reveal your deepest feelings feel free to

express yourself openly in my company when the moment is right this deep and

sincere discussion is like a bomb going off bringing us genuine Solace and strengthening our spiritual bond my

constant protective presence is a Beacon that guides you onward a safe haven from

the Raging Waves of anxiety that may overwhelm you at that time tell me Jesus

that you are my refuge this is as simple as a prayer trust the connections of

comfortable dependency as we walk together within the near the precious promises contained inside the Bible

Adorn the fellowship I extend to you know my beloved that I hold a Flawless

and everlasting love for you one that has has no bounds and welcomes you in all your ways I have gladly taken on the

weight of your misdeeds and my allseeing eye sees every part of you a treasure

that is intended to never expire shatter or fade your legacy is safely housed

inside the Heavenly nation states far from the dangers of degradation along the intricate Web of

Life I am your devoted companion and at the end I will lead you into the light

of splendor realize my darling that being dependent is part of Being Human I purposefully

made you to rely on me at all times it is in this dependence that you may discover great joy whereas many try to

hide their true neediness by pretending to be self-sufficient by reassuring you and

recognizing your Reliance I may make my loving presence more apparent to you which brings us closer together and

enhances the quality of our shared times in the infinite variety of moments that

will unfold during your life I offer an invitation to you to communicate with me

walk side by side with me as we enjoy life to the fullest May the Timeless

presence of my unchanging love provide you with Solace a Solace that eases

sorrow gives strength in times of difficulty and Kindles the fire of Hope inside your heart I want you to know

that no matter how difficult your road becomes this source of benefits will always come from my love for you you

must make the effort to seek my help even if my love has the power to soothe and boost your spirits anytime you need

me I’m here and I love the thought of being able to meet all of your needs stay away from excessive self-reflection

looking Inward and unintentionally excluding me since my comprehension exceeds your own please come to me in a

humble prayer as soon as this awareness hits you Jesus keep in mind that I am

the key component in the complex equation that is your life let the soothing waves of my loving presence

envelop you as you unwind in its warm embrace difficulties will arise in the

business World however be of good cheer because I have overcome all obstacles

use the transforming power of kindness to withstand the overwhelming powers of evil May the light of my love illuminate

your way empowering you to face life’s challenges with unfaltering resolve and

resolve to overcome them sadly people often confuse good with evil and bad

with right so the world might seem like it’s drowning in bad news as I mourn the

world’s terrible events the weight of this truth might become too much to bear unless we have an open channel of

communication I am well-versed in the corrupt and dishonest side of human nature so I’m not

surprised I refuse to let myself be discouraged by the seemingly endless possibilities for evil that exist in the

world because my faith in a Redemptive religion compels me to shine as lights

among the Conquering darkness my beloved fans let the forces of evil Gasper your

commitment to relentlessly seeking virtue even as they seem to benefit

ascendancy this can mean standing up to the injustices that weigh on your conscience or it might mean spreading

biblical righteousness in your own unique way that works with your own things and events

praying with an attitude of active pursuit of the ideal rather than passively bemoaning the existence of

evil may change your awareness a lot of people flaunt their selective Nature by

revealing parts of themselves before me some people are afraid to confide in me

about behaviors they think others who have experienced the burden of terrible emotions would find humiliating or

disgraceful people often put off getting treatment for their problems because they are over overwhelmed by feelings of

Shame remorse loneliness and concern some people seem so engrossed in their

fights that they forget I’m constantly with them but this isn’t always my intention when it comes to you I’m

intensely aware of the broken parts of you that yearn for healing some have stayed with you as you’ve said your

goodbyes you remember them as essential to who you are and carry them around with you like unspoken

responsibilities freeing you from those shackles and showing you the way to Independence is my deepest wish

releasing oneself from long-standing painful patterns might also take time

but the key to long-term healing is being in my loving presence repeatedly embrace the journey toward

Liberation and as the chains fall you could find my delight in ever expanding

Realms proceed with caution my darling when I speak to you these days the ordeal you’ve been through is now over

get over your sadness now have faith recharge your batteries nose up a time

of calm and plenty is on its way to you it is my hope that you will not feel like a failure make it a habit to

deliberate on your own I stand by my promises and the terms I use with them

because I am a winner all kinds of Supernatural advantages are available to you you may not be able to see them

clearly right now but they do exist depression and problems are gradually

going away therefore the moment has arrived your efforts to remain strong

and unfazed by the obstacles the adversary has thrown your way have finally paid off and I can give you what

you deserve you will soon be rewarded you may rely on the triumphant crown and

the pie that can be found just on my Throne I can get it for you right now

take a brave step and make the most of each day the power you use and the

sources I provide are both ingenious with all my love I am telling you my darling that you do not need to

be sad any longer be happy because what I’m about to tell you is true you need

to purge yourself of any negativity dust yourself off and free yourself from dread and uncertainty I can clothe you

in genuine Holiness and restoration remember that you are here to fulfill a purpose and an agenda you should not

spend your life like atheists those who let their problems dictate their every move or those who find joy in transient

and meaningless Pursuits think about what I’m saying to you today because these are the

beginnings of a time of great blessings and prosperity for you when you will see the manifestation of Miracles and other

worldly events today marks the end of all the hardship sorrow and suffering

you have endured your family your future your finances and even your identity

will be changed by the miracle I place in your hands everything in your life will change from this point on my little

one you are loved by me also this very second I will give you the key that

unlocks the door to your miracle and blessing my statement is really strong

and living please accept delivery of it in doing so it will Purge you of all

impurities restore your health and destroy the debilitating erroneous beliefs that have taken root inside you

my little little one I hope you understand how much I care about you and how my blessings will always be with you

on this special day no matter what path you choose I’m able to shower you with my gifts and Grace with you you will

carry my protection and my decision in times of trouble and trials my

miraculous hand will shield you you will never be alone because I will keep my

word to you no matter how many times you fall I will be there to help you get back up in the depths of Despair my

presence will wrap around you like a warm blanket please have full faith in me since I can typically advocate for

you I want you to succeed in all that you do and I have good plans for you so keep that in mind on your journey to

fulfill Your Divine Mission I will never leave you even if you can’t feel my presence I will never leave your side

there is no limit to my affection always remember that you are my most prized possession and that my love for you is

unbreakable no matter what stay strong my child for my unwavering love will

always be there for you no matter how high the stakes rest certain that you

and your family will never be in need as I will fulfill my promise to bless you abundantly so keep going ahead without

losing heart there is no depth to which you can sink my dear child I can be by

your side at all times pay attention to what I’m saying today and think think about me over the years of my loving

care for you I will increase your might your faith and all your blessings as

I’ve watched you make your way across this foreign land I felt your pulse rate and heard your every breath regardless

of your health or weaknesses I have consistently used your Element no matter what my love for you will always be

unwavering and true I genuinely like you and no matter how many times I fail to

live up to my expectations I will always have compassion and love for you I may

never want to be apart from you you must know that I am constantly by your side

and that you are my most precious possession and greatest gift your inner turmoil your concealed anxieties and

your repressed pain have all been seen by me every thought every tear you’ve

shed every shared laugh every challenge you’ve overcome and every happiness that

has found its way into my heart has always been a reflection of yours it fills me to the brim with joy to witness

your success and growth because I know you have a special place in this world

why do I feel the need to inform you my little one that my love knows everything

my light will be a lighthouse that leads you to truth and salvation even when you feel like giving up when you’re feeling

weak and helpless I can generally be there for you holding you in my hands

you may not find someone else to guide you in the right direction even in the depths of night my love will find you

there is no place you can flee to where my love cannot find you I will hunt for your heart as a Shepherd does for a lost

sheep and I will bring it back into the Embrace of my everlasting love my love has no bounds it transcends the expanse

of space and time and I will triumph over every obstacle that stands in my

way do not succumb to hardship or let the transient joys of of this life

dictate your lifestyle respond and turn away from the evil that you have done it

has brought nothing but misery and Devastation into your lives keep your pride in check give me complete control

of your heart and I will assist you in completing any task no matter how

difficult things become my love for you will never wne keep in mind that I already told you

that with a faith as little as a mustard seed you can move mountains as a beloved toddler I want

you to lift your arms in the sky and win my favor since nothing is impossible for those who believe in me at this very

moment I am giving you my grace my strength and my serenity so that you may face the challenges of this day with

courage and confidence remember that my love for you is unbreakable and that I

will always be by your side to hold you close keep your eyes on me and your spirit lifted up I will provide provide

you with the strength confidence and courage you need to overcome and go on

look I am coming swiftly and I will bring my praise with me to reward your faith and your labors today despite the

difficulties you fac during the day I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I care even if it hurts like hell I

can’t leave you even before you’re born please know that I’m here for you always

I want to bless and prosper you and provide you with a hopeful future according to the plans I have for your

life sometimes you may feel lost and confused but I want you to have faith in me and follow my lead I am the way of

life and truth and no matter how far you’ve wandered from me I will never leave you anytime you mess up I’m ready

to forgive you and start again with you there will never be a day when my love

for you ends there is no flaw or transgression that could ever separate us from my love for you these days I’d

want to tell you my darling that if you agree with me I may shower you with my abundant options with my grace and

blessings I will provide you with the pleasure and Tranquility that your soul craves your life is in my hands and I

can bring you genuine happiness in a world without fear or pain because I am your father my optimistic hand will be a

source of strength and support for you stay positive and move forward from setbacks take my statements at face

value believe me when I say this I get it you’re exhausted and vulnerable and

on the brink of giving up maybe you think I’ve left your side and I’m distant but listen I’m not I’m right

here with you if you need someone to talk to or advice on anything I’m here to assist you through it all no matter

how bad things become how many wrong choices you’ve made or how daunting things appear I will always be ready to

forgive you and offer you a new beginning you will never be able to break my unending love for you please

know that you have people who care about you I will be by your side to provide guidance and support no matter how awful

things seem if you want to find your path your truth and your existence I’ll show you the way there is no way for me

to escape you keep moving forward no amount of setbacks or mistakes should Define you even in the midst of tragedy

instead give some thought to what I’m saying and Trust what I’m telling you right now give me control of your life

so I may ease your cares and carry your heavy loads as your God I am able to

handle most of your problems you need only surrender yourself to me and I will take them away as your God I will never

leave your side instead of apologizing for the trouble you’ve caused be lowly

and give your whole heart to me then I will help you succeed in anything that you set your mind to nothing is too

difficult for me to handle when it comes to my love for you which has never wavered recall that I already taught you

that even a little seed of Faith May conquer great obstacles Believers in me can do all they set their minds to so my

beloved child raise your hands in the air and I will grant your wish Grace and

advantages I am bringing you power tranquility and Charisma right now so

that you may face the future fearlessly and confidently never forget that my love for you is unbreakable and that I

will never abandon you exactly what you said I have the strength faith and

bravery to conquer this and go forward so get up and stand up see I am

approaching swiftly and I will repay you for your faith and labor so be courageous and hold fast I will bring

the crown of existence when you’re down and out my beloved come to me for comfort in the new form of my presence

am I always by your side ready to lend you a helping hand even when your busy

schedule makes it difficult to remember that I’m here the demands placed on you may take all shapes and sizes from being

harsh to being kind guilt-ridden or even benign when these anticipations build up

they become heavy weights that press down on you when you feel like you’re about to collapse under the weight turn

to me sincerely and ask me to lift the heavy loads you’re carrying so that I may carry them instead share with me the

burdens that you are carrying and Let The Guiding Light of my presence illuminate them showing you the way

forward this equal light will no longer only calm you as it penetrates your

whole Essence it will fortify you bestowing upon you power and plenty let

your heart open to the healing power of my holy presence and as you joyfully worship open your arms to receive my

benefits freely into your soul Ed I grant you times of leisure when I impart

Tranquility that exceeds all knowledge take rest despite my beloved and relaxing them motivate people to master

the skill of finding Joy despite obstacles that contradict their expectations every day you will face

challenges that are beyond your control thus do not start out with the intention of bending your will

completely keep in mind that my purpose for you goes beyond fulfilling your fanciest desires and making your life

Carefree rather I beg you to have faith in me no matter what happens you can

expect to experience frequent dissatisfaction if you decide to continue searching for your roote

entirely please do not waste your time and energy bemoaning the irretrievable Beyond after all you cannot change it

rather take advantage of my assistance with the present and ground your desire in the Assurance of a future Guided by

me so go forth and find Repose putting your faith in my rule over your lives

keep in mind that I am always always close by inside the boundless Embrace of my abundant presence and that the joy

radiating from my face lights up your life and fills you with an overwhelming feeling of bliss amen


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