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my beloved child I know you’ve been wondering if I’m really listening to your prayers it might feel like your

heartfelt pleas are just Vanishing Into Thin Air going unanswered you’ve been navigating

through stormy seas of Life facing challenge after challenge constantly fighting without a moment to breathe

you’re tired and feeling a bit lost come closer my beloved child stop chasing and

rest with me for a moment listen to what I have to say you’re putting too much

effort into things that are out of your hands forgetting to let go and let me take over give me all your worries and

trust me fully to take care of them pay attention and let the peace I offer sink

in I promise to reach out to those you care about protect those you can’t be

with and comfort those you’re missing even if they think they’re on their own I’m actually guiding them

gently without their knowledge soon enough you’ll see them come back filled

with regret as they realize that their mistakes they’ll understand the hurt they’ve caused and seek

forgiveness and about your money troubles don’t worry they’re only temporary don’t be afraid of what’s

coming instead focus on seeking me and learning from my words I’m here to keep drawing your

attention making sure your heart stays safe with me you’ve always been mine and

I’ve always been there for you protecting you from false Temptations keep putting in the effort

but don’t let your heart or mind be weighed down by worry remember the promises I give you each day I’ll handle

everything beyond your control your health your life your money your family

they’re all in my hands trust in me I love you deeply my

precious one you feel the depth of my love and the comfort of my presence I

urge you to recall all the times I’ve been there for you to stay firm in your

belief in My Endless Love My divine plan and my impeccable timing I promise you a

life filled with joy peace calm and spiritual strength a life marked by

determination fueled by dreams of success and well-being you’re going to be blessed in

ways you can’t even imagine far beyond the fleeting sadness of material Pursuits welcome the fullness of a life

rich with spiritual wealth free from the need for approval or societal acceptance

I give you spiritual toughness filling your spirit with the strength to face any challenge you’ve been too caught up in

seeking approval from others wanting their praise and fearing their judgment

I say it’s time to break that cycle from now on find your peace in me alone keep

your faith strong and active dive into my words pray with me morning and night

consider this message a love letter for me proof of my NeverEnding love for you

no one else can offer you the selfless support I do I don’t ask for your riches

or belongings I Delight in your kindness your efforts to help those in

need show your devotion your love your obedience and keep that beautiful

genuine faith in your heart spread my love to your family today remember I’m

always here for you unmovable as a rock close your eyes take in the peace I

provide and hand over your worries to me even when you doubt your worth know that my

presence is constant motivated purely by love you want to get closer to me but

you pause holding back your worries and fears doubt sneaks in and you’re left

carrying the sting of old hurts listen for my voice Let its

sweetness heal your heart hear me as I write these words deep within you I love

you you’re you’re not bound by anything with gentle arms I hold you close safe

in my care you might face trials today but remember this feeling I’ll be right

there Whispering healing words reminding you of my presence so you won’t wander

off be misled by your feelings or lose your way I ignite a light within your heart a

Guiding Light so that in darkness when fear and despair try to engulf you my

brightness will outshine guiding you like the sun lights up the sky Darkness stands no chance against my

Everlasting Light any Force trying to bring you down today will vanish before me let me show

you the depth of my love listen for me all day when you hear my voice know it’s

me talking to you I’m pouring sacred oil over you blessing you

abundantly I clear your mind of doubts if you fall my forgiveness is here to

cleanse and raise you up it’s not in my heart to see you crushed by fear overwhelmed by guilt or living in the

shadow of past mistakes I’m not here to point fingers or punish as I’ve always said my purpose

is to love you if punishment was my goal you wouldn’t be here so think again and

embrace the love I’ve been offering don’t turn it away now your face with a

choice between two paths one of truth and life that leads to a glorious

forever and another that pulls you away from me following me won’t make life simpler

but you’ll never be without my help and support when you need it my holy spirit will be your comfort in sorrow and my

words will guide you with wisdom my door is always open day or

night come to me with your honest and heartfelt Prayers Trust Me with with

your family give me your heart and I’ll protect them lovingly I’ll wrap them in Joy shower

them with prosperity and peace and shield them from harm be it from greed betrayal or false

companions I’ll encircle your home with countless Angels ready to defend you

from any danger I am unchanging the same now in the past and forever more just as the

Earth spins and the star light up the night my presence will constantly surround you be assured I will confront

any foe that threatens you fear nothing and no one your family is never

abandoned because I am with you from your first breath I’ve been waiting for this moment to speak directly to you to

affirm the blessings on their way to you I’ve chosen you named you you are mine

I’ll never let you go even if there Comes a Day you think you’re tired of me right there in that

moment you’ll cry remembering how I’ve always been there for you reaching out

saving you from Peril I’ve brought you peace and led you out of strife when everyone else left I

saw you with eyes full of mercy and my love for you is unending my love grows

daily through the good and the bad in poverty or wealth in sickness and in

health I’m committed to you forever I know you feel my presence

strongly now and it will always be so I will never leave you so cast aside any

doubts no force in the universe can take away the tenderness peace and immense Joy I hold for

you I love you and today I fill your heart with Incredible strength stand

tall and strong for victory is within your grasp the battle is tough and the fight demanding but I’m here to back you

up don’t hesitate to chase your dreams and stand your ground when obstacles

arise and adversaries plot against you remain unshakable as a mountain let go

of negative thoughts and fears that block your path never let anyone or anything snuff out the dreams I’ve

planted in your heart stick to your plans don’t bow to challenges if I’ve given you dreams it’s

because I can make them a reality trust in me I’m right there with you fighting by your side now and always be bold and

unwavering for with faith you can achieve wonders beyond imagination your faith not only obeys my

will but also Delights me expect criticism from the envious ignore those

who mock or call you a fanatic for following my ways keep moving ahead Like A Champion the doubters will eventually

fall away puzzled and lost don’t listen to voices trying to steer you off course

you’ve come too far and and are on the brink of receiving immense blessings it would be tragic to quit now I didn’t

choose you to fail with me you are destined to Triumph I paid the ultimate price for

your Victory thinking of you on the cross if you’re hearing this know that your struggles are not

unnoticed I your almighty God have chosen you blessed you for your

steadfast faith and loyalty your life is a testament to my love never forget the

sacrifice I made for you your past doesn’t dictate where you’re headed in times when everything seems to

fall apart you’ve trusted in me you’ve sought shelter In My Embrace and in my

presence you’re always secure Embrace peace and joy knowing

you’re under the care of your almighty God trust in my power to wash away and

forgive all your mistakes hold on to this belief with all your heart look forward with hope for I’m

about to work a breathtaking miracle in your life you profess your love for me

and faith in my might in the same way believe that I have truly forgiven you stop berading

yourself or dwelling on past errors I’ve thrown your sins into a pit they’ll

never climb out of my dear child my beloved one I know you are hurting and

your pain Cuts me to the core you may not understand why I allowed such sorrow in your life but

please know it was not without purpose or plan I carried you in the palm of my

hand before you were born choosing you shaping you I have been with you every moment

since though there were times you did not feel my presence I wept every tear you cried

even those shed in private when you thought no one cared but I cared my

precious one I cared so much the adversity you have faced was carefully

filtered through My Loving Hands I allowed only what was needed to mold your character and strengthen your faith

I know the burden seemed unbearable at times the heartache endless but it was my Mercy that

sustained you even when you felt utterly alone now a new season is Dawning the

pain that once defined you will fade scars remain but even these testify to

Healing to Restoration to New Life the future Rising before you glows with my

glory bright with promise and purpose I have plans good plans to give you a hope

and a future plans not to harm you but to prosper you if you keep your eyes fixed

on me the way will be clear distractions will fall away and my direction will shine like a beacon guiding your path

stay near to me my beloved seek me early the grace for each new day awaits those

who come to my feet meet with me often bringing your cares and concerns freely

nothing is too small or insignificant for my concern as you pour out your heart I

will fill you aresh with strength wisdom and peace that transcends understanding when adversity strikes and

storm will come remember I am your rock your shelter your strong

tower run to me as your Refuge hide yourself under the shadow of my wing I

will Faithfully protect you fiery trials will one day reveal their purpose to

refine you like gold for an eternal glory Beyond Compare guard your heart

from voices contrary to my word and Will from those who pedal falsehood disguise

his freedom their tempting invitations lead only to emptiness and heartache I

have spoken truth my way leads to Abundant Life Walk in it with

wholehearted devotion as you seek me delving deeply into the treasures of my word I will meet you there Mysteries

once hidden will Blaze with brilliant Clarity my voice echoing through the generations will feel fresh and

immediate affirming my eternal unchanging character the same yesterday today and

forever the window I have opened into Heavenly Realms astonishes even angels

grasp this gift I offer you access into my very presence where you can find

Mercy and Grace to strengthen you as you learn to abide in me our connection will

grow richer deeper sweeter in a bond no power can sever difficult days will come

opposition Injustice loss your faith will be tested as fire asays

gold when everything in you wants to raise a fist to Heaven Fall on Your Knees

instead trust in my goodness even when circumstances scream otherwise believe my word over every

contradictory feeling or fear lean hard into my unfailing arms

and I will carry you wherever this journey leads promises punctuate the path ahead life and

blessings instead of Sorrow Beauty forged From the Ashes of your pain

Joy Awakening with the dawn my delight overtaking sadness

laughter drowning out weeping praise silencing complaint Bounty displacing

lack Still Waters Green Pastures tables overflowing cups running over keep

walking my beloved draw Ever nearer to my heart where you are safe valued and

adored beyond measure my plans for you brim with hope and and goodness my

Banner Over You Is Love no obstacle can halt my purposes or diminish my

extravagant dreams for you trust in this always the depths of my love have no

bottom the reaches of my care have no limit the details of your life so

precious to me are ever before my eyes not one prayer breathed in sincerity is

lost no tear shed alone in despair goes un seen wherever you go I go whatever

comes your way has passed through my tender filtration first I allow nothing that is not for your ultimate good at

the Glorious destination I am preparing for you keep your eyes on the celestial

City where all that troubles you now will dissolve let me carry your burdens when

strength fails be still in my presence when answers do not come

quickly trust in my my unfailing love my faithfulness through all generations I

know the plans I have for you plans filled with promise and purpose a future of hope my delight over you will endure

forever you are Graven on the palms of my hands I will never forget or forsake

you only believe have faith in me and my word I will surely do all I have

promised my child I speak these words to you from a place of deepest love each

Soul traverses their own unique path one filled with twists and turns mistakes

shall pepper their Journey yet fret not for errors plant seeds of wisdom pray

your young ones missteps Grant no foothold to dark Forces wishing to fill Tender Hearts with venomous lies offer

Bountiful compassion Unshackled from judgment’s grip chastise when needed but

with open arms so they may know your love as Refuge your prayer pray s

steeped in motherly Grace float heavenward infusing my throne room with pleas born of

righteousness as I harness these petitions wielding Providence accordingly your spirit shall surge with

Elation at results revealed in due time have faith in me for I Traverse

alongside each child shepherding with tenderness as I do for

you my love for my children knows no bounds when failures leave you broken

perceive not these moments as Arbiters of your destiny nor condemners of Dreams

talents and promise held within do they conclude my plans for you nay when

stumbled steps Mark your path take these actions if transgressions litter your

wake petition forgiveness sweeping away lingering stains silence the accuser

Serpentine hisses rise with bold oldness Unchained from guilt’s feeds my blood’s

Crimson Tide washes you a new while the world screams failures Roar with

finality my children know life’s Falls as instructors nonp perail the past

Fades eyes ahead let not yesterday’s blur tomorrow’s heed my beckoning to

seize the future I prepare I extend rewards and blessings a hands daring to

grasp my call fear no enemies barring your way for no weapon formed against

you shall prosper in all trials my omnipresence Shields you step forth

courageously wherever I guide your path allow my words to Anchor your faith and

still trembling Hearts be Stout and stalwart my child when uncertainties

abound fear and lost hope may come circling like Ravens to Carion but I shall not abandon you my

spirit within you you is mighty to deliver restore and uphold through

life’s tempestuous Seasons set your mind’s eye upon my love for you a love

Beyond human summation hold fast to the plans I spoke over you care not what

detractors decree I earnestly yearn for your success and fulfillment of purpose

what losses you mourn shall transform into gains where Brokenness lies healing

shall sprout in due time peace will canopy your home forgiveness

will Bloom from this day forth let confidence cloak you as a mantle no need exists for

shames blush have you not heard my proclamations of love my pride in you

declared on high let it root deeply and Blossom into Assurance why because I

cherish you my beloved by Heavenly edict I reverse the curse to bless your future

my grace removed your sins farther than east is from West none can judge or

condemn those I validate through Mercy’s pardon Love’s cords Drew you near by

Covenant I claimed you each gift written for you by my hand shall be delivered

upon Heaven’s first light value what I value your whole Spirit fearfully and

wonderfully made in my image cease viewing yourself through scorns warped

glass it pains me to see the oppression of your mind exalting the words of Mortals

over your creator who fashioned you for favor take hold of this truth with ever

Open Hands I fix my gaze upon you with delight committed to your

thriving I set you amidst the purposes I ordained before time’s Dawning not one

scheme of hell can halt my blessings racing toward you yet a choice confronts

you child will you anchor in my words are be tossed about by currents of naysayers seeking your

demise will you hold fast your confession of Faith or entertain taunting voices attempting your

deception they care not for your joy nor Prosperity I have warned you of accusers

whose tongues drip condemnation whose Hearts Rejoice at your stumbling give No Quarter for their

assaults upon your spirit I desire you to abide in peace and confidence a walk in Grace fill your

mind with songs of Hope and trusting surrender walk with bold Faith unmoved

by the den of critics eyes ahead your future brims

With Victory and favor these promises I make secure to you if you would but walk in my ways

Delight in my love believe my words faithful and true now fix this confession in your

heart speaking it with conviction no force in heaven or Earth

can shake the anchoring hope you have in me though as salant surround on every side I am your rock and refuge under my

feathers find your rest shadowed beneath my mighty hand no evil shall befall you

nor plague come near your home I am for you be still and know the voice that

commands your deliverance your tribulations are many yet I see and I am stirring to intervene

on your behalf behold your accusers will vanish like smoke in a sudden gust their

plans will lie in Ruins at your feet many who conspired against you will

stand dumbfounded having witnessed my mighty hand raised in your defense is

anything too difficult for me there is no limit to what I can do or how I

choose to demonstrate my love toward you the winds and waves stand ready to obey

obey my voice to become pavement wherever I direct your feet to travel

through my indwelling spirit confidence and courage will swell within you like a gathering storm driving out all

lingering apprehension and anxiety you will turn the tides of battle subduing the stirrings of

Darkness Victory upon Victory I grant you as you stand your Holy Ground unwavering in the face of

opposition my child lift your head head The Horizon glows with the first streaks

of dawn the new day promised you since time’s conception draws near I will show

you which way to go I will fortify your steps and navigate your course take

heart no Ploy of the enemy can deter my blessing and breakthrough Rising upon

you like daybreak’s first light because you dared believe in my promises Untold

captives will gain their freedom the oil of healing will flow freely through your hands where

Brokenness dwells restoration will blossom in your wake where Darkness crouches my light and peace will flood

unchecked through open doors get ready child of Destiny the atmosphere even now

shifts over your home that which assailed your family’s unity and strength will soon be driven

out like chaff in the wind oh heart once heavy and oppressed

now is the time to rise up in faith and meet this new day I am pouring out my

spirit to saturate every corner of your world dispelling Shadows of Discord and

disfunction fix your eyes on me alone therein find shelter for your soul

against piercing voices of disruption and disorder seeking to hinder and upend

your family shut your ears to fears Messengers my word and my word alone

forms your vision of the future upon the unshakable Rock of my promises stand

unwavering take your place in me and you will never stumble I am your shield and Rampart your deliver your healer your

Lord with all that you are Proclaim that your trust rests solely in me I have

always been with you I am with you now and I will abide with you

forever when adversity leaves you sifting through the wreckage seeking signs of my faithfulness know that

beyond the stormy present awaits breaths of renewal moving upon your Waters in the wake of hardship growth

and blessing take root though environments around you wkak of Hope deferred cling to me I will not abandon

the purposes I ordained for you lean into my chest and therein

discover the heartbeat of Hope alive and unrelenting troubles are not meaningless

chance nor aimless agent agents of misery within their fibers run currents

of significance orchestrating your ever unfolding story not one occurrence takes me by

surprise all plays out according to my Providence even when barrage upon

barrage assails you impelling perception that everything contrives against you

even there my plans and purposes weave through your innermost being

where you envision catastrophe I am preparing blessing where you expect attack I

fortify your position within the Roar and Rush await Whispers of compassion kindness and

commemoration of my promises fulfilled So Hear Me beloved guard your

heart against ascending Gloom barricade your mind against Whispers of futility

your present distresses have not arrived unintended nor are they signposts declaring Destinies of

Misfortune consider each trial an invitation to grow strong in me as gold deemed worthy of a crown must

first pass through flame so too your metal and perseverance are honed in adversity’s furnace whether traces of my

fingerprints upon your circumstances prove blurred or Vivid be assured the

experiences you accumulate serve to bring you closer to the fullness promised you though the path winds

through shadowed valleys I go before you preparing your way my love for you holds

fast never wavering I will never forsake you you are mine my treasure I am your

God who gladly gave my all to Ransom you back to myself not even death could stop

my heart from beating for you listen for my voice calling through the night

Seasons come to me when adversity leaves you lost and uncertain I will speak

peace and hope to your inner chaos when doubts creep in clouding your belief in

my faithfulness remember I have commanded blessings upon your head no one can reverse what I have declared

over you you my beloved have a hope and a future now is not the time to grow

weary but to press on toward the prize I have waiting for you fix your eyes on me alone commit to walk in my ways take

hold of my promises and yield to my spirit Within in you together we will

shine radiant with Heaven’s Glory subduing kingdoms unlocking Destinies

and bearing light unmatched into the broken places my beloved child I know at times

the path I’ve set before you seems unclear when life takes unexpected turns

it can be hard to trust my guidance yet even in seasons of hardship know that my

love for you never falters I realize it’s difficult to have faith with when disappointments arise

and plans unravel but remember I will never abandon you especially in stormy

seas my promises remain anchored to you like stars fixed in the night

sky what I have declared over your life shall come to pass in due time be patient my

child The Waiting may feel long but have faith your perseverance will bear good

fruit the tri s that now bring you grief are transforming you infusing strength

into your spirit do not lose hope or Tire of this refining process though I

know weariness tempts you hold on just a little longer beloved

one the season of harvest of renewal and change is nearer than you think I see

the burdens weighing heavily on your soul come lay down those cares that

threaten to crush your spirit I will lift them from your weary shoulders if you let me do not try to

muscle through storms alone you were never meant to I am right here yearning

to be your shelter amid howling winds and raging Seas cry out to me precious

one I will answer oh if only you could Glimpse what I see when I look at you such raw

courage blazing in your heart even on the darkest of nights my child you were made to weather storms I crafted you

carefully instilling my strength into your innermost Parts like clay fired in a kiln difficulties are meant to refine

you not destroy you you are far more resilient than you know I wish you could

see yourself as I do a warrior bold and brimming with Relentless Faith even when

bombarded by doubts or fears Keep Holding On To Me Victory is assured I

know the path is long and the terrain ever changing but I will lead you surely through every Peak and Valley fix your

eyes on me not the swirling chaos around you my precious one why do you insist on

carrying burdens too heavy for your mortal frame again and again I urge you

cast those cares upon me I yearn to lift the weight from your strain shoulders I

know the storms of life leave you feeling battered and bruised like debris washed ashore after a Hurrican

but beloved you were made to weather storms lean into me now let me gather up

the broken bits so I can make you whole once more do not fear the winds and

waves The Tempest cannot Prevail against you if your roots grow deep in me I will

be the stability you crave when your world seems to spin out of control dig in hold fast and you will

endure my child I have planted dreams and Desires in the fertile soil of your

soul for a purpose that you might bear fruit which nourishes the world around you do not let the weeds of fear or

doubt choke out those seedlings before they have a chance to sink Roots tending tender dreams requires persistence and

care but I am with you in the labor helping nurture all I’ve entrusted to

you the fruit will come in due time if you do not lose heart not one seed

planted in your soul Garden goes to waste under my watchful care growth is often slow and subtle at first

unseen beneath the soil’s surface but in time blossoms will burst forth and ripe fruit will weigh down

branches once Barren and bare take heart beloved your

faithfulness in tending dreams matters more than what your eyes presently perceive pay no heed to voices that

whisper lies about my intentions towards you seductive halft truths and distortions of reality me to lure you

off the path shut out those Hollow murmurs before they find footing in your

mind hold fast to what you know is true I am for you my ways are meant to give

you a hope in a future lift your gaze to the Horizon of my promises and walk

forward in faith my precious one why do you give such time and thought to

anxieties that will not come to pass how many times must I assure you that my

purposes will prevail despite every storm remember how often I’ve LED you

safely through wildernesses in times past through the barren desert places where my still Small Voice was your only

guide did I not sustain you then did Mana not fall Faithfully from Heaven

each morning until you reached the long awaited Land Of Promise oh beloved how quick you are to

forget the testimonies of my faithfulness etched into your history how soon my children lose sight of me

and give fear the Reigns to lead them do not hand over what I’ve entrusted to you so cheaply my love hold fast to the

assurances which I have spoken words crafted and anchored by my unchanging

character what I have promised I will perform just stay the course and keep your gaze fixed on

me my child why do you insist on carrying burdens too heavy for your

mortal frame why do you act as though my shoulders cannot handle the weight that threatens to crush

you cast those cares upon me now do not wait until you’ve mustered enough false

strength and run yourself ragged there is freedom waiting when you choose to let me lift loads off you too massive to

Bear you need not be anxious over all that fractured World demands love the

troubles towering over you lose power in the shadow of my wings shelter there in

my presence let that Sacred Space soak into your soul until overwhelming dread subsides

until masquerading peace permeates every poor so that you overflow with my steadfast

calm beloved cling not to those weights too cumbersome for your frame instead

settle into me and discover true peace a refuge not assailable by storm or Strife

or swirling chaos though troubles Crouch at your door like Predators thirsty for

blood Here in My Sanctuary you can find rest unperturbed abide here and the strength

of my joy will Infuse you like marrow in your bones until New Life bursts forth from your innermost being death will not

win today hope lives on my child why do you give audience to those voices

determined to drain you of Hope and Lead You far a field of my intended purpose

shut out the worthless chatter refuse to dignify Hollow lies with consider ation

my enemy schemes relentlessly eager for you to embrace falsehoods about your identity your worthiness your belonging

but his fabrication finds no purchase in my truth remember who you are beloved my

blood was shed to seal you as my own my Kingdom’s precious Heir robe of

righteousness covering every Mark against you failings drowned in fathomless Mercy cherished one when the

deceiver pedals shame in defeat lift your head high Stand Tall in who I’ve

called you to be no weapon formed against you can nullify my love my dear

one why do you insist on keeping company with fear giving worry residence in your restless

mind anxiety holds no ability whatsoever to alter what is fixed ordained by the

most high I understand its seduction fear masquerades so easily as wisdom

vigilance of virt but don’t be fooled quiet your racing

thoughts listen instead for my voice of calm Assurance I am guiding you along

the very path I prepared Before Time began have faith all will be well my

beloved child I see your struggles and I weep with you in your darkest

moments but I also rejoice as you summon courage to face each new day you are so

precious to me fearfully and wonderfully made I delicately crafted every fiber of

your being shaping you into the person you are today when you feel weak let my strength

sustain you when doubts creep in let my Peace Quiet your mind whenever the path

grows dim let my light guide your every step for I will never forsake you my

treasured one my plans for you are good filled with hope and a future if you

seek me wholeheartedly you will find me if you call on me I will answer I am an

everpresent help in times of trouble this world often calls in competing

voices each promising fulfillment yet leaving you empty but my voice Rings

clear through the clamor listen for it my child Let My Words permeate your

spirit anchoring your heart when other voices seek to pull you astray the path I call you to won’t

always be easy but it leads to life abundant eternal life I will equip you

teach you transform you as you walk with me as you Center your life on me you

will find joy unspeakable rising from within joy that remains steady despite

changing circumstances I see the longing in your heart I place those desires deep within

you and I can fulfill them as no one else can yet many seek their fulfillment

through compromise or shortcut often with painful result so I call you to a better way my

way the way of Integrity wisdom and faith in my

promises as you walk this path fixing your eyes on me your desires will be

refined and brought into alignment with my perfect will what once seemed important May dim

in the light of Eternity you will find Earthly pain easing as Heavenly hope grows

within my way involves surrender laying down personal Ambitions to take up my

purposes but do not see this as loss for in losing your life you find

it the peace and fulfillment you crave can only be discovered in a life wholly devoted to me I invite you into this

life of purpose and meaning the choice is yours but so too is the Limitless

power of my spirit available to all who yield themselves to my transforming work have I not said

behold I make all things new allow me then to make you new my

child as you offer yourself your strengths weaknesses hopes and fears I

will remake you into a vessel of Honor equipped for every good work others will see undeniable change

in you and stand amazed at my glory revealed difficult seasons still await

you in this Fallen World but now you need not face them alone or

unequipped together we will weather every storm pushing back the darkness until my kingdom comes in fullness until

then let my living water flow freely through you bringing life and renewal to

dry and thirsty Souls this is your calling my child if

only you consent to my work within the evils of this age seek to Mar

my my image in you provoking you to doubt resentment hatred or

despair but my light shining in you exposes such darkness my love flowing through you

overpowers evil indeed Darkness cannot overcome light so let your words and

actions shine bringing hope and help to those Lost In Shadows I see enemy forces

rising to a sail on every side yet do not fear has my arm grown too short to

save my power Knows No Limit though hell itself should rage against you still my

peace envelops your mind when you abide in me I give you power to tread upon

serpents overcoming the Venom of Lies with living truth no weapon formed against you can

prosper for I guard your life as the apple of my eye stand firm then my child

on the rock of my faithful fulness face each day boldly upheld by my hand walk

in the confidence that I go before you to prepare the way move forward in

expectancy for your minute by minute walk with me leads to Blessings waiting just over the horizon great things

unfold as you remain fixed on me let not your gaze or desire stray

elsewhere I am enough for you supplying your needs according to my riches

seek passionately after Me Above All Else and you will lack no good thing

delight yourself in me first and most make time to be still to listen and

commune allowing my spirit to align your heart with Heaven’s heartbeat as you seek me I make my home

in you Moment by moment I am crafting your life into a unique tapestry its

colors vibrant its fabric strong the Finish finished work will testify to my

presence within you bringing glory and drawing others to Marvel at my handiwork but threads sometimes tangle

or break along the way when frustrations and failures leave you doubting remember

my purpose remain sure I incorporate even painful losses into a beautiful

design just maintain your trust in me I am intricately weaving the many strands

of your relationships and Endeavors into this tapestry too at times the pattern may perplex you as

loose threads seem to unravel faster than you can repair them details Escape

your view knots appear too complex to untie when you don’t grasp my bigger

picture doubts may tempted you to try cutting away the messy Parts yet be patient my child continue yielding the

various threads of your life to my masterful hands I understand how each one intertwines and

interconnects I alone comprehend the full scope of my elaborate design just

dwell in childlike trust allowing me to add the colors textures and embellishments I deem best avoid trying

to control any single thread as if it could be isolated from the rest instead

focus on the overall pattern taking shape through our collaboration this tapestry tells a

magnificent story and its final exquisite beauty will testify of your attentiveness to my leading

as well as my faithfulness in refining and perfecting my new creation so come to me first when needs

arise or when your soul hungers for fulfillment beg me to satisfy your

desires for my Bountiful Storehouse of blessings why wander afar or squander

Earthly wealth pursuing bread that perishes I offer living bread and eternal riches beyond your imagination

taste and see that I alone am good I am the Wellspring of lifegiving water

those who drink deeply of me will thirst no more those who feed on me will hunger no more I alone can permeate your soul

flooding you with my joy and strength stop vainly attempting to extract

temporary happiness from this world’s shallow Wells only my Springs bring

Everlasting refreshment and contentment so draw your happiness from me

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