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God is a message for you today

at my first and four no man stood with

me but all men forsake me I pray God

dead it may not be laid to their charge

not withstanding the Lord stood with me

dead by me the preaching might be fully

known and at all gentles might hear and

I was delivered out of the mouth of the


evil work and will praise me until his

Heavenly Kingdom

for this cause God give them open to a

while Affliction or even their women

discharge the natural huge and to date

which is against nature

and likewise also Tamil loving the

natural use of the woman

in their lust one to Earth at another

man we eat men working that wage is

unseemly and receiving in team fields

that recompage of their error which was

made and even as they did not like to

retain God in their knowledge

do not be afraid same world replied you

have done all this evil it do not turn

away from the Lord but server the Lord

with all your heart

if you believe

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