🚨GOD SAID ‼️STOP‼️ MY CHILD । You will regret tomorrow if you skip this ।God’s advice today

God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

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said my dear son you are truly blessed

to be under my protection in this era of

distraction and turmoil do not let

yourself get overly involved in the

enemy’s plans keep your gaze fixed on me

always counter the lies of the Devil

With My Truth when others speak of

Affliction and bondage lead them to my

words of freedom and Liberation their

narrative strengthen the enemy

redirecting them strengthens faith faith

is seeing with the eyes of the spirit

and outcome aligned with my promises

refuse to abandon this Vision regardless

of natural

circumstances the enemy fights more

fiercely against growing faith for AUD

icious trust in me unleashes Miracles by

seizing the authority of Faith chains

fall and you are directed towards your


Destiny sometimes you need a fresh

revelation of what true faith is cling

to my word against contradictory

evidence walk in health and wholeness

renouncing illness as a lying Intruder

see finances flowing freely rebuke

scarcity as a deceiver stand firm in my

truth despite any assault as it is

written in Hebrews

now Faith is the Assurance of

things hoped for the conviction of

Things Not Seen when anxious thoughts or

fears bombard your mind recognize the

enemy’s plans God’s children do not

receive a spirit of fear or confusion

verbally command these mental oppressors

to bow to the name of Jesus remind them

of my triumph over all domination and

Authority you share in my victory use it

boldly even praising aloud for demons

scatter in the presence of Joy gratitude

replaces lies and problems disappear in

the light of my Supremacy if you agree

demonstrate this in the comments writing

the glory of God has power as it is

written in Philippians for veres to

do not be anxious about anything but in

everything by prayer and supplication

with Thanksgiving let your requests be

made known to God and the peace of God

which surpasses all understanding will

guard your hearts and your minds in

Christ Jesus I Reign Over every

challenge you face illness scarcity

anxiety I am accelerating my plans in

these last days what once took years now

happens in months expect to see

long-awaited breakthroughs manifesting

rapidly the floodgates are open

abundance spills forth old barriers

crumble before the momentum of my

advancing Kingdom your patient hopes

suddenly become reality did I not say

that eyes have not seen ears have not

heard the Wonders I have prepared for

those who love me I take your Mustard

Seed and magnify it into a tree bearing

Rich fruit trust in my extravagant

response you have not dreamed big enough

the desires of place in your heart

reflect only a fraction of what I intend

to do ask for a spouse and I will send

the perfect one more loving than your

boldest prayers seek a home and I will

give you a mansion with rooms filled

with joy cry out for finances and I will

open sources of abundance that exceed

your requests such is my joy to Delight

in blessing my children who walk in

harmony with the leadership of my spirit

I am the Giver who withholds nothing

good in these final times keep your

spiritual eyes open to see my glory

manifested through signs and wonders the

lame will walk the deaf will hear the

dead will be raised to life many will

say that these Miracles ended with the

scriptures but I have not promised even

greater ones through my spirit living

within you be attentive to waves of

healing deliverance and salvation

spreading like wildfire

the displays of my power and authority

through you will unleash a mass Harvest

as Millions enter my kingdom my revealed

Glory makes stubborn unbelief impossible

your lands will overflow with vibrant

conversions and communities advancing in

my values of justice and compassion

light conquers darkness and my light in

you is winning I am highlighting

unlikely Heroes to lead this end time

movement their hearts belong completely

to me without agenda or need for

recognition they simply live to know me

more deeply and make my goodness known

these hidden ones will carry across the

oceans their fire Awakening Purity and

purpose in all they touch the womb

releases fresh Revelations for a Time

such as this say yes to the Wild

Adventures I have prepared unparalleled

assignments to your abilities and

talents to Showcase my greatness behold

hold I am shaping vessels fit for my use

surrender to my hands the Potter who

molds you through strange trials embrace

the Unexpected Journey stay close to the

cross for fame and influence add subtle

Pride lean on each other in prayer

preserving the humility of your Unity

the ministry will flow in are you

willing to allow me to write through you

dare to go deeper trusting in my

narrative remember the pioneers of Faith

who explored the unexplored under my

guidance their legacies Inspire

Generations speak the word and I will

part Seas bring down walls calm storms

before you the sky is the limit when I

guide your steps keep an ear attuned to

my whisper sometimes I call you to

seasons of Silent rest and pooling of

strength other times I Propel you into

seasons of radical risk and acceleration

build resilience by adapting rhythms to

synchronize with my direction gold

emerges from the fires of patience and

character I tailor trials to strengthen

your gifts preparing you for heavier

responsibilities your commission takes

time consider job Joseph and David

Saints of old who face challenges almost

Beyond endurance enduring loyalty

preserve them to witness my Vindication

and an abundant Restoration in due time

none who wait for me will be ashamed

every loss will be redeemed believe in

this hope as it is written in Isaiah

but they who wait for the Lord

shall renew their strength they shall

Mount up with wings like eagles they

shall run and not be weary they shall

walk and not faint for now forgive all

debts against you as I have forgiven

yours break curses by blessing those who

persecute you have love for enemies and

it will burn away the grip of hatred

from your hearts you represent me by

dispensing radical Grace and compassion

this is my kingdom coming reject limits

see from my perspective of unlimited

potential in you renew your mind in my

word until you think unlocked thoughts

aligned with truth noise and agitation

distort your hearing in calm and

solitude dude my voice becomes clearer

learn to wait for your internal Compass

great dreams require great faith fueled

by revelation of my loving character for

you my beloved Son I will shape Delights

Beyond imagination tailored to Delight

your soul streams of Joy will overflow

from the banks of your heart waves of

Wonder will lift your spirit in

reverence Ray after Ray of my glory will

illuminate your journey with love God

hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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