? God Message For You Today ?? | This is a happening in an Unseen World For Your Family…‼️

today God is speaking to

you my dear children you should discover

ways to agree with God’s timing you can

be sure that proper

now God is arranging all the portions to

come together to exercise session his

plan for your

existence he has been operating for your

favor long earlier than you encountered

the problem don’t grow impatient and

attempt to pressure doorways

open don’t try to make matters take

place in your very own strength the

solution will come and it will likely be

right on

time if you have faith in the Lord

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video God sey noticed what they did to

you you in

I felt you dealing with it in

silence and hurt

I I watched how they hated you and tried

to destroy you I heard when they talked

about you and lied on you I understand


all but I saved you and watched over you


I actually have organized a desk

within the presence of your enemies two

will be your breakthrough

year enter amen if you need God’s


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