?God Says; YOU WILL CRY AFTER SKIPPING ME. God Message Today !

My Sweet

Child by now you already know that you

receive Supernatural Peace by being

close to me acknowledging your

dependency on me just like man in the

wilderness you cannot store it up for

tomorrow so please enjoy peace

surrounding you right now and experience

the joy that comes with it tomorrow as

you wake up we will meet again and I

will gift you peace needed for that day

trust me child

the moment you learn how to receive

peace to the fullest you will move that

mountain and you will walk on water I

love you it hurts me seeing you in pain

give it to me don’t worry you are not

burdening me I can carry it for you

child I adore the warrior spirit inside

you but you can be weak around me let me

help you child you can live in abundance

every day abundance in peace abundance

in strength abundance in Joy abundance

and love my heart rejoices greatly when

I see you coming every day for my grace

but child don’t limit me don’t run away

too soon let the blessings overflow so

that you will never have to think of

moving mountains on your own remember I

hold all the resources on Heaven and the


so don’t be shy my princess and enjoy

the abundance of my kingdom what once

was dead I will bring back to life child

I am the resurrection and the life if

you think that your hope is dead or no

longer can you share love don’t worry

kid I will restore it and I will magnify

it so greatly in you so that never again

will you doubt that I am with you for

now put your faith in in me and focus on

the word I gave you I love you child and

I will take care of you you are my

talented little star for me you shine

the brightest in the room keep doing

what I’ve called you to do you have the

anointing that no one else has ever

gotten very soon you will see the first

fruits of your hard work but for now do

not give up

child I’m with you I love you you’ve

done a good job surrendering these

Giants to me I am so proud of you

child now that you’ve learned how to do

it let’s check together these details

that are troubling your heart every day

embrace my presence in your minor chores

and I bless you with the joy you were


seeking child I long to show you the

world through my

eyes so let go of control and let me

help you

I love you share this video with your

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