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my child I know you have been hurting I see the pain in your heart and

I want you to know that I am with you my love surrounds you even in your

darkest moments though Others May Fail you I will never abandon you I created

you in my image and you are precious to me listen now to the gentle Whisper of

my spirit speaking Comfort to your soul be still and know that I am

God let go of the anxieties that weigh you down release the anger and

resentment you carry I understand you have been wounded but clinging to bitterness will only poison your spirit

further forgive those who have hurt you not for their sake but for your own so

that you can be free I am always ready to welcome you with open and forgiving

arms when you are ready to let go and turn towards me I am not here to condemn

but to heal restore and make new what was broken can you feel my peace beginning

to flow through you let it soak into every fiber of your being washing away the hurt and anger

that has kept you trapped you were not meant to carry these burdens so lay them down at my

feet let me shoulder the weight I am able to Bear it continue breathing

deeply now with each inhale breathe in my love and

light with each exhale breathe out the darkness sorrow and pain I am filling

you with my spirit the same power that raised Jesus from the dead and conquered sin and death if I can overcome such

enemies I can certainly bring restoration to you my precious child see

the clouds of Despair dissipating feel the heaviness

lifting keep your your eyes fixed on me and not your circumstances for I am able to do far

more than you could ask or imagine the evils of this world cannot

compete with the goodness I have prepared for you here is a truth you must cement deep

in your spirit you are never alone even when you cannot tangibly feel

me near I remain by your side holding your hand in the darkness I will never leave you nor

forsake you this I solemnly promise call out to me and I will answer seek me and

you shall find me knock and the door shall be open to you keep persisting in

prayer keep searching my word draw near to me and I will draw near to you I know

the desires of your heart even the ones hidden deep within I plac them there your dream

dreams your passions your talents I crafted them all with purpose and

intention do not despise them instead offer them back to me to use for my

glory what you perceive as Brokenness can become wholeness when yielded to my healing touch your pain can become your

ministry will you let me reshape you for greater things please listen when I say

you are worthy simply because I made you not because of anything you accomplish

or become but simply because you are my creation formed by my

hands my love for you requires nothing in return you cannot earn what I give

freely Can You Feel My Joy rising up within your spirit it bubbles up from the inside

Untouched by outside circumstances it flows from my endless Fountain of delight within you I Rejoice

over you you bring me great gladness simply by existing every detail of who you are

Delights me even the parts you are ashamed of let me remind you of your

worth start moving forward from this moment on walk with your head held high

as one who knows they are cherished by the King of Kings I have called you by name now walk

in your true identity as my beloved one the enemy seeks to accuse you but I have

declared you innocent and blameless before my Throne don’t listen to words of condemnation for they are merciless

lies my grace is greater than your sin my healing balm soothes your

scars and my love casts out all fear you have nothing to prove you are

already accepted and approved in my sight rest in this

truth my child child as you journey through this life remember that I am guiding your every step my wisdom is

perfect I know exactly where I am leading you follow me wholeheartedly and trust

that I am good even when you cannot grasp my plans there will be days of

delight and days of darkness along this narrow road days when you feel you are soaring On Eagle’s Wings and days you

feel you are slogging through the valley but I will be with you through it all do not

fear during times of Joy keep your focus on me lest success Lead You astray and

during trials keep your eyes fixed on me so you do not lose hope I am able to

keep you from stumbling and present you faultless before my glory with great joy

this is my purpose for you to become like Christ in your character let me replace impatience with

peace cruelty with kindness Pride with humility and hatred with

love come to me when you need help reflecting my character the Holy Spirit lives within

you and will produce spiritual fruit in your life as you submit to his work yes submitting is difficult for you

you prefer to be in control and self-sufficient but beloved you were not

designed for Independence but interdependence on me first and foremost and on the

community of Believers I have placed around you you need me every hour dear one and

you need the body of Christ you were not meant to walk alone I am removing the fear that causes

you to isolate yourself and replace it with trust learn to receive support and to

give it freely take comfort in the fact that I know you completely the good and the ugly and yet

I love you fully without condition or reservation nothing you tell me will

make me gasp and shock I welcome you to be real with me

raw and uncensored my grace covers it

all yes speak to me about that secret sin that shames you tell me of the deep

wounds that still cause you to bleed internally when you remember them confess the apathy in your heart and

even the questions and doubts you keep suppressed there is freedom in bringing

it all into the light before me unload the burden of hiding and pretending to

be fine when you are crumbling inside I know already dear one so find

rest in not having to perform anymore let down your walls with me as you release these heavy weights

take my yoke instead it is easy and Light walk in step with me allowing me

to set the pace we will walk together and when you are weary I will carry you learn from me

what it means to be gentle and humble of heart here you will find rest for your

soul abide in me and you will bear much fruit for apart from me you can do

nothing take comfort in this beloved child one day all tears will be wiped

away forever and there will be no more death or Mourning or crying or

pain I am making all things new the old Order of Things has passed away I will

dwell with my people and I will be your God and you will be my child hold fast

to this hope until that Glorious Day press on with perseverance and keep keep

fighting the good fight of Faith remember you are an overcomer in me you

have already conquered through Christ who strengthens you Victory is assured

so do not lose heart I will complete the good work I have begun in

you my angels encamp around you daily Heaven’s armies stand at attention to

Aid you in the battle though unseen they are present and their power is great do

not fear call on them and above all call on me the God of Angel Armies is your

Defender who can stand against me call me Father for that is who I am

to you I adopted you as my own through the blood of Jesus you will always belong to me and

me to you there is nothing you can do to separate yourself from my

love you are my own Chosen and cherished believe me when I say

again you have what it takes you’re qualified you are

equipped you are anointed not because of anything you have done but because of who you are in

me I dwell in you and where my spirit is there is power freedom and

purpose you worry that you missed your window of opportunity but my child you remain

right on time cease striving and know that I am God I will align each day to

my divine plan for you yes Surrender Your anxious controlling and trust me to order your

steps have I not promised to complete the work I’ve begun in you then rest the

outcome depends on me not your performance be faithful with today and leave tomorrow in my hands worrying

cannot add one hour to your life nor one bit of peace to your mind come be still

and know that I am God my grace empowers you to live righteously my forgiveness liberates you

to walk free of sin slavery once shown such Mercy how can

you not extend Mercy to others my child let my love Captivate

you let it seep down into the core of your being that you are fully known and

fully loved this is your true identity

righteous holy accepted in the Beloved my forgiveness is

irrevocable rest in my love and now go out into the world carrying that same Grace and love with

you be tolerant with others as I am with you be patient forgiving and

kind love people well by meeting them where they are just as I met you

remember I stand at the door of every heart that beats knocking gently seeking

entrance some will open to me some will not but I knock all the same do likewise

with those I place in your path and leave judgment to Me Your Role is simply to love shake off

regret and shame over yesterday I know your heart’s desire is to live fully for me

today that is all that matters keep your eyes fixed on what is ahead not what is

in the rearview mirror Victory is not achieved

overnight it is a daily choice to recommit and follow me though you may

stumble or fall get back up and keep

walking my Mercy is renewed every morning I am able to redeem your past

and transform your future you feel alone right now in this crowded world

but my dear one you have never been alone I am closer than the air you

breathe the moment you invited me into your heart is the moment we became

one you are the temple where my spirit dwells my presence goes with you the

loneliness you feel is merely an invitation from me to draw nearer

still I will lead you to people with whom you can walk in openness and accountability

I will develop in you hearts of Flesh towards one another so that you may bear each other’s

burdens confess your sins to each other and pray for each other this is life In

My Kingdom until then pour out your heart to me tell me all the ways you

feel abandoned misunderstood unseen I am listening intently to All

You Need to Say and I promise you will never have to perform or pretend or

minimize Who You Are are in order to gain my love and acceptance come now take my hand the

road ahead is uncertain but I will lead you along it some days we will walk by

Still Waters and Green Pastures other days we will pass through fire and floods but I will be with you

through it all my rod and staff Will Comfort you when you have walked as far as your

strength can carry you I will lift you up and carry you close to my

heart on this journey called life you will never be without me I will guide

your steps until that day I welcome you home with open arms into the land I’ve

prepared for you the question is not if you will stumble and fall but

when and when you do will you allow me to pick you back up dust you off and

encourage you to keep pressing on my darling child have I not promised to never give

up on you even when you want to give up on yourself then take heart humans will

fail you friends will let you down leaders will abuse their power spouses

will break trust but I will remain your faithful unwavering

companion my loyalty and love for you cannot be shaken find your stability

security and solace in me alone are you carrying guilt from poor

decisions in your past shame from mistakes you wish you could

erase my beloved child will you receive my invitation bring those regrets into the

light and lay them at my feet do it now give me the burden of

condemnation you were never meant to bear watch as I transform your failures and

flaws into testimonies of my Redeeming Grace see the beauty that comes from

honesty and surrender feel the freedom of being fully known and fully forgiven this this is my heart for you

the tomb is empty because I have risen triumphantly The Sting of death forever

defeated the powers of Darkness vanquished I hold the keys now to

eternal life and I offer them free to all who would believe in

me this gift of Salvation cannot be earned only received won not by your

meritorious efforts but through my sufficient sacrifice place your trust in me and me

alone for reconciliation with your

creator this is the only true path to Freedom come now and set your mind on

things above on on my Mercy that endureth forever my grace that is sufficient for you my peace that

surpasses understanding my purpose for your life fix your thoughts on what is noble

right pure and admirable think on these things and my perfect peace will guard

your mind do not be anxious about tomorrow because I hold your future

safely in the palm of my hand not one day of your life catches me by surprise

even your struggles and sufferings have purpose walk by faith in my Divine

Design you can rest from striving for now quiet your mind from planning and

plotting cease counting costs making demands and taking

control be still and know that I am God I will act on your behalf in due

time my timing is Flawless though you may not always understand it it but you can trust my

heart toward you I am for you if the Son of God laid down his

rights and humbled himself on the cross how much more should you surrender your rights and humbly serve others take up

your cross just as Jesus Took up his follow down the path of

self-sacrifice and radical obedience the rewards of walking intimately with me are so far greater

than any Earthly Treasures you could claim to do not be afraid to go all

in you cannot comprehend the vastness of my love for you it goes on forever

beyond the farthest galaxies past the end of time my love for you has no

beginning and no end well before you were born I knew and loved you as my precious child and when

the day comes when Heaven and Earth pass away still my love for you will remain rest in my unconditional love my

beloved Son my cherished daughter I call you by name you are mine and I am yours

my seal is upon your heart you bear my spirit within you are set apart born of

my spirit and marked forever as my treasured possession Royal heir to an eternal

Kingdom child when uncertainty and fear arise whisper my name in your heart

there is power and peace in my name demons and darkness flee at the sound of

it everything in heaven and on Earth kneels reverently before me let my mighty name be your shelter

and strength even now I’m guiding your steps along the path I have prepared for

you it is uniquely designed to shape you into the person I created you to be and

lead you into your purpose do not fret over detours or or delays stay focused on me not where

others are in their journey I know the plans I have for you your pain does not

surprise me or bewilder me I see you in your Despair and I am present in it with

you when you feel utterly alone know that I am Drawing Near to comfort you

your suffering Grieves me but I will use it for your good in your weakness my

strength will be made perfect I weep with you now but joy comes in the

morning my precious child you are weary from the battles you’ve been fighting

lay down your sword now so I may refresh you there’s a time for pushing forward

and a time for Stillness my living water will restore your soul the truth of who you are in me

will ignite passion once more you are my beloved one even in the valley of

deepest Darkness You are not alone when the burden of Despair weighs

you down let me shoulder the load when grief and Trauma threaten to consume you

let me bring healing and hope when it seems like you are drowning in an ocean of pain let me lift you up and breathe

life into your lungs once more take my hand dear one rest now in my love let

the light of my spirit wash over you easing your burdens quieting your

anxious thoughts you need only trust that I have a purpose for you a plan to give you

hope your path has been difficult but each step has shaped you made you

stronger more compassionate you are right where you need to be in this moment be

still listen for my voice I am speaking to you Whispering words of comfort of

belonging breathe deeply now feel the calm washing through

you the Winds of Change are blowing but I am your anchor I will not let you

drift a new day Dawns Golden Light spills Over the Horizon full of Promise

your time of struggle passes let gratitude fill your heart

gratitude for all you have overcome all you have survived the past can no longer

haunt you the future cannot make you afraid you have me always and

forever We Walk This Road Together my plans for you are good

abundance flows your way not just material blessings but gifts of the Spirit love joy

peace open your hands to receive all I have for you you are worthy so very

worthy Angels watch over you as you rest you are safe

evil cannot touch you harm you my light dispels all Darkness you have my promise

I will never abandon you especially not now as you stand at the cusp of a new

beginning do not fear change transformation can seem

daunting but I am with you through it all we embark on this journey together

each step leads you closer to your highest self Your Divine Purpose

you were created for more this time is yours let negative thoughts hold no

power over you the past is done the present is yours to shape the future is

bright with hope your words manifest your reality Speak Life speak Joy see

abundance Breathe Again feel my peace washing through you once more I am so

proud of you of the person you are becoming you shine with my light dear

one no Darkness can extinguish your flame your courage

inspires yes you grow weary at times when strength fails let me carry the

load I will give you rest your needs are my privilege to provide for you were

made for more than struggle Prosperity awaits trust in the timing of all things

my ways are not yours but I lead you along the very best path around each

Bend awaits a blessing made just for you wondrous gifts spill from my hands you

have only to receive fear not the unknown I go before

you always preparing the way though the path seems unclear now it will be

illuminated step by step my voice will guide you you listen and you will know

which way to turn whisper my name in times of loneliness and I will draw near

no hurt is too heavy to lay at my feet bring me your broken pieces together we

will make them hold you were made for joy and I will

see it realized do not fear your frailties your weaknesses make space for

my strength I am most present in moments of need waiting for you to call so I can

answer rely on me dear heart I will uphold you you are surrounded by those

that love you people I have brought into your life to reflect my care do not

isolate yourself the burden grows lighter when carried together now sleep my

beloved dream sweetly of all that awaits morning’s light reveals a day full of

Promise wonderful plans made just for you are set in motion my blessings are

endless receive joyfully all that I pour out no matter what comes I am your

constant I will not change or falter my love is unconditional

Everlasting trust this above all else you are cherished you are

chosen you are my own I will never forsake you

rest now in this unshakable truth my child a new day Dawns bright

with opportunity the old has passed away this moment is a gift freshly

unwrapped full of potential do not dwell on past pains leave regrets

behind I make all things new including you shed the weight of yesterday’s

Sorrows the path ahead Rises to to meet you move forward with hopeful

expectancy each encounter is a chance to reflect my light even small acts of kindness Ripple

out in ways you cannot see no Act of Love is ever wasted listen for my

guidance in each mundane task find joy in the present do not wish the hours

away pining for some distant Horizon purpose lies here now in

ordinary moments made holy when you walk with me I Delight in you in the person

you are becoming when you let me shape your character grow in patience grow in

compassion grow in Grace the world so needs what you have

to give do not fear the unknown the future rests safely in my

hands I go before you to prepare the way my plan plans are set in motion though

you have yet to see the pattern walk the path one step at a

time my light reveals just where to place your foot around each new Bend

awaits undiscovered mercies made fresh for you wonders unfold as you go you need

only follow where I lead the voice Whispering guidance is

mine listen and you will know which way to turn do not get distracted by other

voices my sheep know my voice stay near to me and you have nothing to fear no

Darkness can overtake you when you walk in my light evil Retreats at the sound

of your footsteps you carry my authority Stand Tall my child lift your

eyes to meet each New Horizon your best days lie ahead but for

now be fully present find joy in this moment purpose begins

here let it fill you with hope the road Rises to meet you my child each step

takes you closer to becoming all you were created to be be filled with expectancy with hope your best days lie

ahead but for now sleep dream of my glory feel my peace know deep in your

soul that you are loved

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