?God Says, You’ll Definitely Be PUNISHED Once You Skip This Message ? | DMFY-750

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end affirm your trust in me expressing

your unwavering faith and my Divine

Providence as you navigate the

challenges that life presents do not let

fear or doubt Cloud your vision instead

keep your focus firmly fixed upon me and

I will illuminate the path before you

immerse yourself in the wisdom of my

teachings allowing the light of my truth

to guide your

steps find joy in the simple Act of

seeking my presence for in doing so you

draw closer to me picture the tender

Embrace of Two Lovers reunited their

hearts overflowing with joy at the sight

of one another such as the depth of my

love for you my beloved child rejoice in

the boundless affection that I have for

you and glorify my name With Every Beat

of your

heart in your moments of weakness when

despair threatens to overwhelm you

remember the power of prayer it is not a

last resort but a potent connection to

the Divine through prayer you may find

Solace strength and guidance not only

for yourself but for those around you

seek the assistance of the holy spirit

that your prayers may be efficacious and

heartfelt do not underestimate the

importance of restful communion with me

in the midst of life’s business May take

time to bask in the Tranquility of my

presence allow me to refresh your weary

soul that you may be strengthened for

the journey ahead be of good courage

knowing that I am ever by your sigh

guiding and sustaining

you in this broken World bravery is a

necessity yet it does not come easily to

all lean upon me for courage drawing

strength from my unwavering presence

meditate upon my greatness and take

comfort in the knowledge that I am with

you always even unto the ends of the

Earth my beloved child know that you are

cherished beyond measure embrace the

light of my love and let it illuminate

your path share this message with others

who may May benefit from its wisdom and

subscribe to daily manifestations for

you to stay connected with my


voice to love child in the depths of

your being I am the eternal flame that

keeps your lamp burning in moments when

darkness threatens to engulf you when

weariness weighs heavy on your shoulders

and burdens seem in

surmountable remember this I am the

light that turns your Darkness into


Brilliance there are times when the

flicker of your lamp dims when it

sputters almost running out of fuel in

those moments call out to me breathe

deeply in my presence and let my

strength envelop you for I am the fuel

that sustains your lamp the unwavering

source of your

light turn towards me always allow the

glory of my presence to saturate your

being my radiant Beauty will brighten

your life shifting your perspective from

Darkness to light when you feel the

Shadows creeping in remember that I am

the eternal light that continues to

shine even in the deepest abys


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