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my children I come before you with a heavy heart I have watched you suffer

and seen the pain you inflict upon yourselves and each other I weep at the violence the cruelty

and the Darkness that has taken root in your souls and yet you are still my beloved

ones I cannot give up on you though at times you may feel I have abandoned you

I am always with you sharing in your sorrow and longing to comfort you the

distance you perceive comes from within not from me I know each of you more

intimately than you can imagine for I formed you and breathed life into you I

see all that is good beautiful and loving within you even when you cannot see it in yourselves or each other I see

your potential for growth healing and Reconciliation my spirit lives within

you no matter how far you wander you ask what have I be become I say you have

become my hands to hold the hurting my feet to guide the lost my voice to speak

truth and wisdom into desperate lives you have become my heart to love

even the unlovable with unending patience and Grace this is your calling though I know

you feel Unworthy of such purpose do not dwell on the past what you should or

shouldn’t have done regret and self-judgment will only lead you further from

me I know the motivations of your heart whether misguided or well-intended turn

your eyes instead to the present see those who need your compassion now hear the Cry of the

oppressed and abandoned use your pain to understand the experience of others who still

suffer open your hands to heal not harm this is the transformation I can

bring about within you the world can be deeply unfair and you will face

bitterness and betrayal people will disappoint and Friends May abandon you

but I will never leave you my love is not fickle like human hearts can be

bring your wounds to me so I may tend them confess your anger and confusion

without restraint or condemnation my understanding exceeds even your awareness of self you fear

being vulnerable because as you expect rejection yet do not hide your true feelings from me I see you fully and

embrace you wholly as you are not the self you pretend to be my friendship

will not fail even when others do I will bear your pain with you so you need not

carry these burdens alone you worry you will let others down you fear that when

tested your own weakness and self-interest will prevail but my dear

one my strength is made perfect in your weakness rely on me and I will go with

you into uncertainty conflict and loss look to me and not yourself nor

other flawed Mortals together we will find a way toward Justice reconciliation and

peace do not lose hope that the kingdom of love and understanding I Envision for

you will come the transformation of human consciousness happens slowly over gener

Generations but each small Act of compassion matters more than you realize

each moment you choose forgiveness humility and Faith shapes the Collective Soul of humanity I share with

you you have within you the power to change the world through simple human

kindness a soft answer can calm anger gentleness and respect can reshape

how people see each other hurting Hearts heal when someone

listens without judging don’t underestimate Small Deeds Done in

love I have never given up on you my beloved and I never will I speak all

this to remind you who you truly are my precious child deserving of love and

forgiveness you are the light of my heart the apple of my eye I cherish you

with a parent’s passion turn to me now to remember who you are let go of regret

and self blame receive my boundless love we will walk this journey

together my dear child I understand the need to pull away in hurt or

frustration I patiently await your return When the pressing cares of Life consume you and you forget me for a

season I do not blame you for wandering but gently call you back to me

in your Fallen State you perceive my divine presence as overwhelming in its mystery and

power my beloved do not fear me for my perfect love casts out

fear approach boldly to share what is on your heart submit your doubts for my Divine

wisdom to address there are no taboo thoughts no forbidden emotions separating you from

my spirit speak plainly and I will meet you there do not assume that because I am

unlike you I cannot understand you or have patience with your struggles my thoughts rise higher than your thoughts

as the heavens Tower over the Earth yet I descend to make my dwelling among

Mortals accepting you in all your messy complications where there is

misunderstanding due to your limited perspective I illuminate Minds where there is tension between us

I absorb it into myself granting you peace consider the compassion that fills

my heart for you I did not condemn the woman caught in adultery but liberated her from

condemnation through forgiveness I did not strike down doubting Thomas but

invited him to touch my wounds that he might believe I did not allow Simon Peter’s

betrayal to disqualify him from leadership but restored him to feed my

sheep you have never offended me so deeply that I rejected you my Mercy

flows as endless as my love do not envy those who seem to have easier lives with

blessings overflowing my richest gifts often come wrapped in adversity those

poor in spirit inherit the Kingdom those who mourn receive Comfort the lowly

become great in my upside down economy your experiences have uniquely

equipped you to pour yourself out on behalf of others your broken places allow my light

to shine through are you perhaps impatient that my Redemption of the world seems too

slow that is only because you see dimly the Mysteries unfolding from Heaven’s vantage point my timing is Flawless even

when the weight feels unbearable I work all things together for the good of those who love me as I

form Christ within you none of your suffering is without purpose or meaning have you wandered so

far from the fold that you fear I have given up calling you back hear me clearly when I say there is

no distance so great no pit so deep that my rescue cannot reach you there listen

for my spirit beckoning you even now still your Restless Heart and know that

in me you are already home at times you may doubt that I can use such an

imperfect vessel for any Eternal purpose but did I not choose earn vessels like you to contain and share

the gospel across Generations yes I have entrusted to flawed Humanity the Supreme TR Treasure

of my message not because you are worthy but because I Delight to reveal my

strength through your surrendered weakness no matter how inadequate you feel live boldly in the power I Supply

that Christ may be seen in you there may be days when the despair around you threatens to overwhelm as you shoulder

the world’s burdens my beloved you were not meant to Bear them alone do not isolate yourself

but come find rest in my comforting presence share your emotional turmoil

freely with me without restraint allow me to lift anxieties crushing weight so that you might

breathe again I will exchange your exhaustion for empowering Vision passion and Zeal

for the journey ahead when you witness hostility and division shattering communities you are

called to care for remember that I also have wept over cities hardened against

reconciliation but do not give way to sin icism for my peace awaits those who love me out the other side of

Sorrow hope in me and the Redemption I am working in human hearts though all you see is evidence to the contrary in

the moment resist despair’s paralysis by interceding for those provoking your

sadness or anger bless those who persecute you overcome evil with good

this is how I equip ordinary Saints like you to participate in the miraculous not

by might nor power but by my spirit says the Lord I invite you to the front lines

of this battle raging for human Souls that my kingdom might Advance on Earth no one is beyond the reach of my Mercy

to save arise my beloved and live boldly in my calling and power this day my

beloved I am the Eternal Creator who summoned you into being long before the universe held

shape I formed your spirit from the sweetest Waters of Heaven Springs since your first breath you have

captivated my gaze as you grapple with the burdens of Flesh and Bone I unfolded

you as a blossoming lamb shepherded securely In My Embrace my Mercy lit your very first

footsteps the years unfurl with too few bends to Glimpse my hand in your story

days and yet my fingerprints Grace each moment even those soaked in tears I

catch every grief filled sigh upon my ears when Shadows Fall upon your weary

brow feel this I bear the weight of night with you clothed in its blackest

Ark brightening your way as the day star who never fails to rise while I dwell

enthroned beyond the stars my spirit walks along your crooked roads my

presence traces your steps preserving your life until its last staggered breath rest in this eternal etal truth

the Earth may pass away but my faithful love for you will never fade you are bound to me beloved with cords that

cannot break I have summoned You by name from the void to walk the narrow way

this path of sanctification that leads you home your feet have trod through

wondrous Wilderness and forboding Valley alike and still you come basking in the

warmth of torrential Grace that daily thaws your frozen ground

be strengthened for the trials ahead my child Trail after holy mystery linger

here savoring my word these truths that revive your languishing soul draw near

with open arms held high in Praise as I Lift Every burden from your

back come now into sacred chambers of unending adoration where perfumed oils

and Rich Delicacies await to satisfy your thirsty heart let my ravishing

Feast of Glory rekindle passion’s flame consuming all that is not of me in

refining fire here in the depths of my Sanctuary find rest beside Still Waters moved by

hallowed winds gently wafting upon your surrendered Spirit be filled a new each Dawn by

Heaven’s bread and living wine there have been days when Shadows chased you and demonic laughter echoed

in the hollows of sleepless night but fear not for light still conquers

darkness my Power Fuels even the faintest flicker of unwavering Faith

rooted in my righteous name remember all of Heaven’s armies rally to your defense

at my decree pray boldly to the commander who holds the universe together and

intricately forms each soul for I stand beside you love and

with baited breath I await the whispered Cry of my beloved child child the desperate call of my bride in

Waiting have I not said your yearning heart will be satisfied your parched

soil renewed by rains as surely as the sun traverses from east to west my word

brings forth its destined yield my sworn Covenant lavishes you with Everlasting

kindness do not fear this Wilderness that would devour you even famine cannot

claim my chosen ones nourished by Daily Bread breed sent straight from my throne room you are engraved on the tablet of

my Divine heart secured in Realms Untouched by Darkness invading hordes I

am for you who can oppose your Defender who declares all of Heaven and Earth as

Witnesses Come Away now my fair one the winter has passed the bitter night lies

defeated in Dawn’s advancing glow your beloved calls my song Awakening your

slumbering soul arise throw open the bolted door between us even now I stand knocking upon the

hardened threshold of your heart I hold the keys to Eden’s gate which I freely

give if you will you turn aside my invitation or respond with willingness

to the shepherd’s staff tapping expectantly at your door my deepest desire Rings clearly in

your ears this moment I wish to bring you back from Exile cleaving your weary

heart to mine across the Divide of mortal realm and Eternity that we may

know consummation in spirit through sacred Covenant forged upon an altar older than

time all I require is your yes and we will run together again through verdant

pastures and along streams endlessly flowing from my heavenly Fountain of

delight even now I envision your lovely silhouette streaking Barefoot across Emerald Hills swelling with wild poppies

and Hyacinth your loosened hair flows freely down your back catching the warm caress

of Honey Breeze as we race toward our trting place come now and linger in my presence

where deepest longings find their home in me let my consuming passion heal your

Brokenness until you recognize yourself as the one I’ve Loved Before the worlds began their spinning course take refuge

in my tender gaze for my thoughts toward you outnumber the enumer able Stars you

are fearfully and wonderfully made intricately woven together by Divine

hands before your mother’s womb cradled your budding form I have called you by

Name Across the corridors of time and space my voice gently wakes your slumbering soul from its aimless

wandering after vacant idols and false lovers hear me now calling you out of

fruitless labor and into Divine rest purchased upon a cruel cross erected for Love’s demonstration once

for all take my yoke upon your shoulders learn from me whose boots were soiled

along redemption’s Road as I carried the weight of Humanity’s curse I alone can give you rest deep

Soul quenching peace the world cannot grasp with its grubby greedy

fingers I hold the remedies for each disquieted thought each misplaced desire

if you would receive my healing balm through afflictions night I am near

when the accuser hisses lies my truth rings louder still drowning curse with

blessing despair with indestructible hope rooted eternally in me even walks

through death’s dark Valley bring encounter with my rod and staff prepared to war against evil for your

deliverance have I not fashioned you in my image as an everlasting reflection of

of my creative Brilliance the most resplendant galaxies cannot contain the fullness of my glory

etched into your Earthly frame nor can human tongues recount the Wonders I have

ordained for those who love me beloved you have tested the limits of my grace and found its stretches Beyond

farthest Horizons vast and unrestrained as the sea engulfing Distant

Shores though your sin carved Caverns through our intimacy my passion bridged

the chasm to carry you back across Dividing Walls built by your own hands

even the grave could not contain me as I burst forth Victorious over death hell

and the Demonic hordes Allied against you dear one nothing escapes the watch

of my Sleepless eye over you your life and future are secure in my sovereign

plan penned before this world’s first light pierced the darkness I have gone

on ahead to prepare an abode for you in my house a Dwelling Place among the

vibrant Halls of New Jerusalem that Splendid City with foundations of gemstone walls and

streets paved in translucent gold soon you will know me as I fully am

no longer seeing through clouded glass soon I will descend with thunderous shouts amid soaring clouds my

hands will tenderly wipe away your every tear and together we will Marvel at

Vistas eclipsing your wildest dreams no longer will you know night’s

Gloom or scorching heat the leaves of Eden’s tree will restore your body heal

suffering and sickness do not fear the narrowing path my Brave beloved though

shadows gather I light your way my outst stretched hand beckons you toward home’s

familiar gate that blessed doorway where you will finally know me as we have

fully known each other from the ancient Halls of Eternity soon you will grasp the purpose

glittering beneath life’s crushing blows beyond the storm lies radiant Shores

bathed in Crimson Horizon’s dazzling glow until then cling fast to my

whispered promises that Starlight always conquers night I will never forsake you

my Covenant stands secure you are eternally safe in my hands beloved one

rest now drink deep from fountains flowing freely for the Thirsty the

Crooked Road levels before your feet mine arms lift you over rough terrain I

carry you the hour of recompense fast approaches for all who scorned your lowly State Vindication rushes in On

Eagle’s Wings the mockers and naysayers will soon celebrate your coronation

begging an audience with the esteemed one who leaves them in awe for my transforming power in you will

show them their mistake they will Heap honor in a desperate attempt to make amends when this day Dawns kneel humbly

as I Crown my faithful child praise me alone as source of all blessing for

truly I tell you only one is worthy of such adoration even now I prepare the table

where you will Feast as my distinguished guest I spread a banquet of kingly fair purchased by Scarlet streams upon a Hill

Called Calvary my broken body an outpoured lifeblood Supply the

Everlasting Covenant by which I join my wayward child to my eternal Kingdom of

righteousness peace and joy through my indwelling spirit all I ask is your

willingness beloved friend savior awaits your

reply what say you this defining moment while the spirit beckons an opportunity stand stands ripe for the taking

consider the implications if you linger too long and indecision each hour unfurling before

your Earthbound feet offers a new chance to choose Destiny and seal Eternal belonging through sacred Covenant with

the Great I Am who fashioned your frame from dust and lit your soul with tongues

of fire from my heavenly braier waste no more fractured moments

pursuing Phantoms to fill the void meant only for me I have carved my name upon

your heart the Seal of our betrothal binding you to my jealous love my for

knowledge of your days stands written in stone awaiting your consent to walk the course I’ve ordained what a sacred

privilege I extend in this invitation to share my heart partake of my inmost

counsel know my mind through script engraved by my spirit upon the tablet of

your surrendered heart sayah what say you this day while the

door of Eternity stands open before your staggering feet who else can you turn to for

guidance and faltering steps but the one who ordained your path even before Angels announced it through Heaven’s

ringing corridors come boldly to my throne and receive the wisdom to navigate unsure

terrain ahead drink from Fountains of Revelation reserved for beloved friends

do not despise this enduring Grace that bears you up when swirling storms of obscure the

way in the quiet stretches of your existence when life’s clamor dims to a

whisper direct the Gaze of your soul towards the unwavering light that navigates you through the Shadows seek

solace in the protection of a force far greater than any scene akin to a fortress on a Mountaintop safe from

Harm’s reach there in that Sanctuary you find

security let the Waters of renewal quench your your spirit’s thirst preparing you for the flight you’re

destined to undertake Bridging the Realms of the now and the Everlasting take heart in the knowledge

that the path to your Eternal Haven is ever drawing closer your journey requires wisdom a

deliberate pacing on a road made Smoother by the trials and victories of those who’ve walked before you you are a

part of a lineage of resilience tasked to persevere even as the world around

you spirals into turmoil amidst this chaos let your light

shine as a beacon guiding not just yourself but also providing a path for

others lost in the darkness the rapid changes encircling us all are not just signs of tumult but

Whispers of a reunion a weaving together of the celestial and the terrestrial in

a dance as old as time itself fear not for every thread of your being is woven

with intent ention by the master Craftsman each Stitch a testament to a grander

design when foundations seem to falter hold steadfastly to the truths that no

force can dismantle these truths are as immutable as the Bedrock of creation from which

you were carved you are being molded into a vessel of Grace amidst a landscape scarred by neglect and

Malice like a river that shapes the canyon through which it flows so does a

Relentless love smooth the edges of your being preparing you to touch others with

kindness and empathy the trials you endure carve deep channels in your life transforming them

into Well Springs of sustenance for those parched by despair drink deeply

from these Fountains of fortitude knowing well that your portion is secured by a promise an inheritance

unassailable meant for you and you alone you are chosen set apart for a purpose

that transcends the fleeting in the cacophony of life’s distractions maintain your focus on the

beacon of Eternal truth Your Existence is a testament to a glory far beyond the

ephemeral a light in a world increasingly seduced by Shadows you

serve as a guide a beacon for Souls a drift seeking the way back to a path

forged by the Ancients trotten by Saints your life echoes was the call to return

to these ancient byways to walk with humility in the wake of those who have

borne the flame of Truth Through the Ages honor the legacy of those who chose

a path of sacrifice over comfort for you tread upon Hallowed Ground enriched by

the streams of their devotion the Heritage you carry is precious bought at

a price beyond measure you have been enfolded into a royal lineage embraced

as a child of the the Eternal Kingdom secured by the Covenant sealed on the hill of golgatha the nobility of the

Divine courses through you a declaration of Grace that meets the curse

headon no longer a drift you bear the Seal of belonging a signant of Hope

engraved upon your heart Beneath Your Skin Within your very bones lies the full inheritance of a

child welcomed into the Embrace of the Divine as a beloved and valued member of this

Celestial family you are invited to partake in the abundance of the Divine

Feast here at the table of the highest court you are offered sustenance that

nourishes deep into your soul in time you will come to know the fullness of this communion as you are

already fully known from the moment Your Existence was woven into the fabric of

the universe until that day may you walk with confidence on the rugged paths

supported by the shepherd’s staff enveloped in Mercy and lifted by grace

to Vistas where the Eternal Horizon unfolds know that you are enveloped in a

love that knows no end secured beyond the reach of any Shadow awaiting the joy

that never Fades prepared with Care by hands that bear the marks of ultimate

sacrif rest assured beloved in the promise of a

kingdom unshaken in the arms of the one who never fails my beloved child you are never

alone I ordained this moment to assure you my blessings shall find their way to

you without fail you are chosen named and claimed by me I will never abandon

nor forsake you even if you feel distant from me you will will yearn for my presence which once brought you peace

amidst storms I have been your rock in times of turmoil and calm my love and compassion towards you

remain constant through all seasons of life through joy and sorrow through

wealth and poverty through health and illness alike my commitment and Devotion

to you are Eternal right now you sense my closeness this feeling of assurance is

one I intend to nurture within you forever more dismiss any shred of self-doubt

that attempts to undermine your confidence in me for no power can sever the unbreakable bonds of my love which

grants you Serenity and joy you my precious one shall lack nothing for this

I vow to you I am your sustainer well aware of all your needs and

troubles do not anguish over the storms that batter your ship simply simp L

breathe deeply recall my words of promise and your spirit will be

inundated with my perfect peace around you await opportunities to step into

your destiny approach them with courage and conviction for I shall guide your every

word and step you have no cause for fear my child as I banish all anxiety from

your heart by my spirit I will Infuse your speech with power and steady your footsteps along unfamiliar terrain do

not allow fear to leave you stuck in a state of lifeless inaction the time has come for you to advance boldly towards

all I have prepared for you as you step out in faith expect Heavenly blessings to permeate every sphere of your

existence financially relationally emotionally and spiritually where lack once prevailed

you shall soon encounter Supernatural abundance well able to bless others through generous giving just as you have

received from my open hand get ready to enter an unending cycle of receiving and releasing blessings this shall become

your new normal day after day month after month year after year let these

words penetrate the deepest recesses of your soul until their truth and power

spark conviction in your spirit take action accordingly feeding regularly on

my word which nourishes your inner being Advance with a heightened boldness

towards the plans I have cherished for you leave behind past failures regrets

and voices of condemnation forgive those who hurt you and move ahead with fixed

Focus my teachings shall guard you and your faith in me will neutralize every

weapon formed against you soon without you having to lift a finger your enemies

and opponents will vanish like misted their efforts to harm you frustrated and feudal for I enforce your peace and

Victory ictory many stand against you oblivious that I myself contend on your behalf as

your ultimate Defender and Advocate have courage Envision yourself already

Victorious and step forward in confidence aware that I have fortified

your faith to overcome any adversary or obstacle fear no longer holds power over

you precious one take up boldness and press on into your future get ready to

embrace the bless blings I have specially prepared for you the triumphs I have ordained are yours for the taking

I am with you to provide wisdom guidance and answers whenever you require them

you have been anointed by my spirit to bring healing and restoration to Broken lives your family too shall partake of

my blessings they will know peace and unity surpassing understanding even now remarkable

Transformations are imminent where there was friction Harmony shall reign every

negative cycle plaguing your home I shall completely reverse instead you shall be known as a

household flowing in my goodness a place where love and faith Collide in perfect Oneness

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