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today Lord wants to tell you something

from Heaven my loving children I realize

you’re going via a tough time in your

life right now and you are managing more

than one situations and quite a few

emotional ache it appears as even though

before you can get through one aspect

every other aspect

occurs I don’t continually calm the

storm around on you sometimes I Cal the

typhoon raging in you do no longer faint

I am strengthening you in regions that

you cannot even see right now you and I

will get through this collectively like

we usually do everything may be all

right may God richly bless you if you

watch the entire video without missing

any of it my beloved kids I am usually

watching over you even whilst you

experience afraid and vulnerable I

recognize your concerns and your issues

and I want to Shield you from harm and

Hazard to your day byday

Lifestyles you are not uncovered to the

evil of the Arena however to my grace

and mercy which can be sufficient for

you I have heard your prayer for Divine

safety and I am granting it I am

surrounding you with my angels who will

shield you in all of your methods I am

providing you with the protective

religion the helmet of salvation and the

sword of the spirit which might be the

weapons of your battle I am additionally

providing you with the peace that

surpasses all knowledge so as to Shield

your coronary heart and mind you are

secure and steady in my hands my

child but you also should do your helmet

my infant you should be alert and

Vigilant and withstand the devil and his

schemes you should obey my commands and

comply with my will and not stray from

the course that I have set for you you

ought to agree with me and agree with my

guarantees and no longer be afraid of

something you should keep in mind that

you are my infant and that I love you

more than

something God declare right amen if you

agree in my

words in the Bible verses Psalm

says the righteous cry out and the

Lord hears them he grants them from all


troubles God has spoken it’s all right

to be human one your thoughts wanders

even as you are praying don’t be

surprised or

dissatisfied simply return your

attention to me share a secret smile

with me knowing that I apprehend rejoice

in my love for you which has no limits


situations whisper my name in loving

contentment assured thought a will by no

means depart you or forsake you and

disperse these nonviolent interludes

abundantly at some point of your day

this practice will allow you to gain a

quiet and gentle spirit that is I

catching to me as you live in close

touch with me the light of my presence

filters through you to bless others your

weak spot and woundedness are the

openings via which the light of the the

expertise of my glory shines forth my

power and energy display themselves

maximum effective in your weak

spot come to me with a teachable spirit

eager to be modified a near walk with me

is a life of persistent newness do know

longer hang to old ways as you step

right into a new

months instead are trying to find my

face with an open mind understanding

that your adventure with me involves

being transformed by means of the

renewing of your mind as you attention

your mind on me be conscious that I am

completely attentive to you I see you

with a constant eye because my interest

span is countless I realize and

recognize you completely my mind include

you in Everlasting Love I additionally

recognize the plans I even have for you

plans to prosper you and no longer to

damage you plans to give you desire and

a destiny give yourself completely to

this journey of increasing attentiveness

to my

presence comment on men if you

believe do not search for Security in

the world you inhabit you generally tend

to make mental test list of factors you

want to do that allows you to gain

manage of your existence if handiest you

may test the whole thing off your list

you could relax and be at peace but the

greater you figure to perform that aim

the more things crop up for your listing

the more difficult you strive the extra


off you grow to be there is a higher way

to locate safety in this

Lifestyles instead of scrutinizing your

tick list Consciousness your attention

on my presence with you this continual

touch with me will preserve you in my

peace moreover I will help you kind out

what’s important and what is not what

needs to be carried out now and what

does now not fix your eyes now not on

what’s visible your

circumstances but on what’s unseen my

presence if you’re convinced enter

affirm I am attracting better

because discovered that all of it begins

with me my attitude and what I trust in

I have the power to change I am go and

believe extra I understand I can I am

going to take responsibility for my life

the better I end up the better I

entice listen carefully it would be so

much simpler to allow pass and flow on

if our hearts have been not so invested

the ache we feel as an indication that

we really cared we had been all in we

did not keep return to have the

proverbial rug pulled out from under us

is deeply

painful the Temptation will always be to

a no way go all and once more to hold a

part of us back so that we may not be

hurt once more won’t be rejected once

more won’t be

misunderstood once more won’t be

betrayed once more won’t be upset

again the preference to avoid boy Heart

Take is so actual for all of us however

to live a

Lifestyles wherein we’ve got erected

walls that not Shield us but have become

a jail for us isn’t always residing it

is surviving it is so a good deal less

than what Jesus promised he got here

that we would have

Lifestyles and life greater abundant

don’t allow that person who Hur you for

your past have energy over you on your

present or your destiny don’t miss what

God has for you do too what they did to

you or stated approximately you there’s

nevertheless so much more in advance for

you typ high door you Supreme God God

says it’s some time it’s your season

you’ve been there for such a lot of

people and you never ask for something

and go back people have even taken gain

of your kindness smile I make all

matters beautiful in my time in the

quiet corners of your heart in which you

every now and then sense alone weth

Shadows of doubt and worry cast there

lingering presence I am right here I see

theun stated struggles the tears that

fall and solid ude and the weight that

rest upon your shoulders I am with you


child if you have faith in Lord Tai men

you will not have to combat this

conflict take up your positions stand

organization and notice the Deliverance

the Lord will provide you with


attention listener join this most

critical prayer with me and say with me

prayer for peace of thoughts father God

I thank you for the present of piece of

thoughts the peace that passes all no

how a specific type of peace that the

world can’t provide and is unfastened

for the taking of those in search of

because individuals who are searching

for wol fine and for those who knock the

door could be open to thank you that we

don’t need to be troubled or afraid with

you in our lives we simplest need to

pursue righteousness and your unfailing

love in order that we are able to

discover Lifestyles righteousness and

honor thank you that regardless of what

we are going via to subjects to you God

help us then to honor you in the

entirety we think say and do form us

unto thy likeness in phrases individual

and deeds let our lives deliver honor to

thy call because you deserve all the

glory and honor our almighty God thank

you that we are able to ask whatever

according to thy will and you will

deliver it to us do whilst the time is

right I pray in Jesus name name

amen I invite you to join this community

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