God Says, You Will Lose Me If You Ignore Me Today! | DMFY-775

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end as you Journey forward know that

your prayers are heard and answered

believe in the manifestation of your

desires and they shall come to fruition

stand firm in your faith my child for it

is the beacon that guides you through

life’s storms

join us in exploring profound journeys

of faith and love through daily

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Channel and share your Reflections and

experiences with our community together

let us walk in the light of Love and

Truth shining brightly for all to

see my dearest child

I am ever watchful over those I hold

dear tending to each with unwavering

care every trial that crosses your path

shall be transmuted into a Wellspring of

blessings for I am orchestrating a

divine plan for your

life those who Harbor malevolence can

seek to undermine your journey shall

find themselves distan from your sphere

for they are blinded by false Notions of

power unaware of the greater fate that


them know this my beloved my love for

you knows no bounds stand firm in your

faith undeterred by the Skeptics and

adversaries who may try to sway you from

your path fix your gaze upon the

abundance of blessings I have in store

for you for I I am your true father

loving you unconditionally with each


moment as the sun rises each day

anticipate our meeting with eager Hearts

let these words resonate deeply within

your being inviting my presence to

envelop you in love and Solace allow

yourself a moment of Stillness

surrendering to the Embrace of my hand

filtering effect ction let your tears

flow freely washing away any doubts or

despair that cling to your

spirit rise my beloved and cast off the

burdens of yesterday stretch your arms

toward the heavens for victory is yours

to claim as you move forward never

forget the triumphs of your past for

they serve as a testament to your


and strength entrust your life to me and

submit to my will for I am guiding you

tour even greater

Feats Embrace courage my child and let

your faith ignite the very essence of

our connection know that you are never

alone for I am here infolding you in a

warm and affectionate Embrace with me by

your side you shall neither be defeated



overwhelmed fill your spirit with

courage and declare your unwavering

belief in me your faith is a beacon of

light Illuminating the path ahead let it

guide you through the darkest of times

for it is the key to unlocking the

boundless Treasures that await you in

the realm of the Divine

if these words resonate with you if you

feel a stirring within your heart I urge

you to join us on a journey of Faith

love and perseverance like and share

this message to spread its uplifting

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