?God Says, Your Last Hours Left On This Earth! ? | DMFY-758

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end my dearest child in the intricate

tapestry of existence I have inscribed

your name upon the very essence of my

being this inscription is not merely a

fleeting Mark but an Everlasting

Covenant indelible and immutable no

force in the vast expanse of this world

could every erod or obliterate this

sacred Bond we share you my beloved are

not just a possession you are the

embodiment of my love redeemed with the

currency of my

blood engraving a practice reserved for

the most precious of materials is

symbolic of permanent and enduring value

yet even as times Relentless tide wears

upon these etchings causing loss or

theft or the melting away of tangible

forms know that the imprint of your name

upon my pounds tend Earthly constraints

gold and silver esteemed by Immortals

for their luster and Rarity Tale in

comparison to the Splendor of knowing me

into ly for

eternity you are ever presentes in my

thoughts not as an afterthought hastily

scribbled upon the canvas of my mind but

as a cherished memory meticulously

engraved upon the very fabric of my

being while some may resort to jotting

fleeting reminders upon their hands I

have chosen to inscribe your name upon

my Palms a testament to your your

Eternal significance to

me Rejoice my precious one and The

Wonder of this truth that I The

Sovereign of the universe have deemed

you a Priceless treasure respond not

with fleeting adoration from Material

wealth but with an unwavering devotion

that places Me Above All

Else trust in me and let not fear take

root within you do not be disheartened

by the tumultuous currents of the world

or the skewed narratives spun by the

media for they present but a fraction of

reality deliberately omitting the most

vital Factor my presence and Sovereign

work in the

world when the world seems daunting and

uncertain certainty looms large turn to

me and find solace in my unwavering

presence follow the example of David who

found strength in me amidst threats and

adversities summon Courage by fixing

your gaze upon my inspiring glory and

boundless power Delight in my unending

love for you are embarked upon an

adventurous Journey with me and your

ultimate destination is a Heavenly

bod as you navigate the EB and flow of

life’s trials and triumphs know that

your tears are not in vain they are

precious to me watering the seeds of

resilience and compassion within you

embrace the depth of your emotions for

they amplify your capacity for joy and

and draw you closer to My Heart Sing

Praises in both times of gladness and

sorrow for in worshiping me you elevate

your spirit and experience the fullness

of joy that is your Birthright as my


child every blessing you receive Every

Breath You draw is a gift from my

hand oh

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