?God’s Mercy | Today’s God Message | God’s Message For You Today ?

my dearly beloved Brothers and Sisters


Christ I greet and bless you all in the

name of our Lord and Savior Jesus

Christ on this day February th it is a

great pleasure to meet you in the

morning through this auspicious

message may the Lord bless you take with

me the

Lamentations through the Lord’s

mercies we are not

consumed because his compassions do not

not fail my dear brothers and sisters

today if you are alive and if you are

standing and not being destroyed or

consumed it is because of God’s

grace the Unseen enemy is always working

against you to destroy you to kill you

and to consume

you through witchcraft black magic and

sorcery but in the midst of all these

things if you are standing

today it’s not because because of your

own strength not your own capacity or

potential but by the grace of God that

you have not been

consumed we have many enemies whom we

can see but there is one enemy whom we

cannot see he is the devil he is one who


disaster one who brings incurable

disease he is always roaming about with

different schemes to destroy

you he is always coming to confront you

and attack you but the Lord fights for

you every minute so that the enemy

cannot destroy

you that is why you are alive today your

life has been preserved it is because of

God’s mercy or

Grace God consumes all his plans which

you should not consume all this is

because of God’s

grace God says that you have not been

consumed because of the grace of

God there is no end to the special Grace

that he provides for his children

children what does that Grace

do that day when Bemus cried out to the

Lord to show

mercy God immediately gave him sight and

blessed him with a new

beginning when the woman from Canaan

cried out to the Lord for healing her

daughter God took pity on the woman and

hence performed a miracle and healed the

young girl from the clutches of the evil

spirit today God will come down and take

pity on you and perform a miracle for

you God will deliver you from sin from

curse from disease and from bondage

shall we pray with

faith dear Lord we thank you Lord you

have said that it is the grace of God

that we are still alive and are able to

hear and watch this auspicious word of


today Lord I pray that you will send

your word to every house and bless all

those who hear your

word Lord Lord I pray that you will take

pity and come down and Grant them the

good health that they expect and the

miracle that they expect

today I pray that you will grant healing

for the diseases that people are

suffering from healing in their kidneys


liver and their lungs from skin disease

the Lord descends upon them performs a

miracle for them and causes them to be

joyful in jesus’ name we pray

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