🔴I NEED TO REACH YOU URGENTLY । God’s Message Now For You Today | God Helps

my child I sense you have been wandering

in the

wilderness questioning if you will ever

reach the promised land I have for

you I know the waiting has tried your

faith the dry seasons with barely enough


unending but take heart for I tell you

your waiting season nears its end the

time has come to inherit what I have

prepared for you I have set blessings

before you now go in and possess them

for too long my people have asked when

without understanding my

now the promises I swore long ago to

your fathers I swear also to you did I

not assure Abraham his children would

become a great nation yet ages passed

before I made them

so centuries rolled by before I parted

the Red Sea that awful night in

Egypt more years of circling a

wasteland and still my oath

endured such patience characterizes my

promises but child for you the hour of

my faithfulness has come round at last

the place I am leading you to exceeds

your boldest dreams even as you have

glimpsed it from afar like Moses gazing

out from Mount Nebo my spirit has

whispered of verdant pastures Prosperity

purpose and wonders awaiting you while

you have tasted these only in small

measure thus far are I tell you the

fullness of time has come your

Wilderness wanderings are nearly through

before you lies the Jordan Beyond it

lies all I have sworn to you the

frontier of your Promised Land

awaits all you have sought from me lies

just Across the Threshold boldly step

into this new frontier and watch me go

before you to fight for you as in days

long ago but know that what I did for

Israel then foreshadowed what I will do

for you you now in a greater way for the

ark which once went ahead of them goes

ahead of you as well and it is nothing

less than my very presence and

power the Covenant chest house tablets

of Cold Stone but you have my Living


within all that I did through that Ark I

will now do through you my

child no barrier will stand before you

no strong hold will remain that I will

not tear

down the waters which block your way

will part at your approach and every

step you take will drive them back for

my might and Authority stand with you I

will make dry ground for you until you

pass over into all I have promised I

will give you clear signs to assure you

that what I speak will come to

pass have I not already sent

confirmations ahead to you in recent

days for just as the Waters of of the

Jordan in flood stage confirm the

impossibility of your passage so also

will their stopping and standing in Heap

demonstrate my power to make a way for

you where none exists this sign will

validate that I am among you in truth

and will drive out those that oppose

what I intend for you so when you see

this sign you can be confident that your

long awaited promises will indeed be

fulfilled I know you are tempted to see

me as a hard task Master expecting you

to attain in your strength what only I


provide you worry that if you step

forward prematurely you risk disaster or


displeasure but have I not already

affirmed it is time for you to rise up

and claim my promises why then do you

hesitate still to obey my call because

like the Israelites you see high waters

and strong enemies holding the land I

set aside for you and you doubt if any

can survive the taking of it

but do not let fear cause you to rebel

against me now did I not give my servant

Caleb a different report than all the

others while they trembled at Giants and

fortified cities he recognized in the

rich land’s abundance the sure provision

of my hand he saw that the protection on

Israel’s enemies had already lifted for

I had indeed given the land to my people

I was only waiting for their trust to

receive my gift the naysayers perished

because they limited their Vision to

what was visible but Caleb fixed his

eyes on me took me as his shield and

boldly claimed his

inheritance I tell you child the Caleb

Spirit still overcomes while grasshopper

spirits still meet

defeat my Almighty arm fights

victoriously for those who step out to

possess what I have allotted them by

Covenant right so I exhort you disregard

doubting voice voices whether outside

you or within I am he who gives you

boldness through faith in me I alone

determine the time and direction of your

steps if I say your Jordan lies before

you no matter how impossible it appears

it is true watch me divide it as you

move forward at my

command the powerful current you see is

nothing to me I hold back such forces

easily as with a

hand before you lies your freedom from

Wilderness wanders your exit from want


uncertainty Beyond this crossover point

lies the realm of Supernatural abundance

reserved for my Covenant Sons and

Daughters as the priest passed safely

over Jordan on dry ground so too will

you pass from lack to plenty as you walk

in obedient trust toward all I have

promised the Waters of difficulty which

threaten to pull you under will instead

Heap up and make way for you as you you

keep your eyes fixed on me for I decree

to you what I decreed to Joshua where

you set the soul of your foot that land

I give to you all of it thus I call you

out of wilderness

survival I set before you life and

prosperity binding enemy forces from

blocking your way your Promised Land of

purpose Freedom intimacy with me and

more awaits you now lift up your eyes to

see it lift up your foot to claim it

then lift up your voice in praise for

through me you shall thrive in it and

never forget what I have sworn I will

perform my Covenant with you stand sure

so enter in without hesitation or fear

take hold of all my hand has prepared I

go before you to establish it I go

behind you to protect it I go above you

to oversee it so rise up boldly my

beloved and pass over into your full

inheritance from my hand my beloved

child as you stand on the edge of a New

Horizon gazing upon the vastness that

stretches before you I sense the

Whirlwind of questions in your heart

understand this what lies ahead is

beyond anything you’ve seen heard or

imagined the Wonders and joys I have

planned for you are

immeasurable like explorers who first

glimpsed a land rich in promise you too

cannot yet grasp the full extent of the

blessings awaiting you but trust that I

will fill your life with a richness of

spirit as you Journey with me into this

new chapter I notice your hesitation

perhaps even a hint of fear let me

assure you my dear one you need not fear

any challenge that might seem to

threaten your path this journey and all

its rewards I freely offer to you not as

a test of your grip but as a gift of my

love Revel in the joy of flourishing in

this new realm in this new chapter no

one disputes your claim to the blessings

I bestow they flow directly from my

infinite reservoirs of grace and favor

there are no adversaries here only open

arms welcoming you to my kingdom lay

down your defenses and set aside

thoughts of conflict the true battles

against the deepest foes of humanity

have already been won the path has been

cleared the foundation laid and a

celebration awaits in your honor your

greatest challenge now is to learn to

rest to receive and to relish the Bounty

prepared for you this is not a journey

into hostile lands but a homecoming to

the place I have lovingly prepared for

you you enter not just a physical space

but the realm of my heart a sanctuary

made ready through great sacrifice and

love love Embrace this transition with

joy and wonder Marvel at the Miracles

unfolding before you a path illuminated

by my grace leading you to discoveries

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams look up and

see the beauty that Bridges Heaven and

Earth a glimpse of the extravagant

welcome that awaits you draw strength

from this vision for the reality that

awaits is even more

breathtaking and yet even more Prof

found is the transformation Within You

The Awakening of your innermost being

the Fulfillment of your deepest desires

and the realization of your true

identity in this new domain your soul

will Bloom with beauty and potential

nourished by my

presence as you embrace my guidance in

this new realm your spirit will come

alive with previously unimagined

possibilities life and vitality Will

Spring forth from within you so I call

you forward to step into the fullness of

what I have prepared claim this land of

promise as your own making it your


home Delight in the abundance of my

creation and in the Stillness know that

I am with you in my presence find not

only protection but love as I bestow

upon you all the wonders of my kingdom

all that I have is yours

step into your

inheritance and experience the joy of

dwelling in my presence forever

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