my beloved child listen closely to these

words of encouragement and divine

Assurance your journey marked by

unwavering courage and resilience has

not escaped my notice you stand a beacon

of strength and character having

triumphed in the face of loneliness and

trials that would have overwhelmed many

recognize your true Essence for you are

a force of unparalleled might a creator

of your destiny yet pause not in your

pursuit of greatness seek solace in the

surren I offer let your soul find rest

even as your feet March unyieldingly

forward I am equipping you for battles

yet to come instilling in your heart my

wisdom preparing you to receive the

Abundant Blessings that await rise my

Courageous one for you are capable of so

much more cast aside the pains and

disappointments of your past measure the

value of your Pursuits and channel your

Vigor and time into what truly nourishes

your family and spiritual Essence the

the burdens of bygone regrets and

Sorrows are not yours to Bear any longer

I decree an end to these weights they

shall not hinder your journey to the

promised land of blessing recall those

who attempted to bring you low but do

not look back I’ll hold you in my arms

and make sure you don’t trip over the

Pebbles they put in your way remain

unwavering and unafraid of others jeers

or threats because you might let fear

and if you listen to them they’ll try to

attack you because they’ll see the fear

in your eyes and believe you’re weak

their attempts to undermine you are

inconsequential they cannot hurt you

because when they come across me and my

Majestic light reveals their evil

intentions they will be revealed as

cowards have trust stay a sincere and

upright person because you have already

won now you may find rest and dwell in

Tranquility assured that no harm will

come near you or your loved ones live

your life in profound peace and focus no

longer on those who have troubled you

approach each day with joy and Trust in

all your worries to me my Legions of

radiant angels will accompany you on

every path and I will continually

express my unending love for you as you

Embrace these words your life will

transform my light will brighten your

hope and my hand will lift you up

believe in this miracle of love that

brings you happiness today I’m aware of

the heavy thoughts burdening your mind

tempting you to despair but remember I

am the light of the world here to

protect and save you in my presence Envy

malice or dark Forces cannot harm you

under the shelter of my Holy Spirit no

plague adversary storm or evil can

separate you from my love I am your God

your friend and your father watching

over you with immense tenderness never

forgetting or abandoning you I see the

enemies and obstacles that have risen

against you spreading lies slandering

and attempting to disrupt your family

life but fear not maintain your faith

and pray with this you will overcome

even the most daunting battles it is

evidence that your enemies have not

defeated you and never will if you are

here reading or hearing these words they

might keep attacking but when they see

the power protecting you they will give

up but keep no grudges or resentment in

your heart you and many others around

you will start to give their spiritual

lives more serious thought this isn’t a

game gaze up at the sky as you stroll

with your head held high recall those

who attempted to bring you low but do

not look back I’ll hold you in my hands

and make sure you don’t trip over any

rocks or fall they placed in your path

you stand firm and do not be frightened

by threats or mockery from others for if

you pay attention to them you may open

the door to fear they will see fear in

your eyes and think you are weak

attempting to attack you their efforts

to bring you down are insignificant they

cannot harm you because they will

encounter me and be exposed as cowards

in this world you may face lies and

distortions aimed to weaken you yet be

assured that no harm shall befall your

life your mind your health or your loved

ones there is no being no power on Earth

that can breach the protective Embrace

of my holy spirit that surrounds your

heart you dwell in a sanctuary of divine

and holy love safe in my hands turn away

from the voices that distort my word

claiming belief yet not embodying it in

their lives your faith is steadfast you

believe in an omnipotent God who

communicates with you daily though his

form remains unseen when challenges

arise when even the attitudes of your

own family may cause doubt hold firmly

to your faith the yearning in your heart

to be in my presence is a fire that I

ignited the barriers that seem to block

your path are the very boundaries I have

set for your protection open your heart

to me know that you are extraordinary

but without me you were like a branch

severed from the vine a flower deprived

of its life-giving nourishment apart

from me your dreams lose their color and

your aspirations wither you become like

a Fallen Leaf parched and Powerless

remember this I never wish for you to

wander away from me should thoughts of

departure ever enter your mind dismiss

them at once I speak to you through

these words and it is no coincidence

that you hear my voice I continue to

reach out to you because I earnestly

desire your happiness this isn’t about

fleeting emotions but about wise choices

that anchor and sustain you choose joy

for my Holy Spirit resides in you

ensuring that fear will never again

enslave you your strength is such that

provocations will not disturb your peace

you respond with kindness even to

adversaries understanding that I your

Sovereign God am the Arbiter of judgment

and blessing I extend Grace to those who

repent your presence here reading or

hearing these words proves that your

enemies cannot and will not defeat you

they might keep attacking but they will

give up when they see the power

protecting you but keep no resentment or

desire for revenge in Your Heart A lot

of people including yourself will start

to give their spiritual lives more

thought it’s not a game this gaze up at

the sky while you stroll holding your

head high recall not those who attempted

to bring you low you cannot trip over

the rocks or fall because I have you in

my hands let your heart be free from

hatred jealousy or bitterness I desire

for your soul to stay pure your faith

unblemished live in Peace unencumbered

by worldly entanglements Embrace what is

pure good kind and genuine Elevate

yourself to this new spiritual realm my

presence will always be with you

guarding you against deceit whether in

the shadows of night or the brightness

of day therefore I urge you to dismiss

any doubt from your mind and commit

wholeheartedly to my teachings for in my

word you will find your fortitude a

healing bomb for both your soul and body

Proclaim to your stress tension

nervousness and fears that my power is

all encompassing my love for you stands

Supreme in this new chapter of your life

you will be freed from the emotional

shackles that once haunted you no longer

pulled down by the weight of depression

it fills me with immense joy to Envision

your life briming with peace and

happiness I’m grateful for the moments

you spend in my presence know that In My

Embrace you will always find love peace

consolation affection and security

whenever you face troubles turn to me if

loneliness steals from your heart

remember to be near me shut your eyes

and inhale the enduring Aroma of my

presence right now my light is

surrounding you with comfort and love

accept this Divine love and allow

yourself to be filled with it Beauty

you’ve been battered by life storms

feeling disillusioned and lost it’s

possible that you feel stuck and think

you’ve lost your way that your things

have become burdens and your desires are

still unfulfilled these conflicts pierce

your soul like Thorns yet remember I

know you deeply understanding every

facet of your plight I have been with

you since before you were born guiding

you in my unique way even in times when

you strayed I used your challenges to

draw you back to me trust in my word for

it has proven true time and again your

heart knows that my word is a lamp unto

your feet a Guiding Light on your path

embedded in your soul is the unshakable

conviction to trust in my written word

when you seek communion with me open

your Bible and read its pages imbued

with Supernatural power stay focused on

my guidance present in your life day and

night in all your endeavors I am here to

support you if ever you feel lost your C

courage faltering your burd too heavy

fear not come to me this is where you

belong draw strength from my voice I

command you to persevere in your belief

people may criticize or mock but their

words will not sway you your past sins

and failures do not alter my perception

of you for I see true repentance and

conviction in your heart your love for

me moves me deeply and my love for you

empowers you to Prevail and Triumph

declare your love for me let it be known

my God I love you imprint this truth in

your mind I your God am greater than any

problem or Affliction you face banish

fear from your soul and confront these

trials with courage I am aware of the

daunting challenges you face I have

heard your secret cries your expressions

of weariness your diminishing will the

LIF but now listen closely to me it’s

time for a transformative decision in

your life resolve to seek me to believe

in me unwaveringly and to stand firm in

your choices commit to following and

obeying me this path is not burdensome

it leads to peace the fruits of your

faith will be patience and serenity by

holding fast to my word and practicing

my Commandments no one can shame you

watch as your adversar scatter and fall

back no longer able to slander or speak

falsely of you as they witness the

protective shield I have placed around

you refuse to entertain sadness for it

breathes in a heart filled with hatred

insult and disparagement never let

harmful words against others pass your

lips for they wound both them and me lay

all your emotions before me Withholding

Nothing bring forth every struggle and

weakness my power within you is poised

to perform miracles to heal to comfort

when you dedicate time to me I engrave

upon your heart I love you I am

restoring your life granting you the

patience and peace you need need and

imprinting my powerful words in your

mind contemplate the good pure and

beautiful future I have for you I clear

your vision enabling you to see the

Wonders I plan to work in your life

approach everything with enthusiasm and

Zeal if sadness greets you upon waking

step forward in faith my spirit will

bring you the joy you need to persevere

Miracles are yours if you believe next

though I may seem distant at times I am

always with you when burdens overwhelm

you my mighty hand will lift you

strengthening you for growth start with

small miracles and soon you’ll step into

the supernatural you’ll command the

elements and see obstacles consumed by

Heavenly Fire witness the Heavenly

armies that guard you the time you’ve

awaited is here arm yourself with the

spirit of a champion for your heavenly

father strengthens you and cast out fear

learn grow and mature in faith nourish

yourself with my word and align your

thoughts with mine love your family have

faith and do great things for them I

will bless you further as part of your

healing and restoration I have seen your

hardships your moments of weakness and

the wounds you have sustained to your

soul there were moments when

hopelessness nearly made you lose the

will to live but I was there for you

engulfing you in the enormity of my love

during your darkest moment look at this

your one scarred heart is beating with

Newfound vigor pulsing with courage

strength and joy accept this rebirth for

it has freed you from the bonds of the

past and purified you you are not going

to be punished nothing bad follows you

the voices of superstition and fear that

attempted to ins slave you will never

again be heard move forward with renewed

Assurance as you have been freed and no

shame will stand in your way pain will

end and you will be enveloped in my love

fear will be replaced by peace and

comfort your heart will heal and each

morning you’ll approach me with deep

affection and gratitude day by day

receive more peace love tenderness and

Tranquility I await you here ready to

fill you with happiness you shall depart

feeling better on this very day I am

enveloping your life and family with my

love these words that resonate in your

heart Grant you faith and assurance that

you already hold my blessings in your

hands your eyes have opened a new and

you are blessed I have removed the

sadness from your soul and body I am

healing inscribing words of sweetness

within your mind and uprooting the

causes of your depression in the

spiritual realm you are adorned with

royal garments seated beside me and I

have blessed you abundantly believe it

and accept these promises with faith I

have raised you with my mighty blood

broken all your chains and no one can

keep you in bondage you are free but I

implore you to live in this freedom

today I understand your feelings look me

in the eyes together we will mend these

matters do not distance yourself from me

nor hide how could you even think that I

am not real where did you acquire the

notion that I cannot love you why do you

underestimate yourself so much your way

of thinking has brought tears to my eyes

for I too have a heart that feels I

genuinely love you and never want you to

stray from my presence you are my

cherished child how could I not love you

when you were immersed in depression and

Oblivion when you believed your final

day had arrived it was I who sought you

out you did not have to seek me first I

went in where you were and Tenderly took

you into my arms cleansing your soul and

heart I forgave all your transgressions

comforted you healed you and stood you

back on your feet you walked a new inch

do not worry about anything your

finances will be healed you will pay off

your debts and people will treat you as

you deserve as as the child of a king

not an Earthly King like those conceited

children who flaunt material possessions

to humiliate others and bring shame to

their father you are a child of the king

of the universe the creator of all that

exists I have bestowed immense power

upon you because your heart is humble

through suffering you have been molded

you are not like the others you do not

need to boast about the blessings you

will receive you do not have to fight

for titles names and trophies that

others are willing to give their lives

for when I told them that I gave my life

for them they despised me and spat upon

me they cannot accept that the king of

the universe has such a tender heart and

comes to lovingly seek them you are not

like them you are a child with a good

heart and a sincere Spirit if I am going

to bless you it is because I have

decided and want to do so no one can

oppose my will come and listen to me

tomorrow open your heart I want you to

hear this message of love once again I

hope to see you smile recall those

moments when you feared you could not

endure yet today you are here wiser

stronger and wiser I chose you my child

although I know you make mistakes and at

times you forget that I’m always here

with you I chose you because I desire

you to become a respected blessed and

fulfilled individual I want you to sew

new seeds of love and re bful fruits of

joy and prosperity I bestow upon you the

gift of love forgiveness in the ability

to help others I want you to Showcase my

love through your actions with your

hands touch the lives and hearts of many

I now elevate your faith to a level

you’ve never felt before if necessary I

will personally come to remind you every

day that you need to keep your focus on

me in many

ways now pay attention for at this very


no one can


is what is about this come into my

office when I

see if you’re not Vigilant they will

winter nest in your mind fill your

thoughts with rubbish cause confusion

disconnect you from my love and make you

forget the many Beautiful Moments you

have experienced on my side you only see

the dark side of the battles you have

faced do not allow these thoughts to

enter reject the ideas of death that the

adversary wants to seow let me remove

these doubts from your mind you will

emerge from the sadness you are feeling

right now I’m inscribing my name in your

heart so you will never forget get or

doubt that it is yours I am blessing

your life your family your health your

desires your finances your employment I

am bringing a wave of blessings upon you

and those you love listen closely at

your table abundance will flow you will

no longer allow debts to enslave you I

am instilling in you the desire to work

wisely anointing you with new creativity

your times of need will come to an end

remember this do not forget

read it once more so that number one may

lead you astray or push you to navigate

the Sea of doubt you have suffered

shipwrecks you have been left with

nothing and many have lost respect and

trust in you but in your shame and pain

you did something very good you return

to my arms and acknowledge me as your

friend your God your lord the savior of

your life your Shepherd the one who

provides and fills you with joy it’s

time for your life to change when you

you pray receive this Supernatural

encouragement that I offer from this day

onward you shall begin to witness many

blessings behind the problems that once

troubled you rather than pessimism your

countenance shall radiate with joy for

now you walk in faith in my word and

your emotions are no longer Shattered by

negative occurrences that your eyes may

perceive I am with you and simply

knowing this shall ignite your desire to

persevere each day you shall rise with

new aspirations to live live to continue

on the right path and to take your place

as a hero of Faith you shall lead your

family forward and never Retreat to the

realm of failure where Others May seek

to place you these words have life

renewing your soul as you hear them each

day your greatest choice is to accept me

as your God and Lord because you have

given me permission to do so the enemy

will make an effort to thwart your plans

so before you start any projects pray to

me put your life in my hands give me

complete complete Command and I’ll make

sure you don’t go in circles you will

succeed in all the good and worthwhile

Endeavors you choose to pursue if you in

trust me with managing your Affairs you

avoided doing a lot of things because

you were afraid you gave up on a lot of

Dreams because you didn’t think you

could fulfill them however I grant you

the discernment to set priorities and

order your life on this new day I grant

you the power to achieve great goals

that will even astonish your own family

they will be amazed by all that I’m

doing in you fill your mind with my word

and you will see how your spirit and

heart are transformed have the

confidence to come before me always when

you feel burdened when you have doubts

on the cloudiest days in the darkest

nights and stressful moments my holy

spirit is always attentive to your needs

and ready to answer you if you accept my

response with faith and in accordance

with my will I will guide you on the

path of true abundance genuine peace and

prosperity if you believe with all your

heart and soul the curses of your

enemies shall not touch you the pit they

dug for you will become their own trap I

always watch over your comings and

goings your dreams and Awakenings my

angels surround you protecting your life

and integrity with fiery swords I grant

you the power to tread upon serpents and

scorpions nothing shall harm you none of

them shall have power over you seek my

word pray fast and kneel at my feet

every day to receive my blood blessing

my word and to be embraced by my

protective shield I will touch the lives

of those who rise against you they will

be ashamed and will never dare to harm

you again they will understand that no

one this is

not your head



Shall this is Str by

all words of defeat the fire burning

within you is reducing all obstacles to

ashes open your eyes stand tall let me

embrace you and once more whisper in

your ear I love you my dear child fear

not I love you and you will find Solace

all shall be well you are on the verge

of reaching the long awaited blessing

and that’s why the adversary has come

with all his Fury to attempt to rest you

away from my side if things are not

unfolding as you expected there is no

reason to succumb to anger and throw in

the towel do not be discouraged for I

love you trust in me continue you onward

for I am with you and take courage from

this day forth what you will witness are

Miracles and blessings I am your

Shepherd and you shall not want love

abounds my help is within your reach

every morning seek me and I will lead

you to Green Pastures where you can rest

and drink from the Living Waters that

will grant you Tranquility I am filling

you with the desire to live to fight to

persevere and not to abandon your dreams

today you will believe in my word you

will understand deep within your soul

that it is possible to overcome all your

obstacles and afflictions you will

achieve Victory even in your most

challenging situations and you will find

peace despite any negativity that may

assail you you can achieve this because

I am giving you the strength the

firmness of character and a solid Faith

so that you may not fear adverse

circumstances that seek to hinder and

discourage you in your pursuit of a

better future you have faced your past

with bravery and I have absolved you you

are redeemed standing in the light of my

grace the future beckons and with it the

promise of a Life unburdened by the

shadows of yester years walk boldly into

your destiny for you are under my Divine

protection and guidance hear these words

of unwavering promise and eternal truth

you are my beloved child your family

your life your home they are all

sheltered beneath the mighty covering of

my blood in me you find your freedom

a Liberation that no earthly power can

revoke no sorcery no spell can bind you

for I have vested you with authority to

dispel any darkness that dares to

threaten you are an inheritor of every

spiritual blessing

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