?God Says, Your Life Is In Danger Don’t Ignore Me Today! ? | DMFY-759

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end so my dear one embrace the depth of

my love the richness of my grace and the

beauty of our Eternal Covenant share

this message with those whose Hearts

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stay connected with my voice resonating

within the depths of your

soul my dearest child in the very

essence of my being your name is not

just written but engraved intricately

edged upon the fabric of my hands this

inscription this Covenant is not

fleeting or Emeral it transcends the

bounds of time and space it is an

eternal Eternal Bond and scathed by the

trials of the World uncoded by the

passing of Ages you my beloved are more

than a possession you are a treasure

beyond measure bought with the very

essence of my

being the act of Engraving upon precious

metals is a symbol of permanence of

everlasting commitment yet even the most

durable of metals can be lost stolen or

melted down but fear not for your name

upon my Palms is not subject to such

Trent Fates it is a symbol of my

unwavering presence a reminder that you

are ever cherished ever valued in my

sight gold and silver May hold some

worth in the eyes of the world but but

their value pales in comparison to the

magnificence of knowing me you dear one

are engraved upon my Palms because you

are eternally precious to me let this

truth resonate within you let it fill

you with a sense of purpose and


belonging do not be swayed by the

fleeting concerns of This World by the

turmoil and Chaos that that surrounds

you the news May paint a grim picture

but remember it is but a partial truth a

narrow lens through which the world is

viewed do not let fear take root in your

heart for I Am With You Always guiding

you protecting you enveloping you in my

love like David find strength in me when

faced with adversity contemplate my

glory Revel in my love and let Jo fill

your soul trust in me wholeheartedly

knowing that I am your strength your

song your everpresent help in times of

trouble your tears are not in vain dear

one they are precious to me a testament

your Humanity Your Capacity to feel

deeply allow them to water the seeds of

growth within you

nurturing your spirit strengthening your


resolve and remember every blessing you

possess is a gift from my hand cherish

them be grateful for them for they are a

manifestation of my boundless love for

you so my child embrace the journey

before you knowing that I am by your

side every step of the way let your

heart be be filled with joy let your

soul sing with praise for you are love

beyond measure now and for all


eternity my dearest child in the depths

of my being your name is not merely

inscribed but woven into the very

essence of who I am it is not a fleeting

gesture but an eternal bond that

transcends the confines of time and in


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