God wants to hear your prayer right now

because he knows that your connection

with him needs to be constant for

Extraordinary miracles to happen in your

life today listen to these

reports after I prayed this prayer

exactly as asked I was amazed to receive

the amount I was hoping

for I don’t know where it came from or

who sent it I just know that it happened

and I was able to buy my

house I said this prayer for a period of

days and I assumed that at first I was

a little disbelieving but I kept

persevering and was

surprised it was late at night and I

received a call from the hospital they

said that my surgery had been paid for

by someone who knew me to this day I

don’t know who it was but I believe in

God who was an angel It could only

be exactly on August th of this year

I started this prayer I have always

believed in God but after the blessings

I received in one week my faith

increased even more as I was able to see

with my own eyes everything exactly

everything that I asked of

God within a week I did

it before I had tried every way but I

was only able to make my dreams come

true after saying this

prayer truly it is simple but

powerful disclaimer this prayer was

channeled and inspired by God’s holy

spirit it is suggested that you do it

three times consecutively for it to have

the expected

effect the number three is a sacred

number just like the number seven which

represents God’s

Perfection the number three is reported

countless times in Sacred Scriptures the

three wise men pieces of silver

Christ was years old when fulfilling

his mission he died at in the

afternoon he was resurrected on the

third day the Holy Trinity among other

passages very

important then say this prayer three

times consecutively for the sacred power

of the number


amen let us pray Jesus I beg your help

with humility and

confidence I seek your presence and cry

out Lord Jesus support me in the midst

of every Challenge and all my

uncertainties conf confusions and

Temptations I found support in the Lord

in moments of loneliness fear and

trials the Lord has sustained me when my

plans and hopes crumble in despair

anxiety and heartache try to consume me

it is the Lord who extends his hand to


me Lord Jesus come to my help when

others disappoint me for only your grace

can strengthen

me I beg you help me for I am confident

in your infinite Love My

Savior Jesus be my guide when my heart

Falls and I don’t see the good in my

efforts Lord Jesus extend your help when

illness plagues me when I cannot move my

head or arms and when I find myself

alone instead of Despair failure or

Temptation let your help reach me for I

know that the Lord never forsakes

me oh Heavenly God I come before you

with unshakable Faith seeking comfort

for my

afflictions God I ask not only for

forgiveness but for your Divine hand

that opens and closes doors for you are

the source of the rest that I long

for grant me Miracles Lord accept these

supplications from a broken heart that

persists in asking you for only the Lord

has divine

power please do not ignore me Father for

I seek your help Lord of

Heaven guide me to find Eternal

salvation in your heavenly

Kingdom Jesus I receive as I am

repentant of my sins begging your

forgiveness in your name I grant

forgiveness to those who have hurt me I

renounce Satan and all evil spirits and


Works Lord Jesus I completely surrender

myself to you as my Lord my God and my

savior I beg you to save me transform

and strengthen me in body Soul and

Spirit Lord Jesus Surround Me with Your

Precious Blood and fill me with your


Spirit Lord Jesus my love for you is

eternal I thank the Lord father and I

will follow your light throughout my

life Mary my mother Queen of Peace and

all the angels and Saints I ask for your



amen comment God will bless me with what

I desire dear ones

make this

commitment say this prayer three times

in a row for a period of days which is

also a Divine

number and share without fail with three

people do this and you will see the

supernatural of God act in your

life you must do exactly as

described I guarantee you that when you

do it you will never lack for anything

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work read the first comment on this

video may God bless you always and more

being obedient to him see you


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