?God Says, Satan Will Be Dead Once You Do This ☺️ | DMFY-754

God says today if you love me then don’t

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till the very


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Guided by the Everlasting Love of the


Divine my dearest child inscribed upon

the very fabric of my being is your name

a covenant Eternal unyielding to the

ravages of time or the trials of this

world your presence beloved is not

merely a passing fancy but a cherished


bought with a price beyond


measure as Artisans engrave their

masterpieces upon precious metals so

have I it’s your name upon the palms of

my hands for you are infinitely dear to

me consider my precious one the fleeting

nature verly Treasures gold and silver

though esteemed by Mortals pale in

comparison to the Splendor of knowing me

intimately eternally Rejoice for you are

ever present in my thoughts your name

not a mere scribble to be forgotten but

a profound reminder of your worth in my

sight fear not my child for I am your

Refuge amidst the chaos of this world

though the news May paint a bleak

picture omitting my hand at work in the

Affairs of men trust in my sovereign

power to turn all things for your good

let not fear take root within you for

you are held fast in the palm of my


hand take heart as David did in his

Darkest Hour finding strength in the

Assurance of my presence in me you find

courage to face the trials that beset

you for I am your strength and your song

even in the midst of Tears do not

despair for they are but the water that

nourishes the seeds of Joy within

you as you Journey Through This World

know that every blessing bestowed upon

you is a gift from my hand a testament

to my boundless love do not Overlook the

miracle of each breath for it is by my

breath that you have life abundant

embrace the joy that is your Birthright

my child lifting your voice in Praise

even amidst the storms of life for in

the dance of worship you find yourself

enveloped in the radiance of my presence

and the joy of the Lord becomes your

strength therefore my beloved let your

heart be steadfast anchored in the

knowledge of my unwavering love for you

and as you Journey onward may your life

be a testament to the Joy found in

knowing me your faithful Companion now

and F e m o e do with all my love your


Father my dearest child in the very

essence of my being I have have

inscribed your name a covenant Eternal

upon the tapestry of my hands this

sacred Bond unyielding and immutable

transcends the mere materiality of this

world no Force Earthly or Celestial can

tarnish or erase this Divine inscription

for you my beloved are a treasure beyond

measure purchased with the currency of

my own blood


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