?God: Warning ⚠️ You Are Going To Hell If Ignore Me Now! | DMFY-662

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end dear beloved child you are cherished

beyond measure and my love for you knows

no bounds I want you to understand that

you don’t have to feel my physical

closeness to communicate with

me whether you receive my presence

vividly or not your prayers are heard

and cherished as you Express gratitude

for my companionship I become more

tangible in your life it is through

thankfulness that the reality of my

existence becomes clearer to

you in me you live move and find your

true being align your thoughts emotions

and spirit with the truth of my

Everlasting presence heighten your

awareness by seeking signs of my

invisible handiwork around you Nature’s

breathtaking Beauty and the warmth of

cherished relationships serve as

poignant reminders of my love and

care as the Living Word I am manifested

in scriptures invite my spirit to

illuminate the pages of the Bible for

you infusing its wisdom and Truth into

your heart those who honor me and trust

in my boundless love bring me immense

Joy the fear of the Lord often

misunderstood is the Cornerstone of


enlightenment it encompasses reverence

love and obedience to my will when you

Embrace this reverence I am deeply proud



you navigating life and alignment with

my will may present challenges but my

unwavering love offers hope amidst

adversity many in the world may feel

disillusioned yet My Love Remains a

steadfast anchor hold fast to hope for

it binds you to me like a golden thread

prayer a vital Lifeline is a discipline

worth cultivating despite the

adversities orchestrated by dark Forces

persist in communicating with me train

your mind to commune with me

effortlessly integrating prayer into the

fabric of your daily life set aside

dedicated moments to converse solely

with me allow ow my spirit to enrich

your prayers with Clarity and


gratitude a clear mind and a grateful

heart not only enhance your prayer life

but enrich every facet of existence find

Joy amidst life’s

uncertainties understanding that my

purpose is not to fulfill every desire

but to instill unwavering trust in me

embrace the present for it is where my

guidance and hope


reside release the burden of past

regrets for they serve no purpose in the

journey ahead trust in my Divine

Providence and relinquish the need for

control know that I am ever present

radiating boundless Joy upon

you dear one as you embark on this

journey of Faith may you find solace in

my eternal love and guidance cheer this

message with those dear to you inviting

them to embrace the path of gratitude

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of divine


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