?God Says, Would You Let Satan Win? ? | DMFY-700

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end let your heart brim with boundless

joy as you contemplate the miraculous

reality of my dwelling within you I am

not a Trent Gast departing at the first

sign of discontent my presence is

Perpetual a constant companion through

the the EB and flow of life’s

tribulations however be for wared my

Renovations May provoke discomfort and

those moments of upheaval cling to me

with unwavering faith for I am the one

who sacrificed for Love’s

sake embrace the

metamorphosis for it is through

adversity that you shall emerge as the

masterpiece I envisioned fixate your

thoughts on that which is noble and

commendable defying the prevailing

pessimism of the

world while the world Revels in

highlighting flaws Endeavor to exalt the

virtues and deeds of my people cultivate

a mindset of positivity a deliberate

choice in defiance of the prevailing


understand that you tread upon sacred

ground when entrusted with the souls of

others Your Role is not to hastily

Rectify their troubles but to extend

compassion and understanding by doing so

you create a space wherein my healing

presence May manifest permeating hearts

with love and

grace seek the guidance of the holy

spirit that Divine Advocate who empowers

you to love to empathize and to console

as you yield to the spirit’s leading you

become a conduit of divine love

Illuminating the path for those ens

snared in

darkness know that in your weakness my

strength is made perfect release the

illusion of

self-sufficiency and embrace the

Assurance of my abiding presence through

your vulnerabilities I work wonders

drawing others unto

myself let your love radiate unimpeded a

Beacon of Hope amidst life’s tumult as

you remain steadfast in your Reliance

upon me you shall find Joy overflowing

enriching the lives of those around you

you share this message with those whose

Hearts yearn for the Assurance of my

presence and remember subscribe to daily

manifestation for you a sanctuary where

my voice resonates with unwavering love


guidance in the depths of your being

there resides a Sacred Space where the

essence of divinity Finds Its dwelling

it is a truth so profound so wondrous

that it has the power to reshape Your

Existence for

eternity know this You are not alone for

within you I reside closer than breath

closer than thought this realization

this miraculous fact has the potential

to revolutionize your life infusing it

with an ending joy and


purpose do not frat over whether your

heart is a suitable Abode for me I am

not deterred by

imperfections rather I am drawn to the

Humble Hearts of Believers where I work

diligently to mend and transform yet be

warn the process of renovation can be

arduous even painful at


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