? Seeking Divine Presence: Finding Peace and Gratitude ?




Jesus my beloved child you will always

be able to find me when you look for me

because I promise to always be with you

you will never have to deal with

anything this promise is for everyone

who has put their faith in me to save

them to get the most out of this

wonderful gift though you have to

actively seek me out in your daily life

I know this can be hard because the

World the Flesh and the devil are always

trying to distract trick and give up on

you let’s pause for a moment and offer a

prayer together Divine guide grant us

the strength to seek your presence

amidst life’s trials and

tribulations may your unwavering love

illuminate our path and shield us from

distractions and doubt instill within

who a heart overflowing with gratitude

that we may find solace in your peace

guide our our steps oh Lord as we navig

out of the complexities of this world

Ure it in faith and trust in your



amen there are three things that the

evil one does to keep you from finding

me distractions lies and giving

up there are many things in the world

that are meant to take your mind off of

me so don’t feel bad when you realize it

just come back to me with a smile on a

loving Whisper of my

name since the time of Adam and Eve one

of Satan’s favorite tricks is to trick

people immersing yourself in my word is

a strong way to fight his

lies sometimes discouragement also comes

knocking on the door of people’s hearts

but you can keep it out if you don’t

give in to these sneaky attempts to get

close to me you will definitely find me

your heart should be filled with my

peace and and you should learn to be

thankful it is my call for you to live a

life full of peace and gratitude which

go hand in hand there is more room for

my peace in your life the more thankful

you are the opposite is also true being

calm makes it easier to show

gratitude your peace of mind helps you

think clearly and appreciate all the

many blessings I bestow upon you no

matter what this peaceful Thanksgiving

comes from your unway ing trust that I

will always do what’s best for you even

when the reasons are unknown you can

think of my peace as a judge in your

heart putting an end to any questions or

doubts that come up Let the feeling of

anxi remind you to talk to me whenever

it starts to show up talk to me about

anything that’s bothering you and make

all of your requests with a heart full

of gratitude because you belong to me

and are deeply connected to me I

personally protect your mind and heart

with my peace remember that this peace

goes beyond what people can understand

hold on to the promise that my peace is

always available to you even when life

is hard and uncertain when life throws

you curveballs remember that I am the

rock that holds your soul steady your

trust in me is the strong base on which

you can build your life because I am the

Living Hope that never lets you down

keep your eyes on me the source of true

peace and joy as you go through the

complicated World develop an attitude of

Thanksgiving and gratitude and be aware

of all the good things that happen to

you every day if you really look for me

and accept my peace you will have the

strength courage and resilience to

handle any problems that come your way

trust in my unwavering love because it’s

what keeps you alive know that I am

always with you guiding you and holding

you close let your heart be full of joy

and your soul at peace if you look for

happiness and fulfillment you will find

it in me so be happy and full of pure

joy because you are loved cared for and

safe in my love

forever you can walk with confidence

knowing that I am with you every step of

the way and will lead you to the full

life I have planned for

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