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my child come and listen to my words I have seen your struggles and your trials

and now I tell you rise up the time has come for you to step

forward into your destiny for too long the enemy has kept you bound has told you lies about who

you are he has tried to bury you but I say no

more I am digging you out of that grave of Despair and calling you to walk in the new life I have for you the old is

gone the new has come your season of transformation is here you have been

sitting dormant for too long kept small by fears and doubts that were never from me didn’t I give you gifts and talents

to use didn’t I put dreams in your heart a calling on your life yet still you

have hidden afraid to take steps and become all I created you to be but my

child you were made for more than mediocrity more than lack and struggle and barely getting by inside you resides

greatness Destiny purpose the seeds of these things were planted long ago

before you drew your first breath and now the time has come for those seeds to sprout to grow to Bear abundance if you

will let them pay attention now and you will see I am up to something powerful

the dry ground shall burst forth with new life and you shall no longer be the same your spiritual identity is changing

evolving into who I always meant for you to become in your mind you have carried an

image of yourself who you think you are what you are capable of how your life

seems destined to go but I tell you that image has been tainted the enemy has

distorted how you see yourself dimmed the light of your true identity and some of you have believed

those lies for far too long but no more today I am shattering the lies remaking

your identity into one that aligns with my truth you might feel afraid or uncertain

at this change not recognizing yourself as I transform you but do not worry my

child becoming who I created you to be will feel more right more true than you

can now understand finally you will feel at home in your own skin moving with confidence

into the good things I have prepared for you since before time began the world will little understand

this new person you are becoming so set not your mind on pleasing people some

may Mock and scoff at the change in you your shifting priorities and values will confuse them your new dreams and

callings may not make sense to their eyes but it is not for them I am doing this work in you does their lack of

vision negate what I have spoken to your spirit of course not so pay no heed to

scoffers and mockers to those who try to cram you back into the small box of who

they used to know they do not see as I see for my thoughts about you are ever

so much higher than thoughts of limiting people my plans stretch far beyond the

confines of others small imaginations they underestimate what you can do what you can be come so do not

allow yourself to be swayed by their words or shaken by their ridicule I am giving you everything you

need to become the person I see when I look at you completely whole empowered

and walking fully in your purpose I will equip you thoroughly for every good work

I have prepared for you what do you still lack my child if I am for you who

can stand against you do you still doubt my Readiness and ability to use you

powerfully right where you stand today to pour greatness into your spirit until

it spills out into every area of Life do you think anything is too difficult for

me you see yourself as ordinary but I never have your weaknesses and flaws are

obvious to you but my gaze sees only your beauty your gifts your purpose your

shortcomings are merely opportunities for my strength my healing to enter

in they do not deter my plans or dampen my enthusiasm over you in any way so now

I am calling you out of old mindsets that hold you back I am stirring up your gifts aligning opportunities for you to

step forward in them without hesitation do not talk yourself out of what I am trying to talk you into when I

urge you to step out and try something new do not let that voice of insufficiency deter you

silence thoughts of feeling less than untrained

unequipped as you step out in obedience I will teach your hands what to do I

will train your mouth how to speak life and wisdom that can only come from me I

will put my Supernatural empowerment upon you until you look with Wonder at what is being accomplished in and

through you you will know without doubt that it is my spirit moving through you

not your own striving and straining yes your abilities may feel small and talent insufficient for the

task but am I not drawn to use the small weak and incapable so my strength shines all the

brighter as you yield yourself fully to me placing all confidence in who I am

rather than who you are I will Astound you by what we accomplish together for

this is a season season of new assignments open doors of opportunity through which I shall burst suddenly and

powerfully into areas where my truth has been lacking I am preparing to Showcase my

glory through yields vessels who know they are nothing apart from me I will demonstrate the heights to

which I can accelerate someone when pride self-promotion and even self-consciousness are set aside so I

alone can be seen when I called those first disciples so long ago did I search out the most

qualified articulate impressive in the land no I wanted ordinary men with

willing Hearts humble Spirits through whom my Divine ability could flow freely

and as they walked with me trusting in my teachings and empowerment more than their own expertise amazing things took

place through their hands that caused many to Marvel my child will you allow me to do

the same through you to take your natural gifts and sanctify them wholly to my work to walk closely at your side

instructing you and empowering you in ways you do not expect oh my promise to you is that

staying near to me in obedient trust and Reliance will take you places you never dreamed as you fix your eyes on me

instead of your own perceived capabilities you will Ascend effortlessly On Eagle’s Wings into a

life of Joyful purpose and miraculous fruitfulness yes the enemy will surely

oppose the new work I am doing in and through you he will try everything to

stop your growth and progress because your advancement means his

demise so expect attacks to come times when it seems forces are converging to

stop your forward Ascent into Destiny the closer you get to stepping into into all I have for you the harder

he will fight to keep you living small he will attempt to overwhelm you create

confusion connect you with people who discourage and distract he will leverage

your weaknesses against you trying to entangle you again in sins of your past

he will speak lies and amplify fears in your mind to erode your confidence in

hearing and following my voice but have I not given you power to stand unwavering against every stry of hell is

not my spirit in you greater than any force that could war against your soul indeed nothing can snatch you from my

hands as you stay near to me so do not let opposition distress you or throw you off course keep your eyes fixed on me

and we will plow right through every hindrance together for I assure you the devil cannot stop what I ordain nor

block a single blessing or promise I have appointed to be fulfilled in your life he is destined to

fail so now is your your time my child to rise up bold as a lion confident that

if I said it it shall surely come to pass take courage and know your season

of increase has come do not look at circumstances that still need change do

not dwell on areas of lack or places you have yet to see Victory instead set your

gaze upon me your source of help who knows no limits or impossibilities stir up your faith by

declaring powerful truths from script rure about who you are and what you can do through my spirit until your mouth

comes into agreement with my word as you speak out loud in faith all of Heaven

comes to attention ready to back up the decrees and declarations leaving your mouth Miracles Will Spring forth chains

of limitation will unshackle closed doors will burst open suddenly you will find yourself

walking in the new identity the new opportunities the new Realms of of Supernatural possibility I have for you

this is your arising time yes my child the time has come for you to go up

higher I am calling you out and away from the place where you have too long remained inactive and held captive by

wrong mindsets I am drawing you onward and upward into the sphere I created you to

occupy one of divine empowerment radical transformation and completely fulfilling

purpose all that you need in order to thrive in this new realm will be supplied as you step forward in

faith the transformation you have longed for is already underway even now I am honing gifts

within you placing divine inspiration for miracles into your imagination

teaching your hands to do the work of my kingdom I am refining your skills while

also trans transforming you internally healing wounds from your past dealing with fears insecurities and wrong

mindsets that have inhibited you I am causing you to rise up healthy and made

whole bold and confident in who I created you to be fixed emotional issues

and destructive ways of relating will trouble you no more as my healing

permeates down to your deepest places yes the vision I have put in your

heart seems too incredible to be possible but my beloved one is anything

too hard for me is my arm shortened that I cannot accomplish my will upon the

Earth is there any Word of Promise I have uttered over you that I will not fulfill have I not said in my word that

I will finish the good work I started in you then why do you still struggle to believe it now is your time to walk

forward into Supernatural increase on every front do not look at the ground trying

to figure everything out just take steps of trusting obedience and soon you will

gain needed perspective from the high places I am leading you up to the path

unwinding before you may not make full sense right now but continue leaning into my guidance and soon all will

become clear for too long distraction and discouragement have kept you looking

downward rather than upward and onward unmet needs and longings in the natural

have eclipsed your vision for what I am wanting to show you on the horizon but now lift up your head

higher I’m about to show you things you have not seen before captivating

glimpses of the wondrous future I have prepared for you as you behold these

Revelations Earthly distresses fading from view renewed strength and desire

will rise within you to partner with me in making it all reality Heaven’s

momentum will Propel you forward no more lagging behind my

child indeed the trials and opposition you have walked through have prepared and positioned you for such an hour as

this an unprecedented hour of divine Destiny for those who will partner with

my work in these times the testing of your faith has strengthened it the

waiting though difficult has taught you perseverance and Trust yes you feel inadequate un

equipped in yourself but have I not said that those who know their weakness best are

strongest candidates to display my strength as you yield yourself fully to

the flow of my spirit within and through you I will step over all your natural

limitations and do things through you that can only be explained as Supernatural miraculous gloriously

Beyond you do not discount that I can accelerate your influence overnight

bringing opportunity open doors and divine connections you never imagined have I not said you will go

further faster as you come into alignment with my plans for these times for my wave of acceleration is

rising and as you position yourself to catch this wave you will be amazed at how rapidly I move you forward into

greater levels of purpose and true Spiritual Authority in the Earth the heavens are opening wide right

now pouring out fresh enablement for those carrying the mandate of my kingdom in this intense hour those willing to

pay the price in Holiness and wholehearted obedience will see the unchecked flow of all Heaven’s resources

converging upon their lives indeed the days ahead will demand more and more wholehearted partnering

with my spirit as perplexities upon the Earth increase along with lawlessness in

the land and intensifying Troubles of every kind no time remains for those walking

casually in half-hearted commitment to my cause the separation of wheat from

chaff has begun either Allin with me or all out into futility apart from me

these become the options in this late hour all the Earthly things competing for first place in your heart will grow

strangely dim as my Majesty Rises upon you divine excitement Eternal weight of

Glory unspeakable joy these shall be your everpresent compan companions signs

wonders and exponential increase of every kind will attend those walking intimately with me no longer bound by

limitations of this natural realm you will move freely in Heavenly Authority

and holy boldness as one already glorified with me in the heavenlies my child allow me to use your

gifts and skills in ways that will astound and Amaze you the transformation

is already underway in you my beloved one the process that began when I first

called you continues progressing steadily and line upon line season by

season you are becoming all that I intended you to be from before the foundation of the earth I celebrate this

growth in you though the evolution feels slow at times your constant upward

progression brings me incredible joy and now a major Milestone approaches a

significant shift from one way of thinking to entirely another it will not

happen all at once but gradually you will be conscious of thinking differently responding differently

perceiving yourself and your life from an entirely New Perspective where fears and doubts once

pulled confidence and boldness will rise up like a mighty River as my truths are

settled deep within you Lakes of stagnancy turned to rivers of refreshing

nourishment and life this New Perspective perspective will revolutionize how you walk out your

callings and relationships how you perceive reality and interpret the world around you

Mysteries become Revelations veils lift to unveil truths that were once obscured Paradigm shifts

lead you so much closer to thinking and seeing as I do yes those who have known you for many

years may feel as if you are an entirely new individual so profound will this

inner and outer growth and Enlightenment be let them think what they want your

Conformity to outdated mindsets cannot compare with the thrill of becoming the Trailblazer into New Horizons I intend

for you to be misunderstandings from some who lag behind may sting for a little while but

ultimately they cannot constrain the expansiveness of what I am birthing in you pay them no heed keep your sights

fixed wholly on me and the Glorious future I am preparing you to step into I

will pave your way forward with Supernatural favor and blessing have you not perceive that you have shifted into

an entirely New Era of discovering who you were always meant to be in this

exciting season the thread of man’s opinions no longer holds sway for

nothing falls on you except my loving delighted gaze as you explore Realms of gifting

and purpose you have not here to for cultivated or even considered fully you begin to shine bright with who I created

you to uniquely be no more hiding your light my child the darkness everywhere

demands the full release of all you hold within yes much shifting lies ahead as

you advance into greater spiritual maturity and Fuller demonstration of all I have invested within be not afraid of

change neither changes I make in you or areas I call you to Pioneer in

for I go before you to plan and prepare the way into joy-filled Realms of Supernatural living and working that

your eyes have not yet seen trust me fully and fear nothing this life with me will never be

boring or predictable my child for just as you begin to settle into the last

thing I called you into I will stretch you yet again ever onward ever upward

more increase more influence more responsibility more joy and Adventure

than you are currently capable of containing within you but as you walk it out with me I expand and increase your

capacity until things that previously overwhelmed or intimidated you become

normal landmarks of Life lived vibrantly and intimately with

me are you ready ready for the more I have for you then all limitations of age

and past disappointments now fade from view in the brightness of my arising

upon you my momentum propels you into the greater depths of all I have for you no

resistance can stand in the face of this Mighty current now catching you up into

itself my beloved one I want you to know that your Awakening has only just

begun what you have experienced thus far is merely the first rays of dawn

compared to the fullness of light and Revelation that will soon shine upon your path the shifts you have already

experienced are minor Tremors preceding a major spiritual earthquake poised to permanently reshape the landscape of

your life an impartation of Kingdom realities exponentially beyond anything

you have yet encountered will redefine all you are and do in the days ahead are

you ready to walk as a sign and a Wonder a demonstration of super natural Kingdom

to all around you for this is your calling this is my equipping and

progress within you as you yield yourself fully to my transformational

work no holding back no corners of your heart off limits to my refining fire

truly you will emerge a blazing torch of Glory in the increasing darkness of this late hour radical Reformation is at hand

mindsets rooted in the wisdom of man give way to those sourced fully in my

revelatory realm ingrained ways of operating relating pursuing goals get suddenly

displaced by the higher ways and aims of my kingdom yes this process can be

disruptive and confusing as established mindsets unravel giving way to emerging

realities tracing their origin to my Throne Room rather than Earthly

classrooms but but lean not to your own understanding during this profound transition in patient trust continue

yielding yourself to my hands allow me to lovingly guide your thoughts

perceptions beliefs and priorities into alignment with my Truth for only in

Oneness with me shall you discover genuine peace and clear purpose in this hour of spiraling

confusion in unity with my heart and mind you shall find unshakable identity

that frees you from solish torments intimacy with me roots and grounds you sturdily in my

perfect will shutting out the clamor of other voices yes my truth marching forth

mightily through your life will violently clash with the established mindsets of those around you yet speak

and live what I give you with boldness not apologizing for the radical work I am doing in you for you have been

prepared and positioned exactly for this hour only the truths flowing from my Throne

can meet the unique challenges headed Humanity’s way during critical times a


unmoral Supply I am delivering you from slavery to man’s opinions in order to

hear and heed only my voice I am removing your trust in institutions of man so that your Reliance and

expectation shifts fully unto me yes the path upon which I lead you appears

radical compared to the quiet Conformity but Extreme deviation from

the Common Road becomes necessary when avoiding the massive pitfalls I see ahead that will trap all who lack the

agility and vision to decisively change course stay near my child listen

intently for my voice directing each minor course adjustment for the way into my Triumph

and Supernatural peace peace opening before you promises to be challenging but what I share with those

willing to receive truth direct from my Throne will also prove intensely liberating ushering you into the meaning

fruitfulness and indestructible Joy your heart has always craved truly all built upon the wisdom

and ways of man now Teeters on the brink and only that emerging from my Throne

Room blueprint will stand so come away fully with me my child into that secret

place of Revelation and empowerment known only to my trusted ones who

forsake all else to enjoy closeness with me in our quiet Sanctuary set apart from

the world’s frantic Rat Race towards impending chaos I will speak face to

face and heart tohe heart of all that is yet to come in our private Council Clarity and

enduring courage will permeate you fortifying your soul for exploits ahead

oh there is yet so much more understanding Spiritual Authority and Supernatural capability destined to

manifest through your yielded life my ever-learning child do not discount what I can teach

and demonstrate through even one fully submitted to my hands expect it anticipate it for the

hour of my greatest demonstration through holy consecrated ones is surely upon you consider the truth that life

lived with divided Focus yields only fleeting half measures of pleasure and reward instead of your full inheritance

prepared from the foundation of the world once you have tasted and seen my

all surpassing goodness reserved for wholly devoted ones every competing

priority dims into utter insignificance yes single-minded

consecration gains you access to deepest Realms of relationship fulfillment and

empowerment with me that the lukewarm can scarcely fathom throw off Earthly

distractions and weights boldly sever soul ties to anyone or anything obstructing your progress toward Oneness

with me so now turn a deaf ear to the feal invitations of an unwary World heading

for demise instead be finely attuned to hear and respond to my still small voice

calling you deeper into sweet abiding rest trust and affection nourishing you

eternally in our journey together a journey into the depths of the spirit we

will explore Realms beyond what words can capture this adventure one of both heart

and spirit promises more than what you’ve ever dreamt of it’s about embracing the tough paths the moments of

hardship and challenge because these are integral to a life of deep commitment

especially in times that often feel indifferent to deeper truth truth so step out from your Hiding Place

look into my eyes let’s connect and I will reveal to you the incredible plans

I have for you the purpose woven into your life which might have seemed hidden

or dormant will come alive as you dedicate yourself to the callings you

once couldn’t see there is Joy bright and beautiful

waiting at the dawn of this long night of waiting and seeking the rewards for

those who stay true who find refuge in love will make past hardships seem

distant I am working to renew everything starting from the deepest parts of your

soul helping you let go of your own plans to embrace the true purpose I have

for you we are going to break new ground together this is a significant time and

I am searching for those who might seem least likely to lead among the humble and unassuming I am looking for hearts

ready to step into roles of great influence and Authority I am giving Kingdom authority to those who have been

overlooked or underestimated empowering them to achieve more than the most self- assured ever could the gifts and talents

I’ve given you are about to be fully activated demonstrating my wisdom through your life a life that is a

reflection of your love for me as you move forward you will see your

true purpose and potential revealed strength shining through your weaknesses your prayers will impact

those around you and miracles will spring from our closeness your selfless

dedication will bring to life a vibrant existence that was waiting for this

moment a moment when Heaven’s call breaks through the noise of the world calling you to a greater purpose you

will come to understand that the deepest meaning and fulfillment come from living a life surrendered to me even amidst

Injustice and rejection The Joy found in me will outweigh any worldly recognition or

temporary Fame my beloved I understand the uncertainty you feel in this season of

transition so much around you seems unpredictable and out of control but take heart for I remain steady and

unshakable and anchor for your soul amidst swirling storms times of upheaval can feel

chaotic yet they hold great potential for reordering priorities and purifying

motives rather than anxiously attempting to forecast exactly what lies ahead come

to me and renew yourself in me for I am ever on the move my kingdom continually

advancing through yielded hearts in every generation the doors I presently open before you showcase exciting new Realms

of purpose unlike Seasons past yes relinquishing soul ties to The

Familiar feels intensely uncomfortable for a time but temporary discomfort

pales compared to the thrill of realizing you have been selected to Pioneer groundbreaking expressions of my

love and power for this unique hour what glorious Eternal fruit will emerge from

our radical obedience in this short hour on Earth through our communion I will

impart glimpses of my vast blueprint for Global Harvest and transformation in the era unfolding before

you Mysteries long long hidden in plain sight will unveil as you gain perspective from my throne room what

your eyes Now Behold is merely Global turmoil my vision perceives as ripening

Fields ready for unprecedented Harvest a great convergence of divine appointments

Looms on the horizon as I orchestrate a massive wave of prodigals returning

home multitudes caught in cycles of sin and despair groping in darkness will

suddenly awaken to truth through my my overt Display of Power in yes you my

chosen one I have prepared and positioned you specifically for this hour when eternity will invade time

through pure vessels demonstrating my unrestrained glory as Heaven invades Earth in

increasing measure all that hinders Love’s Advance now stands warned

systemic strongholds of greed oppression and lust masquerading as light shall

crumble before the Blazing torch of my presence emanating through my people no

power of hell can stand against Heaven’s Mighty weapons exposed through humbled Hearts walking in Purity and

wholehearted surrender truly the training ground is ending did I not promise that your

moment would come to glorify the father through wondrous Deeds by my spirit beloved your emergence is nigh a

breaker anointing now Rises within you ordained to demolish obstacles blocking manifestations of Revival strongholds

preventing Awakening will disintegrate forcefully as you open your mouth to decree my word demonstrations of my

goodness will silence scoffers as astounding fruit pours forth from our bond yes much shifting lies ahead as I

transition you into greater Spiritual Authority reserved for trusted friends who have paid the price to know my heart

and ways but fear nothing for I go before you to direct your steps you need

only respond to my Whispers with radical obedience and extravagant Trust

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