? Your Opponents Will Crumble Upon Witnessing You | Today’s God Message God’s Message for Today ?

in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus

Christ I greet and bless you all my

dearly cherished Brothers and Sisters in

Christ may God be praised for his

name it is a tremendous joy to greet you

all at home early this morning through

this auspicious message on this day

February st God bless

you whoever assembles against you shall

fall for your sake according to Isaiah

is the auspicious word that

arrives for you

today greetings darling siblings today a

group has assembled to oppose the

location of your

workstation eager to destroy you eager

to complete you they plan to hurt

someone every day you when will they all

get together to drag you

down a group has even emerged in the

area to oppose you there’s a chance that

a faction has formed against you you

even within the church you

attend you might be facing opposition

from a group at your place of

study nobody is going to rebel against

God God declares I will bring to your

feet everyone who Rises against

you Amen to each and every one of you

perhaps your adversary is on your mind

and you feel a little afraid of

them will they inflict any harm on

anyone will they give me any bad

reputations will he do something to ruin


reputation you are quite afraid when you

think about a man or a woman in this way

if you are afraid in this situation ask

the Lord to give you

courage God will turn all of your

enemies to your advantage if you pray to

him about them fervently those who get

together to face you will scatter in all

directions you will look for all those

who banded together to hurt afflict or

ruin you but you won’t find

them nothing will be done to you your

kids your company or your job from now

on they won’t come to ruin

you it’s possible that you secretly

believe you have no enemies however

behind you it’s possible that some have

set out their Nets to catch

you you might be duped by the devil or a

group or maybe they’re just jealous of

you alternatively some people might

converse with you rather well before

uncovering it beneath

you God knows everything even if it

happens without your knowledge all of

their plans will be destroyed by

God and God will assist you in Rising

Victorious from the shattered

Dust We are grateful to you Lord Lord

you have promised that those who oppose

you will pass by and stumble for their

benefit Lord you have imparted wisdom to

your Offspring Lord a single person who

arrives will make seven distinct Escape

Routes Lord May every weapon used

against them be rendered useless it is

forbidden to use any kind of sorcery

witchcraft black magic or divination


them nothing can stand in the way of the

children if God is on their side Lord

please keep them

safe that who touches them will be

likened to those who touch your eyelids

is what you have

declared thus don’t let them Escape your

notice Lord not even young children are

safe from the devil’s

attacks therefore Lord keep this entire

family in the palm of your hand and keep

them secure in the Rocks

cleft permit no sickness or Calamity to

harm them in any way Lord you are the

only one one who can protect them and

keep them secure on all of this

Earth you are the only one who is The

Rock the fort and the one setting the

table in front of their

adversaries and honor them by applying

oil to their heads we ask in the name of

Jesus indeed

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