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my beloved child you are reading these words because I have a vital message

tailored for this pivotal moment I am actively heeding your cries your cares do not fall on deaf

ears I come to you on this day with a heart overflowing with paternal

love as your creator I wish to impart Divine wisdom to illuminate Your Inner

Essence and guide your footsteps through life’s tumultuous Seas I the Lord your God

am ever attentive to your please I watch protectively over you

eager to lead you when confusion or adversity arise in your sojourn through this

Earthly realm you will encounter Souls gripped by Envy who Harbor ill intent and seek to undermine you consider this

a loving caution be Discerning of those you allow into your confidence though

they may greet you with smiling countenances behind the facade May lurk hidden malice their honeyed words may

conceal sharp lies aim to corrode your spirit stand Resolute against such

serpents who plot against you for their Envy mirrors their own inner dysfunction

as one graced with mortal flesh there will be times when your trust is betrayed and this may wound your heart

you may question your worth after being beguiled by false agels yet never forget the fickle words

of others do not Define your intrinsic value you were fearfully and wonderfully

made possessing a unique Soul spark and a pivotal role in this tapestry of

existence when the sting of betrayal threatens to Eclipse your light flee unto me unburden your cares self-doubts

and Dread into my encompassing Embrace in my presence a profound peace

will permeate you and my love will envelop you like a shelter ing cocoon

let no callous judgments dim your god-given Brilliance or confidence my love for you is measureless my Mercy

endless though circumstances churn chaotically around you my affection is

changeless my hand upholding your Victory secure weave your Social Circle with

Souls who offer genuine care and support Foster relationships grounded in truth

loyalty and mutual esteem these individuals will be steadfast pillars during storms radiant

lamps in darkness seek out those who perceive your true worth who fan your

personal growth and Kindle your joy those who value you Beyond The Superficial tirelessly reminding you of

your potential be wary of fair weather friends who only draw near hoping to

exploit your Prosperity take this wisdom to Heart freely give of yourself to enrich others

lives through Good Will yet for Souls harboring malicious designs whilst basic

courtesy may be warranted prudently withdraw from entanglements that breed

bitterness Stand Tall in the authority I have vested you resolvly follow your

calling unaffected by the schemes of detractors have utmost confidence that I

have endowed you with all needed prowess to fulfill your aspirations and Conquer

adversity when beset by weakness or uncertainty my

spirit has been your bullwark and guide Avail yourself of my omnipotence

standing with you reach out to me in every season I’m perpetually at your side

listening comforting Illuminating the way ahead through intimacy with me

discover courage to face trials and boldly speak truth I counsel you today to to return

good for evil to overcome bitterness with Love’s power to foster a heart brimming with compassion resist currents

of negativity seeking to erode your capacity for benevolence you possess an indomitable strength a Divine spark

mirroring my Essence for I crafted you in my image your willingness to walk in

my ways testifies that my Invincible might and effulgent Glory reside within

you unleash the light I have deposited inside you let it Blaze brightly even in

the Gloom of adversity your uniqueness is an asset not a liability detractors

who spew envy and contempt are often intimidated by your authenticity and Brilliance proceed in confidence aware

you never Traverse this Gauntlet alone your heavenly father stands unwaveringly

at your side ready to lift you up when you stumble and dry your tears when Sorrows

Cascade entrust yourself fully to my infinite wisdom and everlasting love love which always defeat jealousy and

falsehood refuse to allow others lies to shape your identity or steal the peace I

bequeath know with immovable assurance that you are treasured beyond measure regardless of any demeaning words turn a

deaf ear to schemes meant to undermine you find refuge in my tender care and Advance with courage I will Empower you

to rise above every challenge or accusation I gift you today with my INE

able peace and Vigilant safekeeping my timing is Flawless

perfectly synchronized with your Soul’s Journey my seeming silences are not a

withdrawal of affection But A Promise of Greater things ahead what I have

prepared will far Eclipse your requests not only will I grant your heart’s

desires but also impart wisdom to cherish and protect these blessings

those long-held dreams are coming to fruition before your your eyes get ready for a season of abundant outpouring and

open doors is upon you new friendships founded on sincerity will emerge release

relationships poisoning your growth people obsessed with criticism and dragging you down their minds churn with

schemes to sabotage you but I intend your peace and joy to increase seek out

connections that enlarge your capacity not constrain you when desolation threat

to overwhelm cry out to me and I will respond listen intently for these words

hold power for transformative remembering my voice infuses strength

kindling hope within you every phrase etches my precepts indelibly upon your

heart ask yourself who can truly harm you when I the Lord of Heaven’s armies

am your rock solid guard if anyone desires you ill bring their name before

my Throne close your eyes bow in my presence releasing them to my judgment

such tormented souls are ens snared by Darkness but you must not allow bitterness to taint your Pure Heart

countless times I have spoken into your spirit your spiritual senses are Awakening your vision of Eternal reality

sharpening now you recognize my loving benevolence is genuine not some ephemeral

Apparition I’ve inscribed your name in The Book of Life documenting every cry and request you have made I exhort you

be courageous and unwavering my timing is Flawless never

early nor delayed I alone am your shelter in adversity your shield in

danger your abundant provision my empowering support is inexhaustible even

extending to your lineage so banish anxiety for I will never abandon you I

am the remedy for any sickness or wound whether natural or emotional I seek

wholehearted faith in me honesty before me obedience to my ways persistent in

prayer and unswerving in Allegiance hear my summons responding

with trusting Faith persevering patience reveals my promises refuse anxiety about

the future your charge is to trust and Obey one day at a time fretting signifies faltering

confidence in my perfect care and questions my sovereignty yes there are times when weariness clouds your

faculties birthing frustration yet even then I remain beside you as an ally not

an adversary even now I am setting a lavish banquet of blessings before you as adversaries look on powerlessly I

will Elevate and honor you in in their sight I will guide you by my spirit into previously unknown Dimensions making you

a vessel to bring many to Salvation inspired by your testimony of resilient

Faith Against All Odds you stand on the precipice of an era of Wonders a witness

to extraordinary events in both your life and of those you love make ready

your heart for this new chapter soon to unfold Embrace spiritual virtues of

humility gentleness and patience protect your heart from self-sufficiency and

never forget I am the source of every gift set apart regular time to meet with

me seeking my face prepare your spirit to receive new dimensions of Joy my affection for you

runs deeper than the oceans do you truly believe in my extravagant love for you

challenges are ephemeral but my righteousness and peace will ultimately

prevail grasp my hand with tenacious Faith together we will weather every

storm and emerge with greater Authority and anointing as joint airs In My Kingdom understand that when adversity

seemed to drown you when you felt abandoned and directionless you were never

forsaken though some grew doubtful or withdrew in judgment yet I remained faithful an invisible Ally empowering

your Awakening resilience with a faith frequently buffeted yet never complet completely

vanquished you pressed on and so shall you continue from glory to ever increasing Glory sustained by my

magnificent Grace my mercies are new every morning my faithfulness endures

through all generations I will never leave you nor forsake you my treasured

child my child I speak to you now to offer Comfort hope and reassurance in

this time of turmoil though storms rage around you take heart for you are safe in the

shelter of my love the tears that fall are not in vain in time sorrow shall

turn to Joy the loneliness you feel shall shift to contentment in my

presence the future stands bright though Shadows yet linger the battles that wear

you down shall soon end the obstacles towering over you now shall topple and

when Freedom comes bursting forth Run To Me With Arms Wide I shall embrace you as

only a devoted father can our journey is not done though your steps grow heavy I

will renew your strength the road ahead glows golden and sure do not lose sight

of it do not lose hope this moment is ours let nothing delay us together we

shall walk into Sunrise draw back the shroud of Gloom that covers your spirit

allow my light to flood every dark corner within you let my voice drown out those Whispers of fear I shall sweep

away the cobwebs of Haunting memories I fill up spaces long abandoned

make room for me and I shall dwell gladly In You by my hand your book of

Dreams shall overflow with wondrous Visions I have ready for you before time itself while stars were

yet unformed I saw you and loved you now heaven exalts for you have given me the

highest place in your heart heart our fellowship is sweet yet dangers lurk

eager to devour a thief skulks in Shadows seeking to kill and destroy all

good gifts I bestow but stay on the path with me as guide my spirit imparted to

you shall keep you safe do not grasp at offers of attention and approval the

world dangles as bait these lead only to emptiness in the end rather come to me as you you are

pour out your heart to me in full Assurance of my love in my word I speak

wisdom to strengthen and guard you in its Pages wait Parables to guide your

steps testimonies to stir your faith songs to lift your

spirit learn from those who walked this road before you frail as they sometimes

were by faith they overcame they closed Lion’s mouths toppled kingdoms

endured every deprivation yet continued on their eyes saw beyond the scene to

the Eternal weight of Glory I held out to them this same promise I extend to

you the trials the test you now cannot compare to the joys awaiting in my very

presence here you shall find a sanctuary of unconditional love and

acceptance here dwell Mercy Grace and profound peace for a weary

Soul turn aside from the world’s vain offerings choose instead the better

portion I provide a tempest stirs and rages through every sphere of Life kingdoms

crumble riches take Wings doors of opportunity slam shut but under my wing

you can rest secure and undisturbed the chaos cannot touch you

your place in my kingdom is assured even now blessings flow steadily

into your life you shall not want strength will rise within you to pursue every good

Endeavor though enemies taunt and accuse fear nothing when exhaustion bends your back

take my hand I will lead you away to a quiet sanctum for refreshment my voice

will speak gently to you there reminding you of my constant nearness you may hold tight to my strong

arm arm for support here is a safe harbor for your weary Soul open your

ears this day to the message I Proclaim specially for you hope yet lives your

cries have been heard the Wilderness wanderings shall soon end barriers

erected against you shall fall no foe can block my purposes or cut you off

from my bounty you possess all you need to Traverse this difficult stretch of road

but now more than ever you must seek me earnestly in prayer awaken spiritual

senses attuned to my voice immerse in scriptures cleansing Waters draw near

with Open Hands to receive from my heart an outpouring of Grace find a quiet space to meet with me there speak and

listen with deepest longing let my overwhelming presence wrap itself around

you like sunlight be still and know that I am God I will speak deep with within

truths you need for the days ahead my peace passing understanding will guard

your heart against fear you can go forward now confident the way opens

before you where you lack courage or Insight I will provide all that is needed every step when Comfort eludes

you come running to my Sheltering Arms rest against my Beating Heart a while be

filled up again give thanks today for health still flowing in your veins for

provision on your table for dear ones resting under your roof in all these

things my tender care for you shows forth name them and taste gratitude

Behold The Compassion that attends you pay attention as well to the small Graces that Adorn each day’s path the

sweet warble of bird song praising me dappled shade patterns from trees I

planted eons ago kindly helpers I arrang to assist you all speak eloquently of my

hand ever reaching out to bless my child do not be swallowed in sorrow’s Abyss my

love is a blazing light driving back every shadow lift your eyes often to drink in its Golden Glow let Faith rise

up on wings of soaring hope renewed the troubles piling against you shall soon

dissolve as morning Mists stand firm the schemes of enemies cannot prevail

their taunts and accusations will melt away before my righteous power you will

emerge from the fry shocked at your sudden turn of Fortune every tear replaced with laughter every loss

restored a h hundredfold songs of rejoicing will well up to Thrill your soul Lift High your

Hallelujah my words are seeds planted in you to yield a Bountiful Harvest that

which I pronounce be it healing provision or salvation shall blossom in fullness of

time nothing thwarts my promises taking root and ripening to fruition watch for surprising changes

even now beginning to Bud renewed physical strength will course through your frame finances will stabilize debts

shrink down family bonds grow sweeter and stronger my new mercies shall overflow

in every direction yet for this overflow to pour forth you must trust unwaveringly in my

True Heart toward you release the death grip on past pains that I may wash them

clean cooperate wholly with my spirit’s work in you to shape my very image the

past is dead behold even now all things are becoming new soon my handiwork shall

be displayed openly for many to see and stand amazed but eyes must First Look Beyond

surface troubles to discern my presence brooding over chaotic Waters of Life

transforming resurrecting releasing joy and fruitfulness where once sadness and desolation rained Marvels lie just

ahead meanwhile stay your focus solely on me let not circumstances distract you

pour out loving devotion upon me who alone is worthy I Am Lord of lords whose steadfast love for you shall never fail

abide in in Hope a rich abundance of blessings speeds toward you even now

each day my words sink down ever deeper into your inner being promising life and

peace fortifying courage and perseverance soon you shall grasp the

full intent and power carried in these holy seeds of Truth planted in

you have patience therefore and be strong fret not over occasional setbacks

that see seek to hinder they shall not Prevail gaze beyond the scene to Soaring

vistas of future Glory I have prepared for you my precious one the Harvest

comes this world has dealt harshly with you I know the accuser ever looks to

sift and Destroy one such as you but his efforts shall ultimately fail no

opposing force can touch you without first passing through my hand and my hand shall defend you mightily even as

it molds my character ever more purely in you I see every hurt and recognize

each sorrow now I come to restore joy and beauty from ashes I will heal tender places within

that yet cause you pain receive a new my comfort and enabling

Grace I make Wars to cease and silence the voice of your lifelong

foe you must rise up now from depths of despair throw off the chains that bind

you take the step of faith I set before you this moment the forces arrayed

against you shall flee the Red Sea path opens for you just in time complete

Victory is assured for one who abides in me my eye is upon you constantly I know

your frame and all its weaknesses but also I see Destiny’s bright Shore draw

steadily nearer you shall finish your course with joy my extravagant dreams

for you shall be fulfilled at last therefore lift up your head and straighten your shoulders grasp my

mighty hand in yours and feel its unconquerable strength transfuse you we

walk this out together you and I our strides may be small but steady ever

gaining ground my blazing presence goes before you to clearly light the way

there remains a distance yet to cover before you enter into full Revelation and manifestation of all I have spoken

over you but fear nothing for I shall Perfect all that concerns you my

promises are yes and amen events Now set in motion cannot be

reversed transformation has invaded like leaven permeating all areas of your life

relationships Health finances purpose as you yield continually to my

inward workings as you cast off constantly grave clothes of the former

ways behold the new comes bursting forth the world may Mock and

misunderstand for a season but soon my glory shall be showcased through you

undeniably your mouth shall be filled with laughter and your tongue with leaping praise Deliverance

comes my promises T not that which I have spoken flashes forth even now with

lightning speed the new day dawns this is but the first thin Ray yes I

have walked each step alongside you in Tempest winds and still summer nights

through laughter and tears I have been present You Are Not Alone nor have you

ever been though at times the way seemed Steep and darkness pressed

close even then did I not send angels to guard your path was there not always a

glimmer of light to guide your feet this day I bid you lift your eyes and

see the storm clouds are breaking the season of trial draws to an

end and an era of blessing begins can you sense it in the air this expectancy

this newborn hope fragile as a bud in early spring yet pulsing ready to unfold

at the kiss of the Sun a shift is coming the Shadows receding as rays of my favor

shine on all you hold dear what do you see on the horizon my child

do scenes of prosperity and peace fill your thoughts visions of plentiful Harvest stor rooms

overflowing pictures of your loved ones doing well each following their true

purpose tell me your dreams and know they Echo the desires of my own heart

for you have I not fashioned your innermost being and called you to life for such a time as this to plant and

nourish to mend and restore to spread light and healing wherever your path

leads the doors will open one by one step through in faith when they do the

way will become clear as you commit each moment into my hands will challenges

remain without question yes but haven’t we weathered storms together before and

did I not bring you through refining and shaping you for greater things in the

process this time will prove no no different though perhaps less painful for the lessons already learned when

adversity comes do not lose hope but steady your nerve and stand firm in the truth of Who You Are For You are my

beloved one purchased and claimed my spirit resides in you

guaranteeing triumph over every foe take up the sword I provide my word alive and

sharp and wield it boldly but also be quick to extend Mercy to those who stand

against you as I guide so must you follow in granting

forgiveness if weariness threatens to overwhelm you as at times it surely will

there is no shame in admitting your need for rest return to me to the shelter of my

wing The Refuge of my heart as often as required I will wash your spirit clean

and send you out renewed others will will observe the change as your steps grow lighter fueled

by Inner gladness let it spill over into their lives this holy laughter this deep Soul

Joy it will spread like the dawning driving away night

Shadows many who watch you will pine for the same when they ask The Secret Of

Your Peace simply tell them of my great love for all people assure them no heart is so broken

or soiled that I cannot make it new and what of those nearest you how fair they

bring your concerns over family and friends entrust their cares to my hand

knowing I desire their welfare far more than you ever could have I not etched their names upon

my Palms I will minister to them directly orchestrating Divine encounters

to woo their hearts but you also must play A Part my child let them witness my nature

reflected in you my patience in your speech my compassion in your dealings my

Integrity in all your conduct though some may scorn and reject me for a season my spirit continues striving

within them urging them toward truth in time they will recall your gentle

Fidelity and seek me as well for now I recommend focusing on those I send

across your path the Brokenhearted the Hopeless those ravaged by sin or walking

in Shadow bind up their wounds dry their tears lead them gently to my feet and

watch what love can do to transform a life let this be your ministry for today

tomorrow will disclose its own learn also the importance of timing of quiet

waiting of following my cues remain alert to Direction neither

lagging behind nor rushing ahead in your eagerness the fruit ripening in others

hearts will drop in due course do not bruise it by premature picking but leave it to swell fatter on the

vine my friend you have so much to anticipate in days ahead as I open doors

of opportunity boldly walk through in confidence and as old dreams fade grieve

not what is left behind but entrust them to my care I will redeem the moments

using all to strengthen and equip you for this next leg of the journey you still perceive merely the first thin

Rays preaging a Golden Dawn it will continue brightening into blazing noon

Splendor if you but keep your eyes fixed on me I am eager to reveal wonders you

cannot yet imagine the time of preparation races to completion your release into life and

purpose draws nigh continue yielding yourself to my hand let me shape your character and

align your thoughts Thoughts with my will until we see as one soon you will grasp the motive beneath it all why I

permitted the difficulties and delays but understand all has followed the pattern I ordained from of old now brace

yourself beloved and steal your heart for battle though opposition lurks in the shadows I ride with you no weapon

formed against you will ultimately Prosper my cherished one as you stand on

the brink of new beginnings let me guide your gaze beyond the temporal into the

realm where Eternal truths shape your existence this moment ripe with

possibility beckons you to embrace the fullness of your Divine

Heritage in this journey you call life I have not merely been a distant Observer

but an active participant every challenge you faced every obstacle that seemed

insurmountable was under my watchful eye designed not to break you but to forge

within you a resilience a depth of character that mirrors my

own the pains and pressures of this life are not markers of my absence but

evidence of my intricate work within you shaping you into a vessel of Honor fit

for my purposes as you navigate the complexities of Human

Relationships remember that I have called you to be a light in the darkness a beacon of hope in a world often

clouded by despair in interactions both fleeting and Lasting let your conduct

always reflect my love and grace be quick to listen slow to speak

and slower still to anger your words have the power to heal or to wound

choose them with the wisdom I freely offer in times of solitude when doubt

Whispers and loneliness looms know that my presence envelops you the quietness

is not not absence but a Sacred Space for our communion here in the Stillness

I whisper truths about your identity your worth and your purpose that are too

easily drowned out by the world’s cacophony in these moments of intimate

exchange let my assurances be the anchor for your soul remember the path I’ve

laid before you is unique marked by opportunities to display my love in ways only you can

Embrace this uniqueness not as a burden but as a gift to be shared with the world in your pursuit of success and

fulfillment guard against the Allure of worldly accolades true greatness is

found in service in the humble offering of oneself for the benefit of others as you pour out I will pour in

replenishing your spirit with my strength uring that you never run dry be

mindful too of The Company You Keep Sur round yourself with those who draw you

closer to me whose friendship sharpens and refines just as iron sharpens iron

so one person sharpens another these relationships rooted in mutual faith and love will sustain you

through life’s fiercest storms as you stand at the threshold of tomorrow looking forward with

anticipation remember that my plans for you are good designed to give you a hope in a future the road May Twist and Turn

but my hand will guide you at every step trust in my timing it is impeccable

never early nor late but always precisely when it needs to be and so my

child as you continue forward carry with you the knowledge that you are deeply

loved not for what you do but for who you are my beloved in whom I

Delight let this truth fill you with a boldness to face face whatever comes

knowing that nothing can separate you from my love the days ahead are bright with

promise walk into them with confidence not in your own strength but in the

power of my spirit within you I have equipped you with everything you need for life and godliness your part is

simply to remain in me as I remain in you and together we will accomplish more

than you could ever ask or imagine so my precious one take

heart the journey continues and with each step you are closer to the

realization of your Divine Destiny I Am With You Always lifting you

up and drawing you closer to my heart The Best Is Yet To Come and I am eager

to walk every moment of it with you

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