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my beloved child I come to you with an abiding desire to bless you beyond

measure there exists no obstacle that can impede the manifestation of my will for your

life the promises I make shall unquestionably transpire in due time thus when challenges arise as they

inevitably will remember that I remain ever present upholding you with my righteous right hand do not fixate on

the intensity of the trials you face but rather atune your spirit to the gentle Whisper Of My Voice treasure these

Precious Moments we share as I indelibly imprint my precepts upon your heart for

it is not merely your attention I seek but the unhindered devotion of your soul

anchored firmly in the Bedrock of my promises profer your unwavering Fidelity

to me alongside a resilient Faith which mirrors my own steadfast trust in you my

chosen one you have been marked out set apart for divine assignment thus I urge

you do not deviate from the trajectory I establish regardless of surrounding chaos or competing voices that clamor

For Your Allegiance my pledges span the horizons of Eternity unaffected by the

rise and fall of principalities and powers that which I decree shall unfailingly come to pass in the fullness

of time the extent of my blessings is limited solely by the parameters of your

belief to those tenacious of spirit I extend prosperity and strength to those

who falter yet refuse to abandon me to ephemeral fancies to those who cling to

me amid the Raging storms of life who walk in humility and benevolence towards

all the intensity of present afflictions shall swiftly give way to Victory joy

and success Indescribable I am refashioning you as a standard bearer of my love kindness hope

and Redemption rtion to a world lost in darkness the oil of gladness I pour upon

you in abundance ephemeral Sorrows dissolving an eternal

perspective I shall impart Gifts of healing to your hands your words will

fall as seeds of wisdom germinating in receptive soil that which you set your hand to in

righteousness shall Thrive and multiply Beyond natural expectation this represents but a

fractional glimpse of The Inheritance awaiting all those who Refuge their lives in me a legacy of Shalom

permeating all aspects of your existence my Angelic hosts stand

Sentinel over your life seek therefore to internalize the full counsel of my

word that you may grow in wisdom stature and favor with both God and

man yet believer be assured that that your eyes shall Glimpse even greater

Marvels in days ahead wonders which outstrip human imagination in scope and

Grandeur for these are days of divine visitation upon the Earth many false

signs and wonders arise spawned in Realms infernal to lead the undiscerning

astray but that which I ordain through your life shall Galvanize even the staunchest cynic therefore submit your

circumstances to me in unwavering Faith allowing my joy to remain your strength

give no quarter to demonic assaults nor be troubled by seeming delay in the materialization of my

promises keep your gaze fixed on me alone as I unfold your life before you

as a scroll scripting your destiny in the ink of Eternity for you were fashioned unlike

all others set apart consecrated to walk in tandem with divinity itself

though my love freely engulfs Humanity irrespective of title or deed I have

reserved a special affection for you my own our fellowship is a mystery which

Angels long to understand never again allow the enemy to harass you with false projections of

Abandonment rather be filled continuously with the settled assurance that you are dearly loved you must

determine within your heart to Value yourself seeing you as I see you my

precious Priceless child in whom I am well pleased therefore submit no longer to

voices which undermine your identity seeking to bind you in Fetters of fear and

inferiority I am come to liberate you this very hour from your captivity rise

up now in The Verve and vigor my spirit imparts to those fully yielded to my transforming touch commit yourself aresh

to live as my hands my feet and my mouthpiece to a lost and dying generation for my compassion for

Humanity mirrors your own my child our hearts beat to the very same

Rhythm you have yourself endured Indescribable loss and hardship vetted

in The Crucible of Affliction yet when accosted you reviled not when persecuted

you uttered no threats yours was a posture of preternatural poise and Grace

Under Fire in just reprisal I now rise to confront every Power that has

assailed you from the cradle to the present hour for you are the apple of my eye the Supreme object of my affections

my defensive and offensive energies are enjoined and trained upon your life for

I am a warrior God who Bears a jealous love for my own I desire that those who

oppose you behold your boldness and countenance suffused in Faith’s Victory even now may cander and confidence not

anger or anxiety sculpt your demeanor meaner May spiritual Vigor renew your

frame from day to day May stalwart determination pave the

paths you walk Hereafter for I have spread my feathers

as a covering over your life both day and night in scorching heat and frigid

cold you abide under my feathers I am sworn to never leave nor forsake you our

Rapport is fixed in Bedrock as I have witnessed the tenacity of your trust

even in seasons of profound adversity when lesser Souls would have raised the white flag and beat a hasty

Retreat you dug deeper still into my character and Promises such resilient

Faith stirs my heart profoundly the era of wilderness wanderings

concludes your emergence into Destiny’s High Country commences From This Moment

On therefore yield no more ground to sorrow or despair’s ravages

these serve only to underscore your true value unique calling and irreplaceable

identity in my sight rise now beloved into the fullness of my joy and

affirmation the set time of divine visitation has come help me now to restore fractured lives and bind up

wounds of body and soul yield yourself to receive all of my healing for my

grace abounds towards all overriding sin and shames corrosive effects

set your face like Flint to welcome my spirit’s fullness into every compartment of your life to walk in true Liberty as

Sons and Daughters of God for in loving and embracing you I exemplify the heart

of the father towards all Humanity rest in these truths my friend

as bulwarks against which the Gates of Hell shall not Prevail for without a doubt your love

and steadfast trust anchor my heart as well even when beset roundabout with

demonic lies and incessant fears you clung fiercely to our bond even in the

Midnight Hour our relationship the needle pointing True North to your soul

another Sunrise now emerges as harbingers of Hope restoring vision and vitality across the horizons of your

existence it is a new day fear not and neither be dismayed as you have loved

and leaned upon me in changing seasons p persevere ever more in this posture of

trust my spirit shall guide you into all truth be boyed by this pledge today for

those misguided Souls who revile and abuse you will shortly fade from your

rearview mirror yet my affection affirmation and enabling presence grow

stronger clearer nearer with each passing day you shall walk upon the high

places of the earth through the enablement of my spirit trials now transitioning into

testimonies this is but the first sip from The Fountain Head of blessings I have amassed for you beloved therefore

ready your heart to receive the full outpouring with rejoicing and Thanksgiving come now to the throne of

grace obtain timely help and soaring faith for each hour lay aside the

besetting sin the bitterness envy and offense holding your soul

hostage these ill fitting garments only restrain the full impact of my calling from materializing in your life yoke

yourself instead aresh to me through praise prayer and humility of heart then you shall witness Heavenly

Realms open before you in succession as I pour out my spirit upon All Flesh in unprecedented measure the wisdom of man

dissipates to Vapor mine remains and reigns forever more you shall lack no

Miracle no sign or wonder or profound encounter as you Traverse the highways

of Holiness in this most critical hour the timorous shall watch in

amazement at the authority and power invested within you an apprehension of Kingdom reality transcending graling for

temporal trinkets yours shall be Treasures stored in the Vault of Heaven Incorruptible and

undefiled for a mere modest Measure of Faith removes formidable barriers

outworking tangible expressions of my word and will in due season but you have

passed Beyond reticence into radical trust and partnership with me therein The Impossible transfigures into Destiny

before your eyes Glory awaits as your Eternal Heritage and identity once the

last feds of mortality drop away you are marked out for legend prepare yourself

accordingly through prayer and fasting the table now set before you overflows with Bounty as I cause streams

to Break Forth even in the wildernesses of life no more meager rations now you

shall drink deeply from the pure Sweet Waters of everlasting love which I profer

continually the bread sent down from heaven accompanies never again will your soul know true hunger or thirst in my

presence for the feast I spread bids welcome one and all with a willing

heart my banquet table resplendant with Resurrection Fair will alone Supply your

needs whatever life sets your path against neither death nor demons nor

setbacks of any stripe wield any sway over one en robed with Divine sunship

and sealed unto the day of Redemption all you encounter must bow exultant at the Insignia of my spirit

born upon your life henceforth and forever you are transitioning even now into deeper levels and elevated Vistas

than ever before conceived therefore set a watch over mouth and heart in this pregnant hour Bowing in

humility before your God for I shall honor those who honor me exalting the

yielded vessel to Heights seraphim dare not tread without restraint our Oneness Knows No Limits in

it the finite merges into the infinite through you I shall manifest

facets of my beauty and Glory unseen by mortal eyes here for I Has Not Seen

Nor Ear heard the Wonders awaiting maturation on that imminent Horizon but

my spirit enlivens and illumines you from the cradle of our intimate Fellowship into which I lovingly beckon

abide and Thrive forever more in the Vine I embody for apart from me you can

do nothing yet in me all of Heaven’s Supply resides at your

fingertips finish then the work I have given you to to do not in the frenzy of

the flesh but in lock step with Eternity for my rewards will Eclipse

your highest hopes my beloved child I have watched over you since the

beginning of time guiding your steps even when you felt lost and

alone I know your struggles seem endless like waves crashing Upon A Shore eroding

away your hope but I am the rock on which you stand place your trust in me and I will calm

the storm listen now as I speak words of comfort healing and promise over your

life I see your weariness how you have fought through impenetrable Darkness but

brighter days are Dawning hold fast to your faith and envision the breakthroughs I am

bringing you have walked a narrow and difficult road but now your path widens

into spacious new territory filled with joy Jo and possibility you worried for so long that

your family would remain fragmented but I will restore what was taken relationships once broken will

mend through forgiveness and healing only I can bring I will turn their

hearts back to you I know you grieve the loss of stability but just as surely as

I close that door I am opening another one that leads to something meaningful

with resources to provide abundantly for for your needs you will look back one day soon

with Wonder at how I brought beauty from ashes Prosperity from ruin my precious

one you have endured rejections and betrayals that left wounds so deep you

feared they would never heal but my healing balm is flowing over

you the pain is washing away in my river of redemption scars are fading Joy is

rising I am restored restoring your soul for so long you have poured your life

out for others motivated by love yet receiving little thanks in return I see it all your selfless acts have touched

my heart now I will touch the hearts of those who overlooked you they will

recognize and appreciate the treasure you are you felt trapped for so long in

cycles of poverty and lack Bound by limitations and adversities at every

turn but get ready freedom and abundance are coming like a mighty rushing

wind as you step out in faith with vision arising from my promises you will

Traverse New Roads filled with provision resources connections and open doors my

precious child you have hoped Beyond hope for that which seemed impossible in

the natural realm you dared to believe my words spoken over Barren places within you

words that defied the threats of the Enemy words that held expectation for beauty instead of

ashes and now the time of fulfillment has come the seeds of Faith planted in

tears Will Spring forth in Joy the prayers sent heavenward in isolation will re back blessings in

community the dreams and Visions nurtured in secret will burst forth into the light for all to see bringing

transformation beyond what you imagined beloved one I unlock prison

doors and set captives free though you have been bound in deep Darkness I am leading you into the light

areas of your life that were once desolate and broken are now blossoming with new life for I breathe my spirit

into dry bones and watch them rise I take hearts of stone and make them new

accept my transformation embrace my healing receive my Redemption today my

child you have known heartache and despair that nearly crushed your spirit but I have seen seen your tears and

understand the pain now I come as the great healer binding up inner wounds

with my love the oil of gladness instead of mourning Beauty instead of

Ashes hard things still await you in this world but now you have my strength

arising within you the power of my spirit giving you all you need to walk forward in Victory no matter what comes

your way you will shine for me through it all I know the ache for connection

and Community you carry deep within having faced rejection and misunderstanding for so long but I have

brought you into my family you have brothers and sisters across Nations and generations who love you with my love

together we walk toward the hope I have placed in your heart Through The Years you clung to remnants of Faith as storms

raged threatening to sweep it all away but your Mustard Seed of belief remained

rooted now now I am growing a mighty tree of Faith within you strong enough

to weather any storm anchored deep in me let it stretch high into glorious

Heavens pointing all who see to your rock and Redeemer my precious child you feared

that those who hurt you would always stand between us interfering with the love I intended for us to

share but see I draw you closer still into my arms into my heart until every

barrier melts away in my perfect love I know your heart beloved child and

understand every wound and sorrow that brought you so low I hate what hurt you

what damaged your heart and stole your joy that is not what I wanted for you

ever but here I am now with healing in my hands let me soothe each painful

place within until wholeness and wellness Rise Up from those ashes of trauma and loss there have been times

you felt utterly powerless to overcome the forces raging all around you but my

spirit within you is greater than anything this world could ever bring against you my power will Triumph

gloriously through every weakness and faltering just have eyes to see what I intend to do Miracles still happen and I

am working yours nothing can separate you from my love no power or challenge can overtake

me or thwart my good plan over your life Not For a Moment have you slipped from my hand though the way has Twisted

unseen but watch wonders now unfold my perfect love is drawing you ever closer

to the destiny fear said would remain unreachable but safe in me all shall be

well I know this season has tested every fiber of belief you have within you

things crumbled that you worked so hard to build unjust attacks threatened all

that was good but you remained faithful when everything around said to surrender

I honor that Mighty perseverance now Mountains will move and systems will shift as I vindicate your

trust in me my beloved child I could see you growing so weary and well-doing

continuing to love those who scorned you and give to those who only depleted more and more from your soul and strength but

let that season end I am replenishing you so you can receive as well as pour

out and I am drawing to you those whose Hearts will finally treasure you as you

deserve the lonely times are ending joyful validating Community awaits even

when everything and everyone seemed aligned to tear your dream away still you dared to Hope and held to my

promises that tenacious Faith moves my heart now the thieves and Killers have

lost their power where they sought to bury hope life is rising verdant vibrant beautiful my goodness

prevails as will you triumphing gloriously too often my children feel

lost and Afraid in this complex World bombarded by negativity they lose sight

of my light that is why I am here to remind you of my unwavering presence

when you awake each morning pause to feel my spirit within I am nearer than your next

breath before you sleep invite me into your dreams I will grant you restful

Slumber this world values productivity and wealth putting pressure on my children to accumulate

possessions but true richness lies in relationships creativity and service

your self-worth is not defined by what you own or achieve you are precious because you are mine I knit you together

in your mother’s womb into intricately forming each cell you bear my fingerprint on your soul I know at times

you feel inadequate and afraid but my strength is made perfect in weakness

call on me when anxious thoughts assail my spirit’s prompting is always

love never condemnation I forgive your mistakes and believe in your potential the world

promotes ruthless competition and highlights The Talented few but in my

kingdom all are welcome not one is turned away gifts differ yet all have a part to

play discover your unique contribution without Envy or Pride for only in

community can my love be expressed this world is indeed filled with Darkness

hatred violence and despair seem to Prevail but evil can never extinguish my

light in the darkest night one small flame overpowers the blackest void

where harm abounds I send healing where there is grief I bring

Comfort where anger flares I calm tempers with Mercy my peace flows from

my very presence within you as you abide in me trusting my goodness my peace

guards your heart it is a gift not an achievement receive it now I know at

times you feel discouraged defeated and depressed you dwell on past mistakes and fear the future but remorse and anxiety

cannot change what was or predict what will be I call you to the present moment

this hour this day here I am found I equipped humans with free will the power

to shape their Destiny through Choice rather than fret about what could happen take each moment as it

comes meet me here in the now and find Grace sufficient for

today tomorrow will will disclose itself in the fullness of time when challenges arise do not panic

or despair quiet your thoughts and listen for my voice Whispering faith and

courage take things one step at a time looking to me for guidance not just when

staring into the abyss but equally in mundane moments I am interested in the minutia

of your days invite me into your whole life life experience you worry about many things

Health family finances reputation and more your concerns are constantly before

me why carry burdens meant for my shoulders alone anxiety cannot add a single moment

to your lifespan it only erodes Joy lift the

weight of worry and receive my peace I know the burden of Secrets kept

in shames dark chamber but there is no condemnation for those with me unveil

your shadowed places to Gentle light confess failings without fear of

rejection I understand Humanity’s frail flaws my forgiveness transforms shame

into courage let my living water wash your soul I see not a stained sinner but

a developing Saint yes developing for sanctification is a

lifelong process growth unfolds gradually through daily surrender expect no quick

fix but lifelong transformation my spirit forms holy habits as you yield to love when you

drift from our connection do not hide but swiftly return I run to meet you as your heavenly father embrace you in

Mercy not judgment the accuser keeps a list of sins yet there is no shame in my

presence my victory has erased all records held against you let this grace

reclo you aresh today beware of making your own experience the standard by which truth

is judged your vision is limited like looking through a narrow tube seeing

only a fraction of the vast reality in contrast I behold the entire

Panorama from my vantage point I see far beyond your scope understanding the intricate

interplay of past present and future what seems unfair and inexplicable from your Earthly

perspective from the heights of Heaven makes perfect sense trust that there is

a greater design one that is often Beyond human comprehension but clear and

purposeful from a Divine Viewpoint while I permit perplexities now a day is coming when all veils will

dissolve then you will comprehend fully from Heaven’s awe inspiring outlook for

now receive each moment’s Revelation not with argument but trust my love has no

Sinister motive motive or hidden agenda for your harm as life unfolds look for

where I am mysteriously at work advancing Redemption even in tragedy my darling child how I wish to

cradle you close to quiet your fears and soothe Old Wounds words cannot communicate the

intensity of my affection or the joy your presence brings me even an Earthly

Parent’s Love cannot rival my love for you has life left you battle weary and

gritty from The Fray come to me for respit share your Soul’s concerns and

watch me renew your strength do you mourn loss or long for connection find consolation In My

Embrace pour out your praise cry angry tears whisper your worries or simply

rest silent here your spirit is safe valued understood I am not a distant

emotionless deity as some imagine I welcome you into my heart my gaze intent

on you feel my delight as we share life together take hold of my hand welcoming

my involvement my power Works through willing partnership not passive

observation let us walk this adventure side by side when adversity strikes

through illness tragedy or cruelty cry out in anguish if you must I understand

take refuge in my comfort not Hollow platitudes together we will endure the

darkest night my strength is shown resplendant not in the absence of suffering but its Redemptive

transformation over long years New Life blooms through patient

tending when you see Injustice and long to write wrongs let passion for my

kingdom fill you I share your sorrow over oppression abuse and

inequality but understand how change unfolds lest Zeal become Rage or

weariness defeat hope real transformation happens gradually as my

people embody radical love over the Long Haul lives hate warped by Prejudice fear

and anger do not yield easily persevere in speaking truth gently not from lofty

moral superiority but humble empathy let actions of selfless service not angry

rhetoric erode walls of Vision meet cold facts with warmth from human hearts of

flame with my love leave final Justice and judgment to me I see all and know

the full story invest instead in reconciliation does this challenge you

do Parts resonate While others leave you dissatisfied speak to me your honest

thoughts my truth stands up to scrutiny if Doctrine fails to match

reality or scripture seems to contradict ICT itself dig deeper apparent

inconsistencies often illuminate deeper Harmony to be found mystery invites exploration not

avoidance I wish for you far more than denominational Conformity or fearful

submission I offer relationship adventure and growth as you walk with me through storm

and Stillness you will develop wisdom to navigate this world with hope and joy my

word will not return turn void but accomplish my purposes in you now come

my beloved one and meet me in this moment here is where you will discover meaning purpose and Grace to persevere

tomorrow’s troubles remain unknown yesterday cannot be altered the present awaits our

friendship give me your full attention your fears dreams questions pour them

into my capable hands receive back my love which casts out all anxiety I am

taking what was meant for evil and using It ultimately for your good where there are wounds of trauma I bring healing

balm when rejection has left you shy and withdrawn I affirm that you are mine

chosen precious valued I will use your past pain to unlock empathy and

discernment as my strength and joy revive you each day you will in turn

Comfort others beloved Child Hope in me

anticipate Adventures of significance tailored perfectly for your gifts say

yes to New Beginnings which seem impossible yet match promises I have spoken over you do not focus on former

hardships or future unknowns the present is where we meet here my plans for you take shape through

devotion kindled in simple moments you may feel bored stagnant and stuck

circling the same old turmoil but I can Revitalize the mundane through my

indwelling presence my spirit within you is a never-ending Fountain of Vitality

creativity and purpose draw near to me when your surroundings seem Bland and

dreary together we will redeem the time receive once more my

benediction I uphold you with my righteous right hand I shelter you in the shadow of my wing my eyes watch over

you and my ears attend to your cry I am your Mighty fort and secure Hiding Place

abide in the joy and confidence this brings rest in my promises provision and

Care look ahead with hope go now into your day and be blessed

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