?God Says, This Is Your Biggest Mistake If You Ignore This Today! Please Don’t! | DMFY-595

God says today watch this video till the

end if you believe

me my dearest child and my infinite love

I crafted you exactly as you are

embracing both your Transit challenges

and minor setbacks for they are but

fleeting moments in the grand tapestry

of your Eternal Beauty life’s trials May

at times seem

insurmountable obscuring your vision of

a brighter

future yet in those very moments I want

you to realize that no part of your

existence is wasted even amid the

struggles every hardship serves as a

valuable lesson and contributes to the

Magnificent design of the Heavenly

Realms your tribulations seemingly

insignificant in the present are

integral to the creation of an

everlasting Splendor that will endure

for all eternity they play a crucial

role in enhancing the rewards awaiting

you in the Heavenly

Realms to fully comprehend and

experience this transformation you must

confront challenges with unwavering

trust in me when difficulties threaten

to engulf your life strive to purce

receive them as transient and

inconsequential in comparison to the

boundless Glory they are

forging my purpose in coming to Earth

extends Beyond granting you eternal life

I desire for you to thrive abundantly

each day to achieve this it is vital

that you understand your identity and

belongingness you are not merely an

employee but a cherished member of my

royal family through adoption a profound

and enduring relationship that surpasses

any Earthly

Bond do not let the familiarity of these

truths diminish their significance the

vitality and liveliness I impart to you

as your steadfast guide are experien to

the fullest when you remain closely

connected to me

this awareness opens your heart to a

richer more fulfilling life a journey of

excitement and profound impact on the

world where your choice is

reverberate hold onto the hope we share

for I will never falter in my love for

you there will be moments when all you

can do is cling to me especially during

deep prayer and seeking answers the

adversity posed by the world the enemy

and your human Frailty May Advocate

surrender but yielding and resignation

only lead to despair in the long

term courage derived from the French

word for heart is inherent in you

request my assistance to live bravely

confronting challenges and dangers with

unshakable confidence and resolute

determination your tenacity and holding

on to hope is a source of profound joy

for me I love you

unconditionally and witnessing your

resilience amidst adversity brings me


Delight in the radiance of my unwavering

Love Your Capacity to Hope unlocks my

boundless potential to accomplish

infinitely more than your thoughts can

conceive or your prayers Express as you

dream big remember that my plans for

your life exceed your


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