🔴MY CHILD: Can’t You See What’s Happening?। God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

dearest child of mine let me Begin by reminding you that your yesterdays

though filled with varied experiences are not the architects of your

tomorrows in moments when it seems as though your world is fragmenting teetering on the edge of Despair hold

this thought close you have entrusted me with your faith and in that trust find my

unwavering presence Beside You In My Embrace a sanctuary of love you find an

unshakable Fortress let your heart be a vessel for my peace and joy for under my

guardianship you are shielded by the strength of your Almighty Embrace this truth with every

fiber of your being with eyes wide open anticipate the Wonders I am poised to

unfold in your life Miracles both Majestic and heart stirring

await your Devotion to me your belief in the expanse of my might is

known now hold equally true that I have absolved you of all past missteps and

errors release yourself from the chains of self-reproach over things long since

vanished those errors I have cast into the void removed from your

path never to cast a shadow over you again it pains me deeply so to witness

you tormenting yourself with memories that belong to a bygone era through my

sacrifice you have been purified your heart reborn your mind rejuvenated

liberated from the scars of old hurts let your mind now be a garden where only

my holy words take root and from your lips may you speak life Radiance and

Solace into the lives of others daily turn your gaze towards my

promises my teachings and stray not into the gloomy recesses of

Despair you are not a drift your destiny is not hanging by a slender

thread In My Embrace you find safety sheltered under my protective

Wings even as the world may rise against you I stand as your bul workk shielding you from every

Onslaught with each new day as you absorb the words I impart your mind

strengthens distance yourself from those who Mar your spirit with harsh words and

indifference those who rob your joy and weigh down your [Music]

heart I desire not for you to return to past associations and places that led you away from your path let the flame

within you burn with an undiminished glow for I have envisioned for you a future filled with Vitality tranquility

and an abundance of blessings a life Untouched by grief or despondency if you Crown me as the

Sovereign of your heart prioritize me in all aspects of your life and adhere unwaveringly to my guidance then you

shall bask in true Liberation and receive Untold prosperity and Grace heed

my words cherish them in the deepest Al Cove of your soul even now I unfold you

tenderly in my arms I am ever watchful standing by your side ready to share

your burdens when they grow too cumbersome to Bear alone when sorrow seeks to engulf you

whisper my name hold me close in your heart and let your tears fall no more

refuse to let those dark chapters take root and flourish in the fertile ground of your spirit dismiss the deceitful Whispers of

the enemy those that seek to ravage your peace and self assurance remember always

the magnitude of My Sacrifice upon the cross the agony endured for your Redemption I paid the ultimate price

with my blood for each of your transgressions also recall my triumphant

Resurrection for I have come to Breathe new life into your aspirations and dreams those once thought lost to

time in this journey forward know that the Shadows of the past hold no power

over you your narrative is one of renewal a story of a heart mended and a

Spirit emboldened In The Quiet Moments When doubt Whispers remember the strength you

possess a strength drawn from our unbreakable Bond the trials you face they are but

step Stones leading you to a higher place of understanding and Grace each challenge a testament to your

resilience Your Capacity to rise time and again reinforced by my love and

guidance as the dawn ushers in a new day so too does my love offer New Beginnings

endless impossibility and hope in the light of my presence may you

find Clarity and purpose Let the Peace that I offer permeate every aspect of your being

soothing your worries calming the storms that rage within in this piece find the freedom to

explore the vastness of your potential unhindered by the Fetters of past

grievances Journey with me beloved child through paths lined with mercy and

compassion in our shared Journey discover the depths of my love for you

an unceasing unfathomable love that transcends time and circumstance with each step may your

heart grow lighter your spirit more radiant reflecting the love and light

that emanates from our communion in the quietude of your inner Sanctuary listen for my voice a gentle

whisper amidst the clamor of Life there in that Sacred Space converse

with me share your hopes your fears your joys in this Divine dialogue

find the reassurance that you are never alone that my presence is a constant a

guiding star in your life’s journey so as you walk forth into the

world carry with you this assurance you are cherished valued beyond measure the

challenges you face they are but ephemeral Shadows your true Essence

illuminated by my light remains unblemished pure and whole in this

knowledge may you move forward with confidence Grace and an unshakable faith in the journey ahead I am here to

transform your life completely to Grant you eternal life and impart strength

unfailing to your heart you have endured many Grievous hardships yet still you have not

surrendered or given up here you stand once more rising up again triumphantly

From the Ashes you are my precious child the apple of my eye the same power which

raised me from the grave resides now within you this day you shall continue

boldly on the path leading to the Abundant Blessings I have prepared for you nothing and no one will Deeter or

block your progress as you walk in faith I will open your eyes to wisdom from on

high clearing away all obstacles before you many good things you thought

irrevocably lost will now be restored to you the keys to unlocking true Freedom

Prosperity peace and all the blessings you seek are these to believe unshakably

in my promises and to obey my voice with a trusting and willing heart do not

allow yourself to become discouraged or deterred by problems or enemies seeking

to defeat you now you know my thoughts and desires for you to bless you richly

and help you through each trial the next step rests squarely upon your shoulders you must choose whether

or not to trust me fully to do as I instruct you have faith in me seek my face

continually in each situation arise and walk forward boldly

for I tell you truly your Victory is assured you are my precious child and I

will pour out blessings upon you in due time and fulfill every promise on my part only trust me take my hand and

allow me to guide your steps through this season of hardship and tribulation do not permit threats from

the enemy and difficult problems to steal your peace and confidence I have always been with you I

will never leave you nor forsake you and surely I will not abandon you in the fury of this storm my plans for your

life are infinitely better than any you could imagine or orchestrate on your own my thoughts transcend the temporary and

fleeting they stretch throughout eternity if you follow in faith where I

lead you will arrive safely at a destination of true peace and deep abiding

Prosperity even when circumstances seem difficult Beyond imagining if you regard them with eyes

of faith and steadfast hope you will find they are never insurmountable with

me by your side seek my face first thing every morning throughout the many

challenges each day brings and again before laying down your head in sleep each night bow your heart and knees

regularly before my throne of grace in Earnest prayer though you cannot yet see

the very heavens tremble in awe when your lips open in sincere praise to your

God as you step out in faith believing my promises asking me to watch over and

protect your family from diseases pandemics and shield them from every danger

know that I hear your prayer and will respond even should those nearest and

dearest to you fail you I love you with an everlasting love that surpasses any

human love and I will never fail you your family your future your health and

well-being are all held securely in my mighty hands cherish value and protect each

blessing I have so graciously bestowed do not take a single one for

granted do not underestimate what I can do with open and yielded vessels if you remain faithful in even

the smallest matters cherishing what gifts I have already granted then my

word promises your blessings will increase and multiply exponentially I feel such great

compassion for you when I behold your suffering I am moved with tenderness by the cries of your sincere heart turned

fully toward me I desire to shower you with blessings simply because of who I

am not because you have earned any reward tell me now that you will open

your arms wide to receive each and every gift I pour out upon you promise me you will cherish these

blessings given with Divine love remember always that during your darkest saddest moments on this Earth I

cradle you gently securely in the palm of my hand I cover you completely with

my holy mantle of Grace and perfect peace I cherish you my precious child

and love you with my perfect NeverEnding Love You Belong To Me small one I chose

you and set my seal upon you even before your birth I fashioned you with a resilient spirit and a heart of Flesh

able to withstand so much hardship and Scorn once more you shall prove yourself Brave and true you will emerge from this

troubling situation totally unscathed by the enemy’s vicious attacks

I bestow upon you my perfect peace which surpasses all understanding you shall

not stumble or falter in your steps from of old it was ordained to be thus and

throughout eternity unchanging it shall remain you are destined to be counted

among those who finally Triumph through me not those who succumb to defeat you

will finish the course and cross the finish line still standing strong I will furnish you with all the strength wisdom

and resources you need to conquer the wonderful Promised Land set before

you fix your eyes on the goals ahead persevere and endure though the journey

stretches long and wearisome relent not in running the race with patient endurance for the prize waiting at

Journey’s End will prove far worth any trials along the way remember always

that I know the plans I have for you You Beautiful Child of Mine plans to give you real hope a future and a new

beginning my plans for you brim with life and peace not sorrow or destruction

as the enemy deceitfully Whispers In Your Ear when he condemns and accuses

you day and night speak my word aloud to drown out his vicious lies declare

boldly that no weapon formed against you can or will prosper The only voice voice

you need heed is mine I will gently lead those who have a willing yielded trusting

heart my plans for you are for a hope-filled future never one filled with

harm when depression or anxiety threaten to overwhelm and drag you down cling

tightly to my hand in childlike Faith allow me to lift you up and lead you to

Still Waters of refreshment and Lush Green Pastures where your soul may feed and grow strong

the shepherd always knows best which winding paths will lead his little lamb safely home again trust in me

wholeheartedly my precious child even when the way grows dark and you can barely see two steps

ahead keep following me in unwavering faith and confidence even when you

cannot understand my mysterious ways or fathom the reasons behind each Bend and

turn in the road lean your full weight upon my steady arm

and drink deeply from The Well of Salvation I offer freely I will supply you with my living

water in the parched desert places nourishing and Reviving your thirsty

Soul take my yoke upon you now for my ways are gentle humble and lowly walk in

step with me and I will impart true rest and renewal to your weary mind and heart

and spirit though the storms of life rage fiercely all around I will be your

shelter and hiding place from the Wind and Rain Nest lay closer beneath my

protective Wings until the turbulence passes by the darkness of night never lasts forever Joy comes in the morning

light a day is coming soon when I will wipe away every tear from your eyes I

will banish all sorrow pain and death to shadowy Realms of

forgetfulness the new heavens and earth I am preparing especially for you will

know no trace of sin or suffering you need only endure patiently a little

while longer fix your eyes expectantly on the sunrise soon to come when night

shall be no more the radiant light of my glory will illuminate each new day and

you will live openly in my presence never again will you need to seek me in

vain for you will see me face to face in all my Splendor and fullness no eye has glimpsed

nor human heart conceived all the Wonders I have ready to unveil before your a struck gaze you are my heart’s

treasure the apple of my eye I love you with a love that spans the farthest

Horizons of Eternity not even death can separate us you are mine and I am yours

forever so take courage beloved one I know the person I created you to

be I am able to do super abundantly more than you dare ask or imagine never for a

moment doubt my steadfast unfailing love for you the enemy will try his best to

make you question my promises but you must choose to stand firm upon my word as your only sure

Foundation hold fast to what you know in your spirit to be true Victory is

assured for those who persevere and keep trusting keep hoping keep believing in

me me until the end my grace will sustain you through every Valley and

Dark Night of the soul the light of my presence will lead you safely along my chosen path for your

life my beloved child I know your innermost thoughts every secret pain

each hidden wound of the heart I long to bind up your Brokenness

heal all your hurts with my bomb of Gilead wipe away your every tear

I am able to restore all the enemy has stolen from You Mend all that lies shattered in pieces before me simply

come to me weary and heavy laden open your heart fully to receive my cleansing love and I will turn your mourning into

dancing your weeping into joyful laughter welling up from deep within I know the desires I have kindled

within you do not despair over failed dreams and disappointed hopes with me

nothing is impossible no word of mine will ever return void or

unfulfilled lean confidently on the strength of my promises allow me to quiet the Restless

anxieties of your mind cease from your own fruitless striving and works be

still in my presence wait patiently on me trusting in my perfect timing and

Sovereign plan I take great Delight in you I will rejoice over you with gladness

I will renew you in my love I will exalt over you with loud singing as on a day

of Festival you only need to remain open and willing for me to refashion you

according to my Flawless design allow me to shape your character after the pattern of my son permit me

full access to every weak and broken Place do not pull away when my cleansing fire draws near to test and purify your

heart’s true motives and desires the trials you face have not come to defeat you but rather to refine

you as silver is purified as gold is tested for its Purity my Grace will be sufficient for

every challenge you encounter in your weakness you shall find my strength perfected even if you

stumble and fall time and again my merciful hand is outstretched toward you I will pick you back up

restore and heal you I am able to redeem every past mistake or failure and

repurpose it for your future growth and good only call upon my name in Humble

repentant trust and obedience take shelter once more beneath my Mighty

Wings have I not commanded you to be strong and courageous I will make you to

stand firm as an oak of righteousness a royal crown in my hand none will prevail

against you all the days of your life therefore be not afraid or dismayed for

I am with you wherever you go I will break tear down overthrow every

stronghold of the enemy in your life I will make all things new a mighty river

flows within you rivers of Living Water are springing up and Welling over into

Abundant Life you are becoming a well-watered garden even in the midst of

the desert Wilderness you shall be like a tree planted by fresh streams with leaves leaves

Evergreen you will bear fruit in every season your roots will grow deep and

strong when the Searing Wind Blows you will not faint or be troubled you shall

stand unmoved anchored securely in the unshakable truth of who you are in me my

beloved child you are the head and not the tail you will finish your course and

cross the finish line still standing firm take courage lift up your head Redemption draws

nearer with every rising and setting of the sun your breakthrough is imminent

rescue is on its way I will lead you on the path of life where my joy is

complete and my Pleasures forever more you are safe here let nothing shake you

my peace overflows your heart my Living Water sustains you always I pour my love

in you without measure you can rest secure dear one you’re almost home now

just a little farther along the path keep following steadily in my footsteps don’t turn aside when the road

grows weary and steep take my hand I will help and uphold you with my

righteous right hand I am a God who always keeps his promises you are Graven

on the palms of my hands your name is written in indelible ink Across My Heart

I know and understand you better than you could ever comprehend your past present and future

are all open books before my eyes I knew you before you were formed

in your mother’s womb I knit you together with my own hands you are fearfully and wonderfully made my

precious Priceless treasure don’t believe the hissing lies that you are worthless my blood purchased your

Eternal Redemption you are a new creation in Christ the old has gone and the new has come let my transforming

Grace continually renew your mind refresh your spirit and restore your soul each day as you keep in step with

my spirit my joy and strength will become your own you will shine brightly

with my glorious light in the midst of a dark and Dying World my child your best

and brightest days lie yet ahead lift up your eyes in hope the dawn will soon

break forth the long night will brighten into purest light I am coming quickly to

make all things new the day of rejoicing draws near when I will call you forth by name from your rest and seat you at my

banquet table you are eternally loved and cherished soon we’ll be together face to

face forever more your heart will finally be at home in your savior’s Embrace never to wander or weep

again beloved you have repeatedly sought my blessing and

Prosperity now as you stand at the threshold of a grand opportunity do not waver if its full magnitude udes you

momentarily calm your mind purify your heart and as I often remind you immerse

yourself in my Word Within These sacred texts lies the Wellspring of wisdom you

require at this juncture I am with you unwaveringly proceed with confidence and

determination do not be intimidated by challenges or adversaries who may use deceit and cunning to deter you you are

familiar with my intentions you have heard my desire to enrich and assist you

the responsibility now rests with you to heed my guidance and act upon my instructions place your trust in me seek

my presence arise and step forward for your Victory is

assured as my cherished child I promise to bless you and fulfill my pledges to

you do not let threats or adversities Rob you of your inner peace and conviction my constant companionship has

been a fixture in your life I have never nor will I ever forsake you amidst

life’s tempests my designs for your life surpass your own my thoughts Eternal in

nature will lead you to a Haven of Serenity and abundance even when circumstances appear

daunting view them through lenses of faith and optimism M and you’ll realize they are not insurmountable obstacles

seek my counsel at dawn throughout your day and as nightfalls though it may not be apparent

to you now the heavens resonate with the Echoes of your praise your acts of faith

and your prayers for the well-being of your loved ones beseeching protection from illnesses and dangers listen

attentively for my response your family your future and your well-being are under my care treasure appreciate and

Safeguard these gifts do not underestimate their value if you are

faithful in small matters if you treasure what I have granted during challenging times I assure you that your

blessings will flourish and I will bestow upon you even greater Gifts of everlasting

worth your struggles move me deeply and I am touched by the sincerity of your

heart I envelop you in my sacred protection my love for you is

boundless I chose you even before your birth endowing you with a resilient

heart that has endured much once again you shall exhibit

courage you will navigate through this phase unharmed I bestow upon you my peace you

will not waver this has always been and will always be the case you are not one to be

defeated but one who prevails you do not flee or cower I will equip you with the

strength and resources necessary to conquer the Bountiful land that

awaits you have sought my blessing and prosperity and now a tremendous opportunity unfolds before you do not

lose heart if you cannot yet comprehend its full extent clear your mind refine your heart and as I constantly say

return to my teachings herein lies the Cornerstone and source of all the wisdom you need at this moment allow your tears

to flow they signify your faith and love I love you your errors are not

defining they do not encapsulate your life dreams talents or

potential they are not the end of my plans for you if you falter here is what

you must do seek forgiveness for your missteps ignore the lies and accusations

of the enemy rise shake off the dust and get back up again

fearlessly you have been cleansed by my powerful sacrifice in the eyes of the world

failure may seem conclusive but for my children it is a valuable lesson a path

not to be Revisited the past is behind you forget

what lingers there lift your gaze and focus ahead for I am entrusting you with

a noble Mission I am calling you I will extend my hand bestowing upon you the

crown of the highest calling for those unashamed to Proclaim these words and follow me do not fear in the face of

adversity for no harm will befall you I will shield you in all your

confrontations walk confidently on the path I set for you let my promises

reside in your heart nurture your faith through my Commandments forgiveness and familial

Harmony will prevail you will find self Assurance free from shame no one has the authority to accuse

scorn belittle or tread upon you I’ve endowed you with my love and grace now

you are deserving of the blessings I eagerly wish to bestow upon you do not belittle yourself or discard the value I

have conferred upon you do not gaze in the mirror with distaste or rejection it Grieves me to

witness you prioritizing the deceitful words of others over my love and affection as your heavenly father accept

these words and embrace them wholeheartedly my desire is to see you

flourish that is why I created you I chose you elevated you and placed you in

this precise moment and location your Triumph is not determined by adverse News global circumstances or

the negativity that surrounds you nothing can impede the blessings already decreed and dispatched from heaven but

you must make a decisive choice will you believe in me despite

the skepticism of others will you study and trust my word or will you lend more

Credence to the enemy’s voices which aim to confuse you they seek to disrupt your

joy to see you vanquished I have warned before they

aspire to destroy you you cannot afford to allow them the chance to shatter your

life I want you you to feel cherished safeguarded and uplifted you must live

and shrouded in my peace love and faith Embrace Faith

now always live with the assurance that a future of Triumph and blessing awaits you you follow me love me believe in me

now in your own words affirm that regardless of what transpires you will steadfastly cling to your faith you are

In My Embrace she yielded in my protection do not fear those who oppose

you you will witness their transformation with me though adversities May encircle you I will

rescue you those who surround you with ill intent I will intercede I will

assist you shortly you will look around and your enemies will be no

more many are angered because they cannot Vanquish you they fail to realize that your most

steadfast Defender is right by your side your God your

savior trust and believe that nothing is impossible believe and act I am with you

act and progress know that I have fortified your faith I’ve empowered you

to transcend all malevolent forces Focus your attention away from trivial

Pursuits numerous remarkable and beneficial opportunities await you my

expectation is your Everlasting devotion pursue my guidance and adhere to my

instructions in every aspect I am confident in your faith and commitment I

know your affection for me is true amen

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