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God’s advice today God is sending many

signs but it seems like you are ignoring

all of them so please do not ignore this

video because it is a message from God’s

heart to bless your life today before we

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said my dear son at this moment allow me

to envelop you in my love pouring words

of encouragement comfort and Promises

over your life if you can pause for a

moment and absorb each word I’m I am

sure you will find a river of Joy

flowing into your heart before I begin I

want you to know how delighted I am with

you your journey marked by unwavering

loyalty and persevering trust amidst

adversities is a source of great joy for

me even in the toughest moments your

faithfulness remains steadfast and it

deeply touches my being today in this

special moment I want to declare over

you a statement of blessings that

surpass human understanding my dear son

it is with inexpressible love and

Indescribable joy that I come to you on

this day I want you to receive this

message not just with your ears but with

the core of your being allowing each

word to penetrate the depths of your

soul know that I am extraordinarily

pleased with you and your loyalty will

continue to be a shining Beacon even in

the midst of any darkness that may arise

from the beginning when the world was

just a blank canvas before me I already

saw you with eyes of love every trace of

your journey has been skillfully drawn

on the pages of time and you are an Ever

evolving Masterpiece your loyalty

despite the storms life has brought is a

source of rejoicing for me even when

others have strayed you have remained

steadfast today in this moment I want to

flood you with words of encouragement

promis of unconditional love and a Clear

Vision of the purpose I have designed

for you since the beginning of time take

a deep breath my son and feel the

presence of my love around you you are

facing battles some known to all others

known only to us both adversities may

seem like tumultuous waves ready to

engulf everything in their path however

I want to assure you that victory has

already been secured through the

sacrifice of my my son his resurrection

not only conquered death but also

overcame any challenge you may face when

you remain in him no earthly tribulation

can defeat you throughout your journey I

have seen you carry burdens feel the

weight of worries and face challenges

that seemed

insurmountable I want you to know that

in each of these moments I have been by

your side holding your burden and being

your strength when yours failed the

promise of I made never to leave you nor

forsake you remains unchanged regardless

of the winding paths life may take you

are my beloved Son and even when you

think of straying I continue to run

towards you my love is resilient

persistent and no act or word can

diminish it even in moments when you

doubt yourself I see beyond

imperfections celebrating your

uniqueness and intrinsic Beauty do not

let past mistakes or UN certainties

about the future obscure the truth of my

love for you when I mention the

struggles you face it is not in a

superficial way I know every detail even

those hidden from others your pain is my

pain and your joy is my joy there is no

experience you have faced or will face

that surprises or makes me hesitate in

my love for you you are my son and my

heart is intertwined with

yours sometimes it may feel like I am

distant that my voice is hard to hear

amid the tumult of life however I want

to encourage you not to believe this lie

my love for you is constant even when

you feel lost or distant do not hesitate

to draw near for I am always here

extending my arms to welcome you back

into the warmth of my love you may feel

overwhelmed by the difficulties you face

and the strength to take another step

may seem depleted remember that that you

are not alone with each New Dawn I offer

you an opportunity for a fresh start my

forgiveness is an inexhaustible source

and my grace is sufficient to cover all

your weaknesses there is no need to

carry the weight of guilt for in me you

find Redemption and

renewal understand that the storms you

face have a strategic purpose each

challenge each struggle shapes you for

the grand purpose I have designed for

your life

do not fear difficulties for they are

only temporary instruments in my

skillful hands there will come a time

when peace will settle and you will see

clearly the fruit of your

perseverance amid life’s adversities I

emphasize the significance of

persevering for after each storm

blessings align along your path I want

you to deeply understand the extent of

your being loved A Love That surpasses

human understanding and and your faith

serves as a conduit for the

manifestation of these blessings

addressing the familial sphere I

underscore the value of this precious

nucleus lead with love and pray

continuously for your loved ones seeking

to deepen the bonds that unite you steer

clear of the comparison trap as each

individual is unique and plays a

significant role in my grand tapestry

trust in the plans I’ve outlined for you

plans that will unfold in extraordinary

ways seek guidance through prayer

understanding that my will will reveal

itself in opportune moments My Desire is

to enrich every facet of your life

providing you with a fulfilling and

meaningful existence in the midst of

challenges never doubt my love for I am

here to be your constant strength keep

moving forward as I am meticulously

preparing a glorious destination for you

even if if for now it seems undefined

your faith is more than sufficient to

overcome obstacles as I am Paving a

unique and extraordinary path for your

journey be aware that you will never be

abandoned your faith is a powerful force

that connects you directly to my grace

the journey may seem long and

challenging but with every step I am

guiding you toward a greater purpose

trust in my guidance for your life will

unfold in ways that transcend your

understanding revealing a panorama of

blessings and

accomplishments fix your mind

steadfastly on me now and feel my

perfect peace wash over your soul

Tranquility flows freely here in our

secret place drink deeply beloved child

allow my living water to restore your

soul and when you feel weary or

overwhelmed again come back to me

together we can handle anything just

lean into me always trusting in my

infinite wisdom and love with love God

hope this message has been an

inspiration to you if you liked it

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