?God: You Will Definitely Cry Later After Skipping Me!| DMFY-648

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end today I impart unto you my Divine

favor Grace and benediction may they

serve as talismans to embolden your

spirit and fortify your resolve as you

navigate the Labyrinth of existence know

that I am with you always a silent

Sentinel in the tapestry of your

life embrace the challenge of today for

within it lies The Crucible of your

transformation as you confront adversity

with unwavering courage know that I

Stand Beside You A Silent Witness to

your indomitable

Spirit inscribe these words upon the

tablet of your heart heart and let them

serve as a Beacon of Hope in times of

Darkness for I am the Alpha and the

Omega the harbinger of Salvation and the

architect of your


destiny rise my child and claim your

rightful place amongst the stars for in

The Crucible of adversity you shall

emerge Victorious adorned with the

mantle of divine favor and when the

final curtain Falls know that I shall be

there to greet you with open arms and a

heart overflowing with

love manifest your destiny my belov

child and let the Symphony of your

existence ReSound throughout Eternity

for you are a cherish soul to loved and

adored in the tapestry of my divine

creation my dearest child I want you to

know that you are cherished beyond

measure and every moment I am tirelessly

working to reclaim the essence of your

heart to envelop you once more in the

boundless warmth of my

love know this my love transcends the

vastness of the sky extending beyond the

reaches of the universe itself there

exists no distance to great no obstacle

to formidable that could hinder my

Relentless pursuit of

you today in this very moment I want you

to feel the weight of My Affection to

understand that you are forever embraced

by my unwavering


love amidst the trials and tribul ations

of life my love serves as your steadfast

companion it is a Beacon of Hope a

source of endless strength through every

hardship I am there extending my hand to

lift you up to guide you through the

darkest of

nights you need not fear for my love

knows no bounds it is a shield against


a sanctuary in times of


turmoil in my eyes you are eternally

blessed I bestow upon you gifts of grace

and favor showering you with boundless

abundance you carry my protection

wherever you may go for my hand rest

upon you a pillar of support in times of

need when the world weighs heav heavy

upon your shoulders know that I am there

ready to lend you the strength to

persevere though the path may seem

daunting know that you are never alone

my presence surrounds you like a

comforting Embrace a gentle reminder of

my unwavering devotion even in moments

of doubt I am by your sigh guiding you

towards the Fulfillment of Your Divine


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