?God Says, Sorry To All Who Skip Me Today! | DMFY-675

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end many May falter in their faith

swayed by the lies of the world or The

Whispers of Doubt but you My Chosen One

are different I have bestowed upon you

gifts and talents to be used for the

betterment of those around you hold hold

fast to your faith dear one and Trust in


promises if you seek Miracles continue

to press forward if you desire walls to

crumble persevere in prayer and faith I

grant you unbreakable strength even in

moments of weakness my grace and mercy

are boundless extending to you in times



do not underestimate the power of my

love or the depth of my forgiveness I

see your devotion your belief and your

unwavering commitment when you stumble I

will be there to lift you up guiding you

along the path with love and

compassion as you embark on this journey

share this message with those you hold

dear let it serve as a reminder of the

boundless love and grace that surrounds

you and as you seek to stay connected

consider daily

manifestation as a tool to reaffirm your

faith and strengthen your

spirit in the depths of your heart where

The Whispers of your soul find Solace I

reside today I beckon you to pour forth

the essence of your being to articulate

in your own voice the essence of our

connection to those shoted in darkness I

am the Luminous Beacon that guides their

weary steps infusing their lives with a

Radiance that transcends Earthly Shadows

with each Tender Touch I renew and

Shepherd their Journey Through the

Labyrinth of

existence to those part arched by the

Arid Winds of longing I am the spring of

Living Waters cascading from Celestial

Realms to satiate The Thirst of their

souls imparting a bomb that soothes

their Restless

Spirits for the famished Souls I am the

bread of life nourishing their innermost

being with sustenance that fortifies

their resolve and Kindles the flame of

hope within their their hearts amidst

the tumult of Affliction I stand as the

Healer tenderly attending to their

wounds infusing their weary frames with

the Divine Essence of renewal and


restoration to those ens snared by the

shackles of confinement I am the

harbinger of Freedom The Liberator who

shatters the chains of bondage gring

passage to realms where the spirit knows


bounds with boundless compassion I

extend the hand of forgiveness offering

Redemption his Souls burdened by the

weight of their

transgressions bestowing upon them the

gift of absolution and inner

peace who am I to you beloved seeker of

Truth in the Stillness of your soul

finds solace in knowing that I am the

steadfast listener attuned to the

Cadence of your heart’s longing offering

words of Solace and comfort that caress

the depths of your

being amidst the trials that beset your

path I am the unwavering Pillar of

Strength bearing the weight of your

burdens upon my shoulders infusing your

weary frame with the to


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