?God Says; YOU WILL CRY LATER IF YOU IGNORE ME. God Message Today !

my child hold on don’t give up I’m

always with you you are not

alone no matter what trials you face or

what problems you face I will be there

for you I haven’t helped you up until

this point in your life just to let you

down I have not helped you up to this

point just to leave you I am there if it

seems that I am silent know that I am

working on on your behalf I Am The God


forgives no sin is too great for my

grace to cover come to me with a

repentant heart and I will extend my

mercy and

forgiveness embrace the freedom and

restoration that comes through my

forgiveness I am the god of patience and

perfect timing trust in my Divine timing

even when it seems delayed or different

from your

expectations I know what is best for you

you rest assured that I am working all

things together for your good when

things seem cloudy hold on to Hope like

a bright unbreakable thread it’s me

Whispering better days are ahead your

hope mixed with a little faith lights up

the darkest paths remember I’m always

working in your life turning even the

smallest glimmers of Hope into beacons

of joy and peace keep hoping I’m right

here with you turning hope into

reality my way is better than your way

my plan is bigger than your plan my

dream for your life is more rewarding

more fulfilling and better than what

you’ve ever dreamed of now stay open and

trust me everything you’ve been praying

and waiting for is on the other side of

not giving up keep going keep

enduring hold on you’ve come too far to

give up now the breaking won’t last

forever I am able to put your pieces

back together and replace your pain with


magnificent you just wait and see let

Hope arise as the season

shifts don’t stress about what’s going

on stop trying to figure it out with

your own understanding remember that

I’ve never failed you it’s going to be

okay leave it for me to

handle I love you


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