today God is talking to

you now that you’ve cleared some room in

your life for New Opportunities you’re

starting to see things more clearly your

development is picking up momentum

recently never give

up you may ride this wave of success to

success this space is productive this

spe speaks to your whole being embrace

the possibility of this new phase of

your life your surroundings and hence

your outlook has

changed those far off goals are really

much closer than you may realize right

now prepare to be astounded you are

about to get the answer to your

prayers like this video If you have a

faith in

God the door to a bre brand new period

in your life has opened you discovered

the secret to unlocking your spirit’s

full potential the ability to take

charge your evolution is something only

you and the cosmos can fully comprehend

your newfound confidence for outs

whatever worries you may have had in the

past everything magical that Waits your

Discovery will take you by surprise

compared to the other chapters this one

is a Quantum Leap in quality take a deep

Gul of air and take it all

in you are now squarely into the

territory of revolutionary

advances every day A Million Little

Miracles occur all around you but you

won’t see them until you take a moment

to glance up and

about because of this it’s crucial to be

grateful being aware is crucial for this

reason try not to overlook the Splendor

that is already in your

midst don’t be frightened I will

strengthen you I will Aid you I will

sustain you with my righteous right

hand God is on your sigh and he is

opening doors for you right now never

allow the opinions of others or the

outward appearance of things need you to

question God’s plan for your

life your life is about to take a

dramatic change for the better be

blessed and be

encouraged the Amen key serves as a
Amen Key


affirmation the world as you know it is

going to change ched dramatically you

have arrived in the realm where your

ideal self resides the future you the

one who makes your goals a reality


here embrace the change that is

occurring in your Sue L if you

concentrate on making the area around

you brighter you will find the PATH you

need to go much more quickly now is your

chance to shine show everyone what


got you’ve been dragging around

unnecessary burdens for far too long and

now is as good a moment as any to let

them go you don’t need to bring all that

additional Gear with

you as the seasons begin to shift let

your inner self to move with the same

ease the leaves are a divinely gorgeous

reminder of why letting go is is always

the best

option don’t fight the change occurring

inside you instead recognize it for the

Incredible Gift that it is the full moon

tonight might serve as a Beacon of Hope

as you near the finish of this difficult

Journey enter yes if you accept
Full Moon

this keep an eye out continue to believe

act bravely have courage don’t make the

common error of putting your trust on

your emotions rather than God’s word

today nothing positive can come from

this for the spiritual man who matures

as we take God’s word to

Heart therefore declare God’s word over

your life and

circumstances and after you’ve done that

stick to your promise be blessed and be

encouraged just tap out I’m abundant to
Be Blessed

stake your

claim then they started praising him and

believing his promises today no matter

what others may say or what

circumstances may seem keep your focus

on God’s promises to

you it’s possible that we give our

problems a little too much thought to

the point that we start to have serious

doubts fears and

concerns but it has been said over your

life by God that you will no longer feel

shame and that the finest days of your

life are still to

come the Amen key confirms this as

true the holy spirit’s seal is never

wasted the god of direction is right

there with with you braving the storm

even if the Flames are engulfing you and

growing hotter than they ever have

before God is still communicating to you

from inside

them God’s light shines through

everything even the haze that would

otherwise choke your belief extinguish

your hopes and render your future immob

it’s bringing about a change in US that

wouldn’t happen

otherwise all of it is returning God

will bring back replace and fix whatever

you’ve been mourning that which you call

your job experience is all in your

head don’t grow tired and grumpy at this

time of change keep the faith and trust

that God has permitted these trials to

come into your life life for a

reason sometimes God exposes his purpose

via grief and loss if he wants to give

New Life to anything he has to kill it

first some friendships will be lost

careers will shift and opportunities


close but understand this God has a plan

for everything without his permission

nothing can happen don’t lose sight of


reliability he won’t keep anything

wonderful from us All That Remains is

for our faith to be proven correct hold

it is

returning if you agree please respond
If You Agree

with a yes

keystroke if you have faith in God
If You Have Faith

subscribe to our

channel for the Lord’s word is true and

and all of his deeds are performed in

honesty keep in mind that the Lord is


today it’s easy to feel like God has

abandoned us when the doors he promised

to open are still closed or nowhere in

sight for example I am ready to shine in

text format would be an

affirmation there will be times when the

difficulties of Life seem

insurmountable and we will question

whether or not we have what it takes to


going we may question ourselves whether

our connection with Jesus is genuine

enough to assist us to go ahead our

response however as devout Christians is

an unwavering

yes because our Lord and savior ior is

constantly with us we will never be

without the resources we need to keep

going trust in him and he will take care


you the knowledge that our God cares

passionately about the things that

matter to us even beyond the things it

can see or measure is something upon

which we may

rely consider today how how important it

is to trust in God’s plan and remember

that I am the Lord the God of all

mankind is there anything to hard for

me all things are possible with God you

remind yourself and life begins talking

about how impossible things

are God Is unmoved by our unbelief but

when he sees confidence he removes every

obstacle from our

path finally take heart in the Lord and
Take Heart In The Lord

his awesome strength it’s not always

easy to muster up

bravery most of the time we don’t give

much thought to the value of showing

bravery which is why so many individuals

give up when they confront

adversity we must be strong and

exceedingly Fearless d as God commanded

Joshua to be when he directs our

movements the universe is always pushing

and directing you towards the people

places and things that are the finest

representation of who you are and what

you want out of

life those warnings are impossible to

ignore permanently but you can keep

ignoring them until it’s too

late once you found your inner calm and

vitality and come into the present now

you’ll be able to see the signals for

what they are and how to apply

them the way that is destined for you

will become clear once you start

listening to your inner

voice enter yes to
Enter Yes

confirm for I know the plans I have for

you declares the Lord plans for

prosperity and not for Calamity to give

you a future and a

hope although your prior intentions may

not have materialized the way you had

hoped you should not lose hope sense God

has great plans for your

life do not allow Terror the last say in

your life today God God has not given us

a spirit of fear but of power love and a


mind when you a child of God give into

fear you do more than simply let it tell

you what you can’t do you allow it to

prevent you from accomplishing what God

has called you to

do when we listen to the voice of fear

instead of God we Veer away from God

God’s will for our

life today remember that you have

nothing to worry about and instead take

whatever concern you have and take it to

God In

Prayer God sees the whole picture

including how much time you have left

and the words of those who don’t believe


you but he has already spoken over your

isue and no matter how it seems or what

others say everything will work out in

your favor it’s only a question of time

so trust me when I say that you have

nothing to worry

about Jesus said you don’t understand

now what I am doing but someday you will

there are aspects of God’s plan for your

life that he doesn’t want you to know

for the present and we might feel

confused as we attempt to figure out

what God is doing during these

times but God says stop trying to figure

things out and stop being moved by

appearances those things only keep you

from trusting

me put your faith in the Lord and He

will make it happen your doubt is

holding you

back just by typing I’m gentle with my

myself you’re sending yourself a


message you will grow in strength wisdom

and vitality as you share the good

fortune you’ve been given and Shine the

Light on

others put yes in the box if you
Put Yes in the Box

agree you are near to achieving success

in all areas of your life so keep going

even if you are now under a

salt the adversary may have declared war

on you and your loved ones but my word

is final I have proclaimed peace Triumph

healing and blessings over your

life have faith since they answer to

your prayers is waiting for you just

inside your

door before sending you into your next

season God will prepare you You by

taking away certain things or adding

others these things might be people

possessions habits or anything

else expect that in order to progress

you will have to leave certain things

behind you have to take a leap of faith

if you want greater faith if you want to

get all that God has for

you many of us want God would just lay

out the whole plan for us and tell us

what to do at every

stage trusting him more and more will

bring you to new heights of faith and if

you never take a leap of faith you’ll

never know the blessings that await you

on the other

side follow our Channel if you have
Keep Your Cool

faith in a higher

power it’s under understandable that

you’d be agitated and frightened if

things weren’t going so well in your

life right now but try to keep your

cool God is on your side because you’re

trying to do the right thing he’s

fighting your battles so you don’t have

to In God’s Time your adversaries will

be gone and what was intended to hurt

you will work out for your good
Claim It

if you get this

Proclamation type I claim it to claim

it God wants to bless you but in order

to do so he is stirring things up and

rearranging some of the people and

circumstances in your

life some individuals are not prepared

to join you on this new phase of your

trip and they may even become envious of

you because of your good

fortune on this level you need just

those who can tolerate witnessing you

succeed your season has

arrived God will give you

Supernatural power to accomplish what

you ordinarily couldn’t do when he sees

you doing your part believing when you

don’t see any proof of it praising him

when you’re weak and taking steps of

faith when you’re

uncomfortable keep in mind that God will

never waste anything you go through in

life if you have the right attitude he

will turn that situation around for your

good regardless of how you got

there whether it was because of your own

bad decisions or because someone else

treated you unfairly God wants to use

that situ uation to do work in

you but you must realize that God is

shaping your character and your

life just Ender am and if you have
Pray In The Spirit

faith when we don’t know what to pray

for or how to pray we may nevertheless

pray in the spirit by sitting silently

before God with our tears and

size and the Holy Spirit be may be

certain that God’s good purpose is being


out don’t look at the calendar and think

it’s too late it’s only just begun child

of God I feel compelled to advise you to

get near to the throne so near that you

can Touch the Hem of His

robe crying out to God is okay but after

you’ve done that it’s time to settle and

and enjoy the beauty that lies

ahead press why yes if you’re all set to
Press Why

go the Lord asks can you hope in me once

more when you feel crushed and want to

buckle let’s have a chat on my Throne if


like there’s a lot I need to tell you

your trust has not gone in vain you will

soon understand I had your best best

interests at heart the whole time here’s

my favor my little

one if you’re like most people your

employer doesn’t give you much credit

and your family doesn’t believe you have

much to contribute then today’s message

from God is a harsh reminder that this

may take some

time you may be neglected today but the

moment is coming when you re going to be

at College people are going to recognize

your worth your abilities your

talents I will make you the center of

attention catapulting you from relative

obscurity to the position of authority


popularity enter I’m optimistic if
Catapulting You

you’re prepared to do

so it’s frustra in when you feel like

you’re waging a losing battle with

someone and you’re going nowhere because

they simply won’t see things your

way stop attempting to buy them

arrogance leads to failure if they are

out of order he will fix it he’s got

you God will give you

Supernatural power to accomplish what

you ordinarily couldn’t do well when he

sees you doing your part believing when

you don’t see any proof of it praising

him when you’re weak and taking steps of

faith when you’re

uncomfortable the affirmation I embrace

my power may be

typed the universe knows everyone’s true

motives so you shouldn’t spend too much

time worrying about

them for now focus on what really

matters your inner growth when your

heart is always in the right place the

universe sets up your blessings

differently be true to who you really

are and continue shining your light as

you navigate through your

journey if you keep doing what you’ve

always done success will follow you

wherever you

go if you’re reading this right now I

want you to know that all the worry

anguish and sleepless nights you are now

going through does not equal up to the

gifts that are heading your

way your answer to prayer is on the

horizon so keep your chin

up today God is telling you to abandon

your pessimistic Outlook and speech

think instead of the times I heard your

pleas and acted on them the times I

helped you become healthy get a

promotion prevent accidents and solve


issues remembering your successes will

give you the confidence you need to take

the next step in your spiritual

journey you’ve learned your lessons

practised patience and shown strength

through adversity now it’s time for what

you’ve prayed for to finally come

true since you’re still here and bad

huge life-altering blessings are finally

on their way to

you but if you have any worries at all

bring them before the almighty in prayer

I want to have a conversation with god

and get his take on my

situation present your case before The

Supreme judge of the universe and tell

him him how you feel and why it bothers

you that you made this

mistake yes he is well aware of them but

he still wants to hear your side of the

story so argue your

point there is no attachment to the

outcome all the twin flames in this

group are very well balanced and

grounded and this is the season of


all the twin flames in the first waver

so very close to the physical Union

inner Union has already been integrated

and a sense of wholeness and contentment


present wisdom and love are pouring

forgiveness is evident and a Great

Awakening is taking place despite some

cleansing due to the severity of the

Lion’s gate

portal the Divine masculinities in this

group are fired up and raring to go so

long as they don’t allow their own

illusions of invincibility get in the

way they’ve made great strides and their

progress is

ongoing if you’re prepared hit the yes

button and forward this video to five


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