? Finding Solace in Divine Presence: A Prayer of Hope and Trust ?



Jesus know this my child I will always

watch over you do not worry about how

alone you may feel or what you are going

through I am fully aware of your

situation it’s all too easy to think

you’ve been left behind when things are

bad at times like these it’s important

to remember the truth nothing can

separate you from my loving

presence let’s pause for a moment and

offer a prayer together heavenly father

as I come before you today I am filled

with gratitude for your unwavering love

and constant presence in my life you are

the rock on which I stand the source of

My Hope and the anchor of my soul thank

you for watching over me and guiding me

through every trial and victory Lord in

times of distress and uncertainty help

me to remember that I am never alone for

you are always by my side offering

comfort and strength grant me the wisdom

to trust in your promises and to lean on

your understanding knowing that you hold

my future in your hands may my faith

grow stronger My Hope brighter and my

love for you deeper with each passing

day fill my heart with your peace that

surpasses all understanding and lead me

on the path of righteousness and Grace

in your divine presence I find rest for

my weary soul and courage to face the

challenges ahead thank you Lord for your

unfailing love and boundless Grace

amen you are ready to talk to me when

this truth fills your mind and heart

while I feel your pain I will be there

with you tenderly present during hard

times the closeness you have with me

grows when you let me into your

experience without being angry or bitter

for you to enjoy these private times

with me you have to trust me and stop

relying on your own understanding when

you trust me you consciously lean on me

for support like how leaning on a big

rock can help you when you’re tired in

fact I am the rock where you can hide be

happy about the person who stands by you

and loves you so much beloved find the

best rest for yourself in me alone your

hope comes from me the best things to go

together are rest and hope and I have a

lot of both in order to get a good night

sleep some people look for the most

comfortable bed or pillow or even use

sleeping pills but I’m the only one who

can give you what your heart really

wants you can rest easy knowing I’m here

I not only heal your heart but I also

give you hope which can be the

difference between life and death people

in war prisons who lose hope and people

who are sick and could die are less

likely to make it because of this it is

very important to keep your precious

hope alive and put it in me in the end

things change all the time but I’m the

same yesterday today and forever I also

also love you with a perfect love that

gives life when you put your hope in me

my love will never fail you last but not

least remember that I love you and will

always love you I will always keep my

promises to you and I will always be

close find me with a heart full of trust

and thanks and you will find rest hope

and peace that lasts Embrace every

moment as a chance to get closer to me

because being with me will heal your

soul and strengthen your spirit let go

of all your worries and doubts and let

the promise of my unwavering love guide

you through every test and victory when

you go through life remember that I am

with you the whole time giving you

comfort Direction and unending Grace

when things aren’t clear look to me and

rest in the certainty of what I’ve

promised in the midst of life’s storms I

am the rock that holds your soul steady

believe that I will always be there for

you and let the peace that passes all

understanding fill your heart enjoy the

the knowledge that you are never alone

because I am always with you watching

over you with kindness and love if you

keep walking by faith and giving into my

will you will find that you are

surrounded by many blessings let my love

flow into every part of your life by

opening your heart to receive it may

your faith grow stronger your hope grow

brighter and your love for me grow every

day know that I am always with you and

will guide you with wisdom and kindness

believe that that I am in charge of

everything and that I am making it work

out for your good take comfort in the

fact that I will always love you and let

that be the basis of your life as your

safe place and source of strength I am

with you always so you can face each day

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