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today God is speaking to you my beloved

kids I know you’ve been doubting

yourself lately and wondering if you

really are good enough or strong enough

to do what I have placed in your heart


do this message is here for you to

remind you that you can do all things

through Christ don’t let fear talk you

out of your dream stop stressing I Am

with You IV already worked it out in the

Bible verses Matthew to always

speak he spoke back because you’ve got

so little faith truly I tell you if you

have faith as small as a mustard seed

you can say to this mountain move from

here to there and it’ll move nothing

might be possible for you like the video

if you needs God Divine

Direction my dearest soon I understand

that you are facing many demanding

situations and problems on your

existence you may additionally

experience crushed confused annoying or

depressed you may surprise why things

show up the manner they do and while you

have to go through so much you may

additionally doubt yourself your skills

your really worth or your

reason but I need you to recollect which

you are a precious and unique

introduction of mine you have a Divine

spark within you that nobody can

eliminate you have gifts and abilities

that you could used to make a high

quality distinction within the global

you have a future that best you can

fulfill you have a reason to live to

like and to be

satisfied you won’t see it now however

the whole thing that happens to your

Lifestyles has a meaning and a purpose

even the most painful and tough

experiences can educate you valuable

classes assist you develop and make you

stronger they can also open open new

doors of

opportunity and lead you to Greater

blessings so do not now allow your

outside circumstances outline you or

restrict you do now not allow them to

rob you of your peace and

contentment instead Awareness on what

you can manipulate that is your mindset

your mind your feelings and your

movements choose to be effective


thankful and

hopeful Jesus says write yes if you want

my experience and

blessings affirm I include elements of

myself that need more love I apprehend

the fee in loving each my mild and My

Shadow can they make me who I am every

element of myself is worthy of care

attention and acknowledgement I am

equipped to love myself

absolutely sweet kids stay ever so close

to me and you’ll ha prepared for you

this is the most green way to stay on

the right track it Smiles also the

maximum enjoyable way men have a

tendency to multiply obligations of

their observance of Faith this exercise

permits them to provide me money time

and paintings with not yielding up to me

what I preference the maximum their

hearts rules may be located routinely

once they turn not to be ordinary they

can be accompanied with minimum effort

and nearly no thought these addiction

forming rules provide a fake feel of

security lulling the soul into a comos

situation what I look for in my kids is

an awoke UL that Thrills to the joy of

my presence I created mankind to glorify

me and enjoy me for all time I provide

the joy your part is to glorify Me by

using residing near to me I am dwelling

in dazzlingly vibrant light I am also

your Shepherd companion and friend the

one who by know no means we could cross

of your hand worship me in my Holly

Majesty come close to me and rest in my

presence you want me each as God and as

man only my Incarnation on that first

long in the past Christmas ought to

fulfill your neediness since I went to

such excessive measures to save you out

of your sins you may be confident that I

will graciously give you all you

need king of kings and Lord of lords

nurture properly your trust in me is

savior Lord and friend I have held lower

back not anything in my provision for

you I have even dained to stay within

you rejoice in all that I even have

achieved for you and my light will shine

via you into the arena share this video

with nine people who believe in God by

typing Jesus Is God there is a mighty

battle occurring for manipulative your

mind Heaven and Earth intersect in your

mind the tugs of each spheres have an

effect on your wanding I created you

with the capability to Revel and

forecast of heaven when you shut out the

world and cognizance on my presence you

can enjoy sitting with me in Heavenly

nation states this is an extremely good

privilege reserve for valuable ones who

belong to me and are looking for my face

your finest energy is your choice to

spend time communing with

me as you think about me my spirit F LS

your thoughts with life and peace the

international exerts a downward pull to

your thoughts media bombard you with

greed lust and cynicism when you face

this stuff pray for protection and

discernment stay in persistent

communication with me each time you

stroll through the wastelands of this

world refuse to worry due to the fact

this form of worldliness will weigh you

down and block cognizance of my presence

stay alert spotting the war being waged

toward your mind look ahead to an

eternity of strife and fashion living

reserved for you in heaven my child at

your lowest I’m your hope at Your

Darkest I am your mild at your weakest

I’m your power at your saddest I’m your

comforter I’m restoring your power you

are being renewed and refreshed for

higher days what the enemy meant for

evil I will turn it around for the best

everything misplaced may be repaid and I

will have the last word to your

Lifestyles every day I think about you

every r i look want you every minute

I’ll take care of you every second I

love you whatever you are facing L am

with you

typ on man to make it happen listen

carefully regret is a first straight

robber it robs our of our peace our

pleasure our self-belief our braveness

and our religion we all have things we

want we had completed in a different way

said otherwise concept differently or to

which we had reacted in another way

there’s no no going lower back no

converting it but if we have repented

and completed what we will make matters

proper then we must come to a place in

which we foresto rehearsing what we


relive the purpose God’s mercies are new

every morning is due to the fact we

mistaken people that we are need new

mercies each single day God nonetheless

redeems re restores renews revitalizes


recharges you can’t go lower back

however you don’t must stay wherein you

are in Christ you may circulate forward

you may have a fresh begin you can have

a brand new beginning trust him and

receive his Mercy today typ iore you


Father through him we’ve also got to

obtain get write of Entry to Via faith

into this grace in which we stand and we

rejoice in wish of the glory of God

Romans –

to dear listeners join me in prayer and

speak oh Lord I submit my soul unto you

and I turn my face closer to you and I

absolutely rely upon you and I entrust

my Affair unto you

and desire and worry of you verily

there’s no Safe Haven nor Safe Haven

from you besides with you he who dwells

in The Refuge of the most high will rest

within the shadow of the Almighty I will

say of the Lord you are my refuge and my

castle my Lord in whom I trust surely

you will save me from the fowers snare

and from the lethal pestilence Ence you

will cover me with your feathers and

under your wings I will find shelter

your faithfulness might be my defend and

import I will no longer fear the phobia

of night nor the arrow that flies V day

nor the pestilence that stalks in the

darkness nor the plague that destroys at

midday a thousand might also fall at my

facet , at my proper hand but it’ll

no longer come near me I will best study

with my eyes and spot the punishment of

the depraved if I make you are my living

you Lord who is my refuge then harm will

befall me no catastrophe will come close

to my T oh Lord You by myself I worship

you alone ask for help protect me and my

own family may all through the night

amen I appreciate you to still watching

this I invite you to share it with

others by spreading this word you

multiply the blessing in your life and

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