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my child come and sit with

me I have longed to speak with you this

day about the plans I have for you do

not be anxious or afraid instead receive

my words with an open heart for I formed

you and knew you before you were born I

knit you together in your mother’s womb

with intentionality and purpose even

then I was excited to bring you forth in

this season of your life you have been

asking what your calling is what you are

anointed to do

you wonder what gifts I’ve placed inside

you what talents I’ve cultivated in your

inner being my precious one I Delight to

reveal these things to you consider

first the natural abilities I’ve crafted

within you the interests and skills that

have marked your life from an early age

were you always one to care for others

did you find joy in bringing order or

structure to tasks was communication

something that came easily where others

noticed your ability to convey ideas


Clarity my spirit will highlight the

authority and anointing upon you often

before you recognize it

yourself pay attention to how others

receive your unique talents and to the

things that stir your spirit have I

gifted you to nurture those around you

to lead and guide when care is needed do

you naturally step into roles of

leadership Desiring to organize people

in spearhead efforts are you quick to

discern problem s and see Solutions

there is no need to strive here simply

look with eyes of Faith at the ways I’ve

shaped you these Clues all point to how

I have carefully prepared you for this

time and season of service unto me the

struggles you have faced the trials that

have stretched your faith even these

have had a purpose in molding you into a

powerful weapon in my hands for you

shall shine brightly in the world around

you impacting others for my my glory

this brings me great joy my child to see

you step into the fullness of your

destiny and calling you need not fret

over qualifying or finding adequacy on

your own merits my strength will

undergird your

weaknesses my spirit shall Empower you


self-sufficiency as you yield yourself

to my leading each day I will guide you

continually move forward in confidence

not comparison do not measure Yourself

by others who share similar gifts and

callings you are uniquely you designed

to display my image in beautiful

distinctive ways your place in my

kingdom is secure and tailor made to

match who I formed you to be so come be

refreshed and renewed in spirit mind and

body today allow me to steady you for

all that lies

ahead the path I call you to may seem

unfamiliar at first but I will

illuminate each phase bringing Clarity

amidst the unknown some days this may

feel uncomfortable as I stretch you and

dismantle old ways of thinking but I

assure you my yoke is easy and my burden

is light abide in me as I abide in you

for I Am with You guiding your every

step my still Small Voice will whisper

which way to turn when you feel lost or

unsure I will confirm my plans through

the wise counsil of others orchestrating

Divine alignments to bolster your faith

listen for the ways I affirm giftedness

in you that you have not yet

seen and above all receive my lavish

love and approval over your life not

based on your performance but due to my

delight in you as my precious

child yes you may feel inadequate or ill

prepared at times for the task at hand

but do not discount your Readiness

because of these fleeting feelings my

strength and sufficiency will override

your human limitations trust in the

giftings I’ve implanted within you take

steps forward in faith and watch what I

will do through willing surrendered

vessels for now is the time and season

for fulfillment of all I’ve spoken over

you the time of preparation and pruning

is giving way to Bountiful

Harvest that which I have destined for

your life will burst forth with new

momentum you will gain understanding of

your purpose that you have not grasped

before it will set your soul Ablaze with

fresh vision and

hope this does not negate humble

beginnings or small starts Great Oaks

after all emerge from Tiny

acorns it simply means the expansion of

your calling is upon you the obscurity

of the past will fade as your gifts


brighter that which I complete I bless

expect favor and increase to follow

you walk with renewed boldness my child

raise your head high unashamed of your

identity and calling for I see you as my

beloved marked by Destiny and crowned

with loving purpose I find Delight in

watching your journey unfold the story

I’m scripting for your

life my precious child do not lose heart

when the journey becomes difficult I am

right here by your side ready to renew

your weary spirit

let us sit together in Stillness so I

may fill you up once more though the way

may grow steep take comfort that I will

provide all you need to take each step

have I not Faithfully LED and guided you


far so trust I will sustain you still

today yes my beloved at times this path

of purpose will push you beyond


limits there will be growing pains as

you expand into new Realms of influence

don’t recoil when you feel the

discomfort of deep stretching for I am

expanding Your Capacity so you can

contain more of my

glory these seasons of intense shaping

are necessary for the anointing I’m

developing in you the cost is high but

owe the Eternal weight of Glory that

awaits so come closer still let us drown

out distractions that compete for your

affections guard your ears from voices

that aim to deter you from this journey

instead tune your ear only unto me my

words will strengthen and sustain you

for all that lies

ahead yes there will be naysayers

seeking to undermine your calling pay

them no heed beloved for I affirm boldly

that you are indeed called and chosen

equipped and empowered by my

spirit none can thwart the plans I have

for you therefore lift your head high

above dispiriting words

keep your gaze fixed upon me alone my

smile of delight over you outshines all

condemnation for your worth and purpose

are anchored securely in my

unconditional love for you no one can

revoke the calling I’ve placed within

you my child my commitment to you

remains steadfast regardless the cost

you are seen known loved Here In My

Embrace find your source of validation

only in my endless affection for

you therein confidence and boldness will

arise to equip you for all I have

planned listen closely for these words

are not merely suggestions but a call

from the very heart of the Universe from

me to you contemplate the things that

come to you as naturally as breathing

the Endeavors that fill you with joy

rather than

weariness whether it be aiding those in

need creating order from disarray or

sharing thoughts that resonate with

Clarity and

Truth understand these are not random

occurrences they are clear indicators of

the purpose I have instilled within you

the universe in all its Grandeur and

complexity mirrors the gifts I have

placed inside you those around you have

often recognized these gifts sometimes

even before you became aware of them

fear not to delve into and nurture these

talents for I am ever present guiding

your footsteps casting light upon your

path you have been endowed with a

special calling a unique contribution

that only you can provide the simple

joys of your Youth and the passions that

move you now are part of a Divine

curriculum designed to prepare you for

the significant role you are to

play your journey marked by both trials

and triumphs is not arbitrary it is a

deliberate shaping process mold in you

to fulfill the destiny I have laid out


you the Quest for your calling is more

an act of inward recognition than


search stay alert for signs and

confirmations of your Divine

assignment it will manifested with a

sense of undeniable rightness a dee

rooted knowledge that you are exactly

where you need to

be this path of Discovery is not solely

about identifying your strengths it is a

journey towards self-realization

a process of embracing your identity

shedding the shackles of doubt and

comparison embracing your calling is not

about reaching an end point it is about

growth learning and

transformation it calls for stepping

forth even when uncertainty Shadows your

heart trusting in the power I have

placed within you a power greater than


challenge place not your faith solely in

your abilities remember the strength and

Authority you we Feld are gifts from me

this journey is meant to free you to

rekindle the dreams and aspirations

within your soul it serves as a reminder

to pen down your visions and hold fast

to them even when their fulfillment

seems distant your Beginnings might be

modest but the path is set for expansion

impact and deep fulfillment that not

only resonates within you but also

enriches the lives around

you as you move forward bear in mind

this journey is not just about achieving

goals it’s about living out the essence

of who I created you to be it’s about

discovering joy in the journey embracing

the gifts I’ve given you and utilizing

them to affect change in the world keep

your heart open to my guidance stay true

to your essence and witness the

unfolding of a path filled with wonders

you never imagined

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