?”It’s Over If You Ignore Me Today”। God’s Message Today

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you are ready God is saying to you today

my beloved child in this moment I reach

out to

you with a message of caution and wisdom

you have walked through trials some

shadowed by betrayal and it has tested

your spirit these experiences though

painful have been part of your

journey now you stand at a Crossroads

surrounded by unseen challenges it is

not for you to confront these alone Al

instead seek my guidance look towards

the light of my wisdom in the quietude

of your heart in Earnest prayer you will

find the strength and insight needed to

navigate this path remember my child not

all that seems clear is true and not all

that is hidden is lost trust in my

presence and let my foresight be your

guide through these Veil Trials come to

me and I will

illuminate the wisest course I will be

your Fortress your protector have I not

said that I am a shield to all who take

refuge in me you need not fear this

threat for no weapon formed against you

can ever

Prosper keep your spirit soft respond

not in anger but in the compassion I

have graced you with for love melts even

the iest heart type if you believe

in Jesus Jesus I know you have suffered

betrayals and thoughtlessly inflicted

wounds but healing awaits all who walk

the path of forgiveness I have planted

seeds of remorse even in hearts that

have hurt you and Reconciliation will

blossome in due time if tended with

patience and Grace my precious child I

am with you in the light and

in the

shadows when you walk through valleys of

uncertainty fear no evil for I am ever

by your side my rod and staff comfort

you I will anoint your head with the oil

of gladness even in the midst of Trials

your cup overflows with my blessings you

need only have faith in my Providence

and my timing I see your struggles and I

celebrate your triumphs there is nothing

hidden From My Sight I am intimately

acquainted with all your ways I know the

plans I have for you plans to prosper

you and give you hope keep following the

path I illuminate before you though

storms may gather I remain your calm

Harbor in their midst I will never

forsake you never abandon you defend for

yourself have I not promised that I will

be with you always even to the End of

the Age trust in this vow for it cannot

be broken T Amen in the name of Jesus

right now unbeknownst to you figures

from your past are being moved by my

spirit their hearts are softening

opening to the possibility of

reconciliation the wounds that separate

you will not always remain once lost

relationships can be restored but it

starts with your willingness to forgive

this is my command to you

forgive as I have forgiven you release

resentment and it will no longer have

power over you instead of retaliating

think of how you can bless those who

have harmed you overcome evil with

good this is the key to unlocking

lasting peace and healing will you walk

this path with me my child will you

allow my perfect love to cast out all

fear from your heart if you follow my

light no Darkness will overtake you my

wisdom will illuminate your way forward

even now Miracles are unfolding around

you my gifts are abundant if you have

eyes to see them but it starts with

believing that your best days are still

ahead it starts with declaring each

morning that the Lord’s

favor surround you like a shield Speak

Life hope and blessing over your future

and watch oppression

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$ I long to pour out my spirit over

you in ever greater measure but you must

open your heart fully to receive all I

have in store let go of past hurts

forgive those who wounded you and

witness Beauty emerging From the Ashes

of Brokenness the enemy desires only to

steal kill and destroy what I

am building in your life but his efforts

will ultimately fail if you cling to me

I will silence every accusatory Voice

still every storm I will make Darkness

bow to the supremacy of my

light You are not alone in these trials

my child and through them your faith

will grow ever stronger purer more

refined stay near to me and not even an

army can shake you no scheme of the

devil will prevail when your trust rests

securely in my hands even now I am

working behind the scenes on your behalf

Miracles are unfolding you cannot yet

perceive my angels guard you in ways you

will never

know you are surrounded always by my

loving presence

let this truth soak into

every fiber of your being type I embrace

my power to affirm the enemy wants you

to focus only on your struggles but

there is so much blessing in store if

you will lift up your eyes anticipate

the good things I have prepared for you

not just in the life to come but even in

the here and

now the present is pregnant with

potential if you walk in Hope hopeful

expectancy you possess Inner Strength

beyond your realizing because my Holy

Spirit lives within you no challenge no

adversary can ever separate you from my

redeeming Love Remain rooted in this

unshakable truth that I will never leave

you nor forsake you I am your rock in

times of Tempest I am the light that no

Darkness can overcome go forward my

beloved on the path I illuminate before

you follow my voice and you will

complete the journey I have prepared

uniquely for you do not fear impending

threats or trials on the horizon the

Lord your God remains Sovereign over

every circumstance I am in control even

when it seems chaos Reigns trust in the

sure fulfillment of my promises live in

the freedom of my forgiveness hope in

what is unseen but eternal and walk in

the power of my word and

spirit this is the way of wisdom the

path that leads to life abide in me and

you will bear much fruit stay connected

to the vine and you will Thrive type I’m

abundant to affirm I am pouring out my

blessing over you now in these critical

moments lift your

head Child of Mine the king of kings

fights your battles no enemy scheme will

derail my purposes in you my strength

will be made perfect even in your

weakness hope in me and you will never

be put to shame the darkness has not

conquered the light evil has not

overwhelmed goodness my kingdom has no

end and my love has no rival stand on

these Eternal truths and you will endure

the temporary

struggles keep your your eyes fixed on

things above not on Earthly chaos you

are the apple

of my eye Graven on the palms of my

hands I will not forget you or the

promises I’ve made place your trust

fully in my Providence rest in my grace

and mercy which endure forever the enemy

will sow

weeds but I will harvest wheat I see the

hidden potential in you the beaut be

waiting to emerge you are the work of my

hands shaped for a Divine Purpose if you

feel inadequate to the calling remember

it is my strength in your weakness my

spirit equipping you come to me now with

praise on your lips thanking me in

advance for victories unseen magnify my

name for miracles yet to

materialize this is the language of

Faith the way of the Kingdom rejoice in

me and you open the door for

my power to work I know your trials seem

overwhelming but I measure them

carefully against your ability to

endure type to show your belief in

Jesus I will provide a way out even if

at first you cannot perceive it my

timing is Flawless my strategy is

perfect what seems delayed is not denied

Victory is a assured if you trust in me

completely refusing to give fear and

anxiety the last word fix your thoughts

on all that is good honorable and

praiseworthy the God of Peace will guard

your mind and your

heart you will encounter bumps along

this journey but I will smooth out the


just enough to sustain your footing I

will be your Refuge from Life storms and

I will welcome you home to myself one

day with open arms celebrating your

decision to walk closely with me through

both valleys and

mountaintops on that day all tears will

be wiped away forever the former things

will pass away pain and sorrow will be

no more Darkness will bow to the eternal

light of my presence and you will know

you fought the good fight completing the

race marked out for you my well done

will be all the reward you need so lift

up your head beloved rejoice in the life

I’ve given

you the present and the future overflow

with my glory if you have eyes to behold

it you were formed to declare

my praise in the land of the living so

go now from this place strengthened

equipped filled with Invincible hope the

Lord of hosts is with you no power of of

hell can stand against the advancing

Kingdom or abort the plans I have for

you my child do not lose heart when the

path ahead seems unclear I Am with You

guiding your every step the way may win

through Shadows but my light will

illuminate your way type to manifest

miracles in your life this life is

filled with distractions that VI for

your attention and affection s the

trivial clamors loudly while the Eternal

Whispers you must learn to tune your

ears to my gentle voice shut out the

noise and welcome the silence that

ushers in my

presence come to me when you are weary

and unsure unload your burdens and

uncertainties into my capable hands I

understand the pressure you feel to

perform to measure up but my view of you

is not based on achiev achievement or

appearances I see straight into your

heart my delight in you is unwavering

and my acceptance is complete you need

not strive to win my approval it cannot

be earned only received as an undeserved

gift I cherish you simply because you

are mine my beloved child rest

in this truth that nothing can separate

you from my love in your weakness

you will find my strength when you

stumble my hand will catch you I will

not condemn you for getting lost or


mistakes my patience is unending and my

Mercy overflowing turn to me and be

refreshed do not dwell on past failings

the accuser loves to keep your focus

there blinding you to the Hope ahead but

I have cast your sins as far as the East

is from the West they are remembered no

more this day is bursting with new

mercies and possibilities if you will

lift up your eyes to receive them come

to me with Open Hands ready to be filled

with good things anticipate that I have

blessings in

store you cannot yet imagine expect my

kingdom to break through in powerful

ways this expectant Faith positions you

to experience Miracles things are

shifting in the spiritual realm

victories unfolding you cannot yet

see my angels are at work on your behalf

the prayers of loved ones surround you

lifting you up and my spirit is moving

in ways beyond your understanding type

yes if you are ready for the blessings

that you are about to receive stay

anchored to me as storms swirl around

you I am your shelter in the Tempest

your rock that cannot be shaken I will

remain steadfast even when all else is

sinking sand fix your eyes on me alone

and you will weather the storms the path

of wisdom

leads through not around trials face

each challenge headon trusting I will

equip and strengthen

you with me at your side no adversity

can destroy you I will turn every

stumbling block into a stepping stone to

maturity my light shines brightest in

the darkness when you cannot trace my

hand still trust my heart feelings will

fail you but my promises endure forever

they will never return void but

accomplish every purpose for which I

spoke them stand on this solid

foundation much around you remains

shrouded in mystery but all will be

revealed when you meet me face to face

until then walk by faith and not by

sight lean into me when the way seems

unclear let my peace rule your heart

even amid uncertainty I am more ready to

give than you are to receive come to me

with your hands open and lifted

up putting no limits on what I can do

expect me to pour out blessings from

storehouses without measure dream big

beloved your wife wildest imaginings

cannot begin to grasp what I have

prepared for those who love me type

if you believe in Jesus the enemy wages

psychological warfare seeking to instill

fear and hopelessness but his efforts

cannot withstand the truth of who I am

and who you are in

me wield my word as a sword speaking

scripture allowed to dispel lies my


will silent silence every deceitful

voice I see your hidden wounds and

private agonies I know the desires of

your heart unspoken and deep not one

tear Falls without my notice the hairs

of your head are

numbered you are treasured and

intimately known pour out your heart to

me without Reserve or pretense do not

fear impending chaos or the unraveling

of the familiar even tumultuous change

is a portal in to deeper trust if you

cling to me I am Sovereign over every

shifting season my plans cannot be

thwarted let go of what you think you

need and embrace what I deem best my

vision for your life surpasses anything

you could ask or

imagine do not limit Me by shrinking the

dreams I plant

deep in your

soul take courage and walk the path of

bold Faith Trust TR one will meet you

there with provision at every turn my

power knows no bounds Miracles spring

forth when you partner with me in prayer

Believe I Can Do The Impossible then

watch in awe as I display my glory

nothing is too wonderful or difficult

for me all things are possible to those

who have faith type Amen in the name of

Jesus you were created in my image

crafted for glorious purposes do not

believe the enemy lies

about your inadequacy my strength is

made perfect and weakness it is not your

sufficiency but my spirit living through

you abide in me and you will bear fruit

that remains I have planted within you

everything needed to complete the

journey you possess wisdom beyond your

current grasp there are gifts yet

undiscovered Revelations reserved for

the the appointed time you will finish

your race strong never alone eternally

loved I am rallying allies seen and

unseen to uplift you for the battles

ahead take courage when opposition

mounts I will silence every voice raised

against you no weapon formed will

prosper stand unshaken as I fight for

you trust in the sure fulfillment of my

promises they will never fail or

disappoint even when hope seems lost

still choose to praise me declaring my

goodness even through tears this is a

sacrifice of worship Prosper trust in my

protection for the battle is not yours


mine though unseen dangers May lurk

remember that I am with you and my

angels are assigned to guard and guide

you the trials you face are not the end

of of your story they are refining you

for deeper blessings endure with

patience and victory is assured type I

embrace my power to affirm this Urgent

Message emphasizes the Unseen spiritual

battles that surround you there are

forces for good and evil in the Unseen

Realms and your guardian angels are at

work to protect

you trust in my power and authority over

all creat ation knowing that no weapon

formed against you will succeed I see

and understand the strategies of both

Angels and Demons rest assured that I

will liberate you from disasters and my

protection is unfailing continue to

trust for the battle is already won I am

your loving and protecting father

guiding you away from snares and

dangers be attentive to the promptings

of your guardian Angels who work

tirelessly to preserve you from

harm the power of Heaven stands behind

my words and I am with you through every

trial type amen if you believe in God if

you’re all set type yes take care of

yourself type I claim it if you receive


declaration type yes if you’re ready and

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