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my dearly beloved Brothers and Sisters


Christ I greet and bless you all in the

name of our Lord and Savior Jesus

Christ on this day February th it is a

great pleasure to meet you early in the

morning through this auspicious

message may the Lord bless you take with

me from the book of Psalm

blessed is everyone who fears the

Lord who walks in his ways

my dear brothers and sisters we have

heard some

say what for you well you are very

fortunate you are so blessed that means

you are very

fortunate your children are so blessed

they have all the

facilities they have all the opportunity

you have done it for

them your father is very fortunate

because you take good care of your

father some will say really your

children must be really fortunate

because you have acquired all the wealth

and property for

them and you have settled all your

children what is the meaning of

blessed one who enjoys all the blessings

and is living a well-placed life is

known as being

blessed all of you must live such a

life you must be blessed with both

spiritual and Earthly

blessings also you should be blessed

with physical blessings good health and

strength God wants you to be blessed

with a happy and content

life if you should live with all the

good things in

life with all wealth and

riches then God has stated a condition

for you to follow in this

verse you need to fear the

lord you should walk in the fear of the

Lord in all your

ways it is not enough if you say I’m a

God-fearing man but he who fears the

Lord walks in his

ways so he who fears the Lord and walks

in his ways will live a Content

life today you have all the blessings

but there is a lack of one of the

blessings the woman of shunamite had all


blessings the Bible says she was a woman


honor but if you look deeply inside of

her we come to know that she did not

have a

child so there was no fullness to all


blessings she did not have a child for


years but God through the prophet Elisha

gave a prophecy that she would get a

son and accordingly she gave birth to a

son at the appointed time next year as

Elisha had

foretold God thus blessed her and gave

her fullness of

blessing God is going to bless you with

that blessing and make you full of

blessings God is going to bless you with

a good life and help you live an

abundant life God wants to bless

you dear Lord we thank

you Lord give them the grace to live a

life of fear for the

Lord let an end come to the life they

had lived in former days without any

fear for the

Lord let an end come to the days where

they were living a life without any fear

for their own conscience and committing


ruthlessly Lord may they fear the lord

and their

conscience and may God help them to do

good to many

others and as a result may they be known

as blessed and also live a blessed life

on the face of this

Earth I pray and bless them to live a


life in case they fail to come up in the

list of blessed people then if there is

a lack in any of the

blessings then I pray that all the needs

be met according to his glorious riches

in Christ

Jesus in jesus’ name we

pray amen

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