my friend God has an impactful message

for you today that is hindering your

progress in

life there are two doors that are

blocking your prosperity and the second

one you see every

day therefore it is important that you

listen carefully for the next minutes

so that our father opens all the doors

that need to be opened and also closes

all those that have been hindering your

advancement in life for

years don’t ignore our father and listen

until the end into this impactful

message that will unlock your life once

and for

all every time you hear it receive that

Grace or word that you feel was directed

to you without thinking

twice comment I receive father

e God says this today my beloved Son in

this moment when we

connect I your heavenly father want to

surround you with my words of love and

hope I know that sometimes the path

seems difficult and the storms of life

make you

question but today remember the promises

engraved in my word for they are beacons

of light in the

darkness in Deuteronomy

I assure you and all these

blessings will come upon you and

overtake you if you obey the voice of

the Lord your God

son when it seems like everything is out

of control remember this promise obey me

and you will see that I am with you at

all times freeing you from the

afflictions that try to bring you

down receive this grace and do not fear

because you are my beloved

Son today I chose this moment to talk to

you to reaffirm that I am by your side

guiding your every step even when

everything seems

wrong I w’t abandon you you are special

you are mine and nothing can separate

you from my

love if you believe in this promise if

you feel my my presence in your life

comment below I believe with all my

heart that God is with me and will never


me share your faith because where there

is Union there are multiplied

blessings the second promise keep it in

your mind like a

treasure in Jeremiah

I promise for I know the thoughts

that I think toward you says the Lord

thoughts of peace and not of evil to

give you a future and a hope

son trust in my plans because they are

of prosperity and

joy look Beyond adversity because I have

already mapped out a future full of

light for you

brother at this point pause the video

and share it with seven other

people it is important that it is

now keep in your mind every day the

promise that our heavenly father makes

to us I can do all things through Christ

who strengthens me Philippians for


do you believe

then he comments I can do all things

through Christ who strengthens

me son today I bring a message that will

touch your

heart there are two doors that stand

before you ready to transform your

path one of them I your father will

close the other I will

open open your ears and your heart

because what I will say in the next

seconds will change your

trajectory pay attention to every word I

will say now because in one of them

which only you will receive do you then

believe listen carefully one of the

doors son represents the closing of

cycles and the end of the adversities

that have oppressed

you in Revelation I declare I have

set before you an open door that no one


close the struggles that have Afflicted

you I will will

close what no longer serves will be left

behind are you ready to receive the

freedom that is open door will

bring for a moment reflect on what has

held you back on the chains that prevent

you from moving

forward I your father am ready to close

the door of the

past let me free you from the shackles

that have limited your spiritual and


growth the other door dear child is the

entrance to new blessings and

opportunities in Isaiah

I Proclaim behold I am doing a new

thing which is coming to light do you

not understand

it this door that I will open is an

invitation to a new beginning of

flourishing in areas where you have not

yet experienced my

abundance are you brave enough to cross


door what lies ahead is a journey of

transformation of blessings that will

exceed your

expectations accept my outstretched hand

and trust that what I prepare for you is

better than anything you have

experienced so

far son the moment is

crucial in Proverbs – the word

States trust in the Lord with all your

heart and lean not on your own

understanding in all your ways

acknowledge Him and He will make your



right now will you choose to trust

me the decision you make will shape your

destiny do you believe in God’s promises

then he comments with confidence I am

blessed by God and I receive His

blessings with gratitude and joy because

the door that God opens no one can close

and the door that God closes no one can

open so today thank God for three things

that will happen in days but today you

will begin to feel the

third it may seem Innocent but it will

make you understand why you have faced

everything you have fa to

date listen carefully to God’s message

beloved Son may my peace and Grace

overflow in your life In This Moment of

communion today I bring a vital message

to your decorated towards the prosperity


desire the secret is to seek forgiveness

and remove the negative influences that

block your

path in John it is written if we

confess our sins he is faithful and just

to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us

from all

unrighteousness open your heart for

these words will shape your

Prosperity receive this Grace understand

dear son that forgiveness is the key to

unlocking the doors of

prosperity you often carry burdens of

sins and regrets that prevent from


forward I your God and the god of

forgiveness by recognizing your mistakes

and confessing them before me you will

make room for the purification that

precedes true

Prosperity before proceeding I invite

you to look within yourself to identify

the areas of your life where you need my

forgiveness do not fear for I am here to

extend my hand of Mercy to you in

confession you will find Liberation and

in Liberation the path to Prosperity

will be

clear John is a promise that never

fails when you confess your sins in my

faithfulness I will be just to forgive

and purify

you this is the beginning of a

transformation that will touch every

aspect of your

life Prosperity is not just material it

is a fullness that is only possible when

your heart is clean before me

in addition to forgiveness it is crucial

to remove negative influences that can

Cloud your

Prosperity Proverbs

warns above all things that should

be guarded guard your heart for from it

come the Springs of

Life examine the influences around you

toxic relationships negative thoughts

everything that is not in accordance

with my will must be

removed receive this Grace now now son

it’s time for

Action dedicate time to prayer to draw

closer to me in sincerity and

humility confess your

sins he cleanses your heart before me

and then identifies and removes what

prevents you from moving towards

Prosperity purification is the key to

aligning with my will opening the

floodgates of true prosperity in your

life beloved Son may my peace peace be

with you today amid the Splendor of my


Light I will reveal truths that will

transform your

path listen to me because there is

wisdom in keeping secrets especially

when it comes to the plans that simmer

in your

heart in Matthew I say but you when

you pray go into your room and when you

have shut the door pray to your father

who is in secret and your father who

sees in secret will reward you openly

before going into the deep reasons dive

with me into the intricacies of

Life there is a mysterious Beauty in the

secret like a hidden treasure whose

light shines at the right

time God In His Infinite Wisdom keeps

Treasures in your heart Treasures that

need to be cultivated and nurtured

before being revealed to the

world did you know that even nature


Secrets the stars in their nocturnal

Majesty hide Cosmic Mysteries that

reveal themselves to attentive

observers the flower opens in silence

creating a visual Symphony that enchants


soul so are your plans waiting for the

opportune moment to Blossom and

full uh how Secrets affect your daily

life how many times in your excitement

have you revealed your plans to others

only to realize that the enchantment has


Proverbs tells us he who gossips

reveals a secret but he who is faithful

in spirit keeps it

secret in silence there is a power that

guards your

dreams receive this

Grace the secret is a powerful

tool by keeping something for yourself

you create a Sacred Space for

development even scientists indicate

that keeping secrets can improve Mental


like the roots of a tree that grow in

silence look within yourself beloved

child recognize the wisdom that resides

in your

heart in Proverbs

I remind you you commit your Works

to the Lord and your thoughts will be

established introspection is the key to

recognizing the Divine direction that

lives within you guard your plans like a

jeweler protects his precious gems

have you ever heard the murmur of

confusion that arises from conflicting

advice listening too much can lead to

disorder in Proverbs

I warn you there are many in a

man’s heart but the counsel of the Lord

stands when you rely too much on other

people’s advice you lose focus on my


will silence is a secret Ally in setting

the stage for divine manif

estation like the curtains that close

before the Great ACT silence allows me

the Divine director to align the

elements for the grand

finale in Ecclesiastes I highlight

there is a time to tear and a time to

sew a time to be silent and a time to

speak do you believe in this

word comment Lord my life is

renewed be part of this prayer Comm

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