?God Says, Satan WINS When You Skip Me Today! ? | DMFY-757

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end my dearest child within the very

fabric of my being I have intricately

woven the essence of your name a sacred

Covenant that transcends the limits of

time and space this Bond etched upon the

palms of my hands is an eternal Old

Testament to your significance a pledge

that nothing in this world can ever

erode or diminish you are not merely a

possession to be owned but a cherished

Soul Irreplaceable and

Beloved the act of Engraving holds a

profound symbolism signifying permanence

and enduring value yet even as as the

sands of time May weather the surfaces

of metal know that the inscription of

your name upon my Palms remains

unblemished for it is written with the

ink of unconditional love and Divine

Purpose while Earthly Treasures like

gold and silver May Shimmer with

temporary Allure their worth pales in

comparison to the magnificence of

knowing me the source of all existence

your presence dear one is not fleeting

but ever present in my thoughts like a

cherished Melody that resonates within

the chambers of my heart just as some

jot notes upon their hands to remember

significant truths I have engraved your

name upon my Palms as a Perpetual

reminder of your infinite worth rejoice

than in The Wonder of this Truth for you

are eternally precious to me beyond

measure or

comprehension amidst the tumultuous

currents of Life do not be swayed by

fear or disheartened by the Trent events

that unfold around you the narratives of

this world as portrayed through news and

media often omit the most vital truth

the reality of my presence T the Divine

orchestration of events according to my

sovereign will when the world seems

daunting and uncertain turn your gaze

inward toward the sanctuary of My

Embrace and find solace in the Assurance

of my steadfast


love draw strength from the example of

David who in the face of adversity found

courage in his unwavering trust in me

likewise summon the depths of your faith

and contemplate the a inspiring Majesty

of my glory for in me you will discover

an unyielding Fortress a refuge of Peace

amidst the storms of

life know my beloved that your tears are

not in vain

but precious jewels in my sight symbols

of your willingness to embrace the full

spectrum of Human Experience just as

water nourishes the soul your tears

nurture the seeds of resilience and

compassion within your soul cultivating

a deeper capacity for joy and


empathy Embrace The Melody of joy that

Echoes within your Spirit a symphony of

gratitude and praise for the countless

blessings that I bestow upon you each

day from the breath that fills your

lungs to the rhythm of your heartbeat

every moment is a gift a testament to my

boundless Grace and an ending

love as you navigate the Journey of life

may you find solace in the knowledge

that you are never alone for I Am With

You Always guiding you with gentle

Whispers of truth and


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