SERIOUS “HEAR ME NOW” – JESUS | God’s Message Today | God Helps

my dear child pay attention to my voice

as it gently comforts you don’t be

afraid I’m right here beside you you’re

not facing this

alone you will overcome even when it

feels like everything is working against

you your Triumph is close at hand stay

on this page and keep

watching It’s Not Mere chance that

brought you here if you’re listening to

this message it means your moment has


I want to show you something amazing in

the depths of your being you already

know it your spirit can feel it you’re

about to witness a mighty and incredible

Miracle with pure and simple faith I can

work wonders in your

life this is a truth I encourage you to

hear grasp welcome and receive with an


heart I realize you’re going through

difficulties but relax

knowing that I’m already acting on your

behalf you may feel lost and

unsure the clamor in your thoughts might

overpower the quiet Whisper of my Holy

Spirit don’t shut your ears don’t allow

frustration over past failures to crush

you be kind to yourself let go of self-

condemnation I know you used to feel

strong but now your power seems to be

waning I understand your exist

exhaustion you feel drained but my

strength is perfected in your

Frailty now I want you to rise up face

this challenge courageously and listen

carefully to what I’m about to tell you

don’t be afraid of those who hide in the

shadows plotting against you let these

words reignite the blaze of my love

within you you’ll learn to confront

hardships and tough

situations you’ll scale walls conquer

armies and hold your ground in the fight

like a valiant Warrior don’t let gossip

accusations or gathering storms unsettle

you I am your God and I’m with you I’m

your father and my greatest wish is to

guard you like a treasured

child my arm Shields you and no obstacle

or Foe is too big for I will give you

Victory you will prevail because I am

the Lord of riches the one who meets

your needs

I raise up the lowly and upright but I

bring low the dishonest and cruel who

Menace my people Triumph is yours I am

your Wellspring of power flee to me

amidst The Tempest I am your stronghold

your shelter your

God don’t imagine that this situation

will destroy your joy or Rob you of the

prosperity that’s in store for you

you’ve committed yourself to your loved

ones and approached me with burning


sense it your heart Soares with

gladness my power is already performing

miracles in your life thanks to your

loyalty and vibrant authentic

belief don’t fret you’ve taken action

and I’m here for you you’ve cried out

and I’m

responding I’ll bless you with many more

years filled with

Insight which you’ll use to bring my

light to those still lost in the

dark realize that when you pray I’m

listening anticipate my answer in your

heart allow me the opportunity to shift

your perspective and embrace my

reality I am your way your life your

Vigor in my word lies great

strength I want you to understand what

I’m saying to you when you hear my voice

and feed on these loving words I become

the solution to your troubles I hold in

my hands the key to setting you

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