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my beloved Child come and listen to the words I wish to speak over you today

give me your full attention and open your heart wide for I have much to

say I interrupted your plans for this day directing your focus instead to an

important truth windfalls of blessing are happening all around you even now there

is an urgency in my spirit to make you aware of what I am releasing into your life in this season I am bringing Divine

increase an abundance so weighty it will feel like a mighty wind blowing open the

windows of Heaven A Deluge of my goodness is raining down on you even as

we speak let me Define clearly what I mean when I refer to a windfall it is an

unexpected blessing a sudden Surplus arriving in your life with such Force

it’s as if it was blown in on a gust of my favor I am the one sending this wind

Gathering up everything you have been believing me for and propelling it right into your hands a windfall blessing

deposits what you need in more it overflows every container spilling extravagant Supply designed not merely

to meet your need but to exceed it my beloved a vital key to receiving this

windfall is perception you must see with eyes of Faith what I am releasing over

you from The Unseen realm or you may fail to grasp hope of all I intend for

the taking right now anomalies are at work all around things are detaching from

what previously held them back and blowing freely in your direction gifts resources connections Solutions all

suddenly available to you look and see there are breakthroughs taking shape

even in areas where you had lost hope keep your gaze fixed on me the giver and

position yourself to catch the wave of all that is breaking loose and surging toward you on this current I am sending

I will reveal to you the Myriad forms of blessings I bestow each as unique as you

are in my creation for you my child a blessing might appear as an unexpected

elevation in your career a surprise windfall that arrives just when needed

or a conversation that unexpectedly opens doors to immense opportunities for another it could be a

burst of divine creativity leading to groundbreaking Innovations a random

encounter blossoming into a relationship of heavenly significance or a series of

pivotal moments that dissolve long-standing Financial burdens in each of these recognize the thread of joyous

astonishment at the magnitude of my grace understand none of this occurs by

mere chance it is I your creator who have meticulously arranged the right

combinations of circumstances and timing in your life unleashing a Floodgate Of resources aligned with my intentional

purpose for you I’m intertwining your Steps of Faith with my Unlimited Supply creating a

symphony of success that only I could orchestrate let your heart be open to

these wonders for they are my gifts to you crafted with Celestial precision and

boundless love does this sound too good to be true then let me remind you of my character

I take great joy in outdoing your wildest expectations remember when I told my

servant Elijah I was sending rain after years of drought I did more than sprinkle a light drizzle I untapped the

floodgates of Heaven the downpour was so violent it stopped the whole nation in their

tracks this is how I bless my beloved just because you cannot yet see

the windfall headed your way does not mean it is not coming clouds always appear small on the

horizon before they break open with rain you may see only tiny signs of coming

increase right now mere Whispers on the wind that bigger moves are coming take

this as your signal rise up in Readiness Divine excess is about to Bear down upon

you my child listen closely The Echoes of the world often do

not mirror the vastness of your faith yet it is by faith not by sight that you

must Journey a moment is nearing when your worldly Vision will finally align with

your spiritual foresight as once I instructed Elijah to warn King Ahab of the impending Reign so

too I urge you prepare swiftly for a deluge of blessings is poised to envelop

your life reflect upon The Saga of Elijah in a land parched by years of

drought where hope flickered faintly it was his unwavering prayer and Relentless

quest for my presence that unlocked the heavens time and again he sought a sign

of the promised Reign each return of his servant bearing the news of nothing was

a test of faith not a closure do you recognize this pattern in

your own quests the countless moments you’ve prayed believed and searched for a trace of my promises only to be

greeted with silence be of strong heart my beloved the essence of Elijah’s Journey

lies not in the number of his attempts but in the unyielding Spirit behind each one in what may seem inconsequential to

you a small Cloud a whisper a subtle shift lies the Prelude to my imminent

outpouring what you perceive as minuscule is in fact the dawn of a magnificent

transformation my promise to you is as certain as the rain that quenched Elijah’s drought-ridden land

stand steadfast in faith for my abundance is near so I say to you be on guard I am

Gathering up every promise and every prayer offered up in faith and I’m converging them into a mighty tidal wave

of blessing breaking now over your life the wave is cumulative it carries

the weight of long years the builtup expectation of Dreams Deferred and after

the greatest darkness comes the brightest Dawn the symptoms of a coming move of God are unmistakable if you have

eyes to see them hear my voice my child deep within your soul you sense the

stirrings of something greater a brewing breakthrough a whisper of Supernatural increase this sensation though elusive

to the tangible World quickens something within you a holy restlessness grows

foretelling of Wonders yet unseen trust these inner Rumblings for they Herald a

dawn of Glory your mind may not yet comprehend but your spirit keenly

anticipates around you divine connections are aligning conversations

collaborations and opportunities emerging as if from The Ether yet precisely

orchestrated this is my hand at work weaving the threads of relationships and opportunities to propel you forward pay

attention to those I bring into your orbit and the path paths that unfold before you these are not mere

coincidences but intentional intersections to guide you towards Greater Heights and then with the force of a

torrent acceleration takes hold what once was stagnant bursts forth with life

and progress that once took years unfolds in days prayers find Rapid fruition and blessings arrive with a

swiftness that takes your breath away Giants of obstacles fall and walls of resistance crumble with but a breath for

me the era of delay has ended the Winds of my promise now Billow your sails

hastening you towards a future rich with overwhelming blessings trust in this Divine

acceleration for in this season what was once distant is now swiftly Drawing Near my beloved child I have painted you

this Vivid picture so that when Torrance of blessing suddenly rush in you will

not be caught off guard wondering if it is really me yes yes I am the master

orchestrator of this downpour headed your way I control the winds and decree

the timing of every release from my heavenly reservoirs I have seen the years you have waited and have heard every prayer

cried out in the lonely nights and now the tapes of delay are being sliced through plans of evil against you are

crumbling camps are coming down as my spirit runs through your obstacles

laying them flat so that nothing can impede this torrent of Victory I am sending to envelope you now lift up your

head and set your Gaze steadfastly on me there are breakthroughs Gathering heavy

with Destiny moving toward you even as you received this word I am asking you no commanding you

to enlarge your capacity to contain more of my goodness expand your thinking

widen your dreams and strengthen your resolve not to settle for anything less than the double portion I promise as

your your inheritance for the boundaries of blessing are stretching out before you in this new era being birthed and I do

not want you limited by small thinking as the rain fell in Elijah’s

Day first the ground drank its fill and the dust vanished in a glorious cleansing but soon the constant downpour

began forming pools then streams then overflow channels to numerous count as

every Valley flooded with life-giving water this is how I long to blame bless

you my beloved to saturation and Beyond until you swim daily in more than enough

until Bounty spills out of you into every dry Place Within Reach until strong rivers flow from your life

broadcasting seeds of redemption into places of famine all around you for I

Prosper you not merely for your own gain but for my Kingdom’s gain your increase

becomes increase for the hurting the lost and the broken in multiplying ways as it overflows its banks are you ready

for this then position yourself to receive for there is a sound of Mighty

Reigns coming my love not a Sprinkle but a deluge wave after wave after wave of

breakthrough thundering toward you with intention Gathering weight and speed from the momentum of this new

era I am redeeming time unleashing acceleration and commanding the clouds

of promise to empty themselves upon you now I invite you to see and savor it all

but even more anticipate all there is yet to come for if you can hear the

Rumblings now that is nothing compared to the roar that is headed your way

listen for it prepare for it get ready to ride the crest of it in awe and

wonder of what I can do the reason for this dear one simply because I love you

with aband and I love moving on your behalf dismantling obstacles unlocking

potential and astounding the World by blessing you wildly beyond measure I’m about to remind you of who I

am in fresh ways I am the god who interrupts natural order to release Supernatural outcomes

intervening on behalf of my beloved ones so watch for me to intercept what

troubles you and reroute it for your good watch for me to override Injustice

by demanding that systems and structures make a way for you watch for me to

override impossibilities by bending natural laws to birth Miracles before your

eyes for I am coming in close extending my mighty hand over your circumstances

to command reversals breakthroughs Justice and recompense yes I am the god who does no

matter how stuck a thing appears or how long it has been so I specialize in last minute turnarounds

th Hour deliverances radical demonstrations of Might on behalf of those I love I wait

until it is clear that no one but me can get the glory and just when it seems too late I Rise up to declare loud and clear

that it is never too late for me I proceed to rip open prison doors

crumble walls split seas and use whosoever and whatever I please to shine

you in Victory for I love to bless my own and I love defying human wisdom or

Earthly odds by blessing extravagantly over the top and outside the boundaries

of reason I bless in such a way that no one can deny my reality or my goodness

when they witness how I came through for you so brace yourself beloved child

strengthen your stakehold and deepen your foundations not in prepar ation for a storm but in anticipation of a

glorious flood for so long you have prayed hoped and waited for your breakthrough for The

Rush of blessing that will change everything I see the desire in you

rising up like incense before my throne even now A Mighty Wind of provision

stirs on your behalf the downpour is coming but before it arrives I want you

to understand exactly how to recognize and receive all that I send

my child the abundance I bestow upon you may not always take the form you

anticipate while it can materialize as Financial blessings more often it

reveals itself in ways profound yet subtle as flashes of insight divine

inspiration serendipitous opportunities Newfound understanding and the deepening

of wisdom do not underestimate these modest Beginnings for the manner in which I

enrich my children is manifold and intricate not all of my gifts will make their presence known with grand

declarations you must be Keen to recognize and receptive to hear when my blessings gently descend upon you

consider the ideas that emerge seemingly from the void the bursts of inspiration

that defy explanation the unexpected connections and opportunities that arise

these are the clear indicators that heaven’s gates are flung wide open above you

be vigilant and attune to these signs when I nudge you towards an idea embrace

it with immediacy pursue the paths these Divine Inspirations carve out journeying as far

as I lead you step through the doors I open before you with confidence immerse

yourself in the wisdom I unveil and let it reshape your perspectives Ambitions

and understanding of your calling these are the ways I guide and grow you showering you with my

benevolent Grace informs Myriad and wondrous great blessing resides Within

These simple subtle ways I communicate with you small steps of obedience

prepare the way for the dramatic outpouring still to come the more sensitive you become to my Whispers the

more I can entrust you with you learn my language decipher my intent discover how

to partner with all I want to accomplish through you we build history together my child our

relationship deepens the closer we get the more I can trust you with when the

big blessings arrive large sums of money possessions promotions carry them wisely

remember where true increase originates and invest accordingly I am always looking to pour out to fill up to open

up to add to who you are so you can overflow even more boldly with my

goodness our partnership is a flowing stream not a stagnant pool freely you have received

from my hand now freely give to satisfy the Thirsty feed the hungry liberate

captives heal the sick and proclaim the arrival of my kingdom day after day

after day without end I have strategically placed Divine connections around you who will Aid you on one

plants another Waters but I alone control the increase be a willing

Steward of all I bring within your reach not everyone will understand the way I do things not everyone interprets

my methods accurately but you my beloved will learn to discern my Seasons

interpret my language and follow my plan as I open your eyes to recognize what I am releasing clear your ears to receive

detailed instructions on what steps of obedience are required positioning you perfectly to overflow with all I have

prepared you will never lack Vision or Direction strategies from heaven will Dawn within

you dreams gifts resources will converge at the right time to thrust open doors

once tightly shut pay close attention so you don’t speak carelessly about all I

show you all I plan to do the enemy would love nothing more than to pervert

my intentions with premature proclamations sidelining my blessings before they even have a chance to

manifest learn to wait for my ghost signal before you broadcast what I am building in the secret place when I tell

you rain is coming I don’t speak idly or get your hopes up without good reason I

simply State what I fully intend to do call forth showers to water all the seeds planted in faith and

expectation I always accomplish what I promise as I speak so shall it be

done but the precise timing and mechanisms remain my business

yours is to wait alertly pray intentionally prepare accordingly and

watch expectantly for signs that I am on the Move listen closely my dear

child recall how I have promised that your brightest days are yet to come even

now small clouds are gathering on the horizon ready to burgeon into a deluge

of blessings be prepared to embrace all that this torrential downpour brings as

if it will quench The Thirst of your parched Soul what has been dormant in your life

shall awaken and flourish under this nourishing rain watch the skies for that emerging

cloud is a symbol of all the Wonders that await you when you Glimpse it act

swiftly clear your path tidy your surroundings and ready your heart to be

swept up in the overwhelming abundance I’m about to pour upon you this surge

will carry you into new adventur elevating you to unprecedented levels of productivity and success you will have

no doubt that it is my hand guiding you my love orchestrating every

detail those who recognize this Mighty act will be filled with awe and

gratitude so Rouse yourself Beloved the time of waiting draws to a close the

rain I have spoken of is approaching right on schedule cast off all hesitations and rejoice freely as the

Heavenly Reigns envelop you dispel any doubts about my attentiveness or my

promises you are now witnessing my faithfulness I honor those who seek me

earnestly who trust in my words over their visible circumstances remember you are mine

acquired at a great cost I declare you blessed favored and confident in our

shared Triumph regardless of the trials or hindrances you face hold on to this

truth you are cherished and guided by my uniring hand I will meet every need you

have and take you further than your wildest imagination my strength is made perfect

in human weakness your lack creates space for my fullness to pour out even more

dramatically I specifically chose you gifted you positioned you because I saw perfect potential within you to Steward

increase well you have everything it takes to fulfill this High Calling

I will supply whatever seems to be lacking at just the right moment even

now the storehouses of Heaven are being unlocked Legions of angels have their

hands full making ready to deliver all manner of breakthroughs and miracles into your life you may wonder if you are

truly ready to receive all that I have prepared for you do not doubt or fear my child for I know your frame I fashioned

you in your mother’s womb I I know precisely how much you are able to grasp at this time and it is more than you

realize oh so much more than you can imagine the extent of my blessings upon

you will be dictated only by Your Capacity to receive as you enlarge your

vision and expand your ability to contain more of my goodness ever greater

outpourings of Supernatural increase will flood your life for the supply of

all you need is without measure in My Kingdom no matter how much I pour out

The Well of Heaven’s abundance never runs dry my dear one Invision the riches I

have prepared for you Treasures not yet visible to your Earthly eyes imagine a

bounty of opportunities advancements and blessings all lined up eagerly awaiting

their moment to enrich your life Companions and allies Souls aligned with your heart and dreams are ready to join

you at my beckoning do you perceive it my Cher child some of what I have arranged for

you is still shrouded hidden from your immediate view but now I am gently

lifting that Veil let your spiritual vision awaken to see the multitude of blessings I have gathered for you each

one specially designated for you gifts from my loving hand understand my

precious one the immense Joy it brings me to give you these gifts your Delight is a mirror of my

love I take pleasure in every moment of awe as the dreams you’ve held close suddenly unfurl into

reality so open your hands open your heart and receive all that I am

bestowing upon you do not entertain a moment’s doubt that this outpouring of

abundance is meant for you intricately tailored to bless your life at this precise

time I will bestow upon you until your cup overflows and once your own needs and

aspirations are fully met this abundance will flow through you reaching out to bless others in your midst there is

ample provision for all in my Grand Design This is my Assurance to you a

testament to my boundless generosity and care for this Deluge of Supernatural

provision about to Cascade into your world is not intended merely to supply your personal wants and wishes yes enjoy

the inexhaustible resources of my kingdom to your heart’s content but also position I yourself to channel the

Overflow to advance my kingdom purposes in the lives of those around you much

responsibility comes with much blessing beloved child and increased capacity

brings increased opportunity to channel God’s goodness to wider spheres of influence the measure with which you sow

is the measure with which you shall reap on Earth as it is in heaven do not be

fooled this is an immutable spiritual principle woven into the very fabric of creation it cannot be broken as your

capacity expands exponentially through this season of unprecedented outpouring of resources you now hold the means in

your hands to launch out into broader Ventures for my glory than you have ever dared dream possible

before precious one the windows of Heaven now stand open wide over your

life the Overflow of Supernatural increase pouring out cannot be contained

in the Realms of the natural you simply do not at present possess containers big enough to hold it all as

it pours down straight from my throne room so position yourself to receive the fullness I intend while also preparing

channels to disseminate and Steward the inevitable excess for I do not bless you

simply for selfish purposes I Prosper my faithful ones so that my overall Kingdom

May Advance with greater speed and influence through your stewarding hands I entrust my resources to

trustworthy servants who prove themselves responsible to handle a little in order that I may appoint them

ruler over much much more so set your vision High beloved child dream big with

me plan broadly prepare thoroughly clear the Clutter and debris that would hinder

the free flow of all I desire to pour out through Divine inroads and channels supernaturally established in your life

the season of stretching that precedes promotion has completed its perfect work in you

now position yourself to receive the fullness of blessings reserved for this new era being birthed even as we speak

throw off all restraints of limited thinking and small hopes expand your tent lengthen your cords Build Your

Capacity to receive and Steward the immensity of good gifts I am opening up to you the only

lack or limit on what I can pour out is your ability to contain my outpouring so enlarge your

vision increase your thinking and let me fill and keep on filling you until all

you see around you is overflowing my beloved child where I have focused much on the external thus

far windfalls resources Prosperity I want to highlight the inner

riches I am also pouring into you in this season for True wealth originates from

within as beautiful as all the outer increase will be what I deposit into

your Spirit Matters so much more Integrity courage tenacity wisdom

creativity passion hope Joy these determine your stature regardless of

outward conditions my holy spirit is seeping Supernatural qualities deep into your

innermost being birthing gifts and talents meant to set you apart

leadership Innovation trailblazing anointings are Awakening

from from within my blueprint for your life is expansive and utterly unique as

I release fresh Revelation about your identity Destiny and Authority you gain greater capacity to contain the

associated increase that must follow enlargement must happen from the inside out expansion of soul to match expansion

of influence so in the midst of celebrating visible windfalls headed your way do not

neglect the hidden riches I am growing deep in your spirit wholeness paves the

way for True greatness so never despise this foundational work my precious child

I Delight to pour out blessing after blessing upon you but I have deeper purposes than merely supplying your

Earthly wants and wishes material things only satisfy temporarily true riches come through

knowing me intimately and fulfilling the destiny I wrote over your life before the foundations of the world even as

super natural resources pour into your hands keep an eternal

perspective evaluate continually the Legacy you are building the treasure you

are storing up in heaven where no Thief can steal and no moth can

destroy I could have entrusted this wealth and influence to anyone but I chose you because I saw

humility and integrity deep within your spirit you have Steed the little I

previously gave with wisdom and Grace and so now I Elevate you to rule over

much more new levels of favor require new levels of consecration as my

Ambassador the greatest leaders in My Kingdom exercise power under

control they remain teachable despite their anointings accountable despite their autonomy submitted despite their

platforms for all success originates in and through me I alone determine who is

entrusted with power and how much depending on the measure of maturity attained Precious Child you are coming

into spiritual adulthood a time of peak influence and impact ordained for you

before the world began how you exercise The Authority I give determines whether

your Reign becomes a blessing or a burden to those affected by your leadership stay near to my heart in the

secret place we share allow me to search your motives refine your character Enlighten your understanding of my ways

and wisdom for integrity and Purity matter more to me than giftings and

talents Love Remains the Supreme virtue and the Central Command that trumps all others I am entrusting you with great

Authority precious child remain humble stay accountable make seeking my kingdom

Rule and righteousness top priority for unto whom much is given much shall be required but never fear the Holy Spirit

lives within you now as counselor standby teacher comforter and guide you are never alone not even for a moment I

will lead and direct each step you simply need to stay in tune and move when I say to move respond as I prompt

you to respond stay near me precious one keep your roots growing deep in my love no

matter what storms may come you will stand unshaken against the fiercest winds when anchored firmly to the Rock

who never fails never changes never lies

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